United States of America Players (P)


Pike (Thornton)
Pike (All New England)
Pike (Picked XI)
Pike (Delaware Field Club)
Pike (Wissahickon)
Pike (Roxbury)
Pike (East Boston)
Pike (Caribbean)
Pike (Northeast Manual Training School)
A Pike (Albion Club of Philadelphia)
A Pike (Albion Club of New York)
A Pike (Lighthouse)
A Pike (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
B Pike (Trenton)
CS Pike (New York Printing Company)
G Pike (Maumee Valley)
H Pike (umpire)
H Pike (Gibbsboro)
H Pike (Richard Baxter)
H Pike (Lighthouse)
H Pike (Centennial)
JA Pike (Linden)
JE Pike (Albion Club of New York, Albion Club of Philadelphia, Ardmore, Bon Air, Delaware County Field Club, Frankford, Germantown, Germantown British Americans, Gibbsboro, Lighthouse, Linden, Melrose, North End, Oxford, Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, Wissahickon)
JE Pike (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
L Pike (Lighthouse B)
S Pike (Merion Juniors)
W Pike (Albion Club of Philadelphia)
WE Pike (Players of United States of America)
Pile (Caribbean)
Pile (Athletics)
R Pile (Caribbean of Boston)
Piles (Caribbean)
Piles (Athletics)
Pilgrim (Newark)
Pilgrim (Athletics)
A Pilgrim (Newark Second XI)
Pilkington (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Club)
Pilkington (United States Bunting of Lowell)
Pilkington (Brockton)
Pilkington (Cosmopolitan Cricket League of New York)
A Pilkington (Lowell Club)
H Pilkington (Oxford)
J Pilkington (Oxford)
M Pilkington (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
R Pilkington (Oxford)
S Pilkington (Chelsea Club)
T Pilkington (Chelsea Club)
T Pilkington (Single of Chelsea Club)
TW Pilkington (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
Pilling (Newton)
Pilling (SS Lusitania)
Pilling (Penn Charter School Second XI)
A Pilling (Amsterdam)
R Pilling (Frankford)
R Pilling (Oak Lane)
R Pilling (Lynn Wanderers)
Pillings (Newton)
JJ Pim (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
JL Pim (St George's Club of New York, Staten Island Cricket Club)
ED Pinch (Manhattan)
H Pinckney (Young America)
W Pinckney (Young America Third XI)
Pinda (Jamaica)
D Pinder (Tri-State XI)
R Pindiproli (Sunnyvale II)
D Pine (Gibbsboro)
F Pine (Bensonhurst Rovers)
J Pine (Gibbsboro)
J Pine (Belmont)
RH Pine (SS Oceanic)
W Pine (Gibbsboro)
Pinero (West India Club B)
Pinheiro (West India Club B)
Pink (Satellites)
Pink (Boston Zingari)
Pink (Dedham)
Pink (Boston I Zingari)
Pink (Boston Second XI)
Pinke (Sherwood Club of Angora)
Pinkerton (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Pinkerton (St David's Second XI)
Pinkerton (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
A Pinkerton (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
C Pinkerton (West Chester)
J Pinkerton (JJ Heys' XI)
J Pinkerton (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
J Pinkerton (West India Club A)
J Pinkerton (T Pettitt's XI)
J Pinkerton (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
T Pinkerton (Kings County)
W Pinkerton (St David's Second XI)
A Pinnock (Mid Island)
E Pinnock (Jamaica Ex-Police)
E Pinnock (Mid Island)
O Pinnock (Mid Island)
P Pinnock (Lucas)
P Pinnock (Jamaica Ex-Police)
R Pinnock (Lucas)
T Pinnock (Lucas)
J Pinon (New Jersey Veterans)
JP Pinsley (Richard Baxter)
J Pionier (Newark)
E Pipam (Manchester United)
P Pipee (Goodrich)
Piper (Wakefield Second XI)
HA Piper (Helena)
P Piper (Goodrich)
Pipley (Andover)
G Pippard (Baltimore Sons of St George)
Pippin (Standard)
E Pipping (Northeast Manual Training School)
J Piret (Brooklyn)
FA Pirie (Bensonhurst Rovers, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Zingari)
FO Pirie (Brooklyn Zingari)
HM Pirie (Brooklyn Football Team)
J Pirie (Kings County St George)
J Pirie (Brooklyn)
JE Pirie (Bensonhurst Rovers)
A Pirrie (Los Angeles Social Cricket Association)
A Pirrie (umpire)
A Pirrie (Los Angeles All Stars)
F Pirrie (Brooklyn)
F Pirrie (Kings County St George)
F Pirrie (Bensonhurst)
C Pishon (St Louis)
C Pishon (All Comers)
JK Pitcairn (The Angels)
Pitcher (Worcester)
Pitcher (Pawtucket)
HJ Pitcher (Claremont)
J Pitcher (Incognitis)
JE Pitcher (Knickerbocker Athletic Club, New Jersey Athletic Club)
JW Pitcher (Claremont)
JW Pitcher (New Jersey Athletic Club)
JW Pitcher (HA Young's XI)
PP Pitcher (Knickerbocker Athletic Club B)
PP Pitcher (New Jersey Athletic Club Second XI)
S Pitcher (Worcester)
W Pitcher (Montclair Athletic Club)
W Pitcher (Knickerbocker Athletic Club B)
W Pitcher (Claremont)
WJ Pitcher (Bergen Point)
