United States of America Players (P)


A P (umpire)
D P (Detroit Athletic Club)
H P (Union City Cavaliers)
P P (Stanford A I, Stanford A II)
R P (Lucas)
S P (Marin II)
V P (Cougars II)
V P (Tracy United I)
Y P (Indus I)
K Pabbisetty (United States of America Under-19s)
G Pace (Americus Athletic Club)
GA Pace (South Brooklyn, Victoria)
T Pace (Elizabeth)
Pacey (Everett)
J Pacey (AM Wood's XI, English Residents, Players of United States of America, RH Powel's XI)
J Pacey (Alfred the Great, Southwark)
J Pacey (Staten Island Wanderers)
GA Pach (Brooklyn Third XI)
D Pacheco (Penn Charter School)
A Packenham (Old Timers)
J Packenham (Illinois Cricket Association Juniors)
J Packenham (South Park)
JA Packenham (Chicago)
KP Packenham (Illinois Cricket Association Juniors)
P Packenham (Illinois Cricket Association Juniors)
T Packenham (South Park)
TR Packenham (Chicago)
Packer (Northeast Manual Training School)
Packer (Everett)
G Packerin (Brooklyn)
J Packingham (South Park)
Packman (Hyde Park)
Packman (Sons of St George)
C Packman (Stoughton)
CE Packman (Los Angeles, Marylebone, Pilgrims)
J Paddle (Dublin)
J Paddock (Wanderers)
JB Paddow (Central New York)
Paddy (Combined Banks XI)
S Padedda (California Cricket Academy Purple Under-13s)
A Padget (Keystone)
Padgett (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
A Padgett (Keystone)
A Padgett (Albion Club of Philadelphia)
A Padgett (Delaware County Field Club)
A Padgett (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
R Padhi (Sunnyvale I)
Padington (New York Cricket Club)
G Padmanabh (East Bay I)
Padmore (Boston)
A Padmore (Manchester United)
R Padmore (West Indian)
Paelen (Portland American Born)
Page (Maumee Valley)
Page (Oxford Second XI)
Page (Chelsea Club)
Page (Boston)
Page (Pickering's XI)
Page (G Wright's XI)
Page (Mohair)
Page (Lynn Wanderers)
Page (Boston B)
Page (West Indian Wanderers)
Page (Everett)
Page (Haverford School)
Page (Lawrence)
Page (Dorian Second XI)
Page (Merchantville)
Page (Chestnut Hill of Boston Other Side)
Page (University of Pennsylvania)
A Page (Oxford Second XI)
A Page (Oxford)
AE Page (Manor Field)
C Page (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
C Page (Mohair)
C Page (Massachusetts)
C Page (Boston)
C Page (Lynn Wanderers)
C Page (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
C Page (T Pettitt's XI)
C Page (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
CB Page (Episcopal Academy)
CS Page (Manor Field)
D Page (Maumee Valley)
D Page (H Munday's XI)
E Page (Lynn Wanderers)
EA Page (Chestnut Hill)
G Page (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
GB Page (Episcopal Academy)
H Page (Alfred the Great)
HA Page (Oxford)
HW Page (University of Pennsylvania)
IR Page (University of Pennsylvania Second XI)
J Page (West Philadelphia)
J Page (Chestnut Hill Second XI)
J Page (McKeesport)
JA Page (Oxford)
L Page (Chestnut Hill Second XI)
LR Page (University of Pennsylvania)
M Page (Merchantville)
MJ Page (Brooklyn)
SB Page (West Chester)
T Page (HM Durrand's XI)
W Page (Alfred the Great)
W Page (Merchantville)
WE Page (Harvard College)
WP Page (Ridley Park Second XI)
WW Page (St George's Athletic Club)
Paget (Philadelphia)
Paget (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
A Paget (Albion Club of Philadelphia)
A Paget (Delaware County Field Club)
A Paget (Frankford)
A Paget (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
JJ Paget (Millwood)
KE Paget (University of Pennsylvania)
R Paget (Delaware County Field Club)
W Paget (Delaware County Field Club)
Pagett (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
A Pagett (Albion Club of Philadelphia)
A Pagett (Kensington Industrial and Benevolent Association)
WH Paglar (Isthmian)
WD Pagon (Harlem)
B Pahlkiwala (United States of America)
A Paice (England)
JWG Pain (Ramblers)
Paine (Old Hundred, Old Hundred Second XI, St Paul's School Next XV)
Paine (Albion Club of Highlandville)
WL Paine (Kings County St George)
Painter (Essex County B)
H Painter (Southwark)
HB Painter (Frankford)
W Painter (Bermuda Cricket Club)
RC Pairman (Andrew Hamilton School)
RR Pakanati (Virginia)
FE Pakenham (Placer County)
J Pakenham (Illinois, Oak Park)
K Pakenham (Oak Park)
K Pakenham (Winnetka)
N Pakenham (Old Timers)
R Pakenham (Winnetka and Oak Park)
FA Pakes (Kings County)
