United States of America Players (L)


Lomas (Fall River)
Lomas (Boston Athletic Association)
Lomas (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Lomas (Lonsdale)
Lomas (St George's Athletic Club)
F Lomas (Albion No 15)
FB Lomas (Manhattan)
H Lomas (Baltimore, Lancashire Second XI)
H Lomas (Kings County)
H Lomas (Baltimore Country Club)
H Lomas (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly Blues)
H Lomas (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
H Lomas (Ardmore)
H Lomas (Wanderers)
H Lomas (Darby)
M Lomas (Wanderers)
P Lomas (Southern California Cricket Association)
R Lomas (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
S Lomas (Baltimore)
S Lomas (St George's Athletic Club)
SB Lomas (Longfellows)
SB Lomas (Manhattan Summer XI)
TS Lomas (Longfellows)
Lomax (Yeadon)
Lomax (Perseverance)
O Lomax (Yeadon)
P Lomax (umpire)
T Lomax (Albion No 15)
T Lomax (Yeadon)
Lomer (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
H Lomer (Columbia Oval, Yonkers)
H Lomer (New York Veterans)
L London (Lions United)
S London (North Province)
S London (Suburbia)
S London (Unity)
A Lone (Orange County)
N Lonergan (Manhattan)
Long (umpire)
Long (Portsmouth)
Long (Wissahickon Summer XI)
Long (Olneyville)
A Long (St George's Club of Chicago)
A Long (Olneyville)
A Long (Providence)
A Long (Woonsocket)
AM Long (Belmont Juniors)
B Long (Radnor High School)
CE Long (St Louis)
CE Long (Ardmore)
E Long (St George's Athletic Club)
F Long (Illinois Cricket Association Juniors)
F Long (Amalgamated Society of Engineers No 4)
G Long (Belmont)
GL Long (Lighthouse)
GW Long (Belmont)
H Long (Belmont)
JL Long (Delaware County Field Club)
JL Long (Lighthouse)
L Long (West Philadelphia)
T Long (Wooton)
T Long (Woodcrest)
TW Long (Belmont)
W Long (Belmont)
W Long (Wooton)
W Long (Belmont)
W Long (All Philadelphia Juniors)
WT Long (Bon Air, Frankford, Merion, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Pilgrims, University of Pennsylvania)
WT Long (Delaware County Field Club)
WT Long (Delaware County Field Club)
WT Long (Wootton)
B Longacre (Merion Second XI, WR Philler's XI)
JB Longacre (Merion, Penn Charter School, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
R Longacre (Cheswold)
R Longacre (Merion Juniors)
E Longaker (Germantown Juniors, Germantown Next XXV)
Longbottom (Merrimac)
I Longbottom (Lawrence)
J Longbottom (Merrimac)
Longden (East Boston)
D Longemire (Manhattan)
Longfellow (Merrimac)
Longfield (Belmont)
HE Longfield (Cosmopolitan Club of New York)
Longhurst (Columbia Club of Chicago)
Longhurst (Cicero)
L Longhurst (St Lawrence)
P Longhurst (Trenton)
W Longley (Sanford)
C Longmire (Cosmopolitan Club of New York)
WG Longmire (Manhattan)
WH Longmire (Manhattan)
J Longshaw (SS Germanic)
Longstreet (Isthmian, Isthmian Second XI)
AD Longstreth (Germantown Veterans)
C Longstreth (Germantown)
F Longstreth (Belmont)
FM Longstreth (Lansdowne)
J Longstreth (Germantown, Harvard College)
R Longstreth (Merion Juniors Second XI)
TK Longstreth (Old Haverfordians)
TM Longstreth (Haverford College)
W Longstreth (GT Morgan's XI)
WC Longstreth (Merion)
WM Longstreth (Belmont, New York Veterans)
WT Long Thompson (Merion)
H Longton (Kings County)
H Longton (St George's Athletic Club)
BT Longtreth (Old Haverfordians)
Lonsdale (South End Club of Fall River)
HB Lonsdale (Thespian)
