England Players (F)


French (Earl of Darnley's XI)
French (Gentlemen of North Hampshire)
French (Kent Second XI)
French (umpire)
French (Mr Fowler's Over-60s XI)
French (Liverpool)
French (2nd Life Guards)
French (King's College School, Wimbledon)
French (Bradfield College Juniors A)
French (Winchester College)
French (Highgate)
French (Winchester Garrison)
French (Burton-on-Trent)
French (Town Malling)
French (Mote Park)
French (Brooksbottom)
French (Repton School)
French (Harland and Wolff)
French (University of Southampton Second XI)
French (St Osyth)
French (Calmore Sports)
French (Harland and Wolff)
French (Lyndhurst)
French (Smethwick Plate Glass Works)
French (South Wales Borderers)
French (Shepperton Women)
French (Trent College)
French (Odney)
French (Durham University)
French (Havering Cricket Association)
French (Worksop College)
French (Clayesmore School)
French (Culford School)
French (City of London Freemen's School)
French (Royal Air Force College Cranwell)
French (Havering-atte-Bower)
French (Birmingham University)
French (Royal Fusiliers)
French (Hammerwich)
French (Abbot Beyne School Staff)
French (Hinckley Town)
French (Britannic Assurance)
French (Royal Artillery)
A French (Bomarsund)
A French (Epping Foresters)
A French (Congleton)
A French (Congleton)
A French (Beacon)
A french (Baldock Town)
A French (Morpeth)
A French (Hanham)
A French (Essex Police Veterans)
A French (Putney)
A French (Hartshorne)
A French (Sutton Valence School)
A French (Durham University)
A French (Mochdre Second XI)
A French (Oxton)
A French (Sydenhurst Ramblers)
A French (Nuneaton Second XI)
AE French (St Dunstan's College)
AE French (Gore Court)
AE French (Worksop College Masters)
AI French (Berkhamsted School)
AJ French (Birkenhead Park)
AJS French (Cheshire, Staffordshire)
AS French (New Brighton)
B French (Worcestershire Cricket Board)
B French (scorer)
B French (Gloucestershire Under-14s)
B French (St Austell)
B French (L Hirst's XI)
B French (Corley Second XI)
B French (Cornwall Under-14s, Cornwall Under-15s, Cornwall Under-17s)
B French (scorer)
B French (Spondon Third XI)
B French (Gore Court Second XI)
B French (Street)
B French (Frocester)
BL French (The Oratory School)
BN French (England, Marylebone Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire)
BS French (GWB Ainsworth's XI)
C French (Frocester)
C French (scorer)
C French (Old Elizabethans Women)
C French (Uppingham School)
C French (Trojans Third XI)
C French (North East Essex Cricket Association Seniors)
C French (Blezard's XI)
C French (Royal Household)
C French (Broughton)
C French (Nottinghamshire Under-13s Women, Nottinghamshire Under-15s Women, Nottinghamshire Under-17s Women)
C French (Warwick School)
C French (St Lawrence and Highland Court Second XI)
C French (Ramsey)
C French (Welbeck Fourth XI)
C French (Cawthorne Second XI)
C French (Exmouth)
C French (Kent Under-14s)
C French (Devon)
C French (Nuneaton)
C French (umpire)
C French (Heathcoat)
C French (umpire)
CA French (Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, North Devon, Peterborough Town)
CA French (Brightlingsea)
CB French (Bognor Regis)
CC French (Derbyshire Second XI, Northamptonshire Second XI, Nottinghamshire Second XI, Welbeck Colliery)
CJV French (Repton School)
CMW French (umpire)
CR French (Bognor Regis)
CW French (Sevenoaks Vine)
CW French (Lord Sackville's XI)
D French (Streatham)
D French (Oakfield and Rowlands, Rowland United)
D French (Welbeck Colliery)
D French (Malvern College)
D French (Stand Second XI)
