United States of America Players (S)


Stringfellow (Rhode Island)
Stringfellow (Thornton)
Stringfellow (British Hosiery Company)
GK Strode (Haverford College Second XI)
A Stroh (Harrisburg)
W Stroh (Harrisburg)
J Stromson (Overbrook)
Strong (Peninsular Cricket Club)
Strong (East Boston)
Strong (Lynn Wanderers B, Lynn Wanderers Reserves)
Strong (J Goddard's XI)
AH Strong (Staten Island Cricket Club)
ER Strong (Robin Hood)
S Strong (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
S Strong (Peabody)
WG Strother (Manor Field)
Stroud (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
Stroud (Merchantville)
Stroud (Athletics)
F Stroud (Moorestown Juniors)
M Stroud (Merion Juniors)
W Stroud (Merion)
W Stroud (JS Watts' XI, Merion Second XI, Merion Veterans)
W Stroud (Riverton)
Strough (West India Club A)
R Stroupe (Glenside)
Strout (Alpha Club of Salem Second XI)
J Strubbing (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
J Strubing (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
JK Strubing (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
JK Strubing (S Welsh's Juniors XI)
Strudwick (Wagon Works)
W Struger (Lucas)
E Struthers (SS Teutonic)
J Struthers (Colorado Springs)
G Stryden (Lawrence)
SS Stryker (Belmont Juniors, Belmont Summer XI)
SS Stryker (James Martin School)
SS Stryker (Belmont)
SS Stryker (Penn Charter School)
Stuart (Dorian)
Stuart (Detroit Athletic Club)
Stuart (Detroit)
Stuart (New England)
Stuart (Boston Athletic Association)
Stuart (Boston)
Stuart (Tennyson)
Stuart (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly Blues)
Stuart (New Bedford West Indian Wanderers)
Stuart (Tennyson)
Stuart (Yorkshire)
Stuart (Orient)
Stuart (Detroit Athletic Club)
A Stuart (Michigan Athletic Association)
A Stuart (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
C Stuart (Orpheus Club)
CU Stuart (Longwood)
D Stuart (Southern California Cricket Association, United States of America)
D Stuart (Detroit Athletic Club)
EW Stuart (Brooklyn Second XI)
EW Stuart (Picked XI)
F Stuart (Tennyson)
F Stuart (Dorian)
FB Stuart (Haverford College)
G Stuart (Oakland Second XI)
J Stuart (Wanderers B)
J Stuart (Quincy)
J Stuart (Detroit, Chatham and Cleveland)
JA Stuart (Pittsburgh Field Club)
JC Stuart (Detroit, Detroit Athletic Club, Windsor)
JC Stuart (Michigan Athletic Association)
JC Stuart (Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Chatham)
JC Stuart (Western Central Association)
JE Stuart (Michigan Athletic Association)
JP Stuart (Kings County, St George's Athletic Club)
JP Stuart (Crescent Athletic Club)
JP Stuart (Brooklyn Football Team)
JP Stuart (St George's Athletic Club)
JP Stuart (All New York)
JP Stuart (New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League)
JP Stuart (New York Zingari)
JP Stuart (New York Cricket League)
R Stuart (Manhattan Second XI)
R Stuart (Single of Longwood Club)
S Stuart (Marin I)
SJ Stuart (Detroit)
TH Stuart (Manhattan Second XI, Manhattan Treasurer's XI)
W Stuart (Olympic Club)
W Stuart (Sherwood Club of Angora)
WC Stuart (Yeadon)
Stuartson (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
C Stubbing (British Officers, Halifax)
Stubbs (Merchantville)
Stubbs (Gibbsboro)
