England Players (H)


Holton (J Bayley's XI)
Holton (Hoskins and Sewells)
Holton (Leeds City Police Band)
Holton (Hall Green)
Holton (Earlswood)
Holton (West Ealing Women Colts)
Holton (L Hirst's XI)
Holton (Solihull Blossomfield)
Holton (umpire)
Holton (Queenswood)
A Holton (Heaton)
A Holton (umpire)
A Holton (Greens Norton)
B Holton (Sussex Under-15s Women)
B Holton (Lancing College)
B Holton (Roving Reporters)
C Holton (Winsley)
C Holton (Wiltshire Under-15s)
C Holton (Beechen Cliff School)
CC Holton (Middlesex Second XI, Oxfordshire)
D Holton (Hutton)
D Holton (Four Counties)
DJ Holton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
E Holton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
EG Holton (Stratford-upon-Avon)
EG Holton (Hampstead ARP)
FWP Holton (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Holton (Teddington Town)
G Holton (Teddington Town)
H Holton (Oxford City)
HP Holton (Tonbridge School)
J Holton (Oxton)
J Holton (Bicester and North Oxford)
J Holton (Northumberland Schoolboys)
J Holton (Langley Manor B Under-13s)
J Holton (Littlebourne Second XI)
J Holton (Byfield Women)
J Holton (Roving Reporters)
J Holton (Oxford and Bletchingdon Nondescripts)
J Holton (umpire)
J Holton (Four Counties)
JVP Holton (Essex Second XI)
L Holton (Denstone College)
L Holton (Bicester and North Oxford)
L Holton (Dover Wanderers)
M Holton (Craven Gentlemen)
M Holton (Leeds Grammar School)
M Holton (Botany Bay Second XI)
N Holton (Beechen Cliff School)
O Holton (St Lawrence and Highland Court)
O Holton (St Lawrence and Highland Court)
O Holton (Littlebourne)
R Holton (Lansdown)
R Holton (Rainham)
R Holton (Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School)
R Holton (Winsley)
R Holton (Caterham)
R Holton (Barnstaple and Pilton)
R Holton (Hampton Hill)
R Holton (Teddington Town)
R Holton (scorer)
R Holton (Beechen Cliff School)
R Holton (Solihull Blossomfield)
T Holton (umpire)
T Holton (Kenton)
TH Holton (umpire)
WN Holton (Leeds Grammar School)
WP Holton (Tonbridge School)
Holton-Gays (Old Albanians)
Holtrum (Updown Club)
G Holt Senior (Enfield Second XI)
G Holt Senior (Enfield Third XI)
A Holtum (Hutton)
D Holtum (Hutton)
Holt-Wilson (Sir Pierce Lacy's XI)
J Holt-Wilson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
P Holt-Wilson (Gentlemen of Suffolk)
RD Holtz (Kensington Park)
H Holtzhausen (Leigh-on-Sea)
A Holvey (Lincolnshire Under-13s)
A Holvey (Owmby)
A Holvey (Market Rasen)
M Holway (Cricket Society)
A Holwell (Andover Second XI)
A Holwell (Amport)
D Holwell (Amport)
WB Holwill (HG Abel's XI)
E Holworth-Denholm (Northumberland Under-15s)
AWW Holworthy (Malvern College, Public Schools)
FA Holworthy (Lansdown)
HF Holworthy (King Edward VI Grammar School, Bury St Edmunds)
D Holy (umpire)
P Holyday (Uphill Castle)
R Holyear (umpire)
RJ Holyer (Combined Services)
W Holyhead (Sway Fourth XI)
Holyland (Broomhills)
H Holyland (St Edward's Martyrs)
M Holyland (Kibworth)
M Holyland (Free Foresters)
M Holyland (South Oxfordshire Amateurs)
M Holyland (Oxford Downs)
S Holyland (Leicester Ivanhoe)
J Holyman (Oldham)
J Holyman (Haverigg)
L Holyman (Great Bromley)
