Centuries Against Most Counties

Match that gave last county
MR Ramprakash182003 for Surrey against Middlesex
CL Hooper182003 for Lancashire against Middlesex
CJ Adams182004 for Sussex against Northamptonshire
GM Turner171979 for Worcestershire against Lancashire
IVA Richards171981 for Somerset against Essex
BC Broad171991 for Nottinghamshire against Somerset
GA Gooch171992 for Essex against Durham
CJ Tavaré171992 for Somerset against Durham
TS Curtis171993 for Worcestershire against Durham
W Larkins171995 for Durham against Northamptonshire
MW Gatting171996 for Middlesex against Durham
GA Hick171996 for Worcestershire against Durham
NR Taylor171997 for Sussex against Durham
SG Law172003 for Lancashire against Warwickshire
AD Brown172004 for Surrey against Lancashire
DJ Bicknell172005 for Nottinghamshire against Glamorgan
JL Langer172008 for Somerset against Durham
OA Shah172012 for Essex against Hampshire
JB Hobbs161925 for Surrey against Glamorgan
GE Tyldesley161927 for Lancashire against Middlesex
H Sutcliffe161928 for Yorkshire against Derbyshire
CAG Russell161929 for Essex against Warwickshire
FE Woolley161932 for Kent against Glamorgan
CP Mead161932 for Hampshire against Derbyshire
J O'Connor161932 for Essex against Sussex
WR Hammond161933 for Gloucestershire against Leicestershire
EH Hendren161933 for Middlesex against Glamorgan
J Iddon161939 for Lancashire against Hampshire
LEG Ames161939 for Kent against Lancashire
WW Keeton161947 for Nottinghamshire against Warwickshire
J Hardstaff161949 for Nottinghamshire against Yorkshire
HS Squires161949 for Surrey against Essex
L Hutton161951 for Yorkshire against Gloucestershire
WJ Edrich161952 for Middlesex against Worcestershire
JDB Robertson161953 for Middlesex against Derbyshire
DJ Insole161957 for Essex against Glamorgan
D Brookes161957 for Northamptonshire against Surrey
RT Simpson161957 for Nottinghamshire against Middlesex
WGA Parkhouse161960 for Glamorgan against Leicestershire
D Kenyon161960 for Worcestershire against Surrey
MJK Smith161963 for Warwickshire against Hampshire
RE Marshall161964 for Hampshire against Derbyshire
KG Suttle161968 for Sussex against Glamorgan
JH Edrich161968 for Surrey against Worcestershire
G Boycott161975 for Yorkshire against Worcestershire
MJ Harris161975 for Nottinghamshire against Somerset
DL Amiss161977 for Warwickshire against Glamorgan
KS McEwan161981 for Essex against Hampshire
P Willey161984 for Leicestershire against Yorkshire
CG Greenidge161985 for Hampshire against Northamptonshire
PWG Parker161986 for Sussex against Worcestershire
CT Radley161986 for Middlesex against Somerset
MR Benson161990 for Kent against Leicestershire
DM Smith161992 for Sussex against Essex
RT Robinson161992 for Nottinghamshire against Durham
KJ Barnett161993 for Derbyshire against Essex
AJ Lamb161993 for Northamptonshire against Somerset
H Morris161996 for Glamorgan against Essex
MP Maynard161997 for Glamorgan against Durham
RJ Bailey161997 for Northamptonshire against Worcestershire
RA Smith161998 for Hampshire against Durham
NH Fairbrother161998 for Lancashire against Durham
AP Wells161999 for Kent against Gloucestershire
PD Bowler162001 for Somerset against Glamorgan
SP James162002 for Glamorgan against Middlesex
ME Waugh162002 for Essex against Durham
RWT Key162009 for Kent against Derbyshire
CJL Rogers162014 for Middlesex against Yorkshire





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