Stubbs (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
Stubbs (Newton)
Stubbs (Boston Zingari)
Stubbs (New Bedford)
A Stubbs (Overseas Club)
A Stubbs (The Angels)
C Stubbs (Germantown)
F Stubbs (Married of Baltimore)
FW Stubbs (Baltimore All Comers, Baltimore Veterans)
G Stubbs (Amicus)
H Stubbs (Amicus)
H Stubbs (Victoria)
JP Stubbs (Belmont)
R Stubbs (Victoria)
W Stubbs (Victoria)
WG Stubbs (Portland)
Stubley (St Timothy)
Studley (Richard Baxter)
W Stuger (Lucas)
W Stuger (Cosmos)
W Stuger (Diplomats)
WB Stuger (United States of America)
Stunger (Brockton)
H Sturdee (St John)
Sturgeon (Boston Zingari)
W Sturger (Eastern Seaboard)
Sturgess (umpire)
JH Sturgess (Harvard College)
Sturgis (Harvard College)
CW Sturgis (Boston Athletic Association, Boston Zingari, Harvard College, Longwood)
J Sturgis (Harvard College)
CF Sturlevant (Yale University)
FL Sturridge (University of Pennsylvania)
H Sturrier (Veteran St George)
J Sturt (St George's Club of Buffalo)
Sturtevant (Yale University)
CF Sturtevant (St Paul's School)
Stuthard (Medford)
H Stuttard (Bay View)
Styles (Quaker City)
Styles (Worcester)
Styles (South Worcester)
Styles (Richard Baxter)
JJ Styles(a) (Worcester)
E Styles (Worcester)
FW Styles (All New York)
H Styles (Worcester)
IJ Styles (Worcester)
JD Styles (Worcester)
JJ Styles (Worcester)
JL Styles (Worcester)
T Styles (Worcester)
M Subaroo (Lions United)
M Subarro (Pioneer)
A Subeer (All Star)
A Subrai (Citrus)
G Subramaniam (Stanford A II)
S Subramaniam (Pasadena)
A Subramanian (Sunnyvale I)
P Subramanian (Corinthians)
S Subramanian (Stanford A I)
R Subramaniyam (Sunnyvale I)
R Subramantan (British Officers)
G Subramanya (Sunnyvale II)
S Subrot (Indus II)
Such (All New England)
Such (Rhode Island)
Such (Ashton)
Such (Providence)
Such (Saylesville)
J Such (Essex County B)
W Such (Essex County)
W Such (New Jersey State Cricket League)
W Such (Boston Zingari)
W Such (Waverley)
W Suckert (T Calvert's XI)
B Suckoo (Suburbia)
E Suckoo (Suburbia)
E Suckoo (Excelsior)
I Suckoo (Excelsior)
O Suckoo (Suburbia)
Sucre (Excelsior)
Sudakar (Michigan Mavericks)
V Sudarsan (Stanford II)
Sudash (Cosmos)
F Suddell (Germantown Boys Club)
Sudefield (Pittsburgh)
J Sudell (Germantown Boys Club)
R Sudhakar (Sunnyvale I)
P Sudheer (Stanford A II)
Sugden (Lawrence Albion)
F Sugden (Albion Club of Highlandville)
F Sugden (Lawrence)
F Sugden (Manchester)
F Sugden (Lawrence Albion)
F Sugden (United States Bunting of Lowell)
JF Sugden (Horlick's of Racine)
S Sugden (Bunting)
F Suggett (Manitoba Cricket Association B)
Suja (Merion)
Sujesh (Galaxy)
K Sujit (Davis)
M Sujon (Camelot)
J Sujubally (United States of America Cricket Association)
D Sukdeo (Pioneer)
S Sukha (Davis)
R Sukhdeo (Atlantis)
Sukhjinder Singh (Central Valley)
P Sukla (Spartan I)
Sukumar (Cruisers)
H Sukumar (Southern California Cricket Association)
H Sukumar (San Diego)
S Sukumar (United)
Sull (Delaware Field Club)
Suller (Caribbean)
Sullivan (Boston)
Sullivan (Harvard College)
Sullivan (Boston Athletic Association)
Sullivan (East Cambridge)
Sullivan (Newton)
Sullivan (Andover Second XI)
Sullivan (Andover)
Sullivan (Harvard College)
Sullivan (Boston Juniors)
Sullivan (Stars of Watertown)
