Most Appearances for Ireland Women in Women's ODI matches

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90CMA Shillington
79ME Grealey
79IMHC Joyce
61CM Beggs
60AM Linehan
57CNIM Joyce
57BM McDonald
53CJ Metcalfe
41C O'Neill
40MV Waldron
39HE Whelan
38LK Delany
37MP Moore
37CM O'Leary
37NH Squire
36SA Young
35E Owens
34S Bray
34KJ Garth
29EAJ Richardson
29JA Whelan
28LN McCarthy
26MEMO Scott-Hayward
25J Herbison
24SW Dawson
24SA Owens
23AJ Kenealy
21AB Murray
20DK Armstrong
19NJ Coffey
19J Logue
19SE Reamsbottom
19KN Young

The list shows the top 33 occurrences





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