L Holyman (Great Bentley)
L Holyman (Wivenhoe Town)
N Holyman (Great Bromley)
S Holyman (Loughton Second XI)
T Holyman (Loughton Second XI)
Holyoak (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
D Holyoak (Ansley Sports)
R Holyoak (Harold Wood Women, Twickenham Women)
RH Holyoak (Bromsgrove School)
RM Holyoak (Royal Navy)
S Holyoak (Old Wyvernians)
Holyoake (Stratford-upon-Avon)
Holyoake (Queen's College, Birmingham)
DS Holyoake (Royal Navy)
EA Holyoake (Leicestershire Club and Ground, Leicestershire Public Schools)
EJ Holyoake (Headless Cross)
J Holyoake (Kinver)
J Holyoake (Wigton)
MA Holyoake (Harrow School)
P Holyoake (Leamington)
P Holyoake (Kinver)
PW Holyoake (Westmorland)
RG Holyoake (Harrow School)
RG Holyoake (Dunstable Grammar School)
RH Holyoake (Worcestershire)
RH Holyoake (Bromsgrove School)
S Holyoake (Old Wyvernians)
SJ Holyoake (King Edward's School, Birmingham Common Room)
B Holyrod (The Gemini)
WB Holyroyd-Smyth (Reading School)
D Holz (Old Albanians)
D Holzman (Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling Fourth XI, Totton and Eling Third XI)
K Holzman (Totton and Eling, Totton and Eling Fourth XI, Totton and Eling Under-15s, Totton and Eling Under-17s)
P Holzman (Totton and Eling Fourth XI)
D Holzmann (Totton and Eling)
K Holzmann (Totton and Eling)
K Holzmann (St Cross Symondians)
J Hom (Poole Grammar School)
Homan (Old Elizabethans)
Homan (London Fire Service)
B Homan (Winchester College)
DD Homan (Clifton College, Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey Second XI)
DD Homan (Surrey Young Amateurs)
J Homan (Huntingdonshire Under-13s, Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
KK Homan (Marylebone Cricket Club, Surrey Second XI)
KK Homan (Marylebone Cricket Club)
N Homan (Cheltenham Ladies College)
P Homan (Hampshire Second XI)
P Homan (Pylewell Park)
P Homan (Stoats)
R Homan (Pylewell Park)
R Homan (Old Elizabethans)
S Homan (Pylewell Park)
T Homan (Pylewell Park)
WR Homan (umpire)
Z Homani (Marlborough)
R Homans (Old Elizabethans)
S Homas (Pylewell Park)
WSG Hombersley (St John's School, Leatherhead)
RW Homcastle (United Services)
AJ Homden (Benwell)
Home (Wroxeter and Uppington)
Home (Gentlemen of Herefordshire)
Home (Shropshire Police)
Home (Birkdale)
Home (Church)
Home (Hampstead)
Home (Worcester NALGO)
A Home (Herefordshire)
A Home (The Hill)
A Home (Bedford Grammar School)
C Home (Shropshire Under-17s Women)
C Home (Wolverhampton)
CE Home (Leicestershire Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northampton Saints, Northamptonshire Second XI, Rothley Park, Shifnal, Shropshire)
E Home (Free Foresters)
E Home (Will-o'-the-Wisp)
E Home (Romany)
E Home (Hampstead)
E Home (Shropshire Over-50s)
E Home (Free Foresters)
E Home (Earl of Bradford's XI)
EL Home (Marylebone Cricket Club, Shifnal, Shropshire, Wroxeter and Uppington)
EL Home (Shropshire Second XI)
G Home (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GL Home (Shropshire)
GL Home (Shropshire Second XI)
H Home (Liverpool)
H Home (Ormskirk)
H Home (Players of Liverpool and District)
I Home (Durham County Schoolboys)
