England Players (H)


Hampshire (Loughborough College)
Hampshire (Chertsey)
Hampshire (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Hampshire (Lincoln Grammar School)
A Hampshire (Netherfield)
A Hampshire (Derbyshire Over-50s, Derbyshire Over-60s)
A Hampshire (Sheffield Collegiate Second XI)
A Hampshire (Yorkshire Over-50s)
A Hampshire (Yorkshire Over-60s Second XI)
A Hampshire (Yorkshire Ridings Over-60s)
AHG Hampshire (Imperial Service College, Windsor)
AW Hampshire (Yorkshire)
B Hampshire (Midsomer Norton)
B Hampshire (Barnsley Second XI)
B Hampshire (umpire)
Btb hampshire (Wallace Arms)
C Hampshire (Nantwich)
C Hampshire (Liverpool)
C Hampshire (Keynsham)
C Hampshire (Midsomer Norton)
C Hampshire (Longton)
C Hampshire (Cheshire Cricket League)
C Hampshire (Cheshire Under-17s)
C Hampshire (Weston)
D Hampshire (Monkton Combe School)
D Hampshire (Butterflies)
D Hampshire (Guards)
D Hampshire (Gerrards Cross Second XI, Gerrards Cross Third XI)
G Hampshire (Gentlemen of the North)
G Hampshire (Darfield, National Association of Young Cricketers North, Yorkshire Second XI, Yorkshire Under-25s)
G Hampshire (Thorncliffe)
G Hampshire (Portishead)
G Hampshire (Crowthorne)
GK Hampshire (Leeds Grammar School)
GN Hampshire (Liverpool and District)
GN Hampshire (Rossall School)
GN Hampshire (Liverpool)
H Hampshire (Southport)
I Hampshire (Cuckney Third XI)
IC Hampshire (British Police, Kiveton Park Colliery, Kiveton Park Colliery Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Welbeck Colliery, Welbeck Colliery Second XI)
J Hampshire (Yorkshire)
J Hampshire (Old Cheltonians)
J Hampshire (Gerrards Cross)
J Hampshire (Northern)
J Hampshire (Gerrards Cross, Gerrards Cross Second XI)
J Hampshire (Thornham Second XI)
JH Hampshire (Derbyshire, England, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Tasmania, Yorkshire, Young England)
JH Hampshire (The Forty Club)
K Hampshire (Shelley)
K Hampshire (scorer)
P Hampshire (Nantwich)
P Hampshire (Culford School)
P Hampshire (Weston)
P Hampshire (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
PL Hampshire (Nottinghamshire)
PW Hampshire (Nottinghamshire Second XI, Surrey Second XI)
R Hampshire (Selby Londesborough Invitation XI)
RC Hampshire (umpire)
WN Hampshire (Liverpool)
Hampson (Yorkshire)
Hampson (Western)
Hampson (Bury)
Hampson (Burnley)
Hampson (Lowerhouse)
Hampson (Hampton-in-Arden)
Hampson (Manchester Rovers)
Hampson (Lancashire Colts)
Hampson (Settle)
Hampson (Old Tauntonians)
Hampson (Combined King Edward's Grammar Schools)
Hampson (18th (Service) Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment)
Hampson (Moseley Women)
Hampson (Liverpool)
Hampson (Ashfield)
Hampson (Timperley)
Hampson (Didsbury Second XI)
Hampson (Bolton School)
Hampson (Chipperfield Second XI)
Hampson (Tamworth Grammar School)
Hampson (Ormskirk Grammar School)
A Hampson (Plympton Women)
A Hampson (Old Walcountians)
A Hampson (Newton Heath, Newton Heath Second XI, Newton Heath Third XI)
A Hampson (Loughborough Grammar School)
AH Hampson (Leicestershire)
B Hampson (Old Town)
C Hampson (Harrogate)
C Hampson (Yorkshire Under-13s, Yorkshire Under-15s)
C Hampson (The Forty Club)
C Hampson (Worsley Third XI)
C Hampson (Ashville College)
D Hampson (Wisbech Town)
D Hampson (Ormskirk Grammar School)
DC Hampson (Durham School)
E Hampson (Cirencester)
E Hampson (Little Hulton)
EFC Hampson (Bradfield College, Herefordshire)
F Hampson (Chipperfield Clarendon, Chipperfield Clarendon Second XI)
F Hampson (Notts and Arnold Amateur, Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Fourth XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Second XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Second XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI, Notts and Arnold Amateur Third XI)
