England Players (R)


Remington (Lancaster)
Remington (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
Remington (69th EADAC)
A Remington (Thurnby)
B Remington (East Kent, Kent)
B Remington (Marshalls Second XI)
GA Remington (Cumberland, Incogniti, Kensington Park)
J Remington (Damerham)
M Remington (East Kent, Essex, Hornchurch, Kent, White Conduit Club)
T Remington (Kent)
NM Remmer (Durham Second XI)
Remmington (HMS Severn)
B Remmington (Lea Park)
GA Remmington (LFB Dykes' Cumberland XI)
S Remmington (Ockbrook and Borrowash Second XI)
W Remmington (Retford Second XI)
Remnant (Men O'Mendip)
DG Remnant (Huntingdonshire)
E Remnant (Old Amplefordians)
E Remnant (Grannies)
ER Remnant (Europeans, Hampshire)
G Remnant (Gravesend)
G Remnant (Southborough)
G Remnant (Hastings)
G Remnant (7th Hussars)
G Remnant (Players of North Kent)
GF Remnant (Sutton)
GH Remnant (Kent)
JW Remnant (Lords and Commons)
JW Remnant (St Ronan's Preparatory School)
Lord Remnant (Minor Counties)
P Remnant (Marylebone Cricket Club)
PF Remnant (Minor Counties)
PF Remnant (Liverpool)
PF Remnant (Cryptics, Free Foresters)
PJ Remnant (Eton College, Eton Ramblers)
R Remnant (Liverpool)
RFC Remnant (Calgary, Regina, Wellingborough Grammar School)
RJ Remnant (Eton College)
RJF Remnant (Minor Counties)
RJF Remnant (Dragonflies)
RT Remnant (Eton College)
P Remnaos (West Bergholt)
N Remon (Whittington)
Remston (Fareham)
K Remtullah (Stragglers of Asia)
Remy (Loughborough Town)
CC Remy (Leicestershire, Middlesex Cricket Board, Sussex)
HGU Ren (Somerset Stragglers)
J Renals (umpire)
JH Renals (Tottenham)
M Renals (Berkshire Cricket Association)
M Renals (Colehill)
M Renals (Wokingham Second XI)
M Renals (Wokingham)
M Renals (Dorset Over-50s)
J Renau (Droitwich Spa)
L Renauf (Marylebone Cricket Club)
CE Renault (Frogs)
M Renault (Kingsclere)
R Renaut (London Federation of Boys' Clubs)
RL Renaut (Maori Club)
Renchard (Kersal)
Renchard (Kersal)
M Renda (scorer)
Rendal (Somerset Young Amateurs)
O Rendal (Yelvertoft)
R Rendal (Frieth)
R Rendale (Devon Dumplings)
Rendall (North Town Juniors)
Rendall (Christ College, Brecon)
Rendall (Gentlemen of Essex)
Rendall (Bristol University)
Rendall (Royal Corps of Transport)
A Rendall (Old Southendian and Southchurch)
A Rendall (Southend-on-Sea and Ekco Monarchs and Trojans)
A Rendall (Beehive Southwick)
AE Rendall (Cambridgeshire, Godmanchester Town, Godmanchester Town Second XI, Godmanchester Town Third XI, Huntingdonshire, Huntingdonshire Development XI, Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-17s, Huntingdonshire Under-19s)
B Rendall (Bourton Vale)
B Rendall (Heythrop Hunt)
BH Rendall (Chipping Norton, Harrow School)
C Rendall (Godmanchester Town Second XI)
C Rendall (Godmanchester Town Third XI)
CH Rendall (Chipping Norton)
D Rendall (Oxfordshire)
D Rendall (The Forty Club)
EDL Rendall (The Forty Club)
G Rendall (Taunton School)
GAH Rendall (Adderbury, Chipping Norton)
GF Rendall (Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Staffordshire, Walsall)
GF Rendall (Birmingham)
GL Rendall (Magdalen College School, Oxford)
H Rendall (Suttoners)
HB Rendall (Chipping Norton)
HD Rendall (Oxfordshire, Rugby School)
J Rendall (Wiltshire)
J Rendall (Old Wellingtonians)
J Rendall (Beaconsfield)
JW Rendall (Uppingham)