Sullivan (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Sullivan (Lowell Baseball Club)
Sullivan (Boston I Zingari)
Sullivan (Victoria)
Sullivan (Waltham)
Sullivan (JW Dutton's XI)
Sullivan (Fall River)
Sullivan (Mystic Club of Medford)
Sullivan (Lerned's XI)
Sullivan (CL Bixby's XI)
Sullivan (Massachusetts)
Sullivan (Boston Cricket Club)
Sullivan (Harvard College)
Sullivan (Brockton Second XI)
Sullivan (Albany)
Sullivan (Andover)
Sullivan (Standard)
Sullivan (Lawrence)
Sullivan (Germantown Juniors)
A Sullivan (Santa Monica)
C Sullivan (Columbia Club of Hoboken)
C Sullivan (Columbia College)
CL Sullivan (Santa Monica)
DJ Sullivan (Boston Juniors)
DO Sullivan (umpire)
H Sullivan (Ypsilanti)
J Sullivan (Underhill)
J Sullivan (Boston Zingari)
J Sullivan (Boston Athletic Association)
J Sullivan (Newtonville)
J Sullivan (Andover)
J Sullivan (Baltimore)
JJ Sullivan (Waltham)
JJ Sullivan (Manhattan)
JJ Sullivan (Newton)
L Sullivan (Harvard College)
L Sullivan (Longwood)
L Sullivan (Boston Athletic Association, Boston Cricket Club)
L Sullivan (Standard)
P Sullivan (Ypsilanti)
PJ Sullivan (Waltham)
R Sullivan (Columbia Club of Hoboken)
R Sullivan (Columbia College)
S Sultan (United)
T Sultan (Pegasus)
W Sultou (Harlem)
R Suman (Indus I)
S Suman (Bay Area II)
D Sumanasooriya (Sri Lanka)
D Sumanasooriya (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Sumanth (umpire)
B Sumanth (Indus I)
Sumbler (Buffalo)
Sumeet Kumar (Spartan I)
C Summer (Boston)
RG Summer (Frankford)
A Summerfield (John Bright)
G Summerfield (Centennial)
W Summerfield (Centennial B)
G Summergill (John Bright)
J Summergill (Clifton Heights)
Summerland (Lynn)
C Summers (Gibbsboro)
C Summers (Frankford)
C Summers (Oxford)
CG Summers (Frankford)
F Summers (Germantown Summer XI)
W Summers (Frankford)
F Summersal (Cosmos)
GE Summerville (Gibbsboro)
GE Summerville (Frankford)
Sumner (Boston Cricket Club)
Sumner (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
B Sumner (Boston Cricket Club Second XI)
B Sumner (Boston Second XI)
C Sumner (Boston Cricket Club)
C Sumner (Boston Second XI)
CA Sumner (St George's Athletic Club)
ER Sumner (Moorestown)
ER Sumner (Frankford and Moorestown)
H Sumner (Boston Cricket Club)
H Sumner (Boston Second XI)
J Sumner (Majestic)
O Sumo (Columbia)
Sumon Bari (United States of America Under-19s)
C Sumper (Boston Cricket Club)
Sundar (Commonwealth)
P Sundar (Cosmos)
P Sundar (American Cricket Society)
R Sundar (Cosmos)
R Sundar (scorer)
R Sundar (umpire)
S Sundar (International Cricket Club)
Sundaram (umpire)
S Sundaram (Stanford A I, Stanford A II)
R Sundaresan (Sunnyvale II)
V Sundaresan (Sunnyvale I)
K Sundareswaran (Sunnyvale II)
S Sundargopalan (CSZ Titans)
Sunderland (Schenectady)
A Sunderland (Robin Hood)
H Sunderland (Amsterdam)
H Sunderland (St George's Club of Schenectady)
J Sunderland (Amsterdam)
S Sunderland (General Electric Company of Philadelphia)
W Sunderland (Trenton)
W Sunderland (St George's Club of Schenectady)
W Sunderland (General Electric Company of Philadelphia)
W Sunderland (Schenectady)
E Sunderlin (Rochester)
Suneel (Sunnyvale I)
S Suneja (Stanford A II)
R Sunford (Wanderers)
Sunhouse (West Indian Wanderers)
H Sunhouse (West Indian Wanderers)