IG Home (Wellingborough School)
J Home (Shropshire)
J Home (Ashington)
J Home (Charterhouse School)
J Home (Wroxeter and Uppington Second XI)
J Home (Collycroft)
J Home (Worcestershire Under-10s)
J Home (umpire)
J Home (Shifnal)
JC Home (Worcestershire Second XI)
L Home (Shropshire Under-17s Women)
Lord Home (Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex, Oxford University)
M Home (Lightcliffe)
M Home (Central Sparks, Shropshire Women, Warwickshire Women)
P Home (Edwinstowe Second XI)
P Home (Falkland Second XI)
P Home (The Forty Club)
P Home (Teversal)
R Home (Lincoln College, Oxford)
TJ Home (Marylebone Cricket Club, Shifnal, Shropshire, Wroxeter and Uppington)
TJ Home (Marylebone Cricket Club)
TL Home (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WJF Home (Caterham)
B Homels (scorer)
M Homens (Sheldon Marlborough Second XI)
Homer (Solihull School)
Homer (King Edward's School, Birmingham)
Homer (Yardley)
Homer (Royal)
Homer (St Paul's Lozells)
Homer (Birmingham General Post Office)
Homer (Kimbolton School)
Homer (Harborne)
Homer (Bournemouth Sports)
Homer (Green Jackets)
Homer (Kidderminster Second XI)
Homer (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Homer (Fordhouses)
Homer (Wall)
Homer (Britannic Assurance)
Homer (West Bromwich Warriors)
Homer (Rushwick)
Homer (Rushwick)
Homer sen (King Edward's School, Birmingham Day Boys)
A Homer (Moseley Ashfield)
A Homer (Sefton Park)
A Homer (Penkridge Second XI)
A Homer (Wargrave Wanderers)
A Homer (Holyport)
A Homer (Kings Heath)
AJ Homer (Birmingham University, Harborne, King Edward's School, Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Warwickshire Public Schools)
B Homer (Weoley Hill)
B Homer (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
B Homer (Thrapston)
B Homer (Cheltenham Civil Service)
B Homer (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
B Homer (Tamworth Under-17s)
BC Homer (King Edward's School, Birmingham, Old Edwardians, Sunbury, Warwickshire Public Schools)
C Homer (Cambridge St Giles, Orpington)
C Homer (Highcroft and Great Barr)
C Homer (Stourport-on-Severn)
C Homer (Brintons)
D Homer (British Fire Service, National Fire Service)
D Homer (Kimbolton School)
D Homer (Netherton)
D Homer (Donisthorpe Second XI)
DW Homer (Wall)
E Homer (King Edward's School, Birmingham Second XI)
E Homer (Stourbridge)
EC Homer (Solihull School)
EE Homer (Wall)
F Homer (Stourbridge)
G Homer (Barnt Green Second XI)
G Homer (Worcestershire Under-14s)
G Homer (Chester Road)
H Homer (Burnley Colts)
H Homer (Solihull School)
HA Homer (Leamington College)
HWF Homer (Minor Counties)
I Homer (Shirley)
J Homer (Penn)
J Homer (Old Hill)
J Homer (scorer, umpire)
J Homer (The Forty Club)
J Homer (East Drayton)
J Homer (East Drayton Sports)
J Homer (The Forty Club)
J Homer (umpire)
J Homer (Wall)
JC Homer (Denstone College)
K Homer (J Webber's XI)
L Homer (Penn)
L Homer (Berryhill Colliery)
L Homer (Oxford Women)
M Homer (Cannock)
M Homer (Ashville College)
M Homer (Hanging Heaton Second XI)
N Homer (Old Leightonians President's XI)
PKB Homer (Willaston School)
R Homer (Springvale)
R Homer (St Edmund's College, Ware)