L Rendall (Witheridge Incorrigibles and Nomansland)
L Rendall (Nomansland)
M Rendall (Nomansland)
O Rendall (Exeter University)
O Rendall (Nomansland)
O Rendall (Witheridge Incorrigibles and Nomansland)
P Rendall (Suttoners)
P Rendall (Caistor Cougars)
P Rendall (Tiverton)
P Rendall (Witheridge Incorrigibles and Nomansland)
P Rendall (Nomansland)
R Rendall (scorer)
RA Rendall (Blundell's School)
S Rendall (Bablake Old Boys Third XI)
SD Rendall (Surrey Young Amateurs)
SH Rendall (Chipping Norton)
TA Rendall (Godmanchester Town Second XI, Godmanchester Town Third XI, Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-14s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
VH Rendall (Chipping Norton, Rugby School)
A Rendel (Rugby School Second XI)
AM Rendel (Rugby School)
Rendell (London District Signals)
Rendell (Clayesmore School)
A Rendell (Royal Navy)
A Rendell (scorer)
C Rendell (Bradfield College)
C Rendell (Bournville Second XI)
C Rendell (Ben Rhydding Women)
CS Rendell (Cross Arrows, Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence Second XI, Hampstead, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex Second XI, Old Belvedere, Railway Union, Railway Union Second XI)
CW Rendell (Hurstpierpoint College)
DL Rendell (The Forty Club)
F Rendell (Brooklands Second XI)
G Rendell (Suffolk Under-13s)
G Rendell (Oxfordshire Under-17s)
G Rendell (Oxford Second XI)
G Rendell (Beaminster)
H Rendell (Wessex Pilgrims)
H Rendell (Suttoners)
J Rendell (Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Second XI, Buckinghamshire Under-13s, Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
J Rendell (Old Wellingtonians)
J Rendell (Lord's Taverners)
J Rendell (County Alliance of Cricket Clubs)
J Rendell (Mangotsfield Junior Football Club Invitation XI)
John Rendell (Chipping Sodbury)
JB Rendell (Wellington College)
JP Rendell (Gloucestershire Cricket Board)
JP Rendell (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
K Rendell (Gloucestershire Second XI, Somerset Second XI)
L Rendell (Ben Rhydding Women)
M Rendell (Chipping Sodbury)
M Rendell (Dorchester Casuals)
N Rendell (Bedminster)
N Rendell (The Forty Club)
O Rendell (Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s)
O Rendell (Beaconsfield, Beaconsfield Second XI)
O Rendell (Exeter University)
OW Rendell (Wellington College)
P Rendell (Wessex Pilgrims)
PJ Rendell (Somerset)
R Rendell (scorer)
S Rendell (Spye Park)
S Rendell (Wiltshire Over-50s)
T Rendell (Weston-super-Mare)
T Rendell (Keyworth)
WC Rendell (umpire)
WH Rendell (Leicestershire Public Schools)
Render (Itchen Grammar School)
Render (Kimbolton School)
Render (Royal Air Force Support Command)
A Render (Moorlands, Moorlands Second XI)
C Render (Tamworth, Tamworth Second XI)
C Render (Alkborough Third XI)
D Render (North Star)
ET Render (Wallasey, Wallasey Second XI)
ET Render (The Forty Club)
ET Render (Parkfield)
FA Render (Dulwich College)
GWA Render (Yorkshire)
H Render (York and District)
H Render (Sefton)
J Render (Castleford)
J Render (Normanby Park)
JW Render (Ripon)
M Render (scorer)
MJ Render (Army, Army Under-25s, Cornwall Colts, Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Under-25s, Royal Artillery, Tamworth, Tamworth Second XI)
R Render (Middlesex Young Amateurs)