WJ Pitcher (New Jersey Athletic Club)
WJ Pitcher (Incogniti of Brooklyn)
AB Pither (Pastime of St Louis)
JB Pither (Cicero)
JB Pither (Pastime of St Louis)
JB Pither (Pastime of St Louis)
JH Pither (Cicero)
S Pither (Pastime of St Louis)
SB Pither (Cicero)
Pitman (Kensington)
J Pitman (Marin II)
J Pitman (umpire)
Pitt (St George's Club of New York)
Pitt (Lynn Wanderers)
H Pitt (St George's Club of New York Second XI)
HC Pitt (Staten Island Cricket Club)
R Pitt (Manchester United)
CC Pitter (Ardmore)
D Pitter (WISC St Lucia)
O Pitter (Haverford College)
OC Pitter (Birmingham University, Haverford College)
SO Pitter (United States of America)
EP Pittfield (Germantown B)
Pitts (Ashton)
Pitts (Providence)
Pitts (Peabody British Americans)
Pitts (Lynn)
P Pitts (Ardmore)
RA Pitts (Riverton)
Plaisted (Chelsea Club)
C Plaltz (Jackson)
Plano (Caribbean)
Plano (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
J Plant (Trenton)
W Plant (Gordon Park Reds)
D Plante (Tobago)
Plate (Thornton Veterans)
J Platford (United States of America)
Plath (Hyde Park)
Platt (St George's Club of New York)
Platt (Young America Veterans)
Platt (Fall River)
Platt (Boston Cricket Club)
Platt (South End Club of Fall River)
Platt (Merrimac)
Platt (umpire)
Platt (Southwark)
Platt(a) (Merrimac)
Platt(a) (New Bedford)
A Platt (New Bedford)
AH Platt (Fall River)
B Platt (Germantown British Americans)
CA Platt (Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
CA Platt (Germantown British Americans)
E Platt (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
G Platt (Fall River)
G Platt (R Turner's XI)
G Platt (Boston Zingari)
G Platt (Bay Side)
G Platt (All Fall River)
H Platt (James Martin School)
H Platt (Boston Zingari)
I Platt (Wissahickon)
J Platt (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
J Platt (Wissahickon)
J Platt (Falls of Schuylkill B)
JW Platt (St George's Athletic Club Second XI)
M Platt (Falls of Schuylkill)
M Platt (Linden Summer XI)
M Platt (Wissahickon)
M Platt (Southwark)
P Platt (Germantown British Americans)
W Platt (Falls of Schuylkill)
W Platt (Wissahickon)
WA Platt (Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia Cricket Club, Young America)
Y Platt (Boston Zingari)
J Platts (Wissahickon)
Player (Elgin)
B Player (West Philadelphia B)
J Player (Elgin)
J Player (JB Farrell's XI)
JB Player (West Philadelphia)
JB Player (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
T Player (CR Joy's XI)
S Playor (Paterson)
H Pleasants (Haverford College, Merion, Radnor, University of Pennsylvania)
H Pleasants (All Radnor)
H Pleasants (Wayne Station)
H Pleasants (Haverford College Alumni)
H Pleasants (Merion)
A Plews (Kings County)
J Plimpton (Manchester)
H Pluckney (Young America Veterans)
S Plumber (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club B)
S Plumber (Stars United)
S Plumber (New Hope)
S Plumber (Lucas)
D Plumer (Penn Charter School, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
Plummer (umpire)
Plummer (Bay View)
A Plummer (Lucas)
C Plummer (Liberty)
C Plummer (Lucas)
C Plummer (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
CG Plummer (Chicago)
N Plummer (Philadelphia Cricket Club B)
P Plunkett (United States of America)
P Plunkett (River Valley)
P Plunkett (Sportsman)
Plynon (Needham Reserves)
FS Pocht (Belmont)
C Pocock (New York Cricket Club)
F Pocock (John Bright)
P Pocock (John Bright)
S Pocock (John Bright)
T Pocock (John Bright)
Pocton (Peabody British Americans)
N Podduturi (Stanford A II)
C Podet (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
Podmore (National)
Podmore (Winnisimmett of Chelsea)
Podmore (Chelsea Club)
Podmore (Oakland Creek)
Podmore (Lynn Second XI)
R Podmore (Brockton)
AJ Poe (Baltimore Second XI)
G Poe (Baltimore Country Club)
SJ Poe (Baltimore)
Poeton (Peabody British Americans)
Poey (Brown's XI)
H Poile (Minnesota)
J Poinier (Newark)
J Poinier (Stanford's XI)
PC Poinier (Newark Juniors)
J Pointer (Newark)
H Polan (Bennett's XI)
A Polash (Camelot)
Polgreen (Methuen)
Polgreen (Lawrence)
Polgreen (Merrimac)
Polidore (Westbury)
Y Polisetty (Stanford A I)
Y Polisetty (United States of America Under-19s)
Polland (Rockland)
Pollard (St Lawrence)
Pollard (Chelsea Club)
Pollard (SS Umbria)
Pollard (Dover)
Pollard (Caribbean)
Pollard (West Indian Wanderers)
Pollard (Buffalo)
Pollard (Wilmington)
Pollard (West India Club B)
A Pollard (Caribbean)
A Pollard (Caribbean)
BG Pollard (umpire)
F Pollard (Excelsior)
H Pollard (Georgetown Club of New York)
J Pollard (Tobago)
P Pollard (Excelsior)