C Sunil (Cruisers)
N Sunil (Englewood)
S Sunil (Englewood)
Sunil Kumar (United II)
Sunil Kumar (Cougars I)
Sunil Kumar (Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
S Sunilkumar (Union City Knights)
S Sunilkumar (Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
P Sunley (Southern California Cricket Association)
VCC Sunny (Victory)
Sunny Singh (Cougars I, SF Blasters)
Sunny Singh (Sacramento Cricket Association)
Sunny Singh (Marin I)
Sunpak (Cosmos)
D Supplee (Germantown Juniors)
J Supplee (Belfield Juniors)
WW Supplee (Haverford College)
WW Supplee (Haverford College)
J Sura (Michigan Under-13s)
M Surada (River Valley)
X Suraj (San Mateo I)
T Surajballi (Cosmos)
Surendranath (Seattle)
JG Surendranath (United States of America)
Surendra Singh (New York Centurian)
Surendre Singh (Suburbia)
Suresh (BWIA International)
Suresh (Kaiteur)
A Suresh (scorer)
I Suresh (California Cricket Academy Under-15s)
Surfleet (Del Monte)
Surhjeet Singh (Sacramento Cricket Association)
P Suri (California Cricket Academy Red Under-15s)
P Suri (umpire)
P Suri (Hollywood)
P Suri (North West Region)
Pranay Suri (Stanford Cricket Academy, Stanford I, Stanford Supernovas)
Prem Suri (Stanford Cricket Academy, Stanford I)
Prem Suri (Stanford II)
R Suri (Stanford A III)
V Suri (Santa Clara I, Stanford Cricket Academy, Stanford I, Stanford Supernovas)
Surinderpal Singh (Central Valley)
Surjit Singh (United States All-Stars)
M Surla (Galaxy)
Surnir (Albion No 22)
Surplice (St George's Club of Boston)
Surr (Chicago)
T Surr (Winnetka)
R Surujballi (Kaiteur)
T Surujballi (Cosmos)
U Surujballi (Kaiteur)
TN Surujbally (United States of America)
Suryansh (Marin II)
Suryansh (Marin I)
Suryansh Kumar (United I)
Susheel (umpire)
Sushil Kumar (Marin I)
Sushil Kumar (United I)
Sutcliff (Union Club)
Sutcliff (Peabody British Americans)
Sutcliff (Chelsea Club)
F Sutcliff (West Chester)
F Sutcliff (North End)
F Sutcliff (Fairhill)
J Sutcliff (Chester City)
J Sutcliff (Robin Hood)
Sutcliffe (Wanskuck)
Sutcliffe (St George's Club of Wilmington)
Sutcliffe (Wake)
Sutcliffe (International)
Sutcliffe (Providence)
Sutcliffe (International Club of Lowell)
Sutcliffe (Rumford Club of Waltham)
Sutcliffe (Lawrence)
Sutcliffe (Methuen)
Sutcliffe (Chelsea Club)
Sutcliffe (Boston B)
Sutcliffe (St George's Club of Boston)
Sutcliffe (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
A Sutcliffe (Rochester)
A Sutcliffe (umpire)
A Sutcliffe (International Tile Company of Lowell)
C Sutcliffe (Richmond County)
F Sutcliffe (Girard Second XI)
F Sutcliffe (Philadelphia Association)
F Sutcliffe (North End)
F Sutcliffe (Picked XI)
F Sutcliffe (West Chester)
F Sutcliffe (Haddonfield Athletic Association)
F Sutcliffe (Haddonfield)
F Sutcliffe (Fairhill)
F Sutcliffe (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
F Sutcliffe (Robin Hood)
G Sutcliffe (Manor Field)
G Sutcliffe (Richmond County)
G Sutcliffe (Cleveland)
J Sutcliffe (Girard Second XI)
J Sutcliffe (Haddonfield)
J Sutcliffe (Robin Hood)
J Sutcliffe (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
J Sutcliffe (Robin Hood)
W Sutcliffe (Methuen)
W Sutcliffe (Lawrence)
W Sutcliffe (Arlington Mills)
R Sutehol (Columbia Oval)
C Suthar (Corinthians)