D French (Yorkshire Over-60s, Yorkshire Over-60s Second XI)
D French (Nuxley)
D French (Damerham)
D French (Stand)
D French (Sandyford)
D French (Nottinghamshire Premier Cricket League)
D French (League Cricket Conference)
D French (Bradninch)
D French (King's School, Grantham)
D French (Woking and Horsell)
D French (Harvington)
D French (Cawthorne Second XI)
D French (Northampton Exiles)
D French (Northampton Exiles)
DL French (Worksop College)
DL French (Northamptonshire Amateurs)
DL French (Earl of Lincoln's XI)
DL French (Worksop College Second XI)
DN French (The Forty Club)
E French (EM Holdom's XI)
E French (Army Women)
E French (Somerset Women)
E French (New College, Oxford)
EA French (The Oratory School)
EF French (The Oratory School)
EG French (Maori Club)
EG French (The Forty Club)
EG French (Romany)
EG French (Devon Dumplings)
EGF French (Marylebone Cricket Club)
EJ French (Northern Command)
EL French (Gentlemen of India, India, London County)
EL French (Campsea Ashe)
EM French (Normanby Hall)
EM French (Normanby Hall Second XI)
ERN French (Trent College)
F French (Cambridge Town Club)
F French (Bar)
F French (Cambridge University (not Public School))
F French (Holkham)
F French (The Clowns)
F French (The Auberies)
F French (Carlisle Grammar School)
F French (Nomads)
F French (The Oratory School)
F French (Furness)
F French (Barrow)
FG French (Taunton School)
FH French (Haileybury College)
FW French (Cambridgeshire)
FW French (Kensington Park, Marlborough Blues)
G French (I Zingari)
G French (Marylebone Cricket Club)
G French (New College, Oxford)
G French (Barrington)
G French (Abbotskerswell)
G French (Flashmen)
G French (Thame Town)
G French (Wallingford Arms)
G French (Bedworth Third XI)
G French (Somerset Stragglers)
G French (Anston Fourth XI)
G French (Bedworth)
G French (umpire)
G French (Pelsham)
G French (Warwickshire Under-15s)
G French (Mountfield Gypsum Mine Surface)
G French (Lordswood)
G French (The Forty Club)
G French (Henley)
G French (Minster Lovell)
G French (JF Hope's XI)
G French (The Forty Club)
GF French (Marylebone Cricket Club)
GP French (The Oratory School)
GW French (Nuneaton)
H French (Household Brigade)
H French (Town Malling)
HB French (Highgate School)
HC French (umpire)
HG French (Ravensbourne)
HM French (Anonymus)
HS French (Cambridgeshire)
HW French (Catford, St Dunstan's College)
HW French (South London)
I French (Swarkestone Women)
IG French (Cornwall Under-13s Women)
J French (Cambridgeshire)
J French (Hainault and Clayhall)
J French (Southam)
J French (HA Brassey's XI)
J French (scorer)
J French (Basingstoke and North Hants Second XI, Basingstoke and North Hants Third XI)
J French (Railways Athletic Association)
J French (Cambridge College Servants)
J French (Stockton Second XI)
J French (AJ McAlpine's XI)
J French (Amateurs of Cambridge)
J French (Free Foresters)
J French (Lord Wandsworth College)
J French (Preston Hall)
J French (Addiscombe Women)
J French (Rev WJ Earle's House)
J French (Herriard)
J French (RNA Sports)
J French (Feniton)
J French (Welbeck Colliery Fourth XI, Welbeck Colliery Third XI, Welbeck Fourth XI, Welbeck Second XI, Welbeck Third XI)
J French (Ripon Grammar School)
J French (Morris Motors)
J French (scorer)
J French (Silchester)
J French (Metropolitan Police Cadet Corps)
J French (Nottinghamshire Under-14s)
J French (Redcar Second XI)
J French (Sidcup)
J French (Mayfield)
J French (Northumberland Colts)
J French (Hadleigh)
J French (Long Melford)
J French (Mountfield Gypsum Mine Underground)
J French (Walsham