R Homer (umpire)
RP Homer (Liverpool)
S Homer (Bronwydd Under-19s)
S Homer (Bronwydd Under-19s)
SW Homer (Solihull School)
T Homer (Milton Abbey School)
T Homer (King Edward's School, Birmingham Second XI)
TC Homer (Denstone College)
TF Homer (Old Hill)
W Homer (Northern Club)
W Homer (Solihull School)
W Homer (East Lancashire Wanderers)
W Homer (Stourbridge)
WH Homer (Worcestershire Second XI)
WH Homer (Old Hill)
WH Homer (Solihull School)
WJ Homer (Erdington)
WJ Homer (Sutton Coldfield)
C Homerstone (Harrow Town)
J Homerstone (Bembridge School)
Homes (St Andrew's School, Eastbourne)
C Homes (Marylebone Cricket Club)
C Homes (Denton Second XI)
G Homes (Lytham)
J Homes (Lowerhouse Second XI)
JA Homes (Derbyshire Second XI)
K Homes (Broadway Second XI)
L Homes (umpire)
M Homes (Isle of Wight)
M Homes (Ashford)
M Homes (Mitcham)
R Homes (Herefordshire)
R Homes (Ledbury)
R Homes (Somerset)
S Homes (Ashtead)
T Homes (Ebberston)
T Homes (Epsom College)
TM Homes (Ashtead, Marylebone Cricket Club Young Cricketers, Northamptonshire Second XI, Surrey Second XI)
B Homeswood (Lurgashall)
W Homesworth (United North of England Eleven)
Homewood (University of Southampton Second XI)
Homewood (Royal Army Pay Corps)
A Homewood (Richmond)
A Homewood (The Forty Club Surrey and West Sussex)
A Homewood (Dorking)
A Homewood (Storrington)
A Homewood (Lurgashall)
A Homewood (The Forty Club)
A Homewood (Dorking)
AS Homewood (Actors, Allahakbarries, Thespids, Undershaw)
B Homewood (Lurgashall)
C Homewood (Horsley and Send)
C Homewood (Henley)
C Homewood (Dorking)
CC Homewood (Marylebone Cricket Club)
CC Homewood (Marylebone Cricket Club)
I Homewood (Storrington)
J Homewood (Kent Junior Women)
J Homewood (Dorking)
K Homewood (Thornton Heath)
K Homewood (scorer)
K Homewood (Ordnance Survey, Otterbourne, Paultons, Royal Corps of Signals)
LRE Homewood (Wivenhoe Town)
M Homewood (Dorking)
M Homewood (Dorking)
M Homewood (The Forty Club)
P Homewood (Army, Free Foresters)
T Homewood (Hythe)
T Homewood (Harvey Grammar School)
TS Homewood (Actors)
W Homewood (Gentlemen of Berkshire)
CE Homey (Club Cricket Conference)
Homfray (North Wiltshire)
Homfray (Macclesfield)
Homfray (Bridgnorth)
F Homfray (Kenilworth)
FC Homfray (Free Foresters, Shrewsbury School, Shropshire)
G Homfray (Windsor Garrison)
GS Homfray (Free Foresters, Stourbridge)
J Homfray (Sherborne School)
LA Homfray (Monmouthshire)
SG Homfray (Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Monmouthshire, Swansea)
SG Homfray (Northumberland Club)
W Homfray (Exeter College, Oxford)
G Homfrey (Earl of Stamford's XI)
M Homles (umpire)
Homma (St John's School, Leatherhead)
S Hommasi (St John's School, Leatherhead Under-15s)
B Hommell (Barnstaple and Pilton Second XI)
L Homner (Lythe Hill)
F Homyoon (Hertford)
FA Homyoon (Bedfordshire, Luton Town and Indians)
H Homyoon (Bedfordshire Under-14s, Bedfordshire Under-15s)
S Homyoon (Luton Town and Indians)
S Homyoon (Free Foresters Academy)
Honan (The King's School, Worcester)
C Honan (Bedford School)
W Honchin (Retford Grammar School, Retford Grammar School Second XI)
D Honda (Rugby School Staff)
