England Players (H)


Hindman (umpire)
FA Hindman (Marylebone Cricket Club)
DN Hindmarch (Durham School)
L Hindmarch (Whitmore)
PR Hindmarch (Unicorns)
SD Hindmarch (Keswick)
A Hindmarsh (Northumberland Over-50s)
D Hindmarsh (Ashington)
IJ Hindmarsh (South Northumberland)
J Hindmarsh (Chester-le-Street, Crook, Durham Academy, Durham City, Willington)
JD Hindmarsh (Canford School)
JG Hindmarsh (Royal Grammar School, Newcastle)
JW Hindmarsh (Portsmouth Football Club)
L Hindmarsh (Northumberland Cricket League Under-21s)
LJ Hindmarsh (Northumberland Development XI, Northumberland Under-13s, Northumberland Under-14s, Northumberland Under-15s, Northumberland Under-17s)
M Hindmarsh (West Malvern)
P Hindmarsh (Bickley Park Second XI)
P Hindmarsh (Armitage)
R Hindmarsh (Blyth)
R Hindmarsh (Northumberland Under-13s, Northumberland Under-15s, Northumberland Under-17s)
R Hindmarsh (Northumberland Cricket League Under-21s)
T Hindmarsh (Durham City)
T Hindmarsh (Longhirst)
DS Hindmarshe (Esher)
Hindocha (Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School)
A Hindocha (Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School)
K Hindocha (Ardleigh Green)
M Hindocha (Didsbury Women)
H Hindon (Ordnance Survey)
P Hindridge (umpire)
Hinds (Birmingham Press)
Hinds (The Oratory School)
Hinds (Walthamstow)
Hinds (Worcester City)
Hinds (Ludlow and South Shropshire)
Hinds (Allestree Second XI)
Hinds (Tamworth)
A Hinds (Walton-le-Dale)
A Hinds (Camborne)
A Hinds (Royal Navy Under-25s)
A Hinds (Hoghton)
A Hinds (St George's Guild)
A Hinds (Southborough)
AWM Hinds (Cheltenham College)
C Hinds (Sevenoaks Vine)
C Hinds (Sefton)
C Hinds (Allestree)
C Hinds (Lullington Park)
D Hinds (umpire)
E Hinds (Barking)
E Hinds (Kingstonian)
GM Hinds (British Thomson-Houston)
GV Hinds (Charterhouse School)
H Hinds (St George's Guild)
H Hinds (All Saints)
H Hinds (scorer)
H Hinds (West Hartlepool Second XI)
H Hinds (Ludlow and South Shropshire)
J Hinds (Rochdale)
J Hinds (Stoke-on-Trent)
J Hinds (Sedbergh School)
J Hinds (Cross Arrows)
J Hinds (Purley-on-Thames)
J Hinds (Crompton)
J Hinds (Chorleywood)
J Hinds (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Hinds (Manchester Grammar School Under-13s)
J Hinds (Apollo)
J Hinds (Purley-on-Thames Second XI)
J Hinds (Stowe Templars)
J Hinds (Chorleywood Second XI)
J Hinds (The Forty Club)
JD Hinds (LN Constantine's XI)
JNP Hinds (Avorians, Berkshire, Cobham Avorians)
L Hinds (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Hinds (The Oratory School)
M Hinds (Buckinghamshire Over-60s)
N Hinds (Hayes)
O Hinds (Catford Wanderers Second XI)
O Hinds (Ushaw Moor)
P Hinds (Crompton)
P Hinds (Woodmansterne)
P Hinds (Buckhurst Hill)
RA Hinds (Worcester City, Worcestershire Second XI)
S Hinds (Oughtrington)
S Hinds (William Hulme Grammar School)
S Hinds (Chorleywood Second XI)
T Hinds (umpire)
TM Hinds (The Oratory School)
TW Hinds (Huyton)
V Hinds (Hawks)
V Hinds (umpire)
V Hinds (Barking)
W Hinds (Jamaican Legends XI)
W Hinds (West Hartlepool Second XI)
C Hindshaw (Scunthorpe Town)
CM Hinds Howell (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GL Hinds Howell (Marylebone Cricket Club, Royal Artillery)
Hindsley (Chelmsford)
