England Players (S)


Sowerby (Halesowen)
Sowerby (Chaddesley Corbett)
Sowerby (St John's College, York)
Sowerby (6th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers)
Sowerby (Burton Round Table)
A Sowerby (Cumberland)
CA Sowerby (Neston)
G Sowerby (Timperley)
G Sowerby (Darlington, Thornaby)
GL Sowerby (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
H Sowerby (TF Harrison's XI)
H Sowerby (Messingham Second XI)
HE Sowerby (Pocklington School)
HJ Sowerby (TF Harrison's XI)
HS Sowerby (The Forty Club)
I Sowerby (Messingham Third XI)
I Sowerby (Messingham Second XI)
J Sowerby (Marlborough College Common Room, Rev J Sowerby's House)
J Sowerby (Halesowen Second XI)
J Sowerby (scorer)
J Sowerby (King's School, Chester)
J Sowerby (Stockton)
J Sowerby (Old Bedfordians)
J Sowerby (Millom)
M Sowerby (Wokingham Third XI)
O Sowerby (Barby Second XI)
P Sowerby (Bedfordshire Colts)
P Sowerby (Bedford School)
PF Sowerby (Ickwell)
R Sowerby (Cumbria Under-13s, Cumbria Under-14s, Cumbria Under-15s)
R Sowerby (Durham)
R Sowerby (Durham City Second XI)
T Sowerby (Darlington)
T Sowerby (Messingham Third XI)
T Sowerby (Old Vigornians)
T Sowerby (Worcester City Second XI)
T Sowerby (Messingham)
T Sowerby (Messingham Under-13s)
T Sowerby (Sessay)
TG Sowerby (TF Harrison's XI)
TW Sowerby (The Forty Club)
W Sowerby (Cumberland)
W Sowerby (Effingham)
T Sowerbyf (Sessay)
J Sowersby (Pocklington School)
T Sowersby (Pocklington School)
Sowery (Patrington)
I Sowi (Middleton Stoney)
F Sowler (South Manchester)
H Sowler (Western)
R Sowler (Northumberland Under-21s)
T Sowler (St Marylebone ARP)
S Sowling (Manchester)
Sowman (Royal Oak, Bagworth)
ECW Sowman (Bedford Modern School)
T Sowman (Godalming)
F Sowole (Seaford College)
Sowray (Castle Howard)
E Sowray (Birstwith Women)
G Sowray (St Aidan's and St John Fisher School)
J Sowray (Malton)
J Sowray (Ashville College)
S Sowray (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League)
C Sowsa (Leighton Park School)
Sowter (Durham University)
A Sowter (umpire)
A Sowter (Stansted Hall and Elsenham)
A Sowter (Radcliffe-on-Trent)
A Sowter (Ockbrook and Borrowash Third XI)
E Sowter (Rugby)
G Sowter (Huntingdonshire and Peterborough County Cricket Association Colts, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough Under-17s, Kimbolton School)
G Sowter (Duffield)
GS Sowter (Derbyshire Friars)
J Sowter (Fenner)
LH Sowter (Derby School)
M Sowter (Kinoulton)
M Sowter (Cropwell)
N Sowter (WJ Lyon's XI)
N Sowter (Kirk Langley Second XI)
R Sowter (Gedling and Sherwood Third XI)
T Sowter (Kirk Langley)
T Sowter (Kirk Langley Second XI)
U Sowter (Derbyshire)
U Sowter (Anomalies)
J Sowton (Buccaneers)
JF Sowton (Eastbourne College)
L Sowton (Lindfield)
Veronica Sowton (Worthing Women)
VL Sowton (Sussex Women)
Soy (Leighton Park School)
Soyaib (Illston Abey)
V Soyasa (Follands Second XI)
S Soysa (Leighton Park School)
U Soysa (Bowden)
Soza (Reading Bluecoat School)
CR Soza (Berkshire)
R Soza (Berkshire Over-50s)
P Sozi (Dover College)
I Soznowski (Babbacombe)
R Spacagna (Netley Sports)
P Spacek (Sussex Martlets)
I Spacey (Harvel Second XI)
M Spacey (Bedworth)
M Spacey (Bedworth Second XI)
R Spacey (Bedworth)
R Spacey (Bedworth Second XI)
R Spacey (Bedworth Second XI)
Spackman (Dover Garrison)
Spackman (Dorking)
Spackman (Wagtails Women)
Spackman (Rendcomb College)
C Spackman (Sarisbury Athletic Second XI)
CF Spackman (Corsham, Wiltshire)
D Spackman (The Forty Club, The Forty Club Surrey and West Sussex)
D Spackman (Dorking)
D Spackman (Dorking)
D Spackman (Dorking)
D Spackman (The Forty Club)
DA Spackman (Butterflies)
E Spackman (GE Ruddle's XI)
E Spackman (JH King's XI)
E Spackman (WB Shelton's XI)
E Spackman (Rutland Volunteers)
E Spackman (IL Grist's XI)
E Spackman (JW Haywood's XI)
E Spackman (JW Marsh's XI)
E Spackman (Oakham)
F Spackman (Wanderers)
F Spackman (Putney)
F Spackman (St Edward's School, Oxford Girls Second XI)
FG Spackman (Aldenham School)
G Spackman (Buccaneers)
G Spackman (Old Wellingtonians)
HM Spackman (Dean Close School)
J Spackman (Norfolk Over-50s)
J Spackman (Inland Revenue, London)
J Spackman (Taunton School)
L Spackman (Wiltshire)
M Spackman (Chester Boughton Hall)
M Spackman (Ascot)
N Spackman (Lord's Taverners)
Spacling (Royal Air Force)
T Spade (Old Tauntonians and Romsey Third XI)
R Spadtz (umpire)
B Spadzt (umpire)
Spafford (Lytham)
A Spafford (Ashton Ladysmith)
AJH Spafford (CF Tufnell's XI)
D Spafford (Millom)
D Spafford (Haverigg)
G Spafford (Northumberland Schoolboys)
LW Spafford (Universities Athletic Union)
MT Spafford (Trent College)
R Spagagna (Lowman's)
R Spaight (Scothern)
R Spaight (Owmby)
R Spaight (Scothern Second XI)
R Spaight (Scothern)
RG Spaight (Cambridge University)
RH Spaight (Royal Air Force)
Spain (Defence Army Merchant Service)
Spain (Naval XI)
Spain (Kennington)
A Spain (Colchester and East Essex)
A Spain (Wormingford)
G Spain (Gentlemen of Kent)
NB Spain (Northumberland and Durham Women)
R Spain (J Bayley's XI)
R Spain (umpire)