C Suthar (Cosmos)
R Suthar (Northern California Cricket Association Under-13s, Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
R Suthar Spartan (Spartan I)
Sutherland (Lynn)
Sutherland (Lynn Second XI)
Sutherland (Jamaica)
Sutherland (West Indian Wanderers)
B Sutherland (St Vincent)
B Sutherland (Georgetown Club of New York)
C Sutherland (Sportsman)
D Sutherland (Lake Shore)
F Sutherland (Caribbean)
G Sutherland (Caribbean of Boston)
H Sutherland (Cosmopolitan Cricket League of New York)
I Sutherland (Americas Women, United States of America Women)
J Sutherland (Trenton)
K Sutherland (International)
K Sutherland (International)
K Sutherland (International)
R Sutherland (New York Cricket League)
R Sutherland (Michigan Athletic Association)
R Sutherland (Suburbia)
RP Sutherland (Detroit Scotsmen)
S Sutherland (International)
T Sutherland (West Indian Wanderers)
V Sutherland (Excelsior)
W Sutherland (Schenectady)
W Sutherland (Lynn)
W Sutherland (Michigan)
W Sutherland (Milwaukee)
W Sutherland (Chicago Cricket Club)
W Sutherland (umpire)
W Sutherland (Winnetka)
W Sutherland (Excelsior)
F Sutliff (Girard)
R Sutter (Crescent Athletic Club)
FH Suttle (Hyde Park, Illinois, Missouri)
Sutton (umpire)
Sutton (Longwood)
Sutton (Chelsea Club Veterans)
Sutton (Everett Second XI)
Sutton (SS Saxonia)
A Sutton (Bridgeport)
A Sutton (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
A Sutton (Robin Hood)
A Sutton (Manor Field)
B Sutton (Trenton)
C Sutton (Robin Hood B)
D Sutton (Paterson)
E Sutton (Paterson)
E Sutton (Harvard College)
EB Sutton (American Baseball Players)
F Sutton (Oakland)
F Sutton (Trenton)
G Sutton (Manchester United)
GW Sutton (St Paul's School)
H Sutton (Paterson)
H Sutton (Paterson B)
H Sutton (Robin Hood)
HA Sutton (General Electric Company of Philadelphia, Philadelphia)
HA Sutton (General Electric Company of Philadelphia)
I Sutton (Paterson)
I Sutton (Haverford College Juniors)
J Sutton (Paterson A)
J Sutton (SS Oceanic)
J Sutton (New Jersey Veterans)
J Sutton (Trenton)
J Sutton (Haverford College)
R Sutton (Paterson)
R Sutton (Paterson)
S Sutton (Robin Hood)
T Sutton (Trenton)
W Sutton (Trenton)
WM Sutton (Haverford College)
Suyeb Ahmed (All Star)
Swaby (West Indian Wanderers)
E Swaffer (Delaware Field Club)
E Swaffer (Delaware)
J Swaffer (Delaware)
Swafford (Delaware)
Swain (Ypsilanti)
Swain (Merrimac Second XI)
Swain (West Indian Wanderers)
Swain (Standard)
A Swain (Staten Island Cricket Club)
CM Swain (Belmont Veterans)
CM Swain (Belmont Married)
G Swain (Allied West Indies)
W Swain (Belmont Veterans)
W Swain (Duluth)
Swallow (Somerville)
Swallow (Rockland)
Swallow (Lawrence Albion)
Swallow (Boston Cricket Club)
Swallow (The Globe)
A Swallow (Rockland)
G Swallow (Brooklyn)
H Swallow (North End)
H Swallow (Belmont Summer XI)
H Swallow (Stenton Field Club)
H Swallow (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
H Swallow (Germantown YMCA)
H Swallow (Belmont)
H Swallow (Robin Hood)
H Swallow (Manhattan)
H Swallow (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
HV Swallow (Delaware County Field Club)
J Swallow (Manhattan)
J Swallow (Somerville)
R Swallow (Brooklyn, Crescent Athletic Club, General Electric Company of Philadelphia)