E Hindsley (303 Company Royal Engineers)
EG Hindsley (Hurstpierpoint College, Old Hurst Johnians)
Hindson (Sheffield Bankers)
A Hindson (Ushaw Moor)
CR Hindson (Caythorpe, Radcliffe-on-Trent)
E Hindson (Durham Colts)
J Hindson (Durham Colts)
J Hindson (Hull Town Second XI)
J Hindson (Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
J Hindson (Jesus College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club)
JE Hindson (Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire Cricket Board)
K Hindson (Messingham Second XI)
L Hindson (Ryde)
M Hindson (Northumberland Women)
S Hindson (Penrith)
Hine (Royal Air Force)
Hine (Hertfordshire)
Hine (Royal Naval School for Girls)
Hine (Droitwich)
Hine (Droitwich)
Hine (Royal Army Service Corps)
Hine (Claremount School)
Hine (Huish's Grammar School, Taunton Tone House Seniors)
Hine (Abbots Bromley)
Hine (Milford Hall)
A Hine (Droitwich Spa)
A Hine (Vulcan United and Bury Clubs)
A Hine (scorer)
A Hine (Swanwick Hall)
A Hine (Lewes Priory)
C Hine (Calmore Sports B Under-13s, Calmore Sports Under-11s)
C Hine (Nantwich)
D Hine (St Helens Recreation)
D Hine (Nantwich, Winnington Park)
F Hine (scorer)
G Hine (Manchester University)
H Hine (Nantwich)
IFM Hine (Cornwall)
J Hine (scorer)
J Hine (Callington)
J Hine (Southport and Birkdale Women)
J Hine (Pencombe)
J Hine (Greenford)
J Hine (Bromyard)
J Hine (Lord Wandsworth College Women)
J Hine (Cornwall Cricket League)
J Hine (Lord Wandsworth College Women)
JJ Hine (Bootle, Lancashire Second XI, Southport and Birkdale)
JS Hine (Bootle, Southport and Birkdale, Southport Trinity)
K Hine (Calmore Sports A Under-13s, Calmore Sports Under-13s, Calmore Sports Under-15s)
K Hine (Langley Manor Under-17s, Langley Manor Under-19s)
M Hine (Maldon)
M Hine (Beverley Women)
N Hine (Hythe and Dibden)
N Hine (Metrogas)
S Hine (Free Foresters)
S Hine (Walmley Women)
S Hine (Thornaby)
S Hine (Martley)
S Hine (Southport and Birkdale)
SV Hine (Harrow School)
SV Hine (Harrow Wanderers)
T Hine (Rettendon)
T Hine (Ardleigh Green)
TF Hine (WN Dorning's XI)
VJ Hine (Marlborough College Second XI)
AL Hine-Haycock (Wellington College)
GR Hine-Haycock (Sidmouth)
RW Hine-Haycock (Devon, Marylebone Cricket Club, Sidmouth)
TR Hine-Haycock (Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club, Oxford University)
TR Hine-Haycock (umpire)
VR Hine-Haycock (Exeter, Royal Artillery, Sidmouth, Wellington College)
P Hinemarsh (Barrow)
Hines (Kent)
Hines (umpire)
Hines (Dominies Worcester)
Hines (Archdales)
Hines (Milton Abbey School)
Hines (St John's School, Leatherhead)
Hines (Old Leysians)
Hines (Nottinghamshire Under-17s)
Hines sen (Cherbourg House School)
A Hines (Durham Colts North)
A Hines (Ampleforth College)
A Hines (Barnt Green, Worcestershire Second XI)
AP Hines (Knowle and Dorridge Fourth XI, Knowle and Dorridge Third XI)
B Hines (Milton Abbey School)
C Hines (Catford Wanderers Second XI)
C Hines (Ampleforth College)
C Hines (Lullington Park Second XI)
D Hines (Halesowen Fourth XI, Halesowen Third XI)
D Hines (umpire)
F Hines (CJ Tarrant's XI, G Speed's XI, Lord Stafford's XI, Lord's Taverners, Lord's Taverners Australia, Lord's Taverners President's XI)
F Hines (Ampleforth College)