S Spain (Highams Park)
T Spain (J Bayley's XI)
T Spain (Defence Army Merchant Service)
W Spain (Colchester and East Essex, Colchester and East Essex Second XI)
W Spain (Tendring)
WS Spain (Northumberland Club)
Spaite (Crown Tube Works)
D Spaith (Windsor Second XI)
G Spaldin (umpire)
Spalding (Royal Air Force Bomber Command)
Spalding (Combined King Edward's Grammar Schools)
Spalding (Loughborough University)
Spalding (Sedbergh School Second XI)
B Spalding (Peterlee)
D Spalding (National Physical Laboratory Teddington)
D Spalding (Chesterfield Cylinders Second XI)
DEC Spalding (Trent College)
F Spalding (Lullington Park)
FL Spalding (Bedford Grammar School)
G Spalding (Ellesmere College Second XI)
G Spalding (Northop Second XI)
G Spalding (umpire)
H Spalding (Lower Earley)
J Spalding (Kent Second XI)
J Spalding (scorer)
J Spalding (Peterlee)
J Spalding (Mattishall)
JHD Spalding (The Forty Club, The Forty Club London and Home Counties, The Forty Club South East)
JR Spalding (The Forty Club)
L Spalding (Bromsgrove Second XI)
M Spalding (Davenham)
M Spalding (Knowle Village)
MS Spalding (Devon)
N Spalding (Hockerill)
R Spalding (Braintree College)
R Spalding (High Easter)
R Spalding (Braintree)
S Spalding (Bembridge School)
S Spalding (Royal Bad Boys, Southern Hemisphere Owls, The Forty Club, The Forty Club West)
T Spalding (Belbroughton)
T Spalding (Braintree College)
T Spalding (Mattishall)
T Spalding (Ottershaw and Hamm Moor)
T Spalding (Belbroughton Third XI)
WAS Spaling (Incogniti)
Spall (Northgate Grammar School)
Spall (Northgate Grammar School Old Boys)
Spall (Chigwell School)
A Spall (Northgate Grammar School)
A Spall (Warwick)
AJ Spall (Suffolk)
B Spall (Suffolk Over-60s Second XI, Suffolk Over-70s)
C Spall (Caterham)
CE Spall (Cheltenham College)
E Spall (Chipperfield)
G Spall (Suffolk Young Amateurs)
H Spall (Northumberland Juniors, Northumberland Schoolboys)
H Spall (Ellingham Third XI)
H Spall (Caterham)
J Spall (Overton Third XI)
K Spall (scorer)
M Spall (Solihull School)
M Spall (Rodmersham Second XI)
R Spall (Newquay)
R Spall (Truro)
R Spall (Truro)
T Spall (Broughton)
Spalton (Derby School Second XI)
Spalton (Winchester College)
A Spalton (Weoley Hill Second XI)
A Spalton (Weoley Hill)
C Spalton (Lensbury)
J Spalton (Cutthorpe Second XI)
J Spalton (Sutton on the Hill)
J Spalton (Cutthorpe)
JA Spalton (Surrey Second XI)
M Spalton (Wilnecote Second XI)
R Spalton (Derbyshire Club and Ground, Derbyshire Old Juniors)
W Spalton (Cutthorpe Second XI)
J Spampinato (Dover College)
V Spampinato (Dover College)
RB Spandler (Royal Air Force)
RB Spandler (Royal Air Force College Cranwell)
H Spandley (Gunness Second XI)
S Spandrzyk (Albrighton)
Spanjar (London Maccabi Vale)
Spanjar (Bancroft's School)
A Spanlove (Belper Meadows)
B Spann (scorer)
M Spann (Tattenhall)
R Spann (Tattenhall)
R Spann (Tattenhall)
R Spann (umpire)
C Spanner (Cadnam Under-15s)
C Spanner (Cadnam Under-17s)
T Spanner (Suttoners Second XI)
H Spanswick (Cannock)
H Spanswick (Cannock Chase Colliery)
J Spanswick (St Benedict's School, Ealing)
JG Spanswick (Kent)
C Spanton (Sandwich Town)
C Spanton (Fakenham)
C Spanton (Kent Second XI)
C Spanton (umpire)
C Spanton (Horden)
C Spanton (St Lawrence and Highland Court)
C Spanton (Kent Cricket League)
G Spanton (South Northumberland)
JW Spanton (Hereford Cathedral School)
JW Spanton (Old Herefordians)
K Spanton (Durham University)
K Spanton (Easington Colliery Welfare)
M Spanton (Congleton)
TF Spanton (King's School, Canterbury)
W Spanton (Oxfordshire)
WP Spanton (Rugby)
T Sparcy (Aldershot Command)
Spare (St Dunstan's College)
Spare (Conners)
B Spare (Etwall Under-15s)
C Spare (Derbyshire Juniors, Derbyshire Old Juniors)
C Spare (Dover)
C Spare (Dover)
C Spare (Dover)
C Spare (Dover Second XI)
C Spare (Dover Second XI)
C Spare (Dover Second XI)
M Spare (Derbyshire Juniors)
M Spare (Attleborough)
N Spare (The Forty Club)
O Spare (Milton)
O Spare (St Dunstan's College)
Spares (Metal Box Company)
G Spares (Evesham)
G Spares (Birlingham)
M Spares (The Forty Club)
Sparey (Durham Light Infantry)
J Sparey (Old Bristolians Westbury)
J Sparey (Hereford Cathedral School)
J Sparey (Old Elizabethans)
M Sparey (Gloucester Nondescripts)
Spargo (Taunton's School, Southampton)
Spargo (6th (Rifles) Battalion King's Royal Liverpool Regiment)
Spargo (Marston Green)
B Spargo (Blunham)
B Spargo (Quarndon Second XI)
B Spargo (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
B Spargo (Harborne)
D Spargo (Norwich)
EHE Spargo (Royal Air Force Melbourne (Pocklington))
J Spargo (Ealing Grammar School)
JB Spargo (Charterhouse School)
Sparham (Duffield)
HH Sparham (Crystal Palace)
J Sparham (Sussex Under-15s Women)
K Sparham (umpire)
K Sparham (Belper Amateurs Second XI)
K Sparham (scorer)
K Sparham (Duffield Second XI)
K Sparham (Belper Meadows Third XI)
N Sparham (Denby, Derbyshire Second XI, Marehay, Papplewick and Linby)
N Sparham (Derbyshire Over-50s)
N Sparham (The Forty Club, The Forty Club East Midlands)