P Pollard (Bridgeport)
T Pollard (Chelsea Club Veterans)
T Pollard (Thespians)
W Pollard (Centennial)
C Pollasire (Tri City Albany)
G Polle (North Western Cricket Association)
G Polle (United States of America)
A Pollett (Clifton)
Pollitt (North End Club of New Bedford)
J Pollitt (Akron)
C Pollock (Dublin)
D Pollock (Suburbia)
G Pollock (Bohemian)
HF Pollock (Haddonfield)
JH Pollock (Picked XI)
K Pollock (Pioneer)
W Pollock (Centennial)
WHK Pollock (Baltimore)
F Polson (John Bright)
Polton (Peabody British Americans)
J Pomably (International Club of Lowell)
P Pomarass (Staten Island Cricket Club)
L Pomeroll (Queens International)
Pomeroy (St George's Club of New York)
Pomeroy (Ridley Park)
Pomeroy (American XI)
Pomeroy (Buffalo)
B Pomeroy (Lansdowne Second XI)
D Pomeroy (Sherwood Club of Angora)
D Pomeroy (Wanderers)
G Pomeroy (Germantown Juniors)
P Pomeroy (Sherwood Club of Angora)
R Pomeroy (Moorestown Second XI)
R Pomeroy (Wanderers)
Pomfret (Ashton)
T Pomfret (Fall River)
T Pomfret (R Nuttall's Ashton XI)
W Pomfret (Fall River)
W Pomfret (R Nuttall's Ashton XI)
P Pomier (Newark)
D Pommels (Pioneer)
D Pommels (Manchester United)
D Pommels (Stars United)
D Pommels (Wanderers)
E Pommels (Philbro)
L Pommels (Manchester United)
L Pommels (Stars United)
L Pommels (Wanderers)
E Pommers (Philbro)
Pomray (SS Republic)
JH Ponder (Kings County)
Ponier (Newark)
A Ponnambalam (United States of America Under-17s)
S Poojary (United)
Pool (St Paul's School)
Pool (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Pool (Brockton)
C Pool (St George's Club of New York)
C Pool (Staten Island Cricket Club)
E Pool (Richmond County Country Club)
EH Pool (Harvard College, St Paul's School, Staten Island Cricket Club)
EH Pool (Richmond County Country Club)
HL Pool (Staten Island Cricket Club)
JL Pool (St Paul's School, Staten Island Cricket Club)
JL Pool (Staten Island Cricket Club Americans)
JL Pool (Richmond County Country Club)
SA Pool (Merion)
Poole (Brockton)
Poole (St George's Club of Boston)
A Poole (Brockton)
GS Poole (American Born)
K Poole (Southern California Cricket Association)
L Poole (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
L Poole (MG Haughton's XI)
SA Poole (Merion)
W Poole (Brockton)
W Poole (Broadway Baptist Brotherhood)
W Poole (Rhode Island and District Amateur Cricket League)
W Poole (West End)
W Poole (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
Pooley (Chelsea Club)
Pooley (Cambridge Second XI)
S Poonen (Haverford College)
Poor (Lynn Wanderers)
Poor (Peabody British Americans)
Poor (Peabody British Americans)
E Poor (Peabody British Americans)
E Poor (Lynn Wanderers)
Pooran (Clifton Sports Club)
O Pooran (Suburbia)
R Pooran (Jamaica Ex-Police)
Pooray (Concourse All Stars)
Poore (Lynn Wanderers)
Poore (Lynn Wanderers Second XI)
H Poore (Lynn)
H Poore (Lynn Wanderers)
D Poorman (North Province)
D Poorman (International)
D Poorman (Pioneer)
D Poorman (Unity)
H Popal (Orange County)
B Pope (Trenton)
JB Pope (Trenton)
RJ Pope (St Austin's School)
A Popham (West Indian)
P Popham (West Indian B)
W Popham (West Indian)
FW Popper (St George's Athletic Club)
J Popper (Lynn Wanderers)
H Popperswell (Fairhill)
Popple (Lynn Wanderers)
Popple (Lynn)
J Popple (Lynn Wanderers)
J Popple (Boston Zingari)
Poppleton (Somerville)
G Popplewell (Bristol)
Popwell (Lynn Wanderers)
R Porandla (Bay Area II)
R Porandla (Bay Area I)
S Porch (Gibbsboro)
S Porch (Frankford)
Porteous (Pastime of St Louis)
B Porteous (Wanderers B)
BE Porteous (Wanderers)
NW Porteous (Douglas County)
Porter (New York Cricket Club)
Porter (Onondaga Club of Syracuse)
Porter (St Austin's School)
Porter (Andover)
Porter (Lynn)
Porter (Waltham)
Porter (Sporting Duchess Company)
Porter (Boston Cricket Club)
Porter (Haverford College)
Porter (Philadelphia Cricket Club B)
Porter (Chestnut Hill)
B Porter (umpire)
C Porter (Manhattan Second XI)
CH Porter (American Baseball Players)
D Porter (Mid Island)
E Porter (Frankford)
EAG Porter (Haverford College, Merion, Philadelphia Pilgrims)
F Porter (Lenox)
GA Porter (Outdoor Amusement Club, Syracuse)
H Porter (Manhattan Second XI)
H Porter (Westbury)
HC Porter (Germantown Juniors)
J Porter (Married)
J Porter (Andover)
J Porter (Ardmore)
JE Porter (St Austin's School)
K Porter (Stamford)
R Porter (Griswold)
RB Porter (Frankford, Haverford College)
T Porter (Melbourne)
T Porter (Chelsea Club Veterans)
W Porter (Manhattan Second XI)
W Porter (Ancient Cities)
W Porter (Andover Second XI)
WW Porter (Belmont)
B Porteus (Wanderers Second XI)