R Render (Old Netley and Highfield Second XI)
S Render (Yorkshire Second XI)
S Render (Kimbolton School)
T Render (Bognor Regis)
T Render (The Forty Club)
T Render (Wallasey)
C Renders (Hampshire Under-13s, Hampshire Under-15s)
C Renders (Langley Manor, Langley Manor, Langley Manor Second XI)
S Renders (Langley Manor Second XI)
Rendle (New Milton)
A Rendle (Offham, Offham Second XI)
B Rendle (Cove Second XI)
CF Rendle (Redditch Second XI)
DA Rendle (King's College School, Wimbledon)
DL Rendle (The Forty Club)
E Rendle (Oxton)
M Rendle (Abbotskerswell)
T Rendle (Portsmouth Grammar School)
Lord Rendlesham (I Zingari)
AL Rendu (Marylebone Cricket Club Women, Oxford University Women, Sirens)
S Rendu (Avon Schools)
S Rendu (Keyworth)
K Renecke (Stourport-on-Severn)
K Renecke (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
R Renford (Leicestershire Under-13s Women)
S Renford (umpire)
K Renfree (Cornwall Women)
Renfrew (Royal Army Pay Corps)
I Renfrew (Purbrook Second XI, Purbrook Third XI)
I Renfrew (scorer)
I Renfrew (Fleet Second XI)
I Renfrew (Purbrook, Purbrook Third XI)
P Renfrew (Adjutant General's Corps)
P Renfrew (Royal Army Pay Corps)
Renfrey (Royal Naval School)
M Renfrey (Jason Gillespie Cricket Academy)
S Rengland (Honley Second XI)
D Renham (Worthing)
D Renham (Sussex Junior Festival XI)
A Renhcy (Indian Gymkhana)
Renison (Uppingham School)
HW Renison (Egremont)
J Renison (Uppingham School)
MC Renison (Uppingham School)
N Renison (Egremont, Egremont Second XI)
G Renk (Steeple Aston)
G Renk (The Oratory School)
HLS Renkel (Repton School)
i Renmani (South West Manchester Third XI)
D Renmant (umpire)
BD Renn (Hurstpierpoint College)
R Renn (Lord Jersey's XI)
A Rennard (Buckinghamshire Over-50s)
A Rennard (Chorleywood)
B Rennard (Scarborough)
G Rennard (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Rennard (Gainsborough)
M Rennard (Buckinghamshire Under-13s Women)
R Rennard (Marske, Thornaby)
S Rennard (Grannies)
Rennell (Lords and Commons)
F Rennell (Stamford Second XI)
Lord Rennell (Lords and Commons)
D Renner (The Leys School)
Rennet (Highgate and Hampstead)
P Renney (Barrow)
P Renney (scorer)
S Renney (umpire)
CS Rennick (Royal Engineering College)
E Rennick (Wigan)
EW Rennick (Repton School)
J Rennick (Newdigate)
L Rennick (Beverley Women)
M Rennick (Ockley)
R Rennick (Burnley)
RL Rennick (Cheshire)
RL Rennick (Wigan)
RL Rennick (Ormskirk)
WH Rennick (Burnley)
Rennie (Pershore)
Rennie (Winterside School)
Rennie (Kings Norton)
Rennie (Bradford)
Rennie (Camp Hill Old Edwardians)
Rennie (Bewdley)
Rennie (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Rennie (Lancashire Cricket Federation Under-19s)
Rennie (EM Child's XI)
A Rennie (umpire)
A Rennie (Quorn)
A Rennie (Hardye's School)
A Rennie (Bedfordshire Under-14s, Bedfordshire Under-15s, Bedfordshire Under-17s)
A Rennie (Derbyshire Under-17s)
A Rennie (English Schools Cricket Association London and East Under-15s)
A Rennie (The Millers)
A Rennie (Bedford School)
AK Rennie (Harrow School)
AT Rennie (York University, York University Second XI, York University Third XI)
B Rennie (Central Park XI)
C Rennie (Amersham Second XI)
C Rennie (St Edmund's College, Ware)
D Rennie (scorer)
E Rennie (Lymm Oughtrington Park Women)
G Rennie (Rugby School)
G Rennie (Oxton)
H Rennie (J and G Meakin)
