Most Runs Without a Century for Netherlands in World Cup matches

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Runs HS
22358*TBM de Leede
19984PW Borren
19654B Zuiderent
17455*TLW Cooper
17362DLS van Bunge
16047PE Cantrell
15344W Barresi
13545RP Lefebvre
12058GJAF Aponso
10126LP van Troost
9818AN Kervezee
8128ES Szwarczynski
7522E Schiferli
6824Mudassar Bukhari
6126J Smits
5032NE Clarke
5028TN de Grooth
4920MMC Schewe
3825DJ Reekers
3823HJC Mol
2626AF Buurman
249SW Lubbers
1919EL Gouka
168RH Scholte
108*Adeel Raja
88BP Kruger
77NA Statham
75*RF van Oosterom
66BP Loots
33*JJ Esmeijer
32*PM Seelaar


The list shows the top 31 occurrences





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