N Sparham (Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League)
N Sparham (Lensbury)
N Sparham (umpire)
N Sparham (Codnor)
N Sparham (Alfreton XI)
N Sparham (Denby)
N Sparham (Derbyshire Premier League)
P Sparham (Belper Amateurs)
T Sparham (Denby)
T Sparham (Denby)
Spark (Bootham School)
A Spark (Old Bedfordians)
BV Spark (Old Bedfordians)
ED Spark (Whitehaven)
EV Spark (Bedford School)
G Spark (South Northumberland)
G Spark (Allhallows School)
G Spark (Evenwood)
G Spark (Wigton)
H Spark (Lowerhouse Third XI)
J Spark (Wigton)
L Spark (Boston)
M Spark (Caton)
O Spark (Burnley Second XI, Burnley Third XI)
O Spark (Shroton)
O Spark (Burnley Grammar School Old Boys Second XI)
RV Spark (Bedford School)
RVS Spark (Huntingdonshire)
TB Spark (Leeds Grammar School)
TE Spark (FGH Clayton's Northumberland XI)
W Spark (Rockliffe Park)
Sparke (Surrey)
Sparke (Chester Boughton Hall Third XI)
CE Sparke (Dover College)
CE Sparke (King William's College)
G Sparke (Chester Boughton Hall)
G Sparke (scorer)
JB Sparke (King Edward VI Grammar School, Bury St Edmunds)
L Sparke (Boston)
T Sparke (Whitstable)
XK Sparke (Cumbria Women)
Sparkes (umpire)
Sparkes (Southsea Rovers)
Sparkes (A Napper's XI)
Sparkes (6th Battalion Cheshire Regiment)
Sparkes (Old Tauntonians)
Sparkes (West Bromwich Dartmouth Second XI)
Sparkes (Bootham School Second XI)
Sparkes (Trincomalee Garrison)
Sparkes (Cranley)
A Sparkes (Ellingham)
A Sparkes (King's School, Rochester)
A Sparkes (Hungerford)
B Sparkes (Olivers Battery)
C Sparkes (Hardingham)
D Sparkes (Rainhill)
D Sparkes (St Philip's Grammar School, Birmingham Old Boys)
E Sparkes (Warminster Women)
E Sparkes (Bootham School Second XI)
EF Sparkes (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
G Sparkes (Sussex)
G Sparkes (Sussex Colts)
G Sparkes (umpire)
GA Sparkes (Portsmouth Borough)
GK Sparkes (Norwich Wanderers)
GT Sparkes (Hurstpierpoint College Under-14s)
H Sparkes (Bath Women Second XI)
HW Sparkes (Major E Barbour's XI)
HW Sparkes (Hove)
J Sparkes (Maldon)
J Sparkes (Cranleigh)
J Sparkes (Broadwater)
J Sparkes (Eashing)
J Sparkes (umpire)
J Sparkes (Surrey Club)
JA Sparkes (scorer)
JB Sparkes (Durham, Durham, Sunderland)
JE Sparkes (Wellington Wanderers)
JR Sparkes (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
JR Sparkes (Eashing)
K Sparkes (umpire, scorer)
K Sparkes (Two Counties Cricket Championship Over-50s)
K Sparkes (Banbury Twenty)
KE Sparkes (Essex Second XI)
L Sparkes (Margate Women)
M Sparkes (Bootham School Second XI)
M Sparkes (Hartley Country Club)
M Sparkes (Lechlade)
N Sparkes (Marylebone Cricket Club Women)
P Sparkes (Royal Air Force Under-25s)
R Sparkes (scorer)
R Sparkes (Abbotsholme School)
RE Sparkes (Wiltshire Under-17s Women)
T Sparkes (Weston-super-Mare)
TM Sparkes (Heaton Mersey)
TN Sparkes (Heaton Mersey)
W Sparkes (Hereford County College)
WH Sparkes (Monmouthshire)
WRI Sparkes (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
Sparkey (Ashby Hastings Second XI)
Sparks (Cambridge University)
Sparks (Storrington and Pulborough)
Sparks (Midhurst)
Sparks (Banbury Second XI)
Sparks (Old Tauntonians)
Sparks (Sir Roger Manwood's School)
Sparks (Henley's XI)
Sparks (Cranbrook School)
Sparks (Hampshire Collegiate School)
Sparks (Trojans)
A Sparks (Morlands)
A Sparks (Sale)
A Sparks (A Napper's XI)
A Sparks (Wellington)
A Sparks (The Forty Club)
AB Sparks (Liverpool)
AM Sparks (Marchwiel, Northop Hall)
B Sparks (Olivers Battery)
B Sparks (Ellingham)
C Sparks (Hardingham)
C Sparks (Nomads)
C Sparks (Hitchin)
CJ Sparks (New Brighton Second XI)
D Sparks (Cheadle Hulme)
D Sparks (Morlands)
D Sparks (Spinneybrook)
DA Sparks (Buckinghamshire Young Amateurs)
EA Sparks (Haileybury College)
F Sparks (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
G Sparks (Surrey)
G Sparks (umpire)
G Sparks (Sussex Colts)
G Sparks (Chester Boughton Hall Second XI)
H Sparks (Somerset Women)
H Sparks (Midhurst)
H Sparks (Radley Rangers)
H Sparks (Hampshire Under-13s)
H Sparks (Hursley Park Second XI)
HBA Sparks (Hertfordshire)
I Sparks (Spinneybrook)
J Sparks (Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Surrey)
J Sparks (Lancaster)
J Sparks (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
J Sparks (Bexleyheath)
J Sparks (Walsall Second XI)
J Sparks (Olivers Battery)
J Sparks (Kenilworth)
J Sparks (scorer)
J Sparks (The Forty Club)
J Sparks (Ashford Second XI)
J Sparks (Spinneybrook)
J Sparks (Captain Clerk's XI)
JB Sparks (Royal Navy)
JN Sparks (Royal Navy)
JP Sparks (Ashby Hastings)
JP Sparks (Old Guard)
K Sparks (Morlands)
L Sparks (Kendal, Lancaster)
L Sparks (Wigan and District Cricket League Under-15s)
L Sparks (Wellington)
M Sparks (scorer)
M Sparks (Chester Boughton Hall Women, Hope Hawks Women)
M Sparks (South Woodham Ferrers)
N Sparks (Ashford)
NG Sparks (Exeter University Women, Taunton St Andrews Women, Taunton Women)
O Sparks (Burnley Third XI)
O Sparks (Earley)
P Sparks (Nelson)
P Sparks (Nelson A)
P Sparks (Tenterden Second XI)
P Sparks (Tenterden)
P Sparks (Tenterden Second XI)