A Paladugu (Valley II)
R Palagummi (San Diego)
P Palanisamy (Cougars II)
M Palekar (Sunnyvale I)
GJ Palen (Haverford College Sophomores)
T Palet (Quincy)
D Palfrayman (Picked XI)
D Palfrayman (Metropolitan Club of Chicago)
Palfreyman (St Lawrence Phoenix)
Palfreyman (St Lawrence Phoenix)
Palfreyman (Chicago Cricket Club)
Palfreyman (Boston)
C Palfreyman (Bloomingdale)
C Palfreyman (Morris Park)
C Palfreyman (Roseville)
D Palfreyman (Metropolitan Club of Chicago)
D Palfreyman (Roseville)
D Palfreyman (St Lawrence Phoenix)
D Palfreyman (Picked XI)
D Palfreyman (South Park)
GH Palfreyman (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
Palin (Woodstock)
A Palkar (Stanford I)
A Pallett (Clifton)
W Pallett (Clifton)
Palmer (St George's Club of New York)
Palmer (Chicago)
Palmer (Niagara Falls)
Palmer (Cheltenham)
Palmer (West Indian Wanderers)
Palmer (Friends' Select School)
A Palmer (Schenectady)
A Palmer (Kings County)
A Palmer (River Valley)
A Palmer (Belfield)
A Palmer (Amsterdam)
AB Palmer (Chicago, Chicago Cricket Club)
AB Palmer (Phoenix Club)
AF Palmer (Minneapolis)
AR Palmer (Phoenix Club)
B Palmer (Ardmore)
C Palmer (West Chester)
C Palmer (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
CH Palmer
CR Palmer (Philadelphia Cricket Club, Young America)
D Palmer (Cosmos)
D Palmer (Belfield)
DM Palmer (Tioga)
E Palmer (Wakefield Juniors)
E Palmer (Tennyson)
E Palmer (Ardmore)
F Palmer (St George's Club of Delaware)
F Palmer (Young America Third XI)
FJ Palmer (Young America Second XI)
GW Palmer (Newark)
H Palmer (Young America)
H Palmer (Tioga)
H Palmer (Germantown Second XI)
H Palmer (Quaker City Cricket Association)
H Palmer (St Paul's School)
H Palmer (Belfield)
J Palmer (Brooklyn)
J Palmer (Staten Island Cricket Club)
J Palmer (Manhattan)
J Palmer (New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League Next XV)
J Palmer (Washington Park)
J Palmer (Winnetka)
J Palmer (Burns Valley)
JA Palmer (Evanston, Illinois, Melbourne, South Park, Washington Park)
JA Palmer (Hyde Park)
JA Palmer (Chicago West Indians)
JC Palmer (Washington Park)
KP Palmer (Chicago Cricket Club Second XI)
M Palmer (AH Graham's XI)
M Palmer (Merion Summer XI)
M Palmer (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
M Palmer (Wanderers)
M Palmer (CT Hole's XI)
M Palmer (Ardmore)
MW Palmer (Belmont)
N Palmer (Belfield)
N Palmer (Belfield Second XI)
P Palmer (Washington Park)
P Palmer (United States of America Under-19s)
P Palmer (Belfield)
R Palmer (Belfield)
R Palmer (Germantown)
R Palmer (Wanderers)
R Palmer (Hall's XI)
R Palmer (Ardmore)
R Palmer (Young America Juniors)
RH Palmer (Belfield)
RL Palmer (G Bromhead's XI)
RN Palmer (Belfield)
S Palmer (Belfield Second XI)
T Palmer (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
W Palmer (Haverford College)
W Palmer (Chicago Cricket Club)
W Palmer (Tennyson)
W Palmer (Belfield)
W Palmer (Merion)
WW Palmer (Wanderers)
L Palmer-Hall (Wanderers)
Paly (Harvard College)
Pam (Islanders)
L Panchad (Spice Island)
A Panchal (Southern California Cricket Association)
A Panchal (Vijayta)
D Panchal (Vijayta)
P Panchal (Victory)
R Panchal (Stanford I)
R Panchal (Stanford II)
E Pancham (Kaiteur)
R Panchangula (Tri-Valley)
H Panchasra (Santa Clara II, Santa Clara III)
Pancho (Caribbean)
M Pancholi (United)
Pancoast (Merchantville)
H Pancoast (Germantown Academy)
K Pandher (North California Cricket Association Mustangs Under-15s)
Pandian (umpire)
S Pandian (Union City Second XI)
S Pandian (Hollywood)
S Pandit (Cosmos)
A Pandita (DNA)
S Pandiyan (Santa Clara Seas)
S Pandiyan (Santa Clara Aces, Santa Clara Bees)
C Pandya (New Hope)
K Pandya (Vijayta)
R Pandya (Cosmos)
S Pandya (Wanderers)
PS Panesar (Central Valley, CSZ Titans, Santa Clara I, Santa Clara Seas)
RP Panesar (California State University, Fullerton)
D Pangher (San Fransisco Cricket Club Cricketers)
S Panjabi (Bay Area I)
Pankaj (Michigan Mavericks)
Pannell (Pittsburgh)
H Pannell (Peninsular Cricket Club)
T Pannell (Peninsular Cricket Club)
Panno (Caribbean)
H Pannu (Tracy United I)
H Panoo (Santa Clara Bees)
D Pansfix (Germantown B)
S Pant (Caribbean)
Panton (Excelsior)
E Panton (Spartan Field Club)
A Pap (umpire)
Pappu Singh (Central Valley)
B Paquettie (Pioneer)
S Parab (Stanford I)
B Paracha (Arsenal)
J Parades (All New York)