WM Porteus (St Louis)
Portevin (Everett Second XI)
C Portington (Robin Hood)
J Portington (Robin Hood)
L Portington (Robin Hood)
Portis (Andover)
C Portugal (Columbia Oval)
M Posanipally (Tri-Valley)
Poskitt (Utopia Limited)
Posner (Newport)
F Posset (Centennial)
Post (America Cricket Clubs)
Post (Lynn Wanderers)
Post (Isthmian)
AHS Post (Baltimore Colts)
AHS Post (JS Clark's XI)
AR Post (Fairmount)
BM Post (Staten Island Cricket Club)
CJ Post (Crescent Athletic Club)
HB Post (New Jersey Athletic Club)
JM Post (New Jersey Athletic Club)
L Post (Old Hundred)
R Post (Crescent Athletic Club)
RB Post (Knickerbocker Athletic Club, New Jersey Athletic Club, St Paul's School)
Posten (Peabody British Americans)
W Poster (Albion No 22)
CJ Postles (Crescent Athletic Club)
Postlethwaite (Santa Clara County)
AJD Poterson (Bank Clerks Athletic Association)
K Pothula (Marin II)
Potier (World Fair Team)
V Potluri (Pasadena)
Potter (Gibbsboro)
Potter (Young America Veterans)
Potter (World Fair Team)
Potter (Andover)
Potter (Everett)
Potter (Orange)
Potter (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Potter (Belmont Second XI)
Potter (Chestnut Hill)
Potter (Princeton University)
A Potter (Young America Juniors, Young America Second XI)
C Potter (Chestnut Hill Veterans)
C Potter (Married)
CA Potter (Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
CB Potter (Milwaukee)
CH Potter (Cleveland)
E Potter (Chestnut Hill)
GH Potter (Linden)
J Potter (Amicus)
J Potter (Newark)
J Potter (Riverside)
J Potter (West Philadelphia B)
J Potter (Philadelphia)
J Potter (St Paul's School)
J Potter (Belmont Second XI)
JJ Potter (Moorestown)
M Potter (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
R Potter (Hyde Park)
R Potter (United States Bunting of Lowell)
RA Potter (Camden Athletic Association)
S Potter (Germantown Veterans)
S Potter (Germantown Juniors)
S Potter (Young America)
T Potter (Newark)
T Potter (ONT Athletic Club of Newark)
T Potter (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
TC Potter (Young America Medical XI)
W Potter (C Platt's XI)
W Potter (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
W Potter (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
WC Potter (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
WF Potter (Germantown)
WF Potter (GM Newhall's XI)
WH Potter (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
WH Potter (Isthmian)
G Potterton (Kings County)
Potts (Hyde Park)
Potts (St George's Club of Boston)
Potts (Haverford College)
CW Potts (Belfield)
CW Potts (Belfield Second XI)
CW Potts (Frankford)
CW Potts (Cleveland)
E Potts (Andover)
E Potts (Trenton)
F Potts (Belfield)
JW Potts (Belfield, Frankford, Philadelphia Cricket Club, University of Pennsylvania)
P Potts (Trenton)
TC Potts (Belfield Second XI)
TI Potts (Haverford College)
TJ Potts (Haverford College Alumni)
TJ Potts (Oakland)
TW Potts (Belfield)
W Potts (Cleveland)
WA Potts (General Electric Company of Schenectady)
WA Potts (Gordon Park)
S Poudel (Caribbean)
Pouel (St Paul's School)
JR Pougher (Newark)
A Poulson (John Bright)
FP Poulson (John Bright)
P Poulson (John Bright)
S Poulson (Richard Baxter)
T Poulson (umpire)
J Poulteney (Sir Robert Peel)
W Poulteney (Sir Robert Peel)
H Poulter (umpire)
WC Poulter (Riverton)
C Poulterer (Riverton)
JW Poultney (Sir Robert Peel)
R Poultney (Centennial)
H Poulton (umpire)
F Pounder (Kings County)
JR Pounder (Brooklyn, Kings County)
R Pounder (Kings County)
Pousland (Harvard College)
Powder (Excelsior)
J Powderley (umpire)
HB Powel (St David's)
HB Powel (Old Hundred)
RH Powel (St David's)
RSH Powel (St David's)
Powell (Central New York)
Powell (Penn-Linden of Camden)
Powell (Carlton Club of Toronto, Carlton Club of Toronto Second XI)
Powell (St Louis)
Powell (Lions United)
Powell (Boston Zingari)
Powell (Boston Zingari Second XI)
Powell (Passaic)
Powell (W Pettitt's XI)
Powell (Lynn Wanderers)
Powell (St George's Club of Boston)
Powell (Everett)
Powell (Chicago)
Powell (Windsor)
Powell (West Indian Wanderers)
A Powell(a) (St Louis)
A Powell (Wilkes-Barre Single)
AA Powell (Boston Zingari)
AW Powell (Denver)
AW Powell (St Louis)
B Powell (Newark)
B Powell (Rockaway)
CS Powell (Belle Vue)
CS Powell (Commonwealth)
D Powell (River Valley)
D Powell (Lions United)
D Powell (Lucas)
D Powell (Progressive Youths)
D Powell (Frank Parson)
D Powell (Passaic)
DV Powell (Old Hundred)
EH Powell (St David's)
F Powell (Bridgeport)
H Powell (Rockhill)
HB Powell (St David's)
HC Powell (Lansdowne)