J Lonsdale (Rhode Island and Central Massachusetts Cricket League)
Looby (New Bedford West Indians)
Lookash (New York Youths)
Looker (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
W Looker (West Philadelphia)
WS Looker (Darby)
Loomis (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
JT Loomis (Belmont Juniors, Belmont Juniors Second XI)
F Loomy (Haverford College Rovers)
D Loop (umpire)
B Loope (Columbia Oval Rovers)
CE Loope (Columbia Oval)
N Loope (Cameron)
VA Loope (Columbia Oval Rovers)
VH Loope (Columbia Oval)
R Loos (Alfred the Great)
V Loote (Columbia Oval)
Loper (Claremont)
G Lopes (Santa Clara Aces)
Lopez (Caribbean)
A Lopez (Caribbean of Boston)
C Lopez (Westbury)
CL Lopez (CH Burton's XI)
M Lopez (Cameron)
N Lopez (Cameron, Columbia Oval)
R Lopez (Cameron)
W Lopez (Cameron)
WM Lorberth (Belmont Veterans)
Lord (Ashton)
Lord (Stetson Athletic Association)
Lord (Harvard College)
Lord (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Lord (Holyoke)
Lord (Staten Island Cricket Club Juniors)
Lord (Germantown Juniors)
B Lord (Kings County)
C Lord (Kings County)
D Lord (ONT Athletic Club of Newark)
D Lord (Clark's Thread Works)
E Lord (Kings County)
E Lord (Centennial)
E Lord (Brooklyn)
E Lord (Oxford)
F Lord (Kings County)
F Lord (West Indian Veterans)
H Lord (Lake Forest)
HM Lord (Oriole)
J Lord (Germantown Juniors, Germantown Juniors Second XI)
P Lord (Kings County)
R Lord (Kings County)
S Lord (Kings County)
T Lord (Staten Island Cricket Club)
W Lord (ONT Athletic Club of Newark)
W Lord (Clark's Thread Works)
W Lord (Germantown Juniors Second XI)
W Lord (Germantown Juniors)
WE Lord (Centennial)
Lorick (Calypso City)
G Lorick (Staten Island Cricket Club)
G Lorick (Trinidad)
G Lorick (Sims New York West Indian)
K Lorick (Preysal, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s, United States of America)
K Lorick (Staten Island Cricket Club)
K Lorick (Trinidad)
N Lorick (Trinidad)
S Lorick (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Lorimer (University of Pennsylvania)
Lorimer (Penn Charter School Second XI)
AR Lorimer (Melrose)
G Lorimer (University of Pennsylvania)
HK Lorimer (Melrose)
HK Lorimer (York Road)
HK Lorimer (Oak Lane)
J Lorimer (Melrose Summer XI)
JA Lorimer (Melrose)
JH Lorimer (Melrose)
JH Lorimer (York Road)
JH Lorimer (Oak Lane)
JH Lorimer (Waverley)
P Lorimer (Melrose)
WA Lorimer (Melrose)
Loring (Harvard College)
Lorior (East Cambridge)
G Lorrick (Lucas)
G Lorrick (Cosmos)
D Lorrimer (University of Pennsylvania)
GE Lorrimer (University of Pennsylvania)
H Lorrimer (Melrose Second XI)
J Lorrimer (Melrose Second XI)
S Lorrimer (University of Pennsylvania)
H Lory (Baltimore)
E Loten (Lucas)
E Loten (Lucas)
E Loten (Excelsior)
E Loten (Lucas)
E Loten (Progressive Youths)
M Loten (Lucas)
C Lothrop (St Paul's School)
Lothtan (Married of Longwood Club)
A Lotia (United States of America Under-17s)
K Lotouche (Spice Island)
K Lou (Staten Island Cricket Club)
B Louburn (International)
Louden (Lansdowne Second XI)
A Louden (Pullman Second XI)
N Loues (Columbia Oval)
W Loughbridge (Belmont)
Loughery (Tioga Athletic Association Juniors)
G Loughery (F Bray's XI)
GH Loughery (Tioga Athletic Association Juniors, Tioga Athletic Association Second XI)
Loughlin (Union Club of Paterson)
Loughlin (Paterson)
Loughlin (Northeast High School)
Loughlin (Paterson United)