R Swallow (Manhattan)
R Swallow (Longfellows)
R Swallow (Union County)
R Swallow (Crescent Athletic-Hamilton Club)
R Swallow (Ardmore)
R Swallow (Staten Island Cricket Club)
R Swallow (Clifton)
R Swallow (West Philadelphia)
R Swallow (Clifton Heights)
R Swallow (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
R Swallow (R Swallow's XI)
R Swallow (Bon Air)
R Swallow (Delaware County Field Club)
R Swallow (Wootton)
R Swallow (Manhattan Summer XI)
R Swallow (Centennial)
R Swallow (Robin Hood)
R Swallow (Fordham)
R Swallow b Rushton (Manhattan)
A Swaminathan (Spartan I)
G Swamy (Valley I)
Swan (St Lawrence Zingari)
Swan (Lowell Carpets)
Swan (Boston Zingari)
Swan (Brockton)
Swan (Oakland Creek)
Swan (2nd Field Ambulance)
Swan (Haverford College)
Swan (West Indian Wanderers)
Swan (Bermudians)
A Swan (Boston Zingari)
A Swan (Brockton)
E Swan (Trenton)
H Swan (Bermuda Cricket Club)
H Swan (Brockton Second XI)
J Swan (umpire)
S Swan (Sims New York West Indian)
S Swan (Bermudians)
W Swan (Teutonic)
P Swanberg (River Forest)
C Swanborn (Musical and Social)
W Swanborn (Musical and Social)
Swann (Boston Zingari)
Swann (Brockton Second XI)
Swann (Brockton B)
Swann (Canton)
Swann (Bermuda Cricket Club)
A Swann (Brockton)
A Swann (Lowell Carpet Mill Club)
ER Swann (St Lawrence Zingari)
J Swann (Missouri)
J Swann (HM Durrand's XI)
JW Swann (umpire)
Swanson (umpire)
Swanson (Appleton)
Swanson (Scotch of New York)
D Swanson (Brooklyn, Kings County, Manhattan)
D Swanson (Appleton Single)
J Swanson (International Tile Company of Brooklyn Second XI)
W Swarbeck (Minnesota)
G Swarbreck (Minnesota)
W Swarbreck (Minnesota)
W Swarbreck (North Western Cricket Association)
W Swarbreck (United States of America XI)
W Swarbuck (Minnesota)
J Swaroop (Indus I)
J Swart (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Swartwood (Peninsular Baseball Club)
A Swartz (Belmont Juniors Second XI)
H Swartz (Belmont Juniors Second XI)
J Swartz (Central High School)
H Swayne (Merion)
Swears (Denver)
D Sweedy (Fall River)
V Sween (T Margetson's XI)
V Sween (West Indian)
Sweeney (St John's Military College, Wisconsin)
Sweeney (Armstrong's XI)
DW Sweeney (Orpheus Club)
H Sweeney (Ridgefield)
R Sweeney (Westbury)
CA Sweet (Minnesota)
CI Sweet (Los Angeles)
CI Sweet (Zingari)
CI Sweet (Santa Monica)
A Sweetman (Trenton)
J Sweetman (Trenton)
Sweety (Cosmos)
Swell (East Boston Reserves)
OK Sweright (Oak Lane Second XI)
L Swetman (Trenton)
S Swetman (Trenton)
T Swetman (Trenton)
Swiffler (Delaware)
Swift (Boston Cricket Club)
Swift (East Boston)
Swift (SS Saxonia)
Swift (Brockton)
Swift (Everett)
Swift (Brockton)
Swift (Bermudians)
W Swift(a) (Rockland)
E Swift (Rockland)
G Swift (Brockton)
H Swift (Rockland)
H Swift (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
J Swift (Wakefield Juniors)
N Swift (Rockland)
R Swift (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
R Swift (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
R Swift (Mystic Lodge)
TA Swift (East Boston Second XI)
TA Swift (Boston Zingari)
TR Swift (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
TR Swift (S Handford's XI)
TR Swift (JH Mason's XI)
TR Swift (Merion and Philadelphia)
W Swift (Rockland)