HR Powell (Merryvale)
HWH Powell (Nondescripts)
J Powell (Manchester United)
J Powell (Wanderers)
J Powell (River Valley)
J Powell (Brockton)
J Powell (Passaic)
J Powell (San Francisco)
M Powell (Progressive Youths)
M Powell (New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League West)
M Powell (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club)
M Powell (Cosmos)
M Powell (Mid Island)
M Powell (Sheffield)
N Powell (Rockhill)
NC Powell (Lansdowne)
P Powell (Passaic)
R Powell (Newark)
R Powell (Wanderers)
RH Powell (Merryvale)
RH Powell (St David's)
RWR Powell (Kings County, Livingston Field Club, Nelson Lodge, New Jersey Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
S Powell (River Valley)
T Powell (Knights of the Round Table)
TA Powell (Bridgeport)
W Powell (Occident Club)
W Powell (Oakland)
WC Powell (Lansdowne)
WC Powell (Belmont)
WG Powell (Garfield)
Power (East Cambridge)
F Power (Bridgeport)
J Power (Nevada County)
JJ Power (Belle Vue)
JL Power (Malta)
L Power (Crescent Athletic-Hamilton Club)
TE Power (Bridgeport)
Powers (Dorchester)
Powers (Portsmouth)
Powers (West India Club B)
HH Powers (Oakland)
J Powers (Brockton Veterans)
J Powles (Los Angeles)
F Powlson (Albion No 15)
A Powne (Mystic Club of Medford)
T Powrie (Gordon Park Reds)
Poye (Peabody British Americans)
Poyer (Boston Cricket Club Second XI)
HH Poyer (Brooklyn, Brooklyn Wanderers, Brooklyn Zingari, Columbia Oval, Crescent Athletic Club, Kings County, Manor Field, Staten Island Cricket Club)
HH Poyer (New York Cricket Club)
JL Poyer (Belle Vue, Bensonhurst, Bensonhurst Field Club, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Nomads, Brooklyn Zingari, Columbia Oval, Crescent Athletic Club, Fordham, Livingston Field Club, Manor Field, New Jersey Athletic Club, New York Veterans, Staten Island Cricket Club, Zingari)
JL Poyer (New York Cricket Club)
Poyet (Boston Cricket Club Second XI)
B Prabhakar (Stanford II)
Prabhdeep (Fresno)
Prabhjot (umpire)
Prabhjot (Union City Jaguars)
Prabhjot Singh (Central Valley)
Prabhjot Singh (Orange County)
Prabhjot Singh (Cougars I)
G Prabhu (Cougars II)
P Prabhu (Stanford A I)
MU Prabhudas (United States of America)
R Prabhune (United States of America Women)
Pradeed (Sri Lanka)
Pradeep (Sri Lanka)
Pradeep Kumar (East Bay I)
Pradeep Kumar (Bay Area I)
Pradeer (Royals Sports Club)
P Pradhan (Stanford Cricket Academy)
P Pradhan (Sunnyvale I)
V Pradhan (scorer)
Prakash (Clifton Sports Club)
A Prakash (California Cricket Academy Purple Under-13s, California Cricket Academy Under-15s)
A Prakash (Bay Area I)
Prame (Cosmos)
Prame (Essex)
Pramjot (Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
Pramod (umpire)
Pranav (umpire)
A Pranav (Stanford II)
A Pranav Pradhan (Berkeley)
S Pranay (Indus I)
J Prander (Kings County)
A Prasad (umpire)
C Prasad (Santa Clara II)
C Prasad (Santa Clara Bees, Santa Clara II)
C Prasad (United States of America Under-19s)
K Prasad (Cougars I, SF Blasters)
R Prasad (Bay Area I)
M Prasanna (Central Valley)
Prasanna Kumar (Union City Knights)
D Prasat (Queens International)
D Prashad (Everest and American Cricket Society)
H Prashad (Caribbean, DNA)
K Prashad (Cosmos)
V Prashad (Cosmos)
Prashant (Staten Island Cricket Club)
T Prateek (Sunnyvale I)
T Prateek (Cruisers)
Pratman (West India Club A)
Pratt (All New York)
Pratt (St George's Club of Boston)
C Pratt (Belmont Summer XI)
HW Pratt (Bank Clerks Athletic Association, Cherry Grove, Germantown YMCA, Stenton Field Club)
JW Pratt (St George's Athletic Club)
L Pratt (St George's Athletic Club Second XI)
LL Pratt (Boston Athletic Association)
M Pratt (Lansdowne Second XI)
P Pratt (St George's Athletic Club Second XI)
W Pratt (Pittsburgh)
W Pratt (Cherry Grove)
WH Pratt (Lansdowne, Lansdowne Second XI)
Praut (Cosmopolitan Cricket League of New York)
Praveen (umpire)
Praveen (Cougars II)
Precious (Ashton)
Preddie (Excelsior)
JB Preece (United States Cricket Association Southern Zone)
W Preece (Southwark)
Preet (Caribbean)
K Preetam (Indus I)
Preeth (Santa Clara I)
Preeth (Santa Clara Seas)
FH Preihofer (University of Pennsylvania)
Premchand (Indus I)
Premjot (umpire)
P Premraju (Staten Island Cricket Club)
A Premus (West Indies International A)
D Premus (West Indies International A)
Prendergast (Cicero Second XI)
Prendergast (Portsmouth)
Prendergast (Windsor)
Prendergast (Windsor Minors)
F Prendergast (Barbarians)
FJ Prendergast (English Residents)
FJ Prendergast (United Lacemakers)
J Prendergast (Staten Island Cricket Club Americans)
R Prendergast (Cicero)