F Loughlin (Paterson United)
FJ Loughlin (Brooklyn, Harlem, Morris Park, New York Cricket Club)
FJ Loughlin (Kings County St George)
JB Loughlin (New York Cricket Club)
G Loughman (Alameda)
G Loughrey (Tioga Athletic Association Juniors)
W Loughridge (Rose Hill)
Louis (South Barre)
A Louis (Island Wide)
C Louis (Albion Club of New York)
R Louis (United States of America)
S Louis (Westbury)
S Louis (Cosmos)
Loumis (Belmont Juniors)
H Lourish (Belmont Juniors)
Lovatt (Boston Athletic Association)
Love (Arlington)
Love (Moorestown Second XI)
HD Love (Staten Island Cricket Club)
J Love (Manhattan)
L Love (Manhattan)
L Love (Hulbert's XIV)
L Love (Jackson's XIV)
NC Love (RF Jenkins' Veterans XI)
WA Love (umpire)
Loveday (New Haven)
E Loveday (New Haven)
R Loveday (New Haven)
W Loveday (New Haven)
Lovegrove (St Lawrence)
Lovegrove (Elgin)
Lovegrove (World Fair Team)
Lovegrove (W Howell's XI)
W Lovegrove (St George's Club of Chicago)
Lovelace (Wagon Works)
Lovelace (Boston Cricket Club Second XI)
Lovell (Detroit)
Lovell (West Indian Wanderers)
Lovell (Athletics)
Lovell (Standard)
A Lovell (Bensonhurst, Bensonhurst Field Club, Bensonhurst Rovers, Brooklyn, Brooklyn Nomads, Fordham, Kings County, Manor Field, Newark, Staten Island Cricket Club, Zingari)
E Lovell (Elizabeth)
G Lovell (Brooklyn)
G Lovell (West Philadelphia B)
JB Lovell (Wanderers)
OB Lovell (Staten Island Cricket Club)
VG Lovell (West Philadelphia)
W Lovell (Brooklyn)
W Lovell (Nelson Lodge Second XI)
W Lovell (West Philadelphia B)
Lovett (Martin's XI)
Lovett (Everett)
JDW Lovett (Boston Athletic Association, Cambridge, Dedham, Hyde Park, Longwood, West End)
P Lovett (Hyde Park)
RR Lovett (Frankford)
S Lovett (Girard Second XI)
Lovitt (Boston Athletic Association)
Low (Manhattan Second XI)
Low (Western Massachusetts)
Low (SS Scandanavian)
Low (Western Massachusetts Cricket League)
Low (Lynn)
Low (Everett)
A Low (Cameron)
AC Low (Yonkers)
B Low (Paterson)
D Low (Paterson)
D Low (Belmont Juniors)
D Low (Everett)
JC Low (Andover)
JC Low (Lynn Wanderers)
JG Low (Andover)
S Low (New York Veterans)
S Low (Longfellows)
SA Low (Yonkers)
W Low (Belmont Juniors)
WA Low (Frankford)
Lowando (Boston Juniors)
Lowber (Germantown)
Lowden (Pawtucket)
A Lowden (Pullman Second XI)
W Lowden (Lansdowne)
W Lowden (SS Nestorian)
Lowder (Baltimore Sons of St George)
Lowe (Manhattan)
Lowe (Star Cricket Club)
Lowe (Alameda)
Lowe (Lynn Wanderers)
Lowe (Boston Cricket Club)
Lowe (The Globe)
Lowe (Thornton Veterans)
Lowe (Lynn)
Lowe (Lowell Cricket and Athletic Club)
Lowe (Peabody British Americans)
Lowe (Andover)
Lowe (Buffalo)
Lowe (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly Blues)
Lowe (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Lowe (Manhattan)
Lowe (Everett)
J Lowe(a) (Lynn Wanderers)
Lowe(b) (Andover)
A Lowe (New York East)
A Lowe (New York Wanderers Club)
A Lowe (Lynn Wanderers Second XI)
AT Lowe (Bedford, Sons of St George)
AT Lowe (Longfellows)
AT Lowe (Manhattan)
B Lowe (Alfred the Great)
C Lowe (Paterson)
C Lowe (New York East)
C Lowe (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly Blues)
CR Lowe (New York Cricket Club)
CW Lowe (Bedford, Manhattan)
CW Lowe (United Lacemakers)
D Lowe (Wanderers)
D Lowe (Paterson)
D Lowe (Commonwealth)
D Lowe (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