HR Rennie (Bedfordshire)
HR Rennie (Elstow School)
J Rennie (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
J Rennie (Liverpool Second XI)
J Rennie (Bournville)
J Rennie (The Forty Club North West)
J Rennie (EA Snowball's XI)
J Rennie (Water Orton Second XI)
J Rennie (JB Guy's XI)
JA Rennie (Liverpool, Liverpool Second XI, New Brighton, New Brighton Second XI, Wallasey)
JA Rennie (Harborne)
JB Rennie (Cheltenham College)
JK Rennie (Harrow School)
JL Rennie (Radley College)
JPP Rennie (Northern)
M Rennie (Dumbleton)
N Rennie (Upper Clatford)
P Rennie (Northern)
P Rennie (Irby)
P Rennie (Cambridge St Giles)
P Rennie (St Edmund's College, Ware)
P Rennie (Dorchester Casuals)
P Rennie (Birkenhead School)
P Rennie (Hampshire Hogs President's XI)
PI Rennie (Liverpool and District Cricket Competition, Oxton, Wallasey)
R Rennie (Malden Wanderers)
RAB Rennie (Elstow School)
RS Rennie (Worksop College)
RS Rennie (Worksop)
RS Rennie (Perambulators)
RS Rennie (M Tindall's XI)
RS Rennie (BR Darewski's XI)
RS Rennie (Lincolnshire Gentlemen)
S Rennie (Boxmoor)
W Rennie (Gentlemen of Loretto School, Loretto School, Old Edwardians, Old Edwardians Association, Old Edwardians Second XI)
W Rennie (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
W Rennie (Hythe Wanderers)
D Rennington (Northern)
P Rennip (The Forty Club)
A Rennison (ECB Under-19s)
A Rennison (Tickhill)
A Rennison (Teddington)
AG Rennison (Bradford/Leeds University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Derbyshire Second XI, Doncaster Town, Doncaster Town Second XI, Durham Second XI, East Bierley, Marylebone Cricket Club, Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Under-17s)
B Rennison (umpire)
D Rennison (Preston on Tees)
D Rennison (Upton Third XI)
DM Rennison (Buckinghamshire Under-15s Women, Buckinghamshire Under-17s Women)
G Rennison (scorer)
J Rennison (Hampshire Under-13s Women, Hursley Park Women)
J Rennison (Bledlow Village)
JH Rennison (Uppingham Rovers)
L Rennison (Fair Oak, Fair Oak Fourth XI, Fair Oak Third XI)
M Rennison (Farnsfield Third XI)
M Rennison (Edingley)
PS Rennison (East Lancashire, Sedbergh School)
R Rennison (Bromborough)
S Rennison (Hursley Park, Hursley Park Second XI, Hursley Park Sunday XI, Hursley Park Third XI)
S Rennison (Dunstable Town)
S Rennison (Fair Oak, Fair Oak Third XI)
T Rennison (Otterbourne Third XI)
W Rennison (Alnwick)
W Rennison (Cheadle Second XI)
W Rennison (umpire)
WW Rennison (umpire)
A Rennocks (Hinckley Town)
AP Rennocks (Leicestershire Cricket Board)
N Rennolds (Colston's School Second XI)
Renny (Staff College, Sandhurst)
GDC Renny (St Paul's School)
IA Renny (Westminster School)
J Renny (The Stoics)
J Renny (Bramley)
J Renny (scorer)
J Renny (scorer)
LF Renny (Brighton College, Royal Dublin Fusiliers)
SF Renny (Hampshire Rovers)
Renny-Tailyour (Royal Engineers)
E Renny Tailyour (Liverpool)
HW Renny Tailyour (Cheltenham College)
HW Renny-Tailyour (Gentlemen of the South, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
Renolds (Borough of Twickenham)
C Renolds (Baildon Second XI)
G Renolds (Bootle)
T Renolds (Bethany School)
TW Renolds (umpire)
K Renouf (Wilbrahams)
M Renouf (Tunbridge Wells, Tunbridge Wells Second XI)
T Renouf (Broadstairs, Broadstairs Second XI)
G Rens (Iden)