F Hines (Lady Taverners)
G Hines (Barwell)
G Hines (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s)
G Hines (Manchester Law XI)
H Hines (Allestree)
H Hines (Gorton)
HJG Hines (Framlingham College)
J Hines (Water Orton Second XI, Water Orton Third XI)
J Hines (Barwell)
K Hines (Barwell)
K Hines (Leicestershire and Rutland Under-17s, Leicestershire Under-17s)
K Hines (Blackfordby)
M Hines (Ormskirk)
M Hines (Ormskirk Grammar School)
M Hines (Pershore)
N Hines (Barwell)
N Hines (Halesowen)
N Hines (Worcestershire Under-17s, Worcestershire Under-19s)
P Hines (Rugby Meteors)
R Hines (Tynedale)
R Hines (Mitcham)
R Hines (Backworth)
R Hines (Heaton Mersey)
R Hines (Birmingham Suburban League)
R Hines (Worcester City)
S Hines (scorer)
S Hines (Dunstable Town)
S Hines (Water Orton Third XI)
S Hines (Blackfordby)
ST Hines (Warwickshire Under-17s Women)
W Hines (Bishop Auckland and District)
W Hines (Milton Abbey School)
Hinett (Coseley Wellington)
F Hiney (Ratcliffe College)
TB Hiney (Ratcliffe College)
M Hing (Warwickshire Under-19s)
V Hingane (Willclare)
P Hinganikar (Tynemouth)
Hinge (Civil Service Women)
Hinge (Dover College)
C Hinge (Rye)
HR Hinge (St Lawrence College, Ramsgate)
K Hinge (Ealing, Middlesex Second XI)
KAH Hinge (Home Counties Public Schools, North of Thames Public Schools, Westminster School)
KAH Hinge (South of England Public Schools)
M Hinge (Lyndhurst)
H Hingeley (Edgbaston)
B Hingham (Leicestershire and Rutland Over-50s)
Hingley (Stourbridge)
Hingley (Netherton)
Hingley (Enville)
Hingley (Tettenhall College)
A Hingley (King Edward VI College, Stourbridge)
AE Hingley (Halesowen)
AR Hingley (Halesowen)
C Hingley (Stourbridge)
C Hingley (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
EH Hingley (Halesowen)
FJ Hingley (Nottinghamshire)
G Hingley (Stourport-on-Severn Women)
G Hingley (Broadstairs Second XI)
G Hingley (Duffield)
G Hingley (Sheringham)
G Hingley (Broadstairs Second XI)
H Hingley (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon)
H Hingley (Hagley)
HB Hingley (Halesowen)
HM Hingley (Hagley, Stourbridge, Worcestershire)
J Hingley (Aston Unity)
JO Hingley (Halesowen, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, Worcestershire Second XI)
LGH Hingley (Marylebone Cricket Club, Somerset Second XI)
M Hingley (Highway Second XI)
M Hingley (scorer)
M Hingley (Chaddesley Corbett)
M Hingley (Sheffield Collegiate)
M Hingley (Vickers Sports Club)
M Hingley (Wombourne)
MP Hingley (Herefordshire, Old Hill, Walsall, Warwickshire Second XI)
N Hingley (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
SH Hingley (Trinity College, Stratford-upon-Avon, Worcestershire Club and Ground)
T Hingley (Chaddesley Corbett)
T Hingley (Chaddesley Corbett Second XI)
T Hingley (Stourbridge)
W Hingley (Coseley Second XI)
G Hingorani (Finchley, Freshfield Flyers)
G Hingorani (The Millers)
S Hingorani (Finchley)
G Hingoroni (The Stoics)
P Hingoroni (Leicester University Third XI)
Hings (Leicester Ivanhoe)
Hings (Repton School Second XI)
Hings (J Went's XI)
AL Hings (Leicester Ivanhoe)
AW Hings (Leicester Ivanhoe)
B Hings (Yorkshire Under-13s)
J Hings (WF Curtis' XI)
J Hings (Watney Mann)
JF Hings (Leicester Ivanhoe)