E Lowe (New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League)
F Lowe (Sons of St George)
J Lowe (H Ward's XI)
J Lowe (Lynn Wanderers)
JC Lowe (Andover)
L Lowe (Commonwealth)
L Lowe (Wanderers)
S Lowe (New York Veterans)
V Lowe (Columbia Oval)
W Lowe (Linden)
W Lowe (Falls of Schuylkill)
WA Lowe (New York West Second XI)
WH Lowe (Berkeley Athletic Club)
WH Lowe (Alfred the Great)
WP Lowe (Berkeley Athletic Club)
WR Lowe (New York Cricket Club)
WR Lowe (Metropolitan Cricket League)
J Lowe jnr (a) (Lynn Wanderers)
JC Lowe jnr (a) (Lynn Wanderers)
JC Lowe Jnr (Lynn Wanderers)
Lowell (West Indian Wanderers)
Lowell (Lynn)
Lowell (United Shoe Machinery, Beverly)
Lowell (Athletics)
Lowell (University)
A Lowell (Brooklyn)
A Lowell (Bensonhurst)
HB Lowell (St David's)
W Lowell (Falls of Schuylkill)
A Lowen (Antigua)
Lowery (Lynn Second XI)
Lowery (Lynn)
J Lowe snr (a) (Lynn Wanderers)
JC Lowe Snr (Lynn Wanderers Reserves)
JC Low jnr (a) (Lynn Wanderers)
Lowland (East Boston)
Lowman (St George's Club of New York Juniors)
H Lowndes (Livingston)
HL Lowndes (Ramblers)
Lowney (Boston Cricket Club)
Lowrey (Carlton Club of Toronto)
Lowrey (Lynn)
J Lowrey (Boston Juniors)
Lowry (Haverford College Second XI)
Lowry (Lynn Second XI)
Lowry (Haverford College Second XI)
Lowry (Boston Cricket Club)
Lowry (Methuen)
Lowry (Lawrence)
Lowry (Haverford College Sophomores)
Lowry (Dorian Second XI)
Lowry (British Officers)
AL Lowry (Haverford College)
AT Lowry (Haddonfield)
AT Lowry (Belmont, Haddonfield, Haverford College, Merion)
B Lowry (Old Haverfordians)
BH Lowry (Constitutional Lawyers)
BH Lowry (Germantown Second XI)
H Lowry (Penn Charter School)
H Lowry (Old Haverfordians)
HH Lowry (Harvard College, Haverford College, Merion, Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, Radnor)
HM Lowry (Haverford College)
LE Lowry (St George's Athletic Club)
P Lowry (Haverford College)
RP Lowry (Haverford College, Margam)
RP Lowry (Haddonfield)
S Lowry (Belmont)
SE Lowry (Kings County)
T Lowry (Belmont)
W Lowry (Germantown Veterans)
WC Lowry (Philadelphia)
WC Lowry (All Philadelphia)
WC Lowry (Philadelphia)
WC Lowry (Frankford)
WW Lowry (Philadelphia Veterans)
Loxen (Chelsea Club)
Loyd (Young America Third XI)
G Loyd (Manor Field)
W Loyd (Young America Juniors)
Loynes (Lynn)
Loynes (Newton Second XI)
A Loynes (Lynn Second XI)
W Loynes (Lynn Second XI)
LPersaud (Cosmos)
LRobinson (Germantown Juniors)
LRobinson (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
J LTingley (Belmont Summer XI)
J LTingley (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
W Luah (Essex County)
Lucas (Omaha High School)
Lucas (Seattle)
Lucas (Roxbury)
Lucas (Married of Roxbury)
Lucas (Adults' School)
Lucas (Standard)
Lucas (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
Lucas (Peninsular Cricket Club)
Lucas (Van Cortlandt)
Lucas (West India Club A)
A Lucas (Longfellows, Manhattan)
AJ Lucas (Gibbsboro)
AS Lucas (Gibbsboro)
B Lucas (Haddonfield)
B Lucas (Gibbsboro)
B Lucas (Frankford)
C Lucas (Melbourne)
C Lucas (Columbia Oval)
C Lucas (Chicago West Indians)
C Lucas (South Park)
C Lucas
E Lucas (Gibbsboro)
E Lucas (Columbia Oval)
E Lucas (New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League)
E Lucas (Cameron)
E Lucas (Manhattan)
E Lucas (Longfellows)
F Lucas (Longfellows)
G Lucas (Bergen Point)
G Lucas (Vernon)
G Lucas (Gordon Park Reds)