G Hampson (Woodbank, Woodbank Second XI)
G Hampson (Yorkshire Under-13s, Yorkshire Under-14s)
G Hampson (scorer)
G Hampson (Sedgefield Second XI)
G Hampson (Warrington)
G Hampson (Harrogate)
G Hampson (Sprowston)
GA Hampson (Ipswich Grammar School)
GJ Hampson (Southport and Birkdale)
GR Hampson (Brighton College)
H Hampson (Church, Church Second XI)
H Hampson (St Helens Recreation)
HW Hampson (Longsight)
J Hampson (York University)
J Hampson (Edenfield, Edenfield Second XI, Edenfield Third XI)
J Hampson (Poynton)
J Hampson (Cheshire Under-17s)
J Hampson (Royton)
J Hampson (York University Cricket Club President's XI)
J Hampson (umpire)
J Hampson (Ashton-under-Lyne)
J Hampson (Werneth)
J Hampson (Royton)
J Hampson (Hindley St Peters Second XI)
J Hampson (Atherton)
J Hampson (Golborne)
J Hampson (Timperley)
J Hampson (Central Lancashire League)
J Hampson (Odiham and Greywell)
J Hampson (Nottingham High School)
J Hampson (Sussex Martlets Over-40s)
J Hampson (Sedgefield Second XI)
J Hampson (Boughton Hall)
J Hampson (Wigan)
J Hampson (Cheadle)
J Hampson (East Leake Second XI)
J Hampson (Wigan Third XI)
J Hampson (Hawk Green)
JF Hampson (London County)
JL Hampson (Durham University)
K Hampson (umpire)
L Hampson (Walmley Women Second XI)
L Hampson (Newton Heath Second XI)
LF Hampson (Penn Women, Worcestershire Under-15s Women)
M Hampson (Thornham, Thornham Second XI)
M Hampson (Whalley Range)
M Hampson (Whalley Range Second XI, Whalley Range Third XI)
M Hampson (Clumber Park)
M Hampson (Sinjungrammarians)
M Hampson (The Forty Club)
M Hampson (scorer)
M Hampson (Clumber Park Fourth XI, Clumber Park Third XI)
M Hampson (Clumber Park)
N Hampson (Hythe and Dibden)
N Hampson (Nottingham High School)
N Hampson (Chipperfield Second XI)
O Hampson (Congresbury)
P Hampson (Clumber Park, Clumber Park Second XI, Clumber Park Third XI)
P Hampson (Clumber Park Second XI, Clumber Park Third XI)
P Hampson (The Forty Club)
P Hampson (Bassetlaw and District Cricket League Under-17s)
P Hampson (Clumber Park Third XI)
P Hampson (Clumber Park)
PF Hampson (New Brighton, New Brighton Second XI)
PF Hampson (umpire)
PG Hampson (Malvern College)
R Hampson (Manchester)
R Hampson (Broughton)
S Hampson (Old Town)
S Hampson (Hindley St Peters, Hindley St Peters Second XI)
S Hampson (Darwen)
S Hampson (Salesbury, Salesbury Second XI)
S Hampson (Lancashire and Cheshire Cricket League)
SW Hampson (Cheshire)
T Hampson (Gentlemen of Rutland)
TA Hampson (Cheshire)
TA Hampson (Knutsford)
TGP Hampson (Burghley Park)
TN Hampson (CJ Charlton's XI)
TP Hampson (Keble College, Oxford)
W Hampson (Elland, Yorkshire Colts)
W Hampson (Oldham)
W Hampson (Sprowston)
W Hampson (Settle)
W Hampson (Parkfield Second XI)
W Hampson (Chipperfield Second XI)
R Hampstead (Clumber Park, Clumber Park Third XI)
R Hampstead (Clumber Park Second XI)
R Hampstead (Clumber Park Fourth XI)
Hampton (Mitcham)
Hampton (Clarence Club)
Hampton (United Services Portsmouth)
Hampton (Royal Engineers)
Hampton (Portsmouth Borough)
Hampton (umpire)
Hampton (Hampton Hill)
Hampton (Fareham Underhills)
Hampton (St Cross)
Hampton (Ocean Terminal)
Hampton (Free Foresters)
Hampton (umpire)
Hampton (Royal Armoured Corps)
Hampton (Ashville College)
Hampton (Royal Corps of Transport)
A Hampton (Bapchild, Bapchild Second XI)
A Hampton (Radlett Women)
A Hampton (Exbury)
A Hampton (Marshfield)
ANS Hampton (Oxford University)
B Hampton (Honourable Artillery Company)
B Hampton (Sale Moor)
B Hampton (umpire)
C Hampton (umpire)
C Hampton (Normandy)
C Hampton (Pylewell Park Second XI)
C Hampton (St Pancras Civil Defence Services)
C Hampton (Royal Armoured Corps)