R Prendergast (Staten Island Wanderers)
Prentice (Staten Island Cricket Club Juniors)
AB Prentice (Harvard College)
C Prentice (Albion Club of Chicago)
PE Presbrey (Boston Athletic Association, Longwood)
Prescod (Wanderers)
Prescott (Longwood)
Prescott (Caribbean)
Prescott (Standard)
Prescott (West India Athletic Club)
Prescott (Athletics)
C Prescott (Paterson)
C Prescott (New Jersey Veterans)
J Prescott (Paterson)
J Prescott (New Jersey Veterans)
J Prescott (Paterson)
L Prescott (Paterson)
T Prescott (Paterson)
T Prescott (Paterson A)
W Prescott (New Jersey Veterans)
W Prescott (Paterson)
W Present (umpire)
Presgrave (Boston Zingari)
Presgrave (Boston I Zingari)
Presgrave (International Club of Lowell)
Presley (South Florida Cricket Association)
J Presley (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
Press (Merrimac)
BE Prest (Staten Island Cricket Club)
CE Prest (Staten Island Cricket Club)
W Prestman (Kearny)
Preston (New York Cricket Club)
Preston (Pittsburgh Field Club)
Preston (Andover)
Preston (Cornell University)
Preston (Lawrence)
Preston (Everett)
A Preston (Baltimore Second XI)
A Preston (Everett)
B Preston (Homewood)
B Preston (Zingari)
C Preston (Pittsburgh)
C Preston (Homewood)
Clarence Preston (Homewood)
H Preston (Zingari)
J Preston (Kings County St George)
J Preston (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
J Preston (Germantown British Americans)
J Preston (Centennial)
JW Preston (Lighthouse B)
MA Preston (Pittsburgh)
P Preston (Pittsburgh)
R Preston (Pittsburgh Field Club)
R Preston (Los Angeles)
T Preston (Pittsburgh Second XI)
Pretty (Yorkshire)
Pretty (Concourse All Stars)
R Pretty (H Manley's XI)
W Pretty (New York Veterans)
WA Pretty (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Pretz (University of Pennsylvania)
A Prevand (River Valley)
US Previne (Moorestown)
MCN Prew (Merion, Radnor, University of Pennsylvania)
N Prian (Belmont Juniors)
Price (Old Hundred)
Price (British Commonwealth Cricket Club)
Price (West Chester)
Price (Lawrence)
Price (Dallow's XI)
Price (Roxbury)
Price (Dyson's XI)
Price (Single of Roxbury)
Price (Married and Single of Pacific Cricket Club)
Price (Boston Zingari Second XI)
Price (West Indian Wanderers)
Price (West Indian Wanderers)
Price (East Boston)
Price (Barbarians)
Price (Noddle Island)
Price (Boston)
Price (Everett)
Price (Standard)
Price (Santa Monica)
Price (Dorian Second XI)
A Price (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
A Price (Corinthians)
A Price (Bohemian)
A Price (Alameda)
C Price (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
C Price (Robin Hood)
C Price (Lucas)
C Price (Chadwick)
CH Price (New York Cricket Club)
E Price (Wayne)
E Price (Roxbury)
E Price (Haverford College Sophomores)
ET Price (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
ET Price (Hall's XI)
EV Price (Germantown)
FA Price (Bensonhurst Rovers)
FGH Price (Montclair Athletic Club)
FJ Price (Paterson A)
FJH Price (Montclair Athletic Club)
FJH Price (New York Zingari)
FS Price (Alameda)
G Price (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
H Price (Belfield)
H Price (Roseville)
H Price (Newark)
H Price (Lions United)
H Price (Lighthouse)
HB Price (Baltimore Second XI)
HS Price (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
J Price (Haverford College)
J Price (Crescent Cricket Club)
J Price (Sefton)
K Price (Lions United)
K Price (Progressive Youths)
LH Price (Marine Cricket Club)
M Price (Roseville)
M Price (Merion C)
MA Price (Union County)
N Price (Manchester United)
P Price (Kings County)
P Price (Haddonfield)
PE Price (Chicago Cricket Club, Hyde Park)
PW Price (British Commonwealth Cricket Club)
RH Price (Worcester)
S Price (Los Angeles)
T Price (California All-Stars, Northern California All-Stars)
T Price (Elizabeth)
TH Price (Olympic Club)
W Price (Germantown Second XI)
W Price (Wayne Country Club)
W Price (Roxbury)
W Price (Crescent Cricket Club)
W Price (Sefton)
W Price (Cheltenham)
WA Price (Baltimore)
WA Price (Quaker City)
WF Price (Haverford College)
WF Price (West Chester)
WF Price (Haverford College Juniors)
WH Price (Baltimore Second XI)
WJ Price (St Louis)
WJ Price (Pastime of St Louis)
WL Price (West Chester)
WL Price (Wayne)
WS Price (Frankford)
Pride (Caribbean)
Pride (Caribbean)
Pride (Caribbean)
E Pride (Caribbean)
J Pride (Caribbean)
W Pridgeon (Lighthouse B)
FH Pridham (Baltimore)
SR Pridham (Metropolitan Insurance Athletic Association)
Pridmore (St George's Club of New York Second XI)
S Pridmore (Wissahickon)