P Sparks (Jesus College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club)
R Sparks (Ashford)
R Sparks (The Mote)
R Sparks (Tenterden)
RS Sparks (Barnstaple Grammar School)
S Sparks (Lancaster)
S Sparks (Olivers Battery)
S Sparks (Garstang)
S Sparks (scorer)
S Sparks (The Forty Club)
SJ Sparks (Ashby Hastings)
T Sparks (Minehead)
T Sparks (Glastonbury)
T Sparks (Easton and Martyr Worthy)
Taylor Sparks (Girton)
Troy Sparks (Girton)
W Sparks (Midhurst)
W Sparks (Old Biltonians)
WB Sparks (33rd Regiment)
WRI Sparks (Haileybury College)
Sparky (Leicestershire Under-15s Women)
Sparling (Royal Naval Air Service, Howden)
Sparling (Huntingdonshire Under-17s)
A Sparling (scorer)
A Sparling (Old Amplefordians)
A Sparling (The Cotswold School)
AA Sparling (The Forty Club)
E Sparling (Frindsbury Second XI)
I Sparling (Old Hamptonians)
J Sparling (Wivenhoe Town)
K Sparling (Wivenhoe Town)
L Sparling (scorer)
R Sparling (Bold Dragoon)
TJW Sparling (Chorleywood, Marylebone Cricket Club)
WA Sparling (Sussex Young Amateurs)
WAA Sparling (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WSA Sparling (Ishmaelites)
A Sparowson (Ramblers)
P Sparran (Belper Amateurs)
G Sparrey (Enfield Second XI)
G Sparrey (Enfield Second XI)
G Sparrey (Enfield Second XI)
MR Sparrey (Marylebone Cricket Club, North Middlesex)
LE Sparrier (Canford School)
Sparrow (Burnley)
Sparrow (Huntingdonshire)
Sparrow (East Lancashire)
Sparrow (West Mercia Police)
Sparrow (West Mercia Police)
Sparrow (scorer)
Sparrow (Clayesmore School)
Sparrow (North Perrott)
Sparrow (scorer)
Sparrow (Royal Navy XI)
Sparrow (South Kelsey Second XI)
A Sparrow (St Blazey)
A Sparrow (umpire)
A Sparrow (Dunlop Group Patent Office)
AJ Sparrow (Hampshire)
B Sparrow (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
B Sparrow (Bromsgrove School)
C Sparrow (Copdock and Old Ipswichian)
C Sparrow (Weekley and Warkton)
C Sparrow (Bartestree and Lugwardine)
C Sparrow (Saffron Walden Second XI)
D Sparrow (Bartestree and Lugwardine)
D Sparrow (Barnard Castle Second XI)
D Sparrow (Clayesmore Cormorants)
D Sparrow (scorer)
D Sparrow (British Road Services)
E Sparrow (Cambridgeshire Under-13s Women, Cambridgeshire Under-15s Women, Cambridgeshire Under-17s Women)
E Sparrow (South Kelsey)
F Sparrow (Crabbs Cross)
GR Sparrow (Derbyshire)
H Sparrow (Birmingham)
HA Sparrow (East Lancashire)
HA Sparrow (Stonyhurst Wanderers)
HB Sparrow (Huyton)
HB Sparrow (Dingle)
J Sparrow (Essex Cricket Board)
J Sparrow (Isle of Wight Under-15s, Isle of Wight Under-17s)
J Sparrow (The Oratory School)
J Sparrow (Wolverhampton)
J Sparrow (Diss)
J Sparrow (Northumberland Under-15s)
J Sparrow (Saffron Walden Second XI)
J Sparrow (Burton-on-Trent)
J Sparrow (Holton-le-Clay)
JS Sparrow (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
JWP Sparrow (Ludlow and South Shropshire)
L Sparrow (Bromsgrove School, Herefordshire Under-14s, Herefordshire Under-15s, Herefordshire Under-17s)
L Sparrow (Bartestree and Lugwardine)
L Sparrow (Wormelow)
M Sparrow (Potters Bar)
M Sparrow (Malmesbury)
M Sparrow (Barnet Second XI)
MJF Sparrow (Saffron Walden)
N Sparrow (Derbyshire County Cricket League)
P Sparrow (Lancaster)
P Sparrow (University of London)
P Sparrow (Evesham Second XI)
P Sparrow (Ashby Timken)
PLJ Sparrow (Herefordshire, Ludlow, Ludlow and South Shropshire, Shropshire)
PLJ Sparrow (British Police)
R Sparrow (Cambridgeshire, Kensington, Marylebone Cricket Club, Saffron Walden)
R Sparrow (Elmstead, Elmstead Grasshoppers)
R Sparrow (Hook Norton)
RA Sparrow (Durham School)
RB Sparrow (Tonbridge School)
RB Sparrow (Bromsgrove School)
RW Sparrow (Charterhouse School)
S Sparrow (Aston Cross)
SJ Sparrow (East Lancashire)
T Sparrow (scorer)
T Sparrow (Durham Under-13s, Durham Under-14s, Durham Under-15s)
T Sparrow (Sandford)
T Sparrow (Barnard Castle, Benwell Hill)
W Sparrow (Shropshire Under-21s)
W Sparrow (Lord's Taverners)
WG Sparrow (Leicestershire Second XI)
WJ Sparrow (Travellers)
WJ Sparrow (The Oratory School)
J Sparrowhawk (Old Elthamians Second XI)
P Sparsholt (umpire)
P Sparshot (umpire)
A Sparshott (Havant Second XI)
DE Sparshott (Northampton School for Boys)
E Sparshott (Charendon)
J Sparshott (Locks Heath Second XI)
PJ Sparshott (umpire)
R Sparshott (Seascale)
S Sparshott (umpire)
Spary (Solihull Blossomfield)
M Spaseski (Bognor Regis)
Spashett (Lowestoft Town)
Spashett (Lowestoft Visitors)
GF Spashott (Framlingham College Masters)
D Spasic (Dunstall)
D Spasic (Wombourne)
D Spasic (Dunstall Second XI)
D Spasic (Dunstall)
D Spasic (Uttoxeter)
D Spasic (FE Rumsey's XI)
D Spasic (Derbyshire County Cricket League Southern XI)
B Spataz (umpire)
J Spatcher (Hook Norton)
L Spatcher (Hook Norton)
MS Spatcher (Halstead, Perth)
N Spatcher (Rev BW Bradford's XI)
N Spatcher (Hook Norton)
N Spatcher (Chipping Norton)
R Spatcher (Kislingbury Temperance)
J Spatton (Sutton on the Hill)
B Spatz (umpire)
R Spatz (umpire)
K Spaull (Finchley)
Spavan (Cheshire Gentlemen)
N Spavan (Cheshire Gentlemen)
B Spave (Etwall Under-13s)