E Swigler (Darby)
Swindell (East Liverpool)
E Swindell (New York Cricket Club)
Swindells (West Warren)
C Swindells (Penn Charter School)
WC Swindells (Penn Charter School)
C Swingler (Newark)
ED Swingler (All New York)
EH Swingler (Frankford, Newark)
EH Swingler (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
EH Swingler (Darby)
EH Swingler (Germantown and Frankford)
EH Swingler (Associated Cricket Clubs of Philadelphia)
CM Swinnerton (Los Angeles)
Swisher (Wanderers Second XI)
J Swisher (JG Davis' XI)
J Swisher (Wanderers Second XI)
J Swithenby (Kearny)
H Swoope (Merchantville)
L Swope (Penn Charter School)
T s Worrell (East Boston)
AP Swoyer (Tioga Athletic Association Second XI)
F Sydney (Cosmos)
A Syed (Staten Island Cricket Club)
A Syed (Unity)
A Syed (New York Youths)
A Syed (All Star)
A Syed (United States of America)
F Syed (Americas Under-19s)
J Syed (Cardinals)
K Syed (Central East Region)
S Syed (Marin I)
U Syed (Central West Region)
W Syed (Virginia)
Z Syed (Cosmos)
Z Syed (Victory)
H Syed Shah (Tracy I)
Syer (Dedham)
Syers (Niagara Falls)
H Syfert (Quaker City)
C Syke (Fort Hamilton)
Sykes (Dover)
Sykes (Portsmouth)
Sykes (Brockton Second XI)
Sykes (Andover)
Sykes (Boston Zingari)
Sykes (Brockton)
Sykes (Perseverance)
A Sykes (Brockton)
AL Sykes (Fort Hamilton)
B Sykes (H Twyford's XI)
B Sykes (Falls of Schuylkill)
B Sykes (Germantown British Americans B)
CF Sykes (Crescent Athletic Club)
CH Sykes (Fort Hamilton)
E Sykes (Robin Hood)
F Sykes (Brockton)
F Sykes (All New England)
F Sykes (Sherwood Club of Angora)
F Sykes (Brockton Reserves)
H Sykes (Merrimac)
H Sykes (Germantown British Americans)
J Sykes (Germantown British Americans B)
T Sykes (Brockton Veterans)
W Sykes (Fort Hamilton)
W Sykes (Hamilton Club)
W Sykes (H Twyford's XI)
W Sykes (Robin Hood)
Sylvester (Lynn Wanderers)
F Sylvester (Bedford)
F Sylvester (Kings County St George Second XI)
F Sylvester (EW Congdon's XI)
G Sylvester (Bedford)
G Sylvester (Manhattan)
G Sylvester (Harlem)
J Sylvester (Spice Island)
J Sylvester (Manhattan)
J Sylvester (Kings County St George)
J Sylvester (Bedford)
J Sylvester (Sons of St George)
J Sylvester (Progressive Youths)
J Sylvester (United Lacemakers)
K Sylvester (Progressive Youths)
M Sylvester (Spice Island)
S Sylvester (Kings County St George Second XI)
B Sylvia (New Bedford District Amateur Cricket League)
J Syme (St George's Club of New York)
JQ Syme (Berkeley Athletic Club)
R Syme (Manhattan)
K Symon (Chicago)
K Symon (Wanderers)
Symonds (Corvallis)
Symonds (Alpha Club of Salem, Alpha Club of Salem Second XI)
Symonds (West India Club B)
Symonds (Methuen)
Symonds (Spartan)
Symonds (Holyoke)
Symonds (Chicago)
Symonds (Wilmington)
B Symonds (Knickerbocker Athletic Club)
B Symonds (Centennial B)
D Symonds (Centennial B)
GE Symonds (Centennial)
H Symons (Evanston, Lake Shore)
H Symons (umpire)
J Symons (Albion Club of Chicago)
S Symons (Lake Shore)
W Synes (Highlandville Juniors)
A Synge (Manor Field, Richmond County)
J Synn (Berkeley Athletic Club)
E Syrad (Oak Lane Summer XI)
J Syrad (Oak Lane Summer XI)
M Szigeti (Marin II)
M Szigetti (Northern California Cricket Association Youth)





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