M Parades (Veteran St George)
R Paradise (Robin Hood)
D Paramhance (Suburbia)
Paramour (SS Minnesota)
Param Singh (Marin II)
S Parasnis (umpire)
R Paratal (Jamaica Ex-Police)
H Parbhoo (Sunrise)
V Parbhoo (Sunrise)
Parboo (Kaiteur)
Parby (Lynn)
R Parchment (Southern California Cricket Association)
U Parchment (Southern California Cricket Association)
W Parchment (Mid Island)
A Pardee (Young America Juniors)
Pardon (Burlington and Missouri Railroad)
T Pardow (Richard Baxter)
Parfitt (Delaware)
A Parfitt (Delaware)
LN Parham (British Officers)
D Parikh (California Cricket Academy Purple Under-13s, California Cricket Academy Under-15s, Stanford III)
D Parikh (Sunnyvale I)
D Parikh (Union City Warriors)
D Parikh (Nitro)
DS Parikh (Atlantic Region)
L Parikh (Staten Island Cricket Club)
N Parikh (Nitro)
V Parikh (Torpedos)
V Parikh (California Cricket Academy Under-15s)
Paris (Passaic)
B Paris (Haddonfield Athletic Association)
L Parish (Staten Island Cricket Club)
S Parish (Lakeport)
W Parish (St Paul's School)
Park (Newport)
Park (Caribbean)
Park (Everett)
Park (St George's Club of New York)
Park (Windsor)
Park (Buffalo)
G Park (Prospect Park)
JM Park (Kearny)
L Park (Falls of Schuylkill)
W Park (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
EJ Parke (Chicago)
Parker (All New York, Nottingham)
Parker (Americans of Brooklyn, Long Island)
Parker (California)
Parker (Fitchburg)
Parker (Isthmian, Old Hundred, St Paul's School Next XV)
Parker (Bedford Second XI)
Parker (Everett)
Parker (Sanford)
Parker (Seattle and Tacoma)
Parker (Harvard College)
Parker (Hearts of Oak)
Parker (Chelsea Club)
Parker (Boston Zingari Second XI)
Parker (West India Club)
Parker (Harvard College)
Parker (American XI)
Parker (Belleville)
Parker (Columbia College)
Parker (SE Gregory's XI)
Parker (San Francisco)
Parker (San Fransisco Cricket Club Baseballers)
Parker (Detroit)
Parker (Caribbean)
Parker (Everett)
Parker (West India Club A)
A Parker (Brooklyn)
AS Parker (Kearny)
B Parker (umpire)
C Parker (McKeesport)
C Parker (Alfred the Great)
CA Parker (Frankford)
CG Parker (Harvard College)
CW Parker (Chicago)
E Parker (Frankford Juniors)
EJ Parker (Douglas Park A, Hyde Park, Wanderers)
EJ Parker (Chicago Cricket Club)
EM Parker (St Paul's School)
F Parker (Alfred the Great)
G Parker (Collingswood)
GW Parker (Merion Second XI)
H Parker (St Paul's School)
H Parker (Peninsular Cricket Club Second XI)
H Parker (Kearny)
H Parker (Everett)
J Parker (SS Etruria)
JA Parker (Harvard College)
JB Parker (St Paul's School)
L Parker (Isthmian)
M Parker (Yale University)
MP Parker (Montclair Athletic Club)
MP Parker (Knickerbocker Athletic Club A)
MP Parker (Belle Vue)
MP Parker (Commonwealth)
RL Parker (Princeton University)
S Parker (umpire)
T Parker (Boston Metropolitan)
T Parker (Alfred the Great)
T Parker (Everett)
TS Parker (Kings County St George)
W Parker (Chicago)
W Parker (St Louis Married)
WA Parker (Harvard College)
WV Parker (Germantown Academy, Germantown Juniors, Germantown Third XI)
WW Parker (Peninsular Cricket Club)
H Parkerson (Frankford)
Parkes (Boston)
Parkes (Bensonhurst Second XI)
Parkes (New Bedford)
Parkes (Milwaukee)
Parkes (Racine College)
A Parkes (Windsor)
A Parkes (West Indian Wanderers)
DA Parkes (Kings County)
H Parkes (Windsor)
J Parkes (Kings County)
SA Parkes (Kings County St George Second XI)
S Parkington (Mile End)
Parkins (Worcester)
Parkins (Lynn Second XI)
Parkins (Newton)
Parkins (East Cambridge)
A Parkins (Tacony)
E Parkins (Lighthouse B)
T Parkins (Electric)
Parkinson (Boston Cricket Club)
Parkinson (Somerville)
Parkinson (Suburbia)
Parkinson (Somerville British Americans)
Parkinson (Colorado Springs)
Parkinson (Rhode Island and District Amateur Cricket League)
Parkinson (Boston Cricket Club)
Parkinson (Everett)
Parkinson (Lawrence)
Parkinson (Mohair)
Parkinson (Andover)
Parkinson (Providence)
Parkinson (West India Club B)
Parkinson (New Bedford West Indians)
H Parkinson (Fall River)
J Parkinson (Merrimac)
J Parkinson (Woonsocket)
JC Parkinson (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
JC Parkinson (Providence)
R Parkinson (SS Teutonic)
T Parkinson (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Association)
W Parkinson (Fall River)
Parkinton (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Parkman (SS Republic)