JP Hings (Leicestershire)
JT Hings (The Gnomes)
A Hingston (Devon, Devon Dumplings, South Devon)
A Hingston (Old Cheltonians)
A Hingston (Bude)
A Hingston (Free Foresters)
A Hingston (Ripon Grammar School)
A Hingston (Holsworthy)
AA Hingston (North Riding Asylum, Old Peterites, Yorkshire Gentlemen)
AA Hingston (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
AA Hingston (Kings Norton)
AT Hingston (Epsom College)
CA Hingston (Notts Amateurs)
CA Hingston (Ripon Grammar School)
CH Hingston (Notts Amateurs)
CT Hingston (Flax Bourton, Flax Bourton Second XI)
CT Hingston (Lancing College, Lancing College Second XI)
CV Hingston (Leamington)
CV Hingston (St Olave's School, York)
EM Hingston (North Riding Asylum, Old Peterites, St Peter's School, York)
GH Hingston (North Riding Asylum)
L Hingston (FC Crowther's XI)
P Hingston (Perranarworthal)
R Hingston (Cornwall)
R Hingston (The Forty Club)
RJ Hingston (Peterborough Town)
T Hingston (Barcombe)
T Hingston (Bablake Old Boys Second XI)
DGF Hingston-Jones (Royal Army Ordnance Corps)
P Hingstridge (umpire)
CL Hinings (Leeds Grammar School, Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
F Hinings (Blundell's School)
FWC Hinings (Leeds Grammar School, Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
O Hink (umpire)
J Hinken (umpire)
A Hinkins (Walmer)
HF Hinkins (umpire)
J Hinkins (King's School, Chester)
Hinkley (Birmingham Alliance)
Hinkley (The Indian Club)
A Hinkley (scorer)
A Hinkley (Herefordshire Under-13s, Herefordshire Under-14s)
A Hinkley (Halesowen)
AJ Hinkley (Brockhampton, Herefordshire, Worcestershire Second XI)
G Hinkley (Martin Walters)
K Hinkley (Bexleyheath)
L Hinkley (Breadsall)
N Hinkley (Breadsall)
P Hinkley (Herefordshire Under-25s)
K Hinkley-Smith (Royal Air Force Bomber Command)
Hinkly (South London)
E Hinkly (Kent, Surrey)
E Hinkly (Players Engaged at Oxford University)
E Hinkly (Household Brigade)
E Hinkly (Oxford University Next XVI)
E Hinkly (Oxford University Second XI)
E Hinkly (FGB Ponsonby's XI)
E Hinkly (Benenden)
E Hinkly (Players of Surrey)
E Hinkly (Bullingdon)
E Hinkly (Southampton)
E Hinkly (Montpelier)
E Hinkly (Stanmore)
E Hinkly (Watford)
Hinkman (Eastleigh Corinthians)
Hinks (Rowley Regis)
Hinks (Overseal)
Hinks (Bloxwich Second XI)
Hinks (Bethany School)
A Hinks (umpire)
A Hinks (Marylebone Cricket Club)
A Hinks (Elford)
A Hinks (Abbots Langley Second XI)
A Hinks (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
B Hinks (Kenilworth)
B Hinks (Rugby)
B Hinks (Milverton)
B Hinks (Gravesend)
B Hinks (Rugby)
BJ Hinks (Leamington College)
BL Hinks (Rugby)
BL Hinks (Rugby Club XI)
C Hinks (Gravesend)
C Hinks (Leamington Second XI)
D Hinks (Hollingbourne Second XI)
F Hinks (Warwick NALGO)
G Hinks (umpire)
G Hinks (Read Second XI, Read Third XI)
G Hinks (Gravesend)
H Hinks (The Forty Club)
J Hinks (Eagley)
J Hinks (scorer)
J Hinks (Hartley Country Club)
J Hinks (Bootham School)
J Hinks (Kent Over-50s)
J Hinks (Gravesend Second XI)
J Hinks (Etwall Under-13s)
JB Hinks (Gravesend, Kent Second XI, Orpington)
JS Hinks (Midland Bank)
JS Hinks (Oakham School)
K Hinks (Leamington College)
L Hinks (Bloxwich)
M Hinks (Rugby)
M Hinks (scorer)
M Hinks (The Forty Club)