Priest (Chelsea Club)
Priest (Washington DC)
Priestley (New Haven)
Priestley (International Tile Company of Lowell)
Priestley (Pawtucket)
Priestley (H Clifton's XI)
Priestley (Lowell Plush Carpets Company)
Priestley (Bunting)
Priestley (Mohair)
Priestley (Mohair)
Priestley (Mohair)
Priestley (Newark)
A Priestley (Philadelphia)
B Priestley (Centennial B)
B Priestley (Newark)
C Priestley (Newark)
C Priestley (Plainfield)
D Priestley (Centennial)
D Priestley (Mohair)
D Priestley (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
F Priestley (Newark)
G Priestley (Falls of Schuylkill)
G Priestley (Centennial B)
H Priestley (Frankford)
J Priestley (Boston and Lowell, International Club of Lowell)
J Priestley (National Club of Lowell)
J Priestley (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
J Priestley (Lowell)
J Priestley (All New England)
JW Priestley (Newark)
T Priestley (Plainfield)
T Priestley (Newark)
T Priestley (Centennial B)
W Priestley (R Mudie's XI)
W Priestley (Tennyson)
W Priestley (Norristown)
Priestly (New Haven)
Priestly (Stetson Athletic Association)
Priestly (Penn-Linden of Camden)
Priestly (All New England)
Priestly (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
Priestly (International Club of Lowell)
Priestly (National Club of Lowell)
Priestly (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
Priestly (Mystic Club of Medford)
Priestly (Mohair)
Priestly (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Club)
Priestly (United States Bunting of Lowell)
Priestly (Bunting)
Priestly (Keystone)
D Priestly (Centennial)
D Priestly (West Philadelphia)
D Priestly (Mohair)
D Priestly (Falls of Schuylkill)
F Priestly (Girard)
J Priestly (All Boston)
J Priestly (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
J Priestly (Lawrence)
J Priestly (International Club of Lowell)
J Priestly (Merrimac)
J Priestly (Mohair)
J Priestly (JJ Heys' XI)
J Priestly (Keystone)
J Priestly (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
J Priestly (Mosely's XI)
T Priestly (Plainfield)
W Priestly (Lawrence)
W Priestly (Norristown)
W Priestly (Merrimac)
W Priestly (Falls of Schuylkill)
AG Priestman (Germantown, Haverford College)
C Priestman (Elizabeth)
G Priestman (Union County)
G Priestman (Germantown)
A Prigge (Santa Monica)
A Prigge (Palisades)
L Prime (Spice Island)
A Primus (West Indies International A)
Prince (New England)
Prince (Pickering's XI)
Prince (Alpha Club of Salem)
Prince (Brewster's XI)
Prince (Dedham)
Prince (Denver)
CA Prince (Longwood)
CA Prince (Boston Zingari)
CA Prince (Boston Athletic Association)
J Prince (Island Wide)
JR Prince (Peninsular Cricket Club)
M Prince (Union County)
P Prince (Fordham)
R Prince (Westbury)
WC Prince (Wilkes-Barre Single)
Pringle (Boston Zingari)
Pringle (Westbury)
Pringle (Hyde Park)
Pringle (West Indian Wanderers)
R Pringle (Westbury)
Prior (Cambridge)
Prior (R Mudie's XI)
RJ Prior (Gordon Park, Gordon Park Greens, Gordon Park Reds)
J Pristly (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
Pritchard (British Sailors)
Pritchard (SS Cephalonia)
Pritchard (Paterson)
Pritchard (Paterson United)
A Pritchard (Majestic)
A Pritchard (SS Majestic)
HL Pritchard (Ramblers)
J Pritchard (Cosmopolitan Club of New York)
P Pritchard (Longfellows)
R Pritchard (Plainfield)
S Pritchard (Manhattan)
S Pritchard (Longfellows)
Prithvi (umpire)
Pritpal Singh (Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
P Priyank (Michigan Under-13s)
Probst (St George's Club of Chicago Second XI)
E Probyn (St George's Club of New York Second XI)
Proctor (Peabody British Americans)
Proctor (East Boston)
Proctor (Fitchburg)
Proctor (St Timothy)
Proctor (Lawrence)
A Proctor (West Philadelphia)
A Proctor (Lighthouse B)
C Proctor (Lighthouse B)
CH Proctor (Paterson)
CH Proctor (Commonwealth)
D Proctor (Lighthouse)
E Proctor (Paterson)
E Proctor (Kings County)
F Proctor (Kings County)
F Proctor (Paterson)
G Proctor (Lighthouse)
GH Proctor (Paterson)
H Proctor (United Lacemakers)
J Proctor (Lighthouse)
JG Proctor (South Barre)
JH Proctor (Commonwealth)
P Proctor (Paterson)
P Proctor (Kings County)
T Proctor (Peabody British Americans)
T Proctor (Lighthouse)
T Proctor (Centennial)
T Proctor (St Timothy)
Prosey (Caribbean)
R Prosper (Alliance)
Prosser (Oak Park Second XI)
Prosser (Grand Rapids)
EW Prosser (Chestnut Hill Veterans, Gentlemen of Leisure, Germantown Academy, Germantown Juniors, Germantown Second XI)
EW Prosser (Helena)
G Prosser (H Brown's XI)
J Prosser (Albion Club of New York)