Parks (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly Whites)
Parks (Everett)
Parks (Caribbean)
Parks (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Parks (Windsor)
Parks (West Indian Wanderers)
AG Parks (Brooklyn)
C Parks (Branch Brook)
C Parks (Newark Wanderers)
E Parks (New York Cricket Club Second XI)
J Parks (Prospect Park)
J Parks (Kings County)
J Parks (Harlem Second XI)
J Parks (Manhattan Second XI)
J Parks (New York Zingari)
J Parks (Brooklyn Second XI)
JA Parks (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
JM Parks (New York Cricket Club)
JM Parks (Columbia Oval)
JN Parks (Bermuda Cricket Club)
L Parks (Falls of Schuylkill)
T Parks (Falls of Schuylkill)
T Parks (St George's Club of New York)
W Parks (New York Cricket Club Second XI)
W Parks (New York Cricket Club)
W Parks (Hopedale)
H Parlett (Nelson Lodge)
H Parlette (Nelson Lodge)
A Parley (Young America Juniors)
D Parmanand (Suburbia)
Ankit Parmar (Hollywood)
Avi Parmar (Hollywood)
B Parmar (Sunrise)
H Parmar (Sunrise)
P Parmar (Sunrise)
F Parmateer (Amsterdam)
Parment (Foxborough)
F Parmenter (Buffalo)
Parminder (Central Valley)
Parminder Singh (Cougars II)
W Parnell (St Paul Club)
Parnham (Mystic Club of Medford)
Parnham (Hyde Park)
Parnham (United Cricket Club of Portsmouth)
Parnham (Everett Second XI)
Parnham (Portsmouth)
H Parnham (New York Cricket Club)
H Parnham (Nelson Lodge)
J Parnham (Nelson Lodge)
J Parnham (St George's Athletic Club)
JH Parnham (New York Cricket Club Second XI)
Parr (The Carpet Company)
S Parr (Merion Juniors)
T Parr (Paterson)
T Parr (Pawtucket)
WH Parr (Pawtucket)
H Parreck (Youngstown)
I Parri (Milwaukee)
J Parri (Horlick's of Racine, Milwaukee)
I Parrie (Milwaukee)
Parris (East Boston)
Parris (Athletics)
Parris (Middlesex)
D Parris (Passaic)
K Parris (Spice Island)
K Parris (Unity)
N Parris (Spice Island)
R Parris (Spice Island)
S Parris (New Bedford West Indians)
C Parrish (British Officers)
G Parrish (British Officers)
K Parrish (Spice Island)
M Parrish (Merion Next XXII)
TC Parrish (Colorado Springs)
Parrott (British Sailors)
J Parrott (Lake Shore)
Parry (SS Georgian)
Parry (Connecticut Cricket Association)
A Parry (Glenshaw)
C Parry (Pittsburgh)
E Parry (St George's Club of Buffalo)
F Parry (Philadelphia Cricket Club B)
GG Parry (Harvard College)
J Parry (SS Majestic)
J Parry (umpire)
L Parry (Tampa and District)
P Parry (United States of America)
W Parry (ER Ogden's XI)
W Parry (SS Georgian)
WJ Parry (Virginia)
B Parsad (Cougars II)
B Parsad (Cougars I)
R Parsall (Pioneer)
R Parsavant (Belmont Colts)
Parson (Yorkshire)
A Parson (Gibbsboro)
CP Parson (Chicago Cricket Club)
F Parson (Livingston Field Club)
G Parson (Riverside)
G Parson (Kings County)
Parsons (Old Hundred, St Paul's School Next XV)
Parsons (Lynn Wanderers)
Parsons (Buffalo)
Parsons (Drexel Institute)
Parsons (Amicus)
Parsons (Merchantville)
Parsons (Yorkshire)
A Parsons (Staten Island Athletic Club)
A Parsons (Penn Charter School)
AE Parsons (Gibbsboro)
C Parsons (Kings County Second XI)
C Parsons (Kings County)
D Parsons (Cleveland)
G Parsons (AJ Mercer's XI)
H Parsons (Kings County Second XI)
J Parsons (Cosmopolitan Club of New York)
JE Parsons (Philadelphia, Reading)
P Parsons (Staten Island Athletic Club)
PD Parsons (Incognitis)
Parsonson (St George's Club of Boston)
Parterson (Manhattan)
P Partha (umpire)
A Parthasarathy (Valley I)
H Parthorpe (John Bright)
Partington (World Fair Team)
Partington (Noddle Island)
J Partington (Robin Hood)
T Partington (Frankford)
J Partlett (Nelson Lodge)
Partridge (Needham)
Partridge (Noddle Island)
Partridge (Boston)
GB Partridge (Corinthians)
J Partridge (Marin County)
J Partridge (Noddle Island)
R Partridge (Venice)
Parusuram (Sunnyvale I)
K Parvaiz (Dulles)
Parveen (umpire)
S Pasa (Bay Area I)
D Pascal (Spice Island)
D Pascal (Spice Island)
E Pascal (Staten Island Cricket Club)
E Pascal (Spice Island)
N Pascal (Spice Island)
S Pascal (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Pascoe (West Warren)
Pascoe (Central High School)
D Pascoe (Richard Baxter)
D Pascoe (Edward VII)
D Pascoe (Germantown British Americans B)
D Pascoe (Edward VII)
CM Pasea (Harvard College)
Pashan (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Pashley (Arlington)
Pashley (Merrimac)