C Hampton (Midland Works and Business Houses Cricket League)
CSH Hampton (City of London School, Marylebone Cricket Club)
D Hampton (Shropshire, Wellington)
D Hampton (Marlow)
D Hampton (Aspenden)
D Hampton (umpire)
D Hampton (Buntingford)
D Hampton (Free Foresters)
D Hampton (Staines and Laleham)
DOD Hampton (Buckinghamshire, Buckinghamshire Academy, Buckinghamshire Under-14s, Buckinghamshire Under-15s, Buckinghamshire Under-17s, Gerrards Cross, Gerrards Cross Second XI, Leicestershire Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers)
DR Hampton (Essendon, Fitzroy-Doncaster, Leicestershire Second XI, Leicestershire Under-25s, Victoria Second XI, Waverley)
E Hampton (scorer)
E Hampton (Cirencester)
E Hampton (Four Oaks Saints Women)
E Hampton (Warwickshire XI)
E Hampton (Birmingham Suburban League)
FS Hampton (Old Eastbournians)
G Hampton (umpire)
G Hampton (Camberwell Star Club)
G Hampton (Midland Works and Business Houses Cricket League)
G Hampton (Warrington)
G Hampton (Dudley Casuals)
GK Hampton (Durham School)
GK Hampton (Durham School Second XI)
GS Hampton (Mill Hill School)
GS Hampton (Leighton Park School Second XI)
H Hampton (Kent, Surrey)
H Hampton (Bexley)
H Hampton (Perry Barr)
HB Hampton (Gore Court)
HN Hampton (Mill Hill School)
HS Hampton (Holmfirth)
I Hampton (scorer)
I Hampton (Sale Moor)
I Hampton (umpire)
I Hampton (Old Dunstonians Second XI)
IS Hampton (Eastbourne College)
J Hampton (Hampshire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Surrey)
J Hampton (scorer)
J Hampton (Sale Moor)
J Hampton (West Cleveland Cricket League)
J Hampton (Brighouse)
J Hampton (Bembridge School)
J Hampton (Chorlton-cum-Hardy)
J Hampton (Bexley)
J Hampton (Farnham)
J Hampton (Barnes)
J Hampton (Hampshire Hoggets)
J Hampton (Redingensians)
J Hampton (Dorset Rangers)
JF Hampton (Marlborough College)
JH Hampton (Aston Villa Football Club Past and Present)
JH Hampton (JH Hampton's XI)
JH Hampton (Aston Villa Football Club)
JR Hampton (Huyton, Huyton Second XI)
JW Hampton (St John's School, Leatherhead)
L Hampton (Marston Green Second XI)
L Hampton (Netherton)
M Hampton (Hurley)
M Hampton (County Borough of Bournemouth Employees Association)
M Hampton (Hurley)
MJ Hampton (umpire)
MW Hampton (Clifton College)
N Hampton (Radlett)
N Hampton (Radlett)
N Hampton (Somerset Stragglers)
N Hampton (Redingensians)
N Hampton (Radlett)
N Hampton (Radlett)
O Hampton (Hampton Hill)
O Hampton (Staines Women)
O Hampton (Hampton Hill Second XI)
P Hampton (Huyton)
P Hampton (Wigan)
P Hampton (Liverpool Manweb)
P Hampton (Newark Ransome and Marles Third XI)
R Hampton (W Barton's XI)
R Hampton (Sale Moor, Sale Moor Second XI)
R Hampton (London University)
R Hampton (Sale)
R Hampton (St Paul's School)
R Hampton (United Hospitals)
S Hampton (Normandy)
S Hampton (Great Baddow)
S Hampton (Stokesley)
T Hampton (Downend)
TRG Hampton (Gloucestershire, Middlesex)
TWS Hampton (Wimbledon)
W Hampton (Camberwell Star Club)
WA Hampton (Old Cliftonians)
WA Hampton (Whitgift Grammar School)
WE Hampton (Wrekin College)
WE Hampton (FJ Seabrook's XI)
WE Hampton (Wrekin College)
WH Hampton (Free Foresters)
WM Hampton (Warwickshire, Worcestershire)
WM Hampton (Perambulators)
WM Hampton (Old Cliftonians)
WM Hampton (Hampshire Hogs)
WM Hampton (LG Crawley's XI)
WM Hampton (TES Francis' XI)
WM Hampton (GOB Allen's XI)
WM Hampton (Free Foresters)
J Hampton-Jones (New Brighton)
T Hampton-Matehe (West Hallam White Rose)
M Hamring (Woodhouses)
Hams (Tamworth)
Hams (The Forty Club)
A Hams (Barnt Green Second XI)
G Hams (Barnt Green Second XI)
M Hams (Dorset Rangers)
J Hamshar (West Surrey Colts)
H Hamshaw (St Edward's School, Oxford)
M Hamshaw (Follifoot)
R Hamshaw (Treeton Women)
J Hamshaw-Thomas (Canford School)