GR Lucas (Cleveland)
HB Lucas (Baltimore)
HS Lucas (Gibbsboro)
J Lucas (Gibbsboro)
JG Lucas (Kings County)
JW Lucas (Gibbsboro)
K Lucas (University)
R Lucas (Gibbsboro)
R Lucas (Manhattan)
S Lucas (Gibbsboro)
S Lucas (de Lancey School)
Luch (Pawtucket)
Luch (Saylesville)
RC Lucius (RC Lucius' XI)
Luck (Andover)
Luck (Pawtucket)
D Luck (Radnor)
Lucken (umpire)
Lucking (Ypsilanti)
Luckings (Ypsilanti)
Luckman (Brockton)
Luckman (Brockton)
M Luckman (Pipestone)
S Luckman (Brockton)
T Luckman (Brockton)
WR Luckman (Pipestone)
Lucy (East Boston)
Ludder (Bunting)
CL Luddington (St Paul's School)
J Ludington (Wissahickon)
J Ludington (Radnor Summer XI)
WH Ludington (St Paul's School Alumni)
Ludlam (Chelsea Club)
Ludlam (Revere)
A Ludlam (Chelsea Club)
Ludman (New York Cricket Club)
Ludovici (Occident Club)
Ludwig (Merion)
WL Ludwig (British Officers)
WL Ludwig (Wanderers)
F Luffield (St George's Club of Chicago)
Luffman (Germantown)
Luffman (HL Clark's XI)
Luffman (Moorestown)
Luffman (JB Colahan's XI)
F Luffman (Manhattan)
Luffmann (Manhattan)
Luffmann (umpire)
AW Lugg (Bohemian)
Luke (Park Cricket Club of Buffalo)
GB Luke (New Jersey Athletic Club)
JB Luke (New Jersey Athletic Club Second XI)
N Luke (Columbia Oval)
N Luke (New Jersey Athletic Club)
Lukens (Alert)
C Lukens (Oxford)
CF Lukens (Belfield)
CF Lukens (Germantown Juniors Second XI)
CF Lukens (Riverton)
E Lukens (Zingari)
E Lukens (Oxford)
EF Lukens (Oxford)
EF Lukens (Belfield)
HS Lukens (Frankford)
P Lukens (Frankford)
W Lukens (Riverton)
GB Lukis (New Jersey Athletic Club)
GB Luks (New Jersey Athletic Club)
J Luks (New Jersey Athletic Club)
Lumb (Boston)
Lumb (Merrimac Second XI)
D Lumb (Gibbsboro)
W Lumb (umpire)
W Lumb (W Howarth's XI)
E Lumbert (Minneapolis)
E Lumbert (United States of America)
Lumgair (Multnomah Athletic Association)
JB Lumgair (Portland)
H Lumley (Baltimore)
Lund (Newtonville)
Lund (SS Saxonia)
A Lund (Northern California Cricket Association)
J Lund (Oak Park)
K Lund (Northern California Cricket Association)
W Lundry (Tioga)
Lundskog (Lynn Wanderers Second XI)
F Lundy (Essex County B)
T Lunn (Frankford)
W Lunn (Union)
T Lunt (umpire)
W Lupton(a) (West Philadelphia)
B Lupton (West Philadelphia B)
E Lupton (Wissahickon)
E Lupton (Clifton)
E Lupton (West Philadelphia)
E Lupton (Centennial)
E Lupton (Falls of Schuylkill)
E Lupton (Germantown British Americans)
E Lupton (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
E Lupton (R Swallow's XI)
M Lupton (Germantown British Americans)
W Lupton (Clifton)
W Lupton (Delaware County Field Club)
W Lupton (West Philadelphia)
W Lupton (Centennial)
W Lupton (Falls of Schuylkill)
W Lupton (Interstate Cricket League of Philadelphia)
W Lupton (Germantown British Americans)
W Lupton (Bon Air)
Luscomb (Lynn Wanderers)
Luscombe (Lynn Wanderers Second XI)
S Luscombe (Lynn Wanderers Second XI)
J Lushbrook (Denver)
M Lutchena (Gladiators)
G Luthra (Victory)
Lutter (Boston I Zingari)
H Lutton (Chester City)
Lutz (New York Cricket Club)
Luv (Staten Island Cricket Club)
E Lux (Evanston)
Luxford (Wanderers)
MG Luxford (Santa Monica)
C Luxmore (Wilkes-Barre Single)
Luxton (SS Minnesota)
C Lyall (International)
T Lyall (Paterson)
W Lyas (Tennyson)
W Lyatt (Merion Roundarm)
Lycett (Mound City)
E Lycett (Haverford College Second XI)
EH Lycett (St Louis)
EH Lycett (Merion)
EH Lycett (Germantown Summer XI)