Pashley (Merrimac)
Pashley (Merrimac Second XI)
F Pashley (Merrimac)
F Pashley (Lawrence)
F Pashley (Lynn)
P Pashley (Lynn)
S Pashley (Merrimac)
T Pashley (Merrimac)
Paskins (Tacony)
A Paskins (Tacony)
S Passa (Tracy I)
L Passano (Baltimore)
R Passara (Cosmos)
R Passavant (Belmont)
K Passi (United States All-Stars)
A Passmore (Germantown Academy)
E Passmore (Germantown Academy)
F Passmore (Germantown Academy)
JF Passmore (Germantown Colts)
JF Passmore (Cornell University)
G Patanakar (Spartan I)
M Patandin (Everest and American Cricket Society)
GM Patanker (California Cricket Academy, ICC Americas Under-19s, Stanford A II, United States of America, United States of America Under-17s, United States of America Under-19s)
Patchen (Satellites)
Patchett (Fairview)
W Patchett (Fairview)
CA Pate (Victoria)
Patel (Sheffield)
Patel (Essex)
A Patel (umpire)
A Patel (Valley I)
A Patel (Cougars I)
A Patel (Spartan I)
A Patel (Manchester United)
A Patel (Union City Cavaliers)
Akshay Patel (United States of America Under-19s)
Arjun Patel (ICC Americas Under-19s, United States of America Under-17s, United States of America Under-19s)
AA Patel (United States of America Under-17s, United States of America Under-19s)
B Patel (Cougars II)
B Patel (Tracy United I)
C Patel (United States of America)
C Patel (Englewood)
C Patel (Hollywood)
C Patel (Manchester United)
C Patel (Sunrise)
CN Patel (scorer)
D Patel (United States of America Under-15s)
D Patel (umpire)
D Patel (Cougars I)
D Patel (Cougars II)
D Patel (Tracy United I)
D Patel (Hollywood)
D Patel (Orange County)
D Patel (Cougars I)
D Patel (South East Region)
D Patel (Sunrise)
DJ Patel (Arsenal)
H Patel (Torpedos)
H Patel (United I)
H Patel (Spartan I)
H Patel (umpire)
H Patel (Hollywood)
H Patel (Arsenal)
J Patel (SF Blasters, Valley I)
J Patel (United States of America Cricket Association)
J Patel (Cougars II)
J Patel (Vijayta)
J Patel (Stars United)
J Patel (United States of America Under-17s)
J Patel (Sarasota International XI)
JH Patel (United States of America)
JH Patel (South East Region)
K Patel (California Cricket Academy Under-15s)
K Patel (East Bay II)
K Patel (Caribbean)
K Patel (Southern California Cricket Association)
K Patel (Citrus)
K Patel (Novi)
K Patel (umpire)
K Patel (United States of America Under-19s)
K Patel (Sunrise)
M Patel (United States of America Under-19s)
M Patel (United States of America)
M Patel (umpire)
M Patel (California Cricket Academy Green Under-13s)
M Patel (Cougars I, Stanford Supernovas)
M Patel (Spartan I)
M Patel (Manchester United)
M Patel (Sheffield)
Manish Patel (Tracy United I)
Mitul Patel (Tracy United I)
MD Patel (United States of America)
MK Patel (United States of America)
MK Patel (Eastern Conference)
N Patel (Southern California Cricket Association)
N Patel (California State University, Fullerton)
N Patel (Vijayta)
N Patel (Meten Meer Zorg)
N Patel (Arsenal)
N Patel (Sheffield)
NK Patel (United States of America)
NP Patel (North East Region)
P Patel (Vijayta)
P Patel (California State University, Fullerton)
P Patel (Vijayta)
P Patel (Sunnyvale II)
P Patel (Sunrise)
Pinak Patel (United)
Pragnesh Patel (United)
R Patel (USA Falcons Under-15s)
R Patel (United States of America Under-15s)
R Patel (Vijayta)
R Patel (Nitro)
R Patel (United States of America Women)
R Patel (Sunrise)
RK Patel (United States of America Under-19s)
S Patel (United States of America)
S Patel (umpire)
S Patel (United I)
S Patel (Santa Clara I)
S Patel (United States of America Cricket Association)
s Patel (Union City Cavaliers)
S Patel (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club)
S Patel (South West Region)
S Patel (Victory)
S Patel (Sunrise)
Sahaj Patel (Hollywood)
Sahaj Patel (Vijayta)
Sahil Patel (Hollywood)
Suraj Patel (Vijayta)
SK Patel (Spartan I)
Sagar Patel (United States of America)
T Patel (Marin I)
T Patel (Vijayta)
T Patel (umpire)
T Patel (Sarasota International XI)
TK Patel (Gujarat, St Lucia Stars, United States of America)
V Patel (Spartan I)
V Patel (Vijayta)
V Patel (Hollywood)
V Patel (International Cricket Club)
V Patel (South East Region)
VM Patel (Spartan I)
Y Patel (British Commonwealth Cricket Club)
Patenore (Kings County)
Paterson (Wilkinsburg)
Paterson (East Boston)
Paterson (East Boston)
Paterson (North)