Hamsheir (Cranleigh)
Hamshere (Culford School)
M Hamshere (Northumberland Under-21s)
N Hamshere (Potton Town)
S Hamshere (Culford School)
B Hamshi (Hanford)
Hamshier (Eashing)
J Hamshire (Surrey Colts)
S Hamshire (Culford School)
R Hamsley (Sussex Colts)
A Hamson (Woodbank Second XI)
C Hamson (Worsley Third XI)
G Hamson (Purbrook Second XI, Purbrook Third XI, Purbrook Under-17s)
Jack Hamson (Purbrook Second XI, Purbrook Third XI)
Joe Hamson (Purbrook, Purbrook Fourth XI, Purbrook Second XI, Purbrook Third XI)
M Hamson (Hurstbourne Priors)
M Hamson (Portsmouth and Southsea)
M Hamson (scorer)
M Hamson (scorer)
M Hamson (Purbrook)
M Hamson (Hambledon)
M Hamson (Long Eaton)
R Hamson (scorer)
T Hamson (Old)
J Hamstalk (Manchester and District Cricket Association)
W Hamulton (St Edmund's School, Canterbury)
G Hamund (Wellingborough Grammar School)
J Hamwith (scorer)
R Hamworth (The Forty Club)
F Hamyoon (Luton Town and Indians)
Hamza (Eastside)
Hamza (More Than Cricket Club)
Hamza (Tennyson)
Hamza (Walthamstow)
A Hamza (Middlesex Tamils)
A Hamza (Great Horton, Great Horton Second XI)
A Hamza (Moseley Ashfield Second XI)
A Hamza (Lyndworth, Lyndworth Second XI)
A Hamza (Notts Unity Casuals, Notts Unity Casuals Second XI)
A Hamza (Thursley Second XI)
A Hamza (Berkshire Under-15s)
D Hamza (Colne Second XI, Colne Third XI)
M Hamza (William Hulme Grammar School)
O Hamza (Chris Gayle Academy)
S Hamza (Hillingdon Manor)
SA Hamza (Gloucestershire Under-17s)
U Hamza (Cheetham Hill)
WA Hamza (Hertfordshire Over-50s)
Hamza Aftab (Undercliffe Second XI)
Hamza Ahmed (Old Hill, Old Hill Second XI)
Hamza Ahmed (Whitchurch)
Hamza Ahmed (Preston, Preston Second XI)
Hamza Ahmed (Wombourne)
Hamza Ahmed (Evesham)
Hamza Ahmed (Upminster)
Hamza Ahmed (Bridge Trust Old Boys)
Hamza Ahmed (Harold Wood)
Hamza Ahmed (Didsbury)
Hamza Ahmed (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
Hamza Ahmed (Welwyn Garden City)
Hamza Ahmed (Club Cricket Conference, North Mymms)
Hamza Ahmed (Halesowen)
Hamza Ali (Peugeot)
Hamza Ali (Peugeot Talbot)
Hamza Ali (Dunlop Coventry, Dunlop Coventry Second XI)
Hamza Ali (Todmorden)
Hamza Ali (Hampshire, Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi Rams)
Hamza Ali (Dunlop Stars)
Hamza Butt (Burnage, Burnage Second XI)
Hamzah (Harrow Town Second XI)
Hamzah Ahmed (Stokenchurch)
Hamzah Ali (Rolleston Second XI)
Hamzah Khan (Burnham, Burnham Second XI, Club Cricket Conference, Eastcote, Free Foresters, Harrow, Middlesex Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s, Rothley Park)
Hamzah Khan (Broomleys)
Hamzah Khan (Crawley)
Hamzah Khan (Notts Unity Casuals, Notts Unity Casuals Second XI, Notts Unity Casuals Third XI)
Hamzah Mahmood (Walthamstow)
Hamza Hussain (Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough Second XI)
Hamza Hussain (Oxfordshire Under-13s, Oxfordshire Under-14s)
Hamza Hussain (Essex Under-14s, Essex Under-15s, Essex Under-17s, Loughton)
Hamza Hussain (Oldham)
Hamza Hussain (Unsworth Third XI)
Hamza Hussain (Kamand Centre)
Hamza Hussain (Bradford Area)
Hamza Hussain (Harold Wood)
Hamza Hussain (Woodford Green)
Hamza Hussain (Coleshill)
Hamza Hussain (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
Hamza Hussain (Littleborough)
Hamza Iqbal (Bradford and Bingley Second XI)
S Hamzakhail (Wellingborough Indians Second XI)
Hamza Khan (Manningham Mills, Manningham Mills Second XI)
Hamza Khan (Old Parkonians)
Hamza Khan (Lancashire Under-13s, Lancashire Under-14s, Lancashire Under-15s, Leyland, Leyland Second XI)
Hamza Khan (South West Manchester, South West Manchester Second XI, South West Manchester Third XI)
Hamza Khan (Sheldon Marlborough, Sheldon Marlborough Second XI, Sheldon Marlborough Third XI)
Hamza Khan (North London Area)