A Spaven (Scarborough Beckett League)
B Spaven (Ellesmere College)
B Spaven (Chester Boughton Hall)
GA Spaven (Old Rossallians)
J Spaven (Northern)
J Spaven (Cheshire Gentlemen)
JNW Spaven (Old Rossallians, Rossall School)
N Spaven (Northern)
N Spaven (Cheshire Gentlemen)
W Spaven (umpire)
Spavin (Romany)
J Spavin (Alvechurch and Hopwood)
J Spavin (Hagley)
W Spavin (North Riding Asylum)
M Spavins (St Neots)
M Spavins (Little Paxton)
Spawforth (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)
T Spawton (Hickling)
A Spaxman (Acle)
H Spaxman (Thornaby)
H Spaxman (Thornaby Second XI)
H Spaxman (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
J Spaxman (Norfolk Over-60s)
J Spayes (Farley)
J Spayes (Farley)
M Spayes (Farley)
B Spaze (Etwall Under-15s)
HM Speaight (Finchley Second XI)
Speak (Yorkshire Cricket Council)
Speak (Northenden)
Speak (Lancashire Cricket Federation Under-19s)
Speak (United Services Plymouth)
A Speak (West Bromwich Nomads)
A Speak (Northenden)
A Speak (Lancashire Schools)
B Speak (Elland)
B Speak (Merrie England)
C Speak (Eccleston)
C Speak (Croston)
D Speak (Lancaster)
D Speak (Adlington)
ER Speak (St John's School, Leatherhead)
F Speak (Todmorden Second XI)
F Speak (Lewes Priory)
FW Speak (Ripon Grammar School)
GJ Speak (Lancashire)
J Speak (Yorkshire Second XI)
J Speak (Great Harwood)
J Speak (Stockport)
J Speak (Craven Gentlemen)
J Speak (Rockware Glass Second XI)
M Speak (Haslingden)
M Speak (Law Society)
M Speak (Castleton Moor)
MA Speak (Cumberland, Lancaster)
N Speak (Haslingden Second XI)
NJ Speak (Durham, Lancashire)
P Speak (Stockport)
P Speak (Farnworth)
R Speak (Evesham Second XI)
S Speak (Evesham)
S Speak (Loughborough College)
SJ Speak (Blackrod, Lancashire Second XI)
T Speak (Farnworth)
WJ Speak (Nottinghamshire)
Speake (Northenden)
Speake (Eton Ramblers)
A Speake (Richmond)
B Speake (BCS Dairies)
B Speake (Sheriff Hutton Bridge)
B Speake (Quatt)
B Speake (Three Bridges)
C Speake (Shropshire Premier Cricket League)
C Speake (Reman Services)
D Speake (Sheriff Hutton Bridge)
G Speake (Ward End Unity)
G Speake (Warwickshire Over-50s)
J Speake (Hawkins)
J Speake (Brewood)
LH Speake (Lutterworth Women)
R Speake (Sheriff Hutton Bridge)
R Speake (Evesham)
RJV Speake (scorer)
S Speake (Evesham)
SI Speake (Pershore)
J Speakes (Royal Corps of Signals)
Speakman (Earlestown)
Speakman (Taunton School)
A Speakman (Ashbourne)
A Speakman (Earlestown)
B Speakman (Coggeshall Town)
C Speakman (scorer)
D Speakman (scorer, umpire)
D Speakman (Staffordshire Youth Charity Under-19s)
D Speakman (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
D Speakman (Old Hamptonians)
D Speakman (Leycett)
E Speakman (Huyton)
E Speakman (Alvanley)
G Speakman (DCS Compton's XI)
G Speakman (Highfield)
HJ Speakman (Ampleforth College)
J Speakman (Hindley St Peters Second XI)
JM Speakman (University College of North Wales)
K Speakman (Sandhurst)
LA Speakman (Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, Haileybury College)
M Speakman (Spring View)
NCE Speakman (Felsted School)
P Speakman (Swardeston)
R Speakman (Sussex)
T Speakman (Oldswinford)
W Speakman (Alvanley)
W Speakman (Oldswinford)
W Speakman (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social Third XI)
B Speaks (GKN Sankey)
Spealing (Chipping Norton)
A Spear (Monkton Combe School)
AJM Spear (Bath and Wells Clergy, Chichester Clergy)
B Spear (Cornwall Over-60s)
G Spear (Barnt Green)
GE Spear (Monkton Combe School)
H Spear (Marlow)
H Spear (Royal Household)
H Spear (Old Swinford Hospital School)
J Spear (Dulwich Second XI)
JND Spear (Norfolk Colts, Norfolk Young Amateurs)
JW Spear (Wellingborough School)
L Spear (scorer)
MF Spear (England Women)
N Spear (Monkton Combe School)
RA Spear (Dover College)
RNH Spear (King's College School, Wimbledon)
W Spear (Southend-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
W Spear (Sutton Coldfield)
W Spear (Shrewsbury Saracens)
Spearing (High Wycombe)
Spearing (Dorset Police)
A Spearing (Paultons)
A Spearing (Compton and Chandlers Ford)
C Spearing (An Eleven)
EJ Spearing (Hampton Wick Royal)
HEP Spearing (Hampton Wick Royal)
J Spearing (Ashcott and Shapwick)
K Spearing (Gorsedale Middle School 2nd Year, Gorsedale Middle School 3rd Year)
M Spearing (Belper Meadows Third XI)
M Spearing (Belper Meadows Second XI)
MH Spearing (Lancing College)
N Spearing (Lancing Rovers)
N Spearing (Compton and Chandlers Ford Second XI, Compton and Chandlers Ford Third XI)
N Spearing (The Forty Club, The Forty Club Cinque Ports)
N Spearing (Holmesdale)
R Spearing (Compton and Chandlers Ford Third XI)
R Spearing (umpire)
S Spearing (Compton and Chandlers Ford)
SMH Spearing (Bank of England, Cheshire, Epsom, New Brighton)
Spearman (Staff College, Sandhurst)
A Spearman (Southampton Travellers Second XI)
CF Spearman (Leamington College)
D Spearman (Sleaford)
HEJ Spearman (Public Schools)
J Spearman (Channel Islands)
J Spearman (Hampshire Hogs)
J Spearman (Blenheim Park)
JLE Spearman (Marylebone Cricket Club)