M Hinks (Todmorden Second XI)
N Hinks (umpire)
R Hinks (Gravesend Second XI)
RG Hinks (Paddington Civil Defence Services)
S Hinks (Marylebone Cricket Club)
SG Hinks (Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Cricket Board, Kent)
SG Hinks (Lord's Taverners)
T Hinks (Almondbury Wesleyan)
T Hinks (Cannock)
Hinksman (Bromyard)
A Hinksman (Bartestree and Lugwardine)
Hinksmon (Paultons)
T Hinkston (Barcombe)
A Hinley (Sussex Under-15s Women)
B Hinley (The Forty Club)
M Hinley (Ansty Women)
T Hinley (Lindfield, Sussex Development XI)
A Hinman (Oakham)
A Hinman (IL Grist's XI)
C Hinman (IL Grist's XI)
E Hinman (Rutland Volunteers)
E Hinman (JH King's XI)
E Hinman (WB Shelton's XI)
EH Hinman (Oakham)
H Hinman (AB Norman's XI)
HE Hinman (Oakham)
JH Hinman (Oakham)
JM Hinman (Oakham)
D Hinnegan (Edmonton)
P Hinnell (Berkshire Over-60s)
P Hinnell (Berkshire Over-60s Second XI)
T Hinnells (Oxfordshire Under-14s, Oxfordshire Under-15s)
J Hinnidean No (Edmonton)
Hinnigan (Edmonton Second XI)
A Hinnigan (Edmonton)
A Hinnigan (Edmonton Second XI)
D Hinnigan (Edmonton)
D Hinnigan (Billericay)
P Hinnigan (East Lancashire Second XI, East Lancashire Third XI)
JP Hinns (Bromsgrove School)
M Hinny (BAT Sports)
L Hinotn (Clifton College)
Hinrich (Reigate Pilgrims)
MG Hins (The Forty Club)
Hinsby (Didsbury)
Hinsen (Southgate Second XI)
Hinshelwood (Hertford College, Oxford)
AR Hinshelwood (Hardye's School)
AS Hinshelwood (FW Gilligan's XI)
GS Hinshelwood (Berkhamsted School)
J Hinshelwood (Suffolk Under-13s, Suffolk Under-15s, Suffolk Under-17s)
W Hinshelwood (Gloucestershire Second XI)
D Hinsley (umpire)
D Hinsley (Chelmsford)
L Hinsley (Castle Bromwich)
W Hinsley (Beaumont College)
Hinson (Studley)
B Hinson (Huntingdonshire Over-50s)
J Hinson (Lincolnshire Under-13s, Lincolnshire Under-14s, Lincolnshire Under-15s)
J Hinson (Winchmore Hill Women)
J Hinson (Collingham and District)
J Hinson (Bracebridge Heath Second XI)
J Hinson (Swadlincote and Cadley Hill)
JE Hinson (Marylebone Cricket Club)
L Hinson (Margate Women)
S Hinson (Chilwell)
SJ Hinson (Huntingdonshire, March Town)
P Hinsridge (umpire)
P Hinstrdige (umpire)
PD Hinstridge (umpire)
R Hinstridge (umpire)
S Hinstridge (umpire)
P Hinstridges (umpire)
S Hinte (Shipston-on-Stour)
Hinton (umpire)
Hinton (Little Baddow)
Hinton (Hatfield Peverel)
Hinton (Birmingham City Police B Division)
Hinton (Old Meeting)
Hinton (St Dunstan's College)
Hinton (Birmingham City Police E Division)
Hinton (Stoneleigh)
Hinton (Harrow Town)
Hinton (scorer)
Hinton (Bitterne)
Hinton (Selly Oak)
Hinton (Old Colfeians)
Hinton (Worcester City Police)
Hinton (Kent Nomads Women)
Hinton (Addiscombe)
Hinton (60th Rifles)
Hinton (Stourport-on-Severn)
Hinton (Nottingham High School)
Hinton (Incidentals)
Hinton (St Michaels)
A Hinton (Midlands Club Cricket Conference A)
A Hinton (Worcestershire)
A Hinton (Fair Oak Fourth XI)
A Hinton (Mossley Hill)
A Hinton (Haileybury and Imperial Service College Second XI)
A Hinton (Boxmoor)
A Hinton (Wednesbury)
A Hinton (Ufford Park)
A Hinton (Temple Guiting)
AW Hinton (Warminster County School)
B Hinton (Purleigh)
B Hinton (umpire)
C Hinton (Nuneaton Second XI)
C Hinton (Forest Row)
C Hinton (Bronze)
C Hinton (Bloxwich Women)