R Prosser (Germantown Juniors, Germantown Juniors Second XI, Germantown Second XI)
R Prosser (Merion Juniors Second XI)
T Prosser (Northeast Manual Training School)
TS Prosser (Albion Club of Chicago, Albion Club of New York, Chicago, Chicago Cricket Club, St George's Club of Chicago)
W Prosser (Albion Club of Chicago)
W Prost (Tennyson)
T Protheringham (Germantown Veterans)
Proudfoot (South Florida Cricket Association)
Prouse (Roxbury)
CA Provost (Clifton)
H Provost (Delaware County Field Club)
J Provost (Germantown, Young America)
Prower (St George's Club of Boston)
Prowse (Dedham)
Prowse (Roxbury)
Prowse (CF Titus' XI)
W Prucell (CT Hole's XI)
Prudhvi (Indus I)
Prudner (St George's Club of Chicago Second XI)
RD Pruin (St Paul's School)
Prumjot (Santa Clara I)
E Prunn (Richard Baxter)
P Pruthviraj (Cosmos)
Pruyn (umpire)
Pruyn (Albany)
CL Pruyn (Ridgefield)
CL Pruyn (Albany)
Pryce (Lucas)
K Pryce (Lions United)
Pucker (Philadelphia Cricket Club Third XI)
Puckerin (Cosmos)
CG Puckerin (Brooklyn)
G Puckerin (Zingari)
G Puckerin (RE Ireton's XI)
GE Puckerin (Brooklyn)
GE Puckerin (Brooklyn Wanderers)
GG Puckerin (Brooklyn)
J Puckerin (Brooklyn)
L Puckerin (Cosmos)
Puddie (Excelsior)
T Puden (Spice Island)
Pugh (Boston)
Pugh (Cambridge)
Pugh (East Boston Reserves)
E Pugh (Claremont)
R Pugh (Penn Charter School)
T Pugh (Wanderers)
T Pugh (CL Shaw's XI)
Pulford (Kingsville)
Pulford (Belle Isle)
J Pulford (Maumee Valley)
J Pulford (Los Angeles Social Cricket Association)
JW Pulford (Cleveland, Garfield)
PF Pulford (Racine College)
B Puli (Michigan Mavericks)
R Puli (Sunnyvale I)
P Pulietikurthy (San Mateo III)
S Pulikkal (Fooglies, Santa Clara I)
S Pulikkal (Galaxy)
S Pulikkal (Hollywood)
S Pulikkal (Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
A Pulipaka (Sunnyvale II)
L Pull (Empire)
Puller (Baltimore Country Club)
W Puller (Rose Hill)
W Puller (Linden Second XI)
Pulley (Mystic Club of Medford Second XI)
Pulley (Cambridge)
A Pulleylove (Gibbsboro)
F Pulleylove (Gibbsboro)
F Pullin (Manhattan Second XI)
J Pullinger (Philadelphia and Reading Athletic Association)
T Pullman (Fairhill)
C Pulson (umpire)
S Pulugurtha (Berkeley)
A Punch (Unity)
HJ Punchard (Ramblers)
H Punoo (United States of America Under-19s, West Indies Under-15s)
H Punoo (United States of America)
H Punoo (Pioneer)
M Punshon (Corinthians)
D Puppala (Santa Clara I)
N Puppala (North West Region)
Purcell (Emeralds)
EL Purdey (Trinity College, Hartford)
Purdu (Excelsior)
Purdy (San Francisco)
Purdy (San Fransisco Cricket Club Cricketers)
EL Purdy (St Paul's School)
H Purdy (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
H Purdy (New Jersey Veterans)
J Purdy (San Francisco)
JL Purdy (Trinity College, Hartford)
JS Purdy (California)
JS Purdy (C Banner's XI)
JS Purdy (Pacific)
R Purrier (Minnesota)
Pursham (Sri Lanka)
Purves (Radnor)
GT Purves (All Radnor, Merion Veterans, Wayne Station)
G Purviance (Blues and Whites)
G Purviance (Germantown Board of Governors)
JH Purviance (Germantown Board of Governors)
R Purviance (Penn Charter School)
S Purviance (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
S Purviance (Staten Island Cricket Club)
W Purviance (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
W Purviance (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
Purvis (Wayne Station)
GL Purvis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
GS Purvis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
J Purvis (Crescent Athletic Club)
J Purvis (Burns Valley)
M Purvis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
SA Purvis (Kings County)
R Purwat (Invaders)
B Pusapati (Cosmos)
Pusey (Eddystone)
M Pusey (Progressive Youths)
M Pusey (Mid Island)
M Pusey (Lions United)
R Putcat (Baltimore)
CH Putnam (Radnor)
CR Putnam (Radnor Second XI)
HW Putnam (Alpha Club of Salem, Alpha Club of Salem Second XI)
R Putsche (Baltimore Country Club)
R Putsche (Baltimore)
TR Putsche (Baltimore)
A Putz (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
A Putz (Warinanco St George)
E Putz (Columbia Oval)
Pyatt (Hyde Park)
W Pyatt (West)
W Pyatt (Detroit)
WW Pyatt (Pittsburgh)
WW Pyatt (Peninsular Cricket Club)
G Pycroft (Onondaga Club of Syracuse)
Pye (Merrimac)
Pye (Methuen)
Pye (Lawrence)
Pye (Everett)
Pyfer (Wakefield)
G Pyffer (Wakefield Second XI)
W Pyffer (Wakefield, Wakefield Second XI)
L Pyke (North End)
Pyle (Caribbean)
Pyne (Lynn Wanderers B)
Pyne (West Indian Wanderers)
PJ Pyrell (Wissahickon)
PR Pyrne (St Paul's School)





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