N Spearman (Minster Lovell)
P Spearman (Blenheim Park)
P Spearman (Eton Manor Second XI)
R Spearman (Hornchurch Second XI)
T Spearman (York)
T Spearman (St Peter's School, York)
WN Spearman (Minster Lovell)
T Spearritt (Aigburth)
Spears (Northwood Second XI)
A Spears (Oxfordshire Academy, Oxfordshire Under-17s)
A Spears (Oxford)
A Spears (Abingdon Vale)
A Spears (Abingdon School)
I Spears (Hammerwich Second XI)
J Spears (scorer)
J Spears (Hammerwich Under-17s)
LMD Spears (Cambridgeshire, Rushden Town, Sawston, Sawston and Babraham)
M Spears (Hammerwich Women)
M Spears (Burnley Third XI)
T Spears (scorer)
T Spears (Enville)
T Spears (Hammerwich Under-17s)
T Spears (Enville)
T Spears (Hammerwich)
W Spears (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
Speary (Barnt Green)
Speasley (St Matthias)
Specht (Royal Oak, Bagworth)
Speck (West Kent Wanderers)
Speck (Royal Artillery School of Artillery)
A Speck (Burton Stather)
C Speck (Frinton-on-Sea)
D Speck (National Association of Young Cricketers North)
H Speck (Frinton-on-Sea)
JH Speck (Seaford Visitors)
L Speck (Keelby Second XI)
M Speck (Whitchurch)
M Speck (Spen Victoria)
RL Speck (Suffolk Club and Ground)
Specner (Giggleswick School)
G Specterman (Old Parkonians)
G Specterman (Old Parkonians)
D Spector (umpire)
D Spector (scorer)
A Spedding (Durham)
C Spedding (Middleton-on-Sea)
C Spedding (Middleton)
C Spedding (Cumbria Under-13s Women, Cumbria Under-15s Women, Cumbria Under-17s Women)
D Spedding (Chenies and Latimer)
F Spedding (Liscard and District)
GO Spedding (Southwell Clergy)
J Spedding (Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge University)
J Spedding (Newton-le-Willows)
JA Spedding (Cumberland)
M Spedding (Batley)
T Spedding (Tonbridge School)
TR Spedding (Framlingham College)
Speddy (umpire)
AI Speddy (umpire)
M Speddy (umpire)
S Speddy (umpire)
A Spedy (umpire)
Speech (Alleyn's School)
E Speechley (Peterborough)
HM Speechley (Old Monktonians)
HM Speechley (Boughton Hall)
HM Speechley (Neston)
HM Speechley (Leominster)
RE Speechley (Peterborough United Football Club)
RI Speechley (King's School, Chester)
S Speechley (Hampstead)
T Speechley (Spalding Grammar School)
T Speechley (Lincolnshire Under-17s)
Speechly (Peterborough and Stamford)
AJ Speechly (Dulwich College)
T Speechly (Bloxham School)
Speed (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
Speed (Worcestershire)
Speed (St Dunstan's College)
Speed (Pioneer Corps)
Speed (Chester Boughton Hall Third XI)
Speed (Royal Engineers Training Camp)
A Speed (Guards)
A Speed (Cheshunt)
AC Speed (Cleveland)
AW Speed (Warwickshire)
B Speed (Chew Magna)
B Speed (Midhurst)
C Speed (Barnsley)
C Speed (Loddington and Mawsley Women)
C Speed (Barnsley Second XI)
C Speed (Wath)
C Speed (Taunton)
C Speed (Durham University)
C Speed (Colchester and East Essex)
CDL Speed (Eton Ramblers)
D Speed (London New Zealand Club)
DL Speed (Eton College Second XI)
EBB Speed (Christ's Hospital, W Bradley's XI)
EBB Speed (Wimbledon)
EBB Speed (Incogniti)
EG Speed (Huyton)
EHB Speed (Cryptics)
FE Speed (Marylebone Cricket Club)
FE Speed (Butterflies)
FM Speed (scorer)
G Speed (Surrey Cricket League)
G Speed (Notts Amateurs)
GA Speed (G Speed's XI)
H Speed (Artists)
H Speed (scorer)
J Speed (Haslingden)
J Speed (Stoke Bruerne)
K Speed (Essex Women)
K Speed (St Ives Town)
K Speed (Huntingdonshire Women)
L Speed (St Dunstan's College)
L Speed (Bromley Second XI)
L Speed (Trentside Second XI)
L Speed (Trentside)
L Speed (Trentside Third XI)
M Speed (Huntingdonshire Development XI, Huntingdonshire Under-15s, Huntingdonshire Under-17s)
M Speed (St Ives Town)
P Speed (Saffron Walden)
R Speed (Sussex County Cricket Ground XI)
RWA Speed (Rugby School)
S Speed (Wednesbury Next XXII)
S Speed (Newsham)
T Speed (Huyton)
TH Speed (Huyton Second XI)
TP Speed (Birkenhead)
W Speed (Chester-le-Street)
W Speed (Westleigh)
WH Speed (Gentlemen of Nottinghamshire)
WH Speed (Notts Amateurs)
M Speed-Houghton (Huntingdonshire Development XI)
J Speedman (Hadleigh)
J Speedman (Norfolk Over-50s)
J Speedman (Fakenham)
V Speedon (Nutbrook Third XI)
Speedy (Greenflies)
D Speedy (Sevenoaks Vine Fourth XI)
D Speedy (London New Zealand Club)
DC Speedy (Wells Theological College)
M Speedy (Cannock)
M Speedy (umpire)
M Speedy (Staffordshire Gentlemen)
P Speen (Tutbury Second XI)
J Speeny (Lancing Rovers)
A Speer (Linden Park)
A Speer (Army Women)
A Speer (Bethany School)
CA Speer (Dorset)
J Speer (Linden Park)
J Speer (Linden Park)
J Speer (Kent Under-15s, Kent Under-17s)
J Speer (Bethany School)
RGT Speer (Eton College)
RGT Speer (Eton Ramblers)
RGT Speer (Cambridge University Crusaders)
W Speer (Shepherds Bush, Sutton Coldfield)
W Speer (Shepherds Bush Invitation XI)
A Speers (Chertsey)
MC Speers (Eton Ramblers)
SPJ Speers (King's School, Rochester)
JW Speet (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
Speight (Stockton and Middlesbrough)
Speight (Bradford Grammar School)
Speight (Bradford Grammar School)
Speight (Yorkshire College)