C Hinton (Northop)
C Hinton (Shotton)
C Hinton (Streetly)
C Hinton (umpire)
D Hinton (Worcestershire Second XI)
D Hinton (Henley)
D Hinton (Warwick School)
DIS Hinton (Merchant Taylors' School)
E Hinton (Oxfordshire)
GTS Hinton (EJH Dixon's XI)
H Hinton (scorer)
J Hinton (scorer)
J Hinton (Gerrards Cross Second XI)
J Hinton (Dartford Grammar School)
J Hinton (Ashby Timken)
J Hinton (Aylesbury Printing Works)
JE Hinton (West Buckland School Past and Present)
JL Hinton (Whitgift School)
JPH Hinton (Marylebone Cricket Club, Wanstead)
JR Hinton (Somerset Stragglers)
K Hinton (Paignton)
L Hinton (Clifton College)
L Hinton (Old Vigornians)
L Hinton (Bloxham School)
L Hinton (Worthing Third XI)
L Hinton (Wilnecote)
L Hinton (The King's School, Worcester)
L Hinton (Tring Park)
L Hinton (Boxmoor)
L Hinton (Dulwich Women)
LG Hinton (Craven Gentlemen)
LJ Hinton (Hertfordshire)
M Hinton (Aston Manor)
M Hinton (Lincolnshire Development Squad, Lincolnshire Under-17s)
M Hinton (Streetly)
M Hinton (Solihull Blossomfield)
M Hinton (scorer)
M Hinton (Worthing Third XI)
M Hinton (Wanstead and Snaresbrook Second XI)
M Hinton (Warwick School)
M Hinton (Shotton)
M Hinton (Erdington Court)
MD Hinton (Colchester Royal Grammar School Camul Club)
MR Hinton (Seaford College)
N Hinton (Little Baddow)
N Hinton (Maldon)
N Hinton (Eccleshall)
N Hinton (Associated Electrical Industries (Rugby))
P Hinton (Shotton)
PC Hinton (Clifton College)
R Hinton (Oxfordshire)
R Hinton (Ambergate)
R Hinton (St Michaels)
RG Hinton (Worcestershire)
S Hinton (Streetly)
S Hinton (Formby)
S Hinton (League Cricket Conference)
S Hinton (Bromsgrove Second XI)
S Hinton (Bloxham School)
S Hinton (Army Chaplains)
T Hinton (Wellow and Plaitford Second XI)
T Hinton (Speldhurst)
W Hinton (East Haddon)
WG Hinton (Wellingborough School)
WJK Hinton (Croydon)
Y Hinton (scorer)
Z Hinton (Hatfield Peverel)
D Hints (Liverpool)
M Hints (Liverpool)
JWJ Hinwood (Glamorgan)
D Hinxman (Hampshire Second XI)
D Hinxman (Winchester Club Cricket Association Under-20s)
D Hinxman (Castle)
D Hinxman (Hyde Ramblers)
J Hinxman (Paultons)
J Hinxman (scorer)
J Hinxman (St Cross)
J Hinxman (Romsey Police)
J Hinxman (Castle)
T Hinxman (Boscombe)
W Hinz (Milton Abbey School)
Hinzaifa Mohammad (Bedfordshire Under-17s)
Hinze (Ormskirk Grammar School)
SR Hiom (Lincolnshire)
R Hions (Paddock, Rastrick)
A Hiorns (Freasley)
M Hiorns (Dumbleton)
M Hiorns (Long Whatton)
L Hipgrave (Earby)
L Hipgrave (Earby)
S Hipgrave (Earby Second XI, Earby Third XI)
SW Hipgrave (Colne, Earby)
Hipken (Wisbech)
Hipkin (School of Infantry)
AB Hipkin (Essex)
C Hipkin (Camberley)
J Hipkin (Free Foresters)
R Hipkin (Minster Lovell)
Hipkins (Dudley)
BR Hipkins (Denstone College)
FW Hipkins (Imperial)
H Hipkins (AW Gilchrist's XI)
L Hipkins (Coseley Second XI)
R Hipkins (Highgate)
W Hipkins (Coseley Second XI)
Hipkiss (Warwickshire Under-13s)
Hipkiss (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
Hipkiss (Hampstead)
A Hipkiss (Nether Whitacre)
A Hipkiss (Electric Construction Corporation, Wolverhampton)
AC Hipkiss (Aston Unity, Castle Bromwich, Four Oaks Saints, Wishaw)
D Hipkiss (Himley)
D Hipkiss (DL Maddy Benefit XI)
D Hipkiss (Oldswinford)