Paterson (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
AD Paterson (scorer)
AE Paterson (Staten Island Cricket Club)
AE Paterson (All New York)
W Paterson (Black Rock College)
F Pateson (Wanderers B)
T Pateson (Wanderers B)
G Patha (Cougars II)
A Pathak (San Mateo I)
A Pathak (Boyds)
D Pathak (Boyds)
JF Pathak (Central West Region)
K Pathak (Spartan I)
N Pathak (United I)
N Pathak (United)
S Pathak (United States of America)
A Pathan (Villagers Pacesetters Sports Athletic Club)
QK Pathan (Philadelphia)
S Pathan (Caribbean)
SR Pathare (Central West Region)
L Pathron (Manhattan)
M Patil (umpire)
S Patil (Cougars II)
S Patil (Berkeley)
S Patki (umpire)
N Patlola (Indus I)
WS Patmore (Bound Brook, Brooklyn, Knickerbocker Athletic Club, Livingston Field Club, Manhattan, New York Cricket Club, New York Veterans, Thistle)
D Patnaik (San Diego)
A Patnam (Spartan I)
A Patnam (California Cricket Academy)
A Patnam (United States of America Under-17s, United States of America Under-19s)
S Patnam (Spartan I)
R Patni (United States of America)
R Patni (International)
Paton (Picked XI)
Paton (Boston)
Paton (Boston B)
D Paton (Staten Island Cricket Club Baseballers)
J Paton (Twin City Club)
J Paton (Pittsburgh)
WC Paton (Providence)
S Patras (United I)
S Patras (United)
Patrick (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Patrick (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Patrick (Sportsman)
Patrick (International)
Patrick (Dedham)
Patrick (International Club of Lowell)
Patrick (Sims New York West Indian)
Patrick (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Patrick (Boston Zingari)
Patrick (United States Bunting of Lowell)
Patrick (Bunting)
Patrick (Boston)
Patrick (Mohair)
Patrick (Bunting)
Patrick (Zion)
Patrick (Compton)
A Patrick (New York Cricket Club)
A Patrick (New York Cricket Club Second XI)
C Patrick (umpire)
C Patrick (Paterson)
C Patrick (Lions United)
C Patrick (Progressive Youths)
C Patrick (Spartan Field Club)
H Patrick (Albion Club of Highlandville)
H Patrick (Albion Club of Highlandville)
H Patrick (Highlandville Juniors)
J Patrick (Paterson)
J Patrick (United States Bunting of Lowell)
J Patrick (Bunting)
J Patrick (Onondaga Club of Syracuse Juniors)
M Patrick (Dedham)
P Pattanayak (umpire)
JJ Patter (Melrose Second XI)
Patterson (Keystone)
Patterson (Baltimore)
Patterson (Philadelphia)
Patterson (E Smith's XI)
Patterson (St George's Club of Chicago Second XI)
Patterson (Oak Park Second XI)
Patterson (East Boston)
Patterson (Somerville)
Patterson (Wanderers)
Patterson (Newton)
Patterson (Peabody British Americans)
Patterson (Worcester)
Patterson (Everett)
Patterson (East Boston Second XI)
Patterson (West Philadelphia)
Patterson (JJ Heys' XI)
Patterson (Lynn Wanderers)
Patterson (umpire)
Patterson (English of Mound City)
Patterson (Columbia College)
C Patterson(a) (Chestnut Hill)
A Patterson (Goodrich)
AE Patterson (New Jersey Athletic Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
B Patterson (Pottsville)
B Patterson (Oxford)
C Patterson (East Boston)
C Patterson (JP Newbold's XI)
C Patterson (Goodrich)
CF Patterson (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
CS Patterson (Chestnut Hill)
CS Patterson (Delaware County Field Club, Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, West Philadelphia)
CS Patterson jun (Philadelphia Cricket Club, Victoria)
CW Patterson (Chestnut Hill)
D Patterson (Goodrich)
FD Patterson (Philadelphia Cricket Club, University of Pennsylvania)
FG Patterson (Baltimore)
FG Patterson (Boston Athletic Association)
FG Patterson (W Pettitt's XI)
FG Patterson (East Boston)
G Patterson (Kings County St George Second XI)
GF Patterson (Baltimore Veterans)
GF Patterson (Baltimore Mixed XI)
GL Patterson (Victoria)
GQ Patterson (Victoria)
GR Patterson (Americus Athletic Club)
GS Patterson (Philadelphia)
H Patterson (Pottsville)
H Patterson (Belmont Juniors Second XI)
HG Patterson (Kings County St George)
HH Patterson (Penn Charter School)
HJ Patterson (Kings County St George, South Brooklyn)
HL Patterson (Manhattan)
HL Patterson (Crescent Athletic Club)
HL Patterson (Crescent Athletic Club)
HS Patterson (Port Carbon)
J Patterson (Brooklyn Third XI)
J Patterson (Manhattan)
J Patterson (Mercantile)
J Patterson (WB Dixon's XI)
J Patterson (Cosmopolitan Club of New York)
J Patterson (Merchant Ship)