Hamza Khan (Oakfield Parkonians)
Hamza Khan (Netherton, Netherton Second XI)
Hamza Khan (Bedfordshire Under-17s)
Hamza Khan (Gedling Colliery Second XI, Gedling Colliery Third XI)
Hamza Khan (Shenley Fields SYS Second XI)
Hamza Khan (Rotherham Town Second XI)
Hamza Khan (Walthamstow)
Hamza Khan (Old Emanuel)
Hamza Mir (Windhill)
Hamza Qayyum (Finchley, Freshfield Flyers, Hertfordshire, North Mymms, North Mymms)
J Hamzat (Dukinfield Second XI)
S Han (umpire)
R Hanabe (Newbury)
R Hanabe (umpire)
P Hanaby (umpire)
L Hanaford (Dinton)
M Hanaford (Dinton Second XI)
M Hanam (Southborough)
A Hanan (Marlow Park)
A Hanan (Loxford Falcon)
R Hanarahan (Bramcote, Bramcote Second XI)
J Hanauer (Bramley)
W Hanbridge (Huyton)
W Hanbridge (Sefton)
W Hanbridge (Bowdon)
G Hanbrook (umpire)
Hanbury (New Swindon)
Hanbury (Bury St Edmunds, Marylebone Cricket Club, Suffolk)
Hanbury (Clarence Club)
Archibald Hanbury (Marlborough College)
Arthur Hanbury (Marlborough College)
ADB Hanbury (Wellington College)
B Hanbury (Pelsall)
C Hanbury (Christ Church, Oxford)
C Hanbury (Town Malling)
CR Hanbury (Rugby School)
D Hanbury (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk)
D Hanbury (WJ Raphael's XI)
E Hanbury (Athenaeum, Burghley Park, Christ Church, Oxford, Eton College, Eton Ramblers, Free Foresters, Gentlemen of Hertfordshire, Harlequins, Hertfordshire, Horsham, I Zingari, Marylebone Cricket Club, Orleans Club, Romsey Social, Warnham Court)
E Hanbury (Preston Hall)
E Hanbury (Oakham)
E Hanbury (Oakham Amateurs)
E Hanbury (J Furley's XI)
E Hanbury (E Hanbury's XI)
E Hanbury (Oakham Institute)
E Hanbury (HW Fitch's XI)
E Hanbury (Cotswold Magpies)
EC Hanbury (Surrey)
ER Hanbury (Marylebone Cricket Club)
ER Hanbury (Eton Ramblers)
ES Hanbury (Bullingdon, Eton College, Free Foresters, I Lanzaronni, Oxford University, Oxford University Freshmen)
F Hanbury (Lords and Commons)
G Hanbury (The Auberies)
J Hanbury (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Hanbury (Reigate)
J Hanbury (Harrow Wanderers)
J Hanbury (Flintham Second XI)
JC Hanbury (Trinity College, Cambridge)
JWF Hanbury (Rev WF Witts' House)
K Hanbury (Ludlow)
LF Hanbury (Leamington College)
M Hanbury (Whalley Range, Whalley Range Second XI, Whalley Range Third XI)
O Hanbury (Oxford University)
O Hanbury (Bury St Edmunds)
O Hanbury (Brundish)
OR Hanbury (Louth, Oxfordshire, Rugby School, The Auberies)
R Hanbury (Milton Abbey School)
R Hanbury (Eton Ramblers)
SW Hanbury (Leamington College)
T Hanbury (Mid Surrey)
T Hanbury (Whalley Range Second XI, Whalley Range Third XI)
T Hanbury (scorer)
T Hanbury (WJ Raphael's XI)
TD Hanbury (Somerset Colts)
TFJ Hanbury (Dorset, Eton College)
TP Hanbury (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WH Hanbury (2nd Life Guards)
P Hanbury-Hirst (scorer)
P Hanbury-Hurst (scorer)
BHA Hanbury-Tracy (Durham, Durham University, Lansdown, Leighton, Oxford University Authentics)
C Hanbury-Tracy (Marylebone Cricket Club)
FSA Hanbury-Tracy (House of Commons)
WCF Hanbury-Tracy (Harrow School)
Hanby (Richmond Grammar School)
AJ Hanby (Essex Second XI, Great Witchingham, Norfolk Development Squad, Sprowston)
JW Hanby (Lincolnshire)
L Hanby (Barby Second XI)
L Hanby (Northamptonshire Under-17s Women, Wellingborough Town Women)
P Hanby (King's School, Bruton)
P Hanby (Barby Second XI)
P Hanby (Anslow)
H Hance (Gravesend)
J Hance (Gloucestershire Under-13s)
JE Hance (No 1 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Cadet School, Royal Horse Artillery Cadets (St John's Wood))
N Hance (Bedhampton Third XI)
T Hance (Gravesend, Gravesend Second XI)
M Hanchard (Stroud Green)
J Hancher (Brewood)
J Hancher (Droitwich Spa)
J Hancher (Old Swinford Hospital School)