D Hipkiss (Barnt Green)
H Hipkiss (Wednesbury)
H Hipkiss (Wayfarers)
H Hipkiss (Birmingham Post and Mail)
I Hipkiss (Pedmore)
I Hipkiss (Nether Whitacre)
I Hipkiss (Nether Whitacre Second XI)
J Hipkiss (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
J Hipkiss (Birmingham Post and Mail)
J Hipkiss (Springfield)
Justin Hipkiss (Aston Unity, Castle Bromwich, Four Oaks Saints, Knowle Village, Wishaw)
Jonathan Hipkiss (Castle Bromwich, Four Oaks Saints, Knowle Village, Wishaw)
M Hipkiss (Hampton and Solihull Second XI)
M Hipkiss (Dunchurch and Bilton)
P Hipkiss (Cockerton)
Hipley (Eton College)
SJ Hippel (East Hill)
T Hipper (Norfolk Under-13s)
Hipperson (Wymondham College)
J Hipperson (Norwich and Coltishall Wanderers)
J Hipperson (Hethersett and Tas Valley)
HE Hippisley (Somerset)
SA Hipple (umpire)
SA Hipple (Ferrets)
J Hippolyte (Cosmopolitan Athletic)
J Hippolyte (Hawks)
J Hippolyte (Bow Green)
J Hippolyte (Stevenage)
M Hippson (Fives and Heronians)
S Hippwell (Canford School)
Hipwell (Incogniti)
Hipwell (Bedford County School)
C Hipwell (Saracens)
D Hipwell (Dorset Rangers)
EA Hipwell (Civil Service)
HJ Hipwell (Dorset Rangers)
J Hipwell (Oundle Rovers)
P Hipwell (The Forty Club)
P Hipwell (Incogniti)
P Hipwell (Dorset Rangers Over-35s)
PJ Hipwell (Dorset Rangers)
R Hipwell (Oxfordshire Under-14s, Oxfordshire Under-15s)
R Hipwell (English Schools Cricket Association South and West Under-15s)
R Hipwell (Hampshire Cricket Academy)
RHM Hipwell (St Edward's School, Oxford)
SJ Hipwell (Canford School)
Hipwood (Bourton Vale Second XI)
G Hipwood (Farnworth Social Circle)
Hira (Pickwick)
R Hira (Milford Hall)
S Hira (Nomads)
C Hiram (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
C Hiram (Ross-on-Wye)
J Hiram (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
J Hiram (Ross-on-Wye)
J Hiram (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
JD Hiram (Bourton Vale, Gloucestershire Second XI)
TH Hiram (Cambridge University, Ross-on-Wye)
Hirani (Aldenham School)
Hirani (Beths Grammar School)
A Hirani (English Schools Cricket Association London and East Under-15s, Hertfordshire Under-13s, Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s)
A Hirani (Bessborough)
A Hirani (Radlett Women)
A Hirani (Radlett)
A Hirani (Hertfordshire Under-14s, Hertfordshire Under-15s)
A Hirani (The John Lyon School)
A Hirani (Stanmore)
A Hirani (Hertfordshire Under-17s)
B Hirani (Blackheath)
B Hirani (Finchampstead Second XI)
BP Hirani (Finchampstead Third XI)
C Hirani (scorer)
C Hirani (umpire)
D Hirani (Blackheath Fourth XI, Blackheath Second XI)
H Hirani (Middlesex Under-14s, Middlesex Under-15s, Middlesex Under-17s)
H Hirani (Eastcote)
H Hirani (Eastcote Fourth XI)
H Hirani (Middlesex Cricket Board)
H Hirani (Portsmouth)
M Hirani (Kenton Second XI)
N Hirani (Hertfordshire Under-15s, Hertfordshire Under-17s)
S Hirani (Radlett Women)
V Hirani (Eastcote Fourth XI)
Hira Singh (Uxbridge)
J Hirchfield (Newdigate)
Hird (Rugby)
Hird (Royal Air Force Ouston)
Hird (The Forty Club)
Hird (Bradford Grammar School)
Hird (Bryanston School)
Hird (Ealing Second XI)
Hird (Royal Air Force Signals)
A Hird (Gore Court Second XI)
A Hird (Cotgrave Welfare)
D Hird (Mill Hill)