J Patterson (HL Clark's XI)
J Patterson (Moorestown)
J Patterson (East Boston)
J Patterson (Chestnut Hill of Boston Other Side)
JA Patterson (San Diego)
JB Patterson (Santa Monica)
JC Patterson (Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Philadelphia Cricket Club, University of Pennsylvania, Young America)
JH Patterson (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
JL Patterson (Germantown, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
JQ Patterson (Americus Athletic Club)
JS Patterson (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
JS Patterson (Philadelphia Colts)
L Patterson (Manhattan)
L Patterson (Single)
M Patterson (South Brooklyn)
M Patterson (Kings County St George)
M Patterson (West Indian)
M Patterson (Manhattan Second XI)
P Patterson (Baltimore)
RD Patterson (Staten Island Cricket Club)
RH Patterson (Edgewater)
RL Patterson (Haverford College Third XI)
TC Patterson (Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Philadelphia Cricket Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
W Patterson (Metropolitan Insurance Athletic Association)
HL Patteson (Crescent Athletic Club, Manhattan)
L Patteson (Manhattan)
A Pattison (Manhattan)
B Pattison (Oxford)
ER Pattison (Youngstown)
H Pattison (Oxford)
HL Pattison (Crescent Athletic Club)
JL Pattison (Manhattan)
RE Pattison (Merion A)
Patton (Radnor Second XI)
Patton (Radnor High School)
Patton (Boston)
Patton (East Boston)
Patton (South Barre)
R Patton(a) (Merion)
A Patton (Manchester United)
D Patton (Wayne)
G Patton (Radnor)
G Patton (Merion)
G Patton (Haverford College)
HB Patton (Pittsburgh)
HH Patton (Philadelphia Board of Govenors)
J Patton (Pittsburgh)
J Patton (Waverley)
J Patton (Philadelphia Electrics)
R Patton (Merion)
R Patton (Haverford College, Merion, Radnor, Wanderers)
RH Patton (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
T Patton (Philadelphia Electrics)
WJ Patton (Pittsburgh)
JG Pattullo (Seattle and Tacoma)
LG Pattullo (Seattle)
LG Pattullo (Washington)
SG Pattullo (Seattle and Tacoma)
WL Pattullo (Seattle)
WN Pattullo (All Oregon)
WN Patullo (Portland)
G Patwa (Cougars II)
R Patwari (Santa Clara Aces, Santa Clara Bees)
Patwinder (Caribbean)
Patwinder Singh (United I)
Paul (San Mateo I)
Paul (Brown's XI)
Paul (Somerville Second XI)
Paul (Married of Longwood Club)
Paul (Boston Zingari)
Paul (Manhattan Second XI)
Paul (Islanders)
Paul (Essex)
Paul (Boston Zingari Second XI)
Paul (Longwood)
B Paul (University of Pennsylvania)
C Paul (Cosmos)
G Paul (Merion)
G Paul (Merion Juniors)
H Paul (Wanderers)
H Paul (Island Wide, Pioneer)
HD Paul (Princeton University)
HF Paul (Merion)
HM Paul (Harvard College)
L Paul (West Indies International B)
O Paul (Harvard College)
O Paul (Merion)
O Paul (de Lancey School)
O Paul (University of Pennsylvania)
P Paul (Lucas)
R Paul (Northeast High School)
TS Paul (Crescent Athletic Club)
TS Paul (Crescent Athletic-Hamilton Club)
WB Paul (Placer County)
WB Paul (California Cricket Association Country)
WF Paul (AJ Mercer's XI)
H Pauley (Port Washington)
C Pauloon (John Bright)
Paulsarran (Rangers)
Paulson (West Indian Wanderers)
E Paulson (Falls of Schuylkill B)
F Paulson (John Bright)
H Paulson (Pasadena)
J Paulson (Lighthouse B)
T Paulson (John Bright)
MA Pauly (Los Angeles)
B Pavan (Bay Area II)
N Pavan (Columbia)
P Pavan (Pasadena)
Pavell (Belleville)
S Pavuluri (Stanford II, Stanford III)
S Pavuluri (Stanford I)
A Pawar (United States of America)
A Pawar (Cosmos)
W Pawley (Paterson)
J Pawson (GM Newhall's XI)
J Pawthrop (John Bright)
E Paxon (West Chester)
Paxson (Haverford College)
CS Paxson (West Chester)
ES Paxson (West Chester)
ES Paxson (Lansdowne)
GS Paxson (West Chester)
Paxton (Newton Upper Falls)
S Payardha (Cosmos)
Payler (Portsmouth)
A Paymore (Northeast Manual Training School)
Payne (Old Hundred)
Payne (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Payne (Frank Parson)
Payne (Chelsea Club)
Payne (Fairview)
Payne (Boston Zingari)
Payne (Albion Club of Highlandville Second XI)
Payne (Boston Cricket Club)
Payne (Boston Zingari Second XI)
Payne (Boston Cricket Club Second XI)
Payne (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Payne (Lynn Second XI)
Payne (Chelsea Club Veterans)
Payne (Lynn)
Payne (Lynn Wanderers)
Payne (Orange)
Payne (Standard)