R Honda (scorer)
RK Hondoo (Indian Gymkhana)
C Hondret (Beaumont College)
Hone (Homerton)
Hone (Moor Park)
Hone (Bloxham and District)
A Hone (Rickmansworth)
A Hone (Oatlands Park)
AE Hone (United Press)
B Hone (Shifnal)
BW Hone (A Melville's XI)
DJ Hone (Oxford University)
EJ Hone (Wadham College, Oxford)
FL Hone (Sheffield Clergy)
HB Hone (Wellington College)
J Hone (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
K Hone (Brackley Women)
L Hone (England, Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Hone (Rotherham Town)
M Hone (Kenilworth)
N Hone (Cambridge University Freshmen)
N Hone (CE Green's XI)
N Hone (CJ Brune's XI)
N Hone (WB Money's XI)
N Hone (Blackheath Proprietary School)
NJ Hone (Derbyshire Friars)
NT Hone (Cambridge University)
RT Hone (Cross Arrows, Middlesex Second XI)
T Hone (Adderbury)
T Hone (Bloxham and District)
T Hone (Lord Harris' XI)
T Hone (Aldershot Division)
T Hone (ST Hankey's XI)
T Hone (Close House)
T Hone (Sydenham Second XI)
TN Hone (Winchester College)
VL Hone (Sheffield Clergy)
R Honef (The Forty Club)
W Honefield (Clevedon)
Hone-Foster (Northern)
Hone-Foster (Ipswich School)
JB Hone-Foster (Bournville)
GH Hone-Goldney (Cambridge University)
D Honegon (umpire)
Honer (Godalming)
H Honer (Burnley Second XI)
C Hones (Aldershot)
J Hones (Kegworth Town)
Honess (Chenies and Latimer)
A Honess (Southborough)
B Honess (umpire)
D Honess (Epsom)
D Honess (Elworth)
GRN Honess (The Forty Club)
R Honess (Wanderers)
R Honess (Wanderers)
R Honess (CUACO Second XI)
Honey (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate)
Honey (S Bynoe's XI)
Honey (Slough Third XI)
Honey (Household Brigade)
AA Honey (Huntingdonshire)
AC Honey (Malvern College)
C Honey (Windrush Women)
C Honey (Boxted)
D Honey (Woking and Horsell)
E Honey (Essex Women, Harold Wood Women)
E Honey (Havering-atte-Bower)
EC Honey (Dorset Rangers)
EC Honey (2nd Anti-Aircraft Group, Royal Artillery)
EC Honey (Bournemouth, Dorset, Downton, Oxfordshire)
EP Honey (Huyton)
FW Honey (Kent Second XI)
G Honey (Maidstone)
G Honey (Hollingbourne)
GL Honey (umpire)
HC Honey (King's School, Canterbury)
J Honey (Cranbrook Lynxes)
J Honey (The Forty Club)
J Honey (St Edward's Martyrs)
J Honey (Raunds Town)
J Honey (Cranbrook School)
L Honey (Paultons)
LFOS Honey (Tonbridge School)
M Honey (Sandhurst)
M Honey (Sandhurst Second XI)
M Honey (Cumnor)
M Honey (Three Bridges)
MJ Honey (The Forty Club)
OA Honey (Royal Navy and Royal Marines)
P Honey (FW Millett's XI)
P Honey (Stockport)
P Honey (Flowery Field Second XI)
P Honey (Macclesfield)
R Honey (Sandhurst)
R Honey (The Forty Club)
R Honey (Sheppey)
S Honey (Horspath)
S Honey (Oxfordshire Colts)
S Honey (Oxford School)
T Honey (scorer)
C Honeyball (Hamble Aerostructures Sports and Social Club)
C Honeyball (Bury St Edmunds)
CEG Honeyball (York)
FK Honeyball (Great Western Railway, Paddington)
FR Honeyball (Europeans)
HR Honeyball (Stragglers of Asia)
R Honeyball (Kirkby Portland Second XI, Kirkby Portland Third XI)
R Honeyball (Marshalls Second XI)
TF Honeyball (Selwyn College, Cambridge)
TN Honeyball (Durham)
WC Honeyball (Highgate School)