G Rens (Heathfield Park)
D Rensburgh (umpire)
Renshaw (English Universities North)
Renshaw (Eversley)
Renshaw (11th Hussars Band)
Renshaw (Lincolnshire)
Renshaw (Akim)
Renshaw (Birkenhead School)
Renshaw (The Forty Club)
Renshaw (Durham School)
Renshaw (Shrewsbury Saracens)
Renshaw (Mansfield Grammar School)
A Renshaw (Sefton)
A Renshaw (Clumber Park Fourth XI)
A Renshaw (Amesbury)
A Renshaw (Everton)
A Renshaw (Blyth, Blyth Second XI)
A Renshaw (Alexandra Park)
A Renshaw (Sheffield Transport)
AG Renshaw (Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Renshaw (Bishop Auckland)
C Renshaw (Northamptonshire Under-14s, Northamptonshire Under-15s)
C Renshaw (Heyford)
C Renshaw (Stowe School)
D Renshaw (Old Westminsters)
D Renshaw (umpire)
DM Renshaw (Westminster School)
E Renshaw (Blackwell Colliery)
E Renshaw (Lincolnshire Under-13s Women)
EC Renshaw (Leicester Clergy)
F Renshaw (umpire)
F Renshaw (Lincolnshire, Spalding)
G Renshaw (Lymington, Lymington Fourth XI, Lymington Second XI)
G Renshaw (Rugby and Coventry)
G Renshaw (Chorlton-cum-Hardy Second XI)
GH Renshaw (Rugby)
H Renshaw (Appleby Frodingham)
I Renshaw (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
I Renshaw (Sheffield Collegiate)
I Renshaw (North Yorkshire and South Durham Cricket League)
J Renshaw (Charterhouse School)
J Renshaw (Wellingborough)
J Renshaw (Little Stoke, Little Stoke Second XI)
J Renshaw (Hyde Second XI, Hyde Under-15s)
J Renshaw (Staffordshire Under-16s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
J Renshaw (Lymington Second XI)
J Renshaw (St Peter's School, York)
JAJ Renshaw (Harrow School)
LC Renshaw (Leicester Clergy)
M Renshaw (Old Colfeians, Old Colfeians Second XI)
M Renshaw (The Forty Club)
M Renshaw (St Augustine's)
M Renshaw (Liscard Central XI)
MDJ Renshaw (Durham School)
N Renshaw (Bootham School)
P Renshaw (Hyde Second XI)
P Renshaw (Bisterne)
P Renshaw (Clumber Park Fourth XI, Clumber Park Second XI, Clumber Park Third XI)
PG Renshaw (Nottingham High School)
R Renshaw (Charterhouse School)
R Renshaw (Kersal)
S Renshaw (Irby)
S Renshaw (Cornwall Over-50s)
S Renshaw (Desborough Town)
S Renshaw (Ipswich School)
S Renshaw (Wirral Schools Under-19s)
S Renshaw (Haslington)
S Renshaw (Home Counties Cricket League)
SHH Renshaw (St John's School, Leatherhead)
SJ Renshaw (Cheshire, Hampshire, Staffordshire)
SJ Renshaw (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Buckinghamshire Under-25s, Ibstock Town, Truro)
SM Renshaw (Oxton)
T Renshaw (Appleby Frodingham)
T Renshaw (Appleby Frodingham Third XI)
T Renshaw (scorer)
T Renshaw (Lymm)
TA Renshaw (Eton College Third XI)
W Renshaw (Charterhouse School, Old Carthusians)
W Renshaw (Gentlemen of Sussex)
W Renshaw (Alderley Edge)
W Renshaw (Kersal)
W Renshaw (Western)
WC Renshaw (Trinity Hall College, Cambridge)
WH Renshaw (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
WW Renshaw (Winchester College)
WW Renshaw (H Luard's XI)
Renson (Uppingham School)
Rentch (Worcester City)
ML Rentch (Middlesex Second XI, Worcestershire Second XI, Worcestershire Under-25s)
Renton (Durham Over-50s)
Renton (Calmore Sports)
Renton (University College School)
Renton (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
A Renton (Clifton Alliance, York)
A Renton (University College School)