Payne (Yorkshire)
A Payne (New Hope)
A Payne (Frank Parson)
A Payne (International)
A Payne (St Christopher)
AR Payne (umpire)
C Payne (Middlesex)
F Payne (Lynn Second XI)
FG Payne (Berkeley Athletic Club, New Jersey Athletic Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
FG Payne (Belmont)
FG Payne (Staten Island Athletic Club)
FJ Payne (Staten Island Cricket Club)
H Payne (Cosmopolitan and Interstate Cricket Leagues of New York)
H Payne (Brockton)
H Payne (Manhattan)
HF Payne (umpire)
J Payne (Manhattan)
JR Payne (Helena)
W Payne (Underhill)
WH Payne (Bedford)
Payner (Everett Second XI)
J Paynter (Southwark)
W Paynter (Bermuda Cricket Club)
WH Paynter (United Coloured XI)
Payson (scorer)
Payson (Harvard College)
Payton (Arlington Parkway)
Payton (New Bedford)
Payton (Columbia College)
Payton (Columbia Club of Hoboken)
H Payton (Amsterdam)
Peabody (Harvard College)
E Peabody (Alpha Club of Salem)
F Peabody (Alpha Club of Salem)
F Peabody, jun (Boston Athletic Association, Longwood)
GE Peabody (Orpheus Club)
H Peabody (Germantown Juniors)
JE Peabody (Boston)
L Peabody (Longwood)
Peace (Somerville Wanderers)
EC Peace (Amazons)
EC Peace (Merion Second XI)
EC Peace (Old Hundred, St Paul's School Next XXII)
EC Peace (Radnor)
EC Peace (Montgomeryshire)
EC Peace (United Clodhoppers)
P Peace (All Radnor)
PP Peace (Young America)
PP Peace (Old Hundred, St Paul's School Next XXII)
PP Peace (Merion)
PP Peace (Fox Chase)
PP Peace (Bryn Mawr)
PP Peace (Montgomeryshire)
WS Peace (Cornell University)
WS Peace (Frankford)
Peach (Chester City)
Peach (Keystone)
CE Peach (St George's Club of New York)
H Peach (Douglas Park B)
J Peach (Chester City)
J Peach (Amalgamated Society of Engineers No 4)
J Peach (Keystone)
Peachey (Chelsea Club)
Peacock (John Bright)
Peacock (Pawtucket)
Peacock (Everett)
Peacock (Canton)
Peacock (Ashton)
C Peacock (Pawtucket YMCA)
E Peacock (South Brooklyn Second XI)
E Peacock (Robin Hood)
H Peacock (Richard Baxter)
J Peacock (A Smedley's XI)
J Peacock (Columbia Oval, South Brooklyn)
J Peacock (Pawtucket)
J Peacock (R Nuttall's Ashton XI)
J Peacock (Robin Hood)
M Peacock (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
R Peacock (Harlem Second XI)
T Peacock (Sanford)
TH Peacock jun (Girard Juniors)
TH Peacock sen (Girard)
W Peacock (Girard Second XI, TH Peacock's XI)
W Peacock (Union County)
W Peacock (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
W Peacock (Oxford)
F Peake (Yeadon)
F Peal (West Indies International)
Peale (Yeadon)
FP Peale (Yeadon)
P Peale (Yeadon)
WM Peale (Belmont Juniors)
Pearan (Albion Club of Chicago)
Pearce (Denver)
Pearce (Quaker City)
Pearce (Orange)
Pearce (Old Isleworthians)
Pearce (Tuffield's XI)
Pearce (Newton)
Pearce (Pittsburgh)
Pearce (Roxbury)
Pearce (Cheltenham)
AC Pearce (Belmont Juniors)
C Pearce (Merion)
CH Pearce (Staten Island Athletic Club)
E Pearce (Belmont Second XI)
E Pearce (New York Cricket Club Second XI)
EJ Pearce (Staten Island Athletic Club)
FS Pearce (Bensonhurst Field Club)
G Pearce (Melrose Second XI)
G Pearce (Rhode Island and District Amateur Cricket League)
GG Pearce (Brooklyn)
GHF Pearce (Staten Island Athletic Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
H Pearce (Merion Juniors Second XI)
H Pearce (Kings County)
H Pearce (Quaker City, Quaker City Second XI)
H Pearce (Quaker City)
HF Pearce (Lansdowne)
HG Pearce (Canada and United States of America, Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
HH Pearce (Staten Island Cricket Club)
HT Pearce (Tioga)
I Pearce (Bensonhurst Rovers)
J Pearce (Boston)
J Pearce (New Jersey Athletic Club)
J Pearce (Lansdowne)
L Pearce (Bensonhurst Rovers)
M Pearce (Chicago)
M Pearce (Central High School)
N Pearce (Belmont Second XI)
R Pearce (Union County)
RK Pearce (Lansdowne)
RNNM Pearce (Staten Island Cricket Club)
S Pearce (Bensonhurst Rovers)
S Pearce (Bensonhurst Field Club)
T Pearce (Bensonhurst Field Club)
TH Pearce (Incognitis)
W Pearce (Oak Park)
W Pearce (Akron)
W Pearce (Brooklyn)
WL Pearce (Tennyson)
WS Pearce (Bensonhurst Field Club, Bensonhurst Rovers)
Pearlman (University of Pennsylvania)
C Pearman (Bermuda Cricket Club)
CB Pearman (West Indian)
K Pearman (Bermuda Cricket Club)
L Pearman (Bermuda Overseas West Indians)





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