Hanchet (Gloucestershire Under-12s)
H Hanchet (Failand and Portbury)
G Hancoch (scorer)
R Hancoch (Portsmouth Grammar School)
Hancock (Stourbridge)
Hancock (Earl of Stamford's XI)
Hancock (umpire)
Hancock (Brighton University)
Hancock (Burton-on-Trent)
Hancock (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Colts)
Hancock (Army)
Hancock (Trent College)
Hancock (Parley-Montys)
Hancock (St Edward's Martyrs)
Hancock (Kennedy's)
Hancock (Royal Military Academy Sandhurst)
Hancock (King's College, London Women)
Hancock (Cranleigh School)
Hancock (Queen's College, Birmingham)
Hancock (Cryptics)
Hancock (Captain JH Amory's XI)
Hancock (West Kent)
Hancock (Officers of Brigade, Woodbury Camp)
Hancock (Royal Armoured Corps Centre)
Hancock (Rowner Second XI)
Hancock (Bootham School Second XI)
Hancock (Old Patesians)
A Hancock (scorer)
A Hancock (Derbyshire Juniors)
A Hancock (Newquay)
A Hancock (Cambridge Papworth Women, Cambridgeshire Under-17s Women)
A Hancock (umpire)
A Hancock (Cambridgeshire Under-14s, Cambridgeshire Under-15s, Cambridgeshire Under-17s, Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Academy, Saffron Walden Development Squad, Saffron Walden Second XI)
A Hancock (Isle of Wight Under-13s)
A Hancock (Odney)
A Hancock (Ashbrittle Women)
A Hancock (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Over-60s, Derbyshire Over-50s, Derbyshire Over-60s)
A Hancock (Derbyshire Friars)
A Hancock (Horwich RMI)
A Hancock (Clymping)
A Hancock (Mote Park)
A Hancock (Horwich)
A Hancock (Northampton Saints Third XI)
A Hancock (Bicester and North Oxford)
A Hancock (Nomads)
A Hancock (Pirbright)
A Hancock (Eton Manor Second XI)
A Hancock (Fakenham)
A Hancock (Cheshire Over-60s Second XI)
A Hancock (umpire)
A Hancock (Holkham)
A Hancock (Cambridgeshire Under-25s)
A Hancock (Etwall)
A Hancock (Grasshoppers)
A Hancock (Etwall)
AC Hancock (Cornwall)
ACE Hancock (Giggleswick School)
AE Hancock (Thespids)
AP Hancock (Cornwall)
AV Hancock (Cheltenham)
AW Hancock (Framlingham College)
B Hancock (Isle of Wight Under-13s, Isle of Wight Under-15s)
B Hancock (South West Manchester Second XI)
B Hancock (Sandford Second XI)
B Hancock (Irchester)
B Hancock (Barnet Third XI)
B Hancock (King Edward VII School, Sheffield)
BN Hancock (Haberdashers' Aske's Boys School)
C Hancock (Topcroft)
C Hancock (Beccles Town)
C Hancock (Blackheath Proprietary School)
C Hancock (Sandford)
C Hancock (Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Academy, Saffron Walden Development Squad, Saffron Walden Second XI)
C Hancock (Iden)
C Hancock (Bloxham School)
C Hancock (Kalamazoo)
CG Hancock (Bromsgrove School)
D Hancock (Cheshire Development Squad, Cheshire Under-13s, Cheshire Under-14s, Cheshire Under-15s, Cheshire Under-17s, Toft)
D Hancock (Knypersley)
D Hancock (Weaverham)
D Hancock (Davenham)
D Hancock (Wellow and Plaitford Second XI)
D Hancock (North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League)
D Hancock (North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League)
D Hancock (Cambridge University)
D Hancock (Royal Navy Women)
D Hancock (Upperthong, Upperthong Second XI)
D Hancock (St Peter's School, York)
D Hancock (Yorkshire Senior Schools Cricket Association)
D Hancock (St Albans)
D Hancock (Rowner Second XI)
D Hancock (Lullington Park)
DA Hancock (Minor Counties East, Minor Counties North, Staffordshire)
DM Hancock (Little Stoke, Porthill Park, Staffordshire, Staffordshire Development XI)
DM Hancock (Millfield School)
DW Hancock (Warwick School)
E Hancock (Worksop)
E Hancock (Timsbury)
E Hancock (Timbury)
E Hancock (Lincoln College, Oxford)
EL Hancock (Somerset Stragglers)
F Hancock (Old Wykehamists)
F Hancock (Banbury Harriers)
F Hancock (Welbeck Abbey Second XI)