A Renton (York and District Senior Cricket League)
AB Renton (Durham Colts North)
AB Renton (Durham University)
AF Renton (Oxford University Authentics)
AFG Renton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
AFG Renton (Oxford University Authentics)
B Renton (Withnell Fold)
D Renton (Calmore Sports)
DLM Renton (Utopers)
F Renton (University College School)
FW Renton (Tonbridge School)
H Renton (Humshaugh)
HWL Renton (Harrow School)
J Renton (Morpeth)
JG Renton (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
JJ Renton (Northumberland Development XI, Northumberland Under-17s)
JL Renton (Craven Gentlemen)
LSL Renton (Wellington College)
O Renton (Speldhurst)
P Renton (Stapleford)
W Renton (Bradford)
WF Renton (Berwick and District)
RA Renton-Cox (Taunton School)
N Renton-Dinsdale (scorer)
J Rentue (Lymington)
S Renukumar (Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Third XI)
S Renukumar (Addington Village, Addington Village Second XI)
H Renville (Easton)
LJ Renvoize (Brentwood, Brentwood Second XI, Gidea Park and Romford)
M Renvoize (Westcliff-on-Sea)
P Renvoize (Great Ayton)
Renwich (Wellington College Second XI)
A Renwick (Thorpe Arnold)
A Renwick (Bluemantles)
A Renwick (The Forty Club)
AJ Renwick (Preston)
AJ Renwick (Bedford School, Old Bedfordians)
B Renwick (Old Bedfordians)
B Renwick (Dawdon Welfare)
C Renwick (Beckenham Second XI)
C Renwick (umpire)
D Renwick (Oswestry Second XI)
D Renwick (Dawdon Welfare, Dawdon Welfare Second XI)
EHA Renwick (Bryanston Butterflies)
G Renwick (Percy Main)
HC Renwick (East Molesey)
J Renwick (Langley Park Second XI)
JA Renwick (Ramsbottom)
L Renwick (scorer)
L Renwick (Derbyshire Under-15s Women)
L Renwick (Linthwaite Second XI)
M Renwick (Bickley Park)
M Renwick (Gray-Nicolls XI)
M Renwick (Bamford Fieldhouse)
N Renwick (Portsmouth Grammar School, Portsmouth Grammar School Under-15s, Portsmouth Grammar School Under-17s)
N Renwick (Stirlands)
P Renwick (Burton-on-Trent Second XI)
R Renwick (Nottinghamshire Over-50s)
R Renwick (Ellerslie, Ellerslie Second XI, Ellerslie Third XI)
R Renwick (umpire)
T Renwick (Lichfield)
T Renwick (Yarm Second XI)
T Renwick (scorer)
W Renwick (Lowerhouse)
W Renwick (Durham Coast Cricket League)
W Renwick (Bluemantles)
W Renwick (Yarm, Yarm Second XI)
Renyson (umpire)
IA Reoch (The Forty Club)
ICA Reoch (The Forty Club)
JDL Repard (Rugby School)
A Reporter (Mistley, Mistley)
Repper (St Cross)
Repper (Lichfield Second XI)
M Reppion (Southowram)
J Repsold (Purbrook)
Repton (W Riches' XI)
ACU Repton (umpire)
EP Repton (Liverpool)
FW Repton (Tonbridge School)
H Repton (Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Surrey)
HW Repton (Tonbridge School)
M Repton (Martley)
R Reqeleni (Carnforth)
J Rerant (Uppingham Rovers)
O Rerman (Preston Nomads)
P Rerman (Devon Dumplings)
Rers (referee)
R Resdale (The Forty Club)
M Reserved (Aythorpe Roding)
E Resher (Cryptics)
J Resling (SW Congdon's XI)
T Resling (SW Congdon's XI)
Ress (Embley Park School)
G Ress (Canford School)
P Ress (St Edmund's College, Ware)
T Ress (Surrey Under-13s Women)
Resser (Royal Air Force Luffenham)
CH Rest (Leicester Ivanhoe)
R Rest (Leicester Ivanhoe)
Restall (Canford School Second XI)
B Restall (Portchester Second XI)
B Restall (umpire)
C Restall (Old Hambledonians)