EH Lycett (Associated Cricket Clubs of Philadelphia)
EH Lycett (Mound City)
EH Lycett (Americans of Mound City)
EL Lycett (Merion Veterans)
F Lycett (Merion)
GH Lycett (Merion)
HJ Lycett (Merion Juniors, Merion Next XXII)
IC Lycett (Haverford College Second XI)
RH Lycett (Merion)
T Lycett (Merion Juniors)
W Lycett (Lower Merion)
W Lycett (Ardmore)
W Lycett (United Clodhoppers)
WM Lycett (Merion)
H Lycott (RA Montgomery's XI)
Lykes (Brockton)
J Lyle (Colorado Springs)
JG Lyms (Berkeley Athletic Club)
N Lynam (Marin II)
Lynas (Highlandville)
Lynch (Shamrock)
Lynch (East Boston)
Lynch (Lynn)
Lynch (West India Club)
Lynch (Athletics)
Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
Lynch (Boston Reserves)
Lynch (Standard)
Lynch (West India Club)
Lynch (University)
Lynch (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
Lynch (Municipal)
Lynch (Harrisburg)
Lynch (Keystone)
Lynch (Standard)
Lynch(a) (Standard)
Lynch(a) (Standard)
A Lynch (Spice Island)
A Lynch (All Star)
A Lynch (Britannia Lakewoods)
B Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
D Lynch (Radnor)
F Lynch (Standard)
F Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
F Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
G Lynch (Falls of Schuylkill B)
J Lynch (Rockland)
J Lynch (Standard)
J Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
J Lynch (Athletics)
J Lynch (Brockton)
JC Lynch (Belmont Veterans)
JH Lynch (Ridgefield)
M Lynch (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
M Lynch (Spice Island)
M Lynch (Unity)
M Lynch (Standard)
M Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
M Lynch (Orient)
M Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
M Lynch (West India Club A)
M Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
MS Lynch (Belmont)
MS Lynch (Belmont Summer XI)
N Lynch (Standard)
R Lynch (Boston Wanderers)
R Lynch (Spice Island)
R Lynch (Stamford)
R Lynch (West Indian Wanderers)
R Lynch (Standard)
T Lynch (Falls of Schuylkill Second XI)
W Lynch (Philadelphia Electrics)
J Lyndsay (New Jersey Athletic Club)
Lyne (Newport)
Lynes (Albion Club of Chicago Second XI)
Lynes (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Lynes (Dedham)
Lynes (Albion Club of Highlandville)
Lynes (CW White's XI)
A Lynes (Albion Club of Highlandville)
A Lynes (umpire)
A Lynes (Britannia Edgewaters)
A Lynes (Britannia Lakewoods)
A Lynes (Britannia)
M Lynes (Standard)
Lynn (Pennsylvania Hospital)
Lynskey (Waltham)
Lynskey (Boston Athletic Association)
Lyon (Delaware)
Lyon (SS Umbria)
Lyon (Seattle)
Lyon (St George's Club of New York Second XI)
Lyon (All New York)
E Lyon (Longwood)
EB Lyon (Staten Island Cricket Club)
JF Lyon (Seattle and Tacoma)
JF Lyon (Washington)
JL Lyon (Seattle and Tacoma)
N Lyon (St George's Club of New York)
Lyons (Hyde Park)
Lyons (Albion Club of Highlandville, Boston Athletic Association, Chelsea Club, East Boston, Lynn, Newton, Somerville)
Lyons (Longwood Wanderers)
Lyons(a) (Newton)
A Lyons (Mystic Club of Medford, Newton)
A Lyons (Britannia Lakewoods)
AB Lyons (University of Pennsylvania)
H Lyons (All New York)
J Lyons (Albion Club of Camden)
W Lyons (Newton)
W Lyons (Chelsea Club)
Lyte (Western Massachusetts Cricket League)
Lythcott (Caribbean)
E Lyttle (Englewood)
G Lytton (Staten Island Cricket Club)





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