A Speight (Bury)
A Speight (Loughborough University)
B Speight (scorer)
C Speight (Haigh)
D Speight (Torrisholme)
D Speight (Tilford)
DA Speight (scorer)
E Speight (scorer)
E Speight (Teignmouth)
E Speight (Downside School)
GE Speight (Giggleswick School)
IWL Speight (Nomads)
IWN Speight (Repton School)
J Speight (Derbyshire Over-50s)
J Speight (Stockton-on-Tees)
J Speight (Colne)
J Speight (Armitage Bridge Second XI)
K Speight (Yorkshire Second XI)
K Speight (Calmore and Tatchbury Mount Wanderers)
L Speight (Calmore and Tatchbury Mount Wanderers)
L Speight (scorer)
L Speight (Gosport Borough Third XI)
L Speight (Lewes Priory)
M Speight (Middlesex Second XI)
MP Speight (Durham, Northumberland, Sussex, Wellington)
MP Speight (scorer)
PA Speight (St Peter's School, York)
PA Speight (Old Peterites)
R Speight (scorer)
R Speight (umpire)
S Speight (Bishop Auckland)
T Speight (Rotherham)
T Speight (Bury)
T Speight (Ramsbottom)
M Speir (The Forty Club)
Mathew Speir (The Forty Club)
S Speir (The Forty Club)
B Speirs (Northumberland Under-15s)
J Speirs (Southport and Birkdale)
J Speirs (Ainsdale)
J Speirs (Redbourn)
K Speirs (Plumpton and East Chiltington)
K Speirs (scorer)
K Speirs (Sussex Over-50s)
K Speirs (umpire)
K Speirs (Cuckfield)
L Speirs (Holcot Arcadians)
MC Speirs (Old Hurst Johnians)
B Speke (Birmingham Co-operative Society Members)
CC Speke (Eton College)
CC Speke (Eton Ramblers)
G Speke (Enstone)
N Speke (Derbyshire Second XI)
W Speke (Enstone)
M Spelding (Batley)
T Spell (Broughton Second XI)
M Spellar (Hornchurch Athletic)
Speller (Old Johnians)
Speller (St John's School, Leatherhead)
Speller (Marylebone Cricket Club Young Professionals)
A Speller (Great Waltham)
A Speller (Wickford Second XI)
A Speller (Ingatestone and Fryerning)
B Speller (Ingatestone and Fryerning)
B Speller (Fives and Heronians Second XI)
C Speller (Blackheath, Eltham College, Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Speller (Roffey)
C Speller (Wickford Second XI)
E Speller (Waltham Abbey)
G Speller (North Weald)
J Speller (Banstead, Wimbledon)
J Speller (Waltham Abbey)
J Speller (Spencer)
M Speller (Fives and Heronians Second XI)
S Speller (Sussex Martlets)
S Speller (St John's School, Leatherhead)
T Speller (Old Pauline)
Spelling (Cherwell Cricket League)
AJ Spelling (Essex Club and Ground)
M Spelling (The Stoics)
R Spelling (Chipping Norton)
TRE Spelling (Colchester and East Essex, Incogniti, Wiltshire)
T Spelller (Edmonton Second XI)
Spellman (Dartford College of Physical Education Fourth XI)
G Spellman (Avorians)
G Spellman (Millfield School)
J Spellman (Cove Second XI)
J Spellman (Ruddington)
J Spellman (scorer)
John Spellman, jun (Castle Eden, Durham Academy)
John Spellman, sen (Castle Eden)
M Spellman (Knowle and Dorridge Fourth XI, Knowle and Dorridge Third XI)
P Spellman (Castle Eden Second XI)
W Spellman (Private Banks)
B Spells (Belbroughton)
J Spells (Belbroughton Third XI)
M Spells (Bewdley)
M Spells (Cheadle, Manchester University, Sale)
M Spells (Belbroughton)
A Spelman (Bedworth Third XI)
CH Spelman (scorer)
E Spelman (scorer)
G Spelman (scorer)
G Spelman (Hampshire Hogs)
G Spelman (Sevenoaks Vine)
GD Spelman (Kent)
J Spelman (Warwickshire Under-13s, Warwickshire Under-14s)
J Spelman (Mansfield Hosiery Mills Fourth XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Second XI, Mansfield Hosiery Mills Third XI)
J Spelman (scorer)
JM Spelman (Garboldisham, Great Witchingham, Norfolk, Vauxhall Mallards)
JO Spelman (Great Witchingham, Norfolk, Vauxhall Mallards)
M Spelman (Sevenoaks Vine Second XI)
MC Spelman (Hayes, Marylebone Cricket Club)
MG Spelman (Cambridge University Crusaders)
PM Spelman (scorer)
H Spelzini (Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Women)
Spence (Royal Field Artillery Officer Cadet Corps)
Spence (Harrogate)
Spence (Gresham's School)
Spence (Trent College, Trent College Under-16s)
Spence (Darlington)
Spence (Culcheth Hall)
Spence (Avoncroft)
Spence (Dorsetshire and Devonshire Regiment Colonel's XI)
Spence (Alleyn's School)
Spence (Canford School)
Spence (Southport Alexandra)
Spence (Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
Spence (83rd Regiment)
Spence (18th Royal Irish Regiment)
Spence (Enfield)
Spence (Primary Club Casuals)
Spence (Leamington)
Spence (1st Battalion Coldstream Guards)
Spence (Quilibets)
Spence (Scorpions)
A Spence (Leicestershire)
A Spence (Beverley Town)
A Spence (Bootle)
A Spence (Beverley)
A Spence (Dover)
A Spence (scorer)
A Spence (Blidworth Colliery Welfare)
A Spence (Army Under-25s, GOC 2nd Division Invitational XI)
A Spence (Lloyds Bank)
A Spence (Chilwell)
APG Spence (Marlborough College, Marlborough College Colts)
B Spence (Lincolnshire Over-50s, Lincolnshire Over-60s)
B Spence (Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
B Spence (scorer)
B Spence (Welby)
B Spence (Lincolnshire Over-60s)
B Spence (Royal Artillery)
B Spence (Winterslow)
BL Spence (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
C Spence (Stock)