FH Hancock (Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, Yellowhammers)
FH Hancock (Colonel Hancock's XI)
FL Hancock (umpire)
FL Hancock (Cheltenham College)
G Hancock (Epping)
G Hancock (Woodford Wells)
G Hancock (Benfleet)
G Hancock (Wales Under-13s Women, Wales Under-15s Women)
G Hancock (North Durham League)
G Hancock (Earl of Stamford's XI)
G Hancock (umpire)
G Hancock (Langley)
G Hancock (Epping Foresters)
G Hancock (Coopersale)
G Hancock (Four Oaks Saints)
GH Hancock (Derby School Second XI)
GM Hancock (Tonbridge School)
H Hancock (Staffordshire)
H Hancock (Corsham)
H Hancock (Northamptonshire)
H Hancock (Romsey)
H Hancock (Northbrook)
H Hancock (Colwall Women)
H Hancock (Forton Women)
H Hancock (Nelson)
H Hancock (Collingham and District)
H Hancock (The Forty Club)
HA Hancock (Cambridgeshire)
HB Hancock (Cheshire, Devon, Liverpool and District)
HB Hancock (Oxton)
HB Hancock (Bootle)
HB Hancock (New Brighton)
HB Hancock (Birkenhead Victoria)
HS Hancock (Cornwall)
J Hancock (Hampshire Second XI, Hampshire Under-25s)
J Hancock (Monmouthshire Under-19s)
J Hancock (Benfleet)
J Hancock (Hastings and St Leonards Priory)
J Hancock (Cornwall)
J Hancock (Rotherham)
J Hancock (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Hancock (St Edward's Martyrs)
J Hancock (Henley, Henley Second XI)
J Hancock (Derbyshire Friars)
J Hancock (Bluemantles)
J Hancock (Scorpions)
J Hancock (scorer)
J Hancock (Burton and District)
J Hancock (Saffron Walden, Saffron Walden Academy, Saffron Walden Development Squad, Saffron Walden Second XI)
J Hancock (Staffordshire Academy)
J Hancock (Rickling Green)
J Hancock (South Wilts Second XI)
J Hancock (Compton and Shawford)
J Hancock (Plymouth)
J Hancock (Compton)
J Hancock (Linden Park)
J Hancock (Crosby St Mary's)
J Hancock (The Hottentots)
J Hancock (Hampshire Hogs)
J Hancock (Crowhurst Park)
J Hancock (Worcester Dominies and Guild)
J Hancock (East Molesey)
J Hancock (scorer)
J Hancock (The Forty Club)
J Hancock (Bethany School)
J Hancock (Crusaders)
J Hancock (Grannies)
J Hancock (Leighton Park School)
J Hancock (Betley)
J Hancock (Congleton)
J Hancock (Turville Park)
J Hancock (Hastings)
J Hancock (Levenshulme)
J Hancock (Thurgarton Second XI)
J Hancock (Egerton, Egerton Second XI)
J Hancock (Oxfordshire Colts)
J Hancock (scorer)
J Hancock (PR Hall's XI)
J Hancock (Welbeck)
J Hancock (Elstead Second XI)
J Hancock (Pershore)
J Hancock (Blundell's School)
J Hancock (St Edward's Martyrs)
Jon Hancock (Newquay)
Josh Hancock (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Newquay)
JA Hancock (Cheltenham College)
JB Hancock (umpire)
JC Hancock (Magdalen College School, Oxford)
JE Hancock (Yellowhammers)
JE Hancock (I Gibson's XI)
JE Hancock (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JL Hancock (umpire)
JP Hancock (Derbyshire Second XI, Little Stoke, North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League, Porthill Park, Staffordshire, Staffordshire Under-12s, Staffordshire Under-13s, Staffordshire Under-14s, Staffordshire Under-15s, Staffordshire Under-17s)
JRC Hancock (Free Foresters)
JW Hancock (Derbyshire, Scotland)
K Hancock (umpire)
K Hancock (Wellow and Plaitford, Wellow and Plaitford Second XI, Wellow and Plaitford Under-13s A, Wellow and Plaitford Under-15s, Wellow and Plaitford Under-17s)
K Hancock (Honourable Artillery Company)
K Hancock (Mottisfont, Mottisfont)
K Hancock (Mottisfont)
K Hancock (Stanton-by-Dale)
K Hancock (Stanton-by-Dale Second XI)
K Hancock (Plumtree Second XI)
KHW Hancock (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
L Hancock (Gloucestershire Women)
L Hancock (Aldershot District)
L Hancock (Verwood)
L Hancock (Amesbury)
L Hancock (Sherborne)
