Test Most Not Outs in Career

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74JM Anderson2003-2017/18
61CA Walsh1984/85-2000/01
56M Muralitharan1992-2010
55RGD Willis1970/71-1984
52CS Martin2000/01-2012/13
51GD McGrath1993/94-2006/07
49S Chanderpaul1993/94-2014
46SR Waugh1986/87-2003/04
45M Ntini1997/98-2009/10
44AR Border1978/79-1993/94
42I Sharma2007/08-2017/18
40JH Kallis1997/98-2012
39LR Gibbs1963-1975/76
39BS Chandrasekhar1964/65-1979
39SM Pollock1995/96-2006/07
35DL Underwood1966-1981/82
35WPUJC Vaas1994/95-2008/09
35TA Boult2011/12-2017/18
34VVS Laxman1996/97-2011/12
33EJ Chatfield1974/75-1988/89
33AA Donald1992/93-2001/02
33Danish Kaneria2000/01-2010
33SR Tendulkar1990-2012/13
32A Kumble1992/93-2007/08
32RS Dravid1996/97-2011
29CEL Ambrose1987/88-2000
29PCR Tufnell1990/91-2001
29RT Ponting1997/98-2011/12
29NM Lyon2011-2017/18
28JB Statham1951/52-1962/63
28BS Bedi1967-1978/79
28GP Thorpe1993-2005
28JN Gillespie1996/97-2005/06
28FH Edwards2003-2012

The list shows the top 34





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