C Restall (Portchester Second XI)
D Restall (Frimchett)
I Restall (Shalford)
J Restall (Hambledon Second XI)
P Restall (Frimchett)
J Restell (Hambledon)
J Restell (Hambledon Second XI)
R Restell (Lordswood Second XI)
Restiaux (Winchmore Hill)
P Reston (Stapleford)
P Reston (Stapleford)
D Ret (University College School)
D Ret (Chorleywood)
NA Ret (Chorleywood, Chorleywood Second XI)
B Retallack (Newquay)
M Retallack (Dauntsey's School)
T Retallack (Cornwall Under-17s, Falmouth, Falmouth Second XI)
T Retallack (Helston)
HT Retallack-Maloney (City of London School)
Retcliffe (umpire)
E Retcliffe (umpire)
H Rethman (Leeds University)
J Retsil (Bradford)
J Rettalack (Alton)
Retter (Larkhill Garrison)
G Retter (Chard)
G Retter (North Perrott)
P Retwood (Wimbledon)
S Reu (Dartford Fourth XI)
S Reu (Dartford Second XI)
M Reuben (Alvechurch and Hopwood, Alvechurch and Hopwood Second XI)
RC Reubens (The Forty Club)
RE Reubens (The Forty Club)
Reuben Singh (Papplewick and Linby, Papplewick and Linby Second XI, Papplewick and Linby Third XI, Papplewick and Linby Under-19s)
Joe Reubin (Real Oddies)
Jon Reubin (Real Oddies)
S Reubin (Real Oddies)
D Reuby (Sussex Under-13s Women, Sussex Under-15s Women)
P Reuby (Teddington Town)
Reuell (Essex Club and Ground)
C Reunert (Cambridge University)
C Reunert (AWMS Griffin's XI)
C Reunert (MW Payne's XI)
J Reunert (Cambridge University)
JM Reunert (Harrow School)
T Reust (Blundell's School)
Reutch (Pershore)
T Reuter (Bounders)
D Reuters (Colwall)
Rev (Eastcote Second XI)
A Revandkar (Falmouth)
Revans (The Forty Club)
B Revans (North Petherton)
N Revans (North Petherton)
M Reve (North Baddesley)
C Revel (umpire)
C Revel (Northumberland Juniors, Tynemouth)
Reveley (Liverpool)
RC Reveley (Tynemouth)
Revell (Scarborough)
Revell (Hymers College, Hull Second XI)
Revell (Toby Club)
Revell (Adjutant General's Corps)
A Revell (Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley Second XI)
A Revell (Army Cricket Association President's XI)
C Revell (scorer)
C Revell (March Town Second XI)
CAW Revell (umpire)
D Revell (Ilford Catholics)
E Revell (Welbeck Colliery)
HL Revell (Essex Second XI, Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley Second XI)
I Revell (Leckford)
I Revell (Adjutant General's Corps)
J Revell (Derbyshire Cricket Association)
J Revell (Great Chart Women, Kent Clubs Women, Kent Women Second XI)
J Revell (umpire)
L Revell (Oxfordshire Under-13s Women, Oxfordshire Under-15s Women)
L Revell (Foxton)
L Revell (Alleyn's School)
P Revell (Royal Air Force, Royal Air Force Under-25s)
P Revell (Adastrians)
P Revell (Sutton Bonington Second XI, Sutton Bonington Sunday XI)
P Revell (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
R Revell (Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley Second XI)
R Revell (Hadleigh and Thundersley)
RD Revell (Hadleigh and Thundersley, Hadleigh and Thundersley)
RW Revell (University College School)
S Revell (Longstanton Grasshoppers)
S Revell (Dinton Second XI)
S Revell (Leverstock Green)
S Revell (scorer)
T Revell (Fillongley, Fillongley Second XI)
T Revell (Huyton Second XI)
W Revell (Tonbridge School)
WR Revell (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Revelle (South Normanton)
Reven (Longsight)
A Revenhall (Meriden)
A Revenkar (Streetly)