L Hancock (Astwood Bank)
LC Hancock (Essex Women)
LF Hancock (Marylebone Cricket Club)
LF Hancock (Yellowhammers)
LG Hancock (umpire)
LG Hancock (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
LJ Hancock (Knypersley)
LW Hancock (scorer)
M Hancock (Knypersley)
M Hancock (Eastbourne)
M Hancock (Fordham)
M Hancock (Sherborne)
M Hancock (Buccaneers)
M Hancock (King's School, Canterbury)
M Hancock (Yateley Second XI)
M Hancock (Sherborne Pilgrims)
M Hancock (umpire)
ME Hancock (Wellingborough Grammar School, Wellingborough School)
MF Hancock (Warwick School)
MJ Hancock (Kenilworth, Kenilworth Second XI, Kenilworth Wardens, Midlands Club Cricket Conference, Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire Development XI, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire Pilgrims)
MJD Hancock (Lords and Commons)
MW Hancock (Devon Under-14s, Devon Under-15s, Devon Under-17s, Sidmouth)
N Hancock (Enfield)
N Hancock (Cornwall Under-13s, Cornwall Under-15s)
N Hancock (Barby, Barby Second XI)
N Hancock (C England's XI, Lord's Taverners)
N Hancock (Clevedon)
N Hancock (Old Amplefordians)
N Hancock (Middlesex Second XI)
ND Hancock (Devon, Somerset, Unicorns)
O Hancock (Heathfield Park)
P Hancock (Durham Academy)
P Hancock (Sherborne)
P Hancock (Birkenhead Victoria)
P Hancock (Old Edwardians)
PB Hancock (Haileybury College)
R Hancock (Derbyshire Club and Ground)
R Hancock (Hagley)
R Hancock (J and G Meakin Fenton)
R Hancock (Incogniti)
R Hancock (Killamarsh Juniors Second XI)
R Hancock (J and G Meakin)
RA Hancock (Millfield School)
RE Hancock (Somerset)
RE Hancock (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
RG Hancock (Isle of Wight Under-13s Women)
RN Hancock (Millfield School)
RT Hancock (Tonbridge School)
RW Hancock (MK Foster's XI)
S Hancock (Essex Over-50s)
S Hancock (Toft)
S Hancock (Penzance)
S Hancock (Nottinghamshire Cricket Association)
S Hancock (Shepherds Bush)
S Hancock (Birkenhead Victoria Second XI)
S Hancock (Ushaw Moor)
SL Hancock (scorer)
SR Hancock (umpire)
T Hancock (umpire)
T Hancock (Leamington)
T Hancock (Wanderers)
T Hancock (Worksop)
T Hancock (Sheffield Collegiate, Sheffield Collegiate Second XI)
T Hancock (scorer)
T Hancock (scorer)
T Hancock (Henley)
T Hancock (Long Eaton)
T Hancock (Menheniot Looe)
T Hancock (umpire)
T Hancock (Chippenham)
T Hancock (Millfield School)
T Hancock (St Edward's Martyrs)
T Hancock (St Edward's Martyrs)
T Hancock (Rickling Ramblers)
T Hancock (Trent College)
T Hancock (Fordham)
T Hancock (Clevedon)
T Hancock (Nottingham Commercial Club)
T Hancock (scorer)
T Hancock (Bishopston)
T Hancock (Henley Second XI, Henley Third XI)
T Hancock (Cherwell Cricket League)
T Hancock (South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
T Hancock (Gresham's School)
T Hancock (Mansfield Fourth XI)
T Hancock (Welbeck Boys)
T Hancock (Holkham)
THC Hancock (Gloucestershire)
TR Hancock (King's School, Grantham)
TW Hancock (Derbyshire Colts, Derbyshire County Colts, Derbyshire Second XI, Derbyshire Under-17s, Derbyshire Under-19s, National Association of Young Cricketers)
TW Hancock (Headmasters' Conference Northern Schools)
W Hancock (Henley)
W Hancock (Nottinghamshire Club and Ground)
W Hancock (Clergy of the District)
WC Hancock (Staffordshire Club and Ground, Tunstall)
WD Hancock (Norfolk, Norfolk Club and Ground, Repton Pilgrims, Repton School)
WFW Hancock (Rugby School)
WHM Hancock (St Peter's School, York)
WHM Hancock (Old Peterites)
WI Hancock (Somerset)
WI Hancock (Water Rats)
WJ Hancock (Colts of England)
WJ Hancock (Nottinghamshire Colts)
WM Hancock (Cornwall)
WT Hancock (Nottinghamshire Colts)
ZB Hancock (Newark)
J Hancock-Brown (Darley Abbey)





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