E Honeybill (Birmingham Municipal)
M Honeybone (Wiltshire Under-15s Women)
R Honeybone (scorer)
R Honeybul (Bovey Tracey)
A Honeybun (Somerset Over-50s)
AW Honeybun (umpire)
G Honeybun (Kelvedon and Feering)
G Honeybun (umpire)
Honeyburne (Manchester High School for Girls)
E Honeycombe (Trent Bridge)
J Honeyfield (Mogador Wanderers)
Honeyford (Stafford)
C Honeyghan (Shawclough Village)
C Honeyghan (Stayley)
L Honeyghan (Bunbury XI)
J Honey-Green (Eynsford)
H Honeyhun (Trojans)
C Honeyman (Streethouse)
C Honeyman (Houghton Main)
C Honeyman (Elsecar)
D Honeyman (Staines and Laleham)
F Honeyman (Houghton Main)
G Honeyman (Hutton Rudby)
H Honeyman (Trojans)
J Honeyman (Gretton)
J Honeyman (Wigton)
N Honeyman (Belhus)
Steven Honeyman (Houghton Main)
Steven Honeyman, jun (Kexborough)
Stuart Honeyman (Houghton Main)
N Honeyman-Brown (JR Fitter's XI)
N Honeyset (Hayes Second XI)
Honeysett (Milton Abbey School)
A Honeysett (Haywards Heath)
C Honeysett (scorer)
G Honeysett (Sussex Police)
G Honeysett (Haywards Heath)
G Honeysett (scorer)
G Honeysett (Brighton Brunswick Over-40s)
GK Honeysett (Sussex Second XI)
I Honeysett (Harold Wood)
T Honeysett (Alvanley)
D Honeywell (Wiltshire Club and Ground)
D Honeywell (Cornwall Over-50s)
DW Honeywell (Wiltshire Under-19s)
T Honeywell (Combined Services Women, Handsworth Women)
T Honeywell-Dunkwell (Army Women)
S Honeywill (Heyford)
Honeywood (Army Medical Services)
P Honeywood (Old Harrovians)
R Honeywood (Bungay Grammar School)
W Honeywood (Colchester Garrison)
J Hong (Sussex Under-13s, Sussex Under-14s)
J Hong (St James's Montefiore)
J Hong (Cryptics)
J Hong (Ardingly College)
P Hongate (Reed's School)
WJ Honig (Dansk XL Club and Still Going Strong Cricket Club Combined XI, Odney, RG Ingelse's XI, Still Going Strong Cricket Club, The Forty Club)
WS Honig (The Forty Club)
GR Honington (Jesus College, Oxford)
HP Honiton (Ashton-under-Lyne)
Honkett (Winchmore Hill)
D Honman (Alford)
M Honman (Alford)
S Honnali (The Forty Club)
S Honnalli (Rugby)
D Honner (umpire)
G Honneybun (umpire)
R Honnisett (Milton Abbey School)
M Honnnaiah (Abergele)
D Honnor (Basingstoke and North Hants)
D Honnor (umpire)
DS Honnor (umpire, scorer)
RA Honnor (Formby)
GW Honnywill (Sherborne School)
H Honnywill (Thornbury)
EF Honoden (King's School, Canterbury)
P Honor (Southgate)
Honoré (Clayesmore School)
EJM Honore (Winchester College)
B Honour (North Middlesex)
C Honour (Westhoughton)
D Honour (Basingstoke and North Hants)
D Honour (Moreton-in-Marsh)
DS Honour (Hightown)
G Honour (Blackheath)
P Honour (Dartford Fourth XI)
R Honour (Hightown)
R Honour (Tring Park)
RJ Honour (umpire)
T Honour (Middlesex Under-20s Women)
V Honour (East Anglia Women)
W Honour (Greens Norton)
W Honour (Thame Town)
W Honour Jr (Oxford City)
W Honour Sr (Oxford City)
D Honsby (Southampton Commercial Travellers)
L Hontley (Leyton County)
C Honywood (Band of Brothers)
R Honywood (Oxford University)
R Honywood (Bullingdon)
R Honywood (The Auberies)
R Honywood (Braxted Park)
R Honywood (Magdalen Club)
W Honywood (Copdock)
S Hoobs (Hinton Blewitt)





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