C Revi (scorer)
M Revie (North Baddesley)
M Revie (Hursley Park Fourth XI, Hursley Park Second XI)
M Revie (North Baddesley)
AG Reviers (City of London School)
Revill (Nunhead)
Revill (Sheffield Old Edwardians)
Revill (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
A Revill (Haileybury College)
A Revill (Eversley)
AC Revill (Berkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire)
C Revill (Nottinghamshire Second XI)
C Revill (Godalming)
C Revill (Broadwater)
C Revill (scorer)
C Revill (Mansfield and Pleasley)
C Revill (Mansfield Fourth XI, Mansfield Second XI)
C Revill (The Forty Club)
C Revill (Mansfield, Mansfield Second XI, Mansfield Third XI)
C Revill (Mansfield, Mansfield Second XI, Mansfield Third XI)
C Revill (Poplars)
CE Revill (Eashing)
D Revill (Sheffield Collegiate, Sheffield Collegiate Second XI)
D Revill (Norton Oakes)
D Revill (Claypole)
D Revill (Claypole)
FB Revill (Harborne, King Edward's School, Birmingham, Midlands Club Cricket Conference Juniors, Warwickshire Young Amateurs)
FK Revill (Huyton, Huyton Second XI)
G Revill (Balderton, Balderton Second XI)
G Revill (Claypole)
H Revill (umpire)
J Revill (Cannock, Gentlemen of Staffordshire, Milford Hall, Stafford)
J Revill (The Forty Club)
J Revill (Stone)
J Revill (Staffordshire Youth Charity Under-19s)
J Revill (Stone SP)
J Revill (Aston Rowant)
JC Revill (Jesus College, Oxford)
JE Revill (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
JJ Revill (Lincolnshire)
M Revill (Mansfield and Pleasley)
M Revill (Mansfield, Mansfield Second XI, Mansfield Third XI)
M Revill (Mansfield, Mansfield Second XI, Mansfield Third XI)
M Revill (Claypole)
M Revill (Glapwell Colliery, Glapwell Colliery Second XI)
P Revill (Sheffield United)
P Revill (Norton Oakes)
PJ Revill (Culford School)
TF Revill (Derbyshire)
TJ Revill (Culford School)
M Reville (Staveley Welfare)
M Reville (Selston Town)
M Reville (South Normanton)
S Revin (Oakham School)
Revington (Didsbury Third XI)
JPG Revington (King's School, Canterbury)
L Revington (Magdalen College, Oxford)
TM Revington-Jones (Worksop College, Worksop College Second XI)
Revis (The Garrison)
D Revis (Burley-in-Wharfedale)
G Revis (Middlesex Women)
ML Revis (Farsley, Yorkshire Academy, Yorkshire Under-14s, Yorkshire Under-15s, Yorkshire Under-16s, Yorkshire Under-17s)
W Revis (Nottingham High School)
H Reviso (Deanery)
A Revitt (Winshill)
KA Revitt (Derby School)
T Revitt (Bronze, Bronze Second XI)
M Revtch (scorer)
Rew (King's College, Taunton)
Rew (St John's College, Oxford)
C Rew (King Edward's School, Witley)
CPB Rew (Dulwich College)
CR Rew (Worksop College Masters)
CR Rew (Worksop College Headmaster's XI)
CR Rew (Worksop College)
D Rew (East Drayton Sports)
D Rew (East Drayton)
DA Rew (Christ College, Brecon)
G Rew (Stoats)
H Rew (Worksop College)
H Rew (Worksop College Masters)
HF Rew (Worksop College)
HF Rew (Old Cuthbertians)
HF Rew (Worksop College Masters)
HH Rew (Worksop College)
HH Rew (Worksop College Masters)
J Rew (Devon)
J Rew (Sir JH Amory's XI)
J Rew (Captain JH Amory's XI)
O Rew (Exford)
S Rew (Minehead Women)
T Rew (Wellingborough Town Second XI)
J Rewcroft (Royal Navy Development XI)
JC Rewcroft (Scarborough)
A Rewiddi (Epping)
J Rewthorne (Ampfield)





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