C Spence (Ashington, Blyth)
C Spence (Surrey Second XI)
C Spence (Bearwood College)
C Spence (Guildford)
C Spence (Surrey Cricket League)
C Spence (Blidworth Colliery Welfare)
C Spence (Clacton-on-Sea)
C Spence (Old Tauntonians and Romsey Under-13s)
C Spence (Blidworth Colliery Welfare Second XI)
C Spence (Wokingham)
C Spence (Dartford)
C Spence (Mansfield Victorious)
C Spence (Birmingham University)
C Spence (Richmondshire Second XI)
C Spence (The Forty Club)
CH Spence (WM Brownlee's XI)
CP Spence (Marlborough College)
D Spence (Ellingham Third XI)
D Spence (Cumberland Senior Cricket League)
D Spence (Stratfield Turgis and Hartley Wespall)
D Spence (Launceston)
D Spence (Free Foresters)
D Spence (Clayesmore Cormorants)
D Spence (Enfield Third XI)
DS Spence (Clifton College)
G Spence (Durham)
G Spence (Seaton Carew)
G Spence (umpire)
G Spence (Chulmleigh and Mid-Devon)
G Spence (Darlington)
G Spence (Bootham School, Bootham School Second XI)
G Spence (Seaton Carew)
G Spence (Bootle)
GMG Spence (Penrallt)
H Spence (Glasgow)
H Spence (Geddington)
H Spence (Clacton-on-Sea, Clacton-on-Sea Second XI)
H Spence (Gresham's School)
HL Spence (Clifton College)
I Spence (Undercliffe)
I Spence (Old Tenisonians)
I Spence (Clayton Youth Club)
IM Spence (Men O'Mendip)
J Spence (West Midlands)
J Spence (Yoxall)
J Spence (British High Commission New Delhi)
J Spence (umpire)
J Spence (Rockhampton)
J Spence (Writtle)
J Spence (Blezard's XI)
J Spence (Colston's School)
J Spence (Yorkshire Cricket Association Under-19s)
J Spence (Winchmore Hill)
J Spence (Lowerhouse Fourth XI, Lowerhouse Second XI, Lowerhouse Third XI)
J Spence (Bristol YMCA)
J Spence (scorer)
J Spence (Wellesbourne)
J Spence (Hull)
J Spence (Acomb)
J Spence (Lord March's XI)
J Spence (Goodwood)
JC Spence (Northumberland Club and Ground)
JHA Spence (Oakham School)
JL Spence (Hightown)
JL Spence (Hightown)
JN Spence (Merseyside Cricket Competition)
JN Spence (Merseyside Cricket Competition)
JN Spence (The Forty Club)
JV Spence (7th Regiment Royal Logistic Corps)
K Spence (Bracebridge Heath, Hartsholme)
K Spence (Tyneside Senior Cricket League)
K Spence (Cheshire Under-13s Women)
K Spence (scorer)
KJ Spence (Lincolnshire Over-50s)
KJH Spence (Worksop College)
L Spence (Kibworth)
L Spence (Shepperton Women)
L Spence (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
L Spence (Royal Corps of Signals)
L Spence (umpire)
L Spence (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League Overseas XI)
L Spence (Ottery St Mary)
LA Spence (Leicestershire)
M Spence (Golborne)
M Spence (Hungerford)
M Spence (Eckington)
M Spence (Bridgnorth)
M Spence (Derbyshire Under-17s)
M Spence (Clayton West)
M Spence (Darcy Lever)
M Spence (Killamarsh Juniors)
M Spence (Clacton-on-Sea)
M Spence (scorer)
M Spence (Rishton Second XI, Rishton Third XI)
M Spence (Hadleigh)
MD Spence (Gentlemen of Yorkshire)
MH Spence (St Edward's School, Oxford)
MKDC Spence (Christ's Hospital)
N Spence (Rastrick)
N Spence (Notts and Arnold Amateur)
O Spence (Walkden)
P Spence (Berkshire Under-13s)
P Spence (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
P Spence (Bearwood College)
P Spence (Roedean School)
R Spence (Dover)
R Spence (umpire)
R Spence (scorer)
R Spence (Geddington)
R Spence (Furness)
RB Spence (Haileybury College)
RM Spence (Bromsgrove School)
S Spence (Walmley)
S Spence (Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
S Spence (Warwickshire and Staffordshire League)
S Spence (Richmond)
S Spence (Pateley Bridge Women)
S Spence (Swan Green)
S Spence (Selby Londesborough Invitation XI)
S Spence (Darley Abbey)
S Spence (Blackpool Fourth XI)
S Spence (Whittington Under-17s)
S Spence (Whittington)
S Spence (scorer)
T Spence (Evesham Second XI)
T Spence (umpire)
T Spence (Blyth)
T Spence (Richmondshire Second XI)
T Spence (Richmond School)
T Spence (Whittington Under-17s)
TM Spence (Bromsgrove School)
TS Spence (FC Crowther's XI)
TS Spence (Old Peterites)
TS Spence (St Peter's School, York Second XI)
W Spence (umpire)
W Spence (North)
W Spence (Bootle)
W Spence (Stanmore)
W Spence (Windsor)
W Spence (G Pinder's Yorkshire Colts)
W Spence (Firbeck Colliery)
W Spence (Worksop Second XI, Worksop Third XI)
W Spence (Whitmore)
WBN Spence (Wellingborough School)
WL Spence (All Saints' School, Bloxham, All Saints' School, Bloxham Second XI)
Z Spence (South End)
K Spence-Hill (Doncaster Town Women)
A Spenceley (Bradford Cricket League)
C Spenceley (scorer)
CM Spenceley (Fakenham, Horsford)
G Spenceley (Teddington)
GEE Spenceley (Fakenham Women)
J Spenceley (Surrey Club)
K Spenceley (scorer)
K Spenceley (scorer)
MJ Spenceley (Fakenham, Horsford, Old Southendian and Southchurch)
MP Spenceley (Fakenham, Horsford)
R Spenceley (Marton)
S Spenceley (Yorkshire Under-12s, Yorkshire Under-14s)
T Spenceley (Old Hendon)
T Spenceley (Lullington Park)
C Spencely (Fakenham)
J Spencely (Gentlemen of Surrey, Surrey Club)
J Spencely (Montpelier)
J Spencely (Bramley)





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