D Hird (Richmond Grammar School)
E Hird (Downside School)
F Hird (Durham School Second XI)
G Hird (Wokingham)
G Hird (Darlington Railway Athletic)
H Hird (Bryanston School)
I Hird (Canford Cygnets)
I Hird (Bapchild Second XI)
J Hird (Mill Hill)
J Hird (umpire)
J Hird (Morecambe)
J Hird (Beaumont College)
J Hird (Barnsley)
J Hird (umpire)
J Hird (The Forty Club)
J Hird (Hampton Wick Royal)
JP Hird (Yorkshire Juniors)
JP Hird (Rugby)
JS Hird (Queen's College, Oxford)
JW Hird (Giggleswick School)
M Hird (Four Elms)
M Hird (Westlands Sports)
M Hird (Bryanston Butterflies)
M Hird (Ickenham)
M Hird (Earby)
N Hird (Giggleswick School)
N Hird (Canford Cygnets)
O Hird (Bapchild Second XI)
P Hird (Feckenham)
P Hird (Feckenham)
P Hird (Rugby)
R Hird (St Cross Symondians)
S Hird (Birkenhead Park)
T Hird (Bristol, Optimists and Clifton)
T Hird (Old Whitgiftians)
T Hird (Torrisholme)
T Hird (Portsmouth Football Club)
W Hird (umpire)
J Hirdaramani (Clayesmore School)
M Hire (Papplewick and Linby Third XI)
Hires (2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards)
G Hireson (Stapleton)
A Hirji (Old Swinford Hospital School)
E Hirji (Harborne)
E Hirji (Harborne Third XI)
F Hirji (Old Swinford Hospital School)
AE Hirman (Rossall School)
Hiron (Sutton Coldfield)
Hiron (Shipston-on-Stour)
Hiron (Royal Grammar School, Lancaster)
C Hiron (Clay Cross)
C Hiron (Chesterfield)
F Hiron (Monmouthshire)
G Hiron (Lancaster)
H Hiron (Birmingham United Colleges)
J Hiron (Monmouthshire)
JE Hiron (WH Graham's XI)
R Hiron (Chesterfield Second XI)
R Hiron (Derbyshire Under-17s)
T Hiron (Birmingham United Colleges)
S Hirones (Huntingdonshire Under-15s)
Hirons (Stratford Crusaders)
Hirons (Curdworth)
Hirons (Aston Manor Third XI)
Hirons (Lichfield Grammar School)
Hirons (Warwickshire Knickerbockers)
Hirons (Redbridge)
Hirons (Pershore Second XI)
Hirons (Prince Henry's Grammar School, Evesham)
-Hirons (King's School, Ely)
A Hirons (Sway Under-15s)
AJ Hirons (Warwickshire Public Schools)
C Hirons (Dumbleton Second XI)
C Hirons (Pershore Second XI)
F Hirons (Prince Henry's Grammar School, Evesham)
H Hirons (Farncombe Wanderers)
JV Hirons (Mayor of Daventry's XI)
M Hirons (umpire)
M Hirons (Kineton)
M Hirons (Farncombe Wanderers)
M Hirons (Long Whatton Second XI)
M Hirons (Darley Abbey)
M Hirons (Melbourne Town)
M Hirons (Alscot Park)
M Hirons (St John's Ambulance Brigade, Rugby)
N Hirons (Offenham)
R Hirons (Chaddesley Corbett)
R Hirons (Upperthong)
R Hirons (Lyndhurst and Ashurst)
R Hirons (Overbury)
S Hirons (Bedworth, Bulkington, Collycroft, Wolvey)
S Hirons (Huntingdonshire Under-13s)
S Hirons (Bedworth Second XI, Bedworth Third XI)
S Hirons (King's School, Ely)
T Hirons (Leamington)
T Hirons (Dunchurch)
Hirsch (Sherborne School)
Hirsch (Hertfordshire Under-12s)
DA Hirsch (Rossall School)
E Hirsch (Aldenham School)
FHW Hirsch (Aldenham School)
J Hirsch (Hampton Wick Royal)
JG Hirsch (Cambridge University)
M Hirsch (Millhillians)
S Hirsch (University College School)
HW Hirschbein (City of London School)
WH Hirschbein (City of London School)
A Hirschfield (Halls)
G Hirschfield (Leigh)
R Hirschfield (Halls)
P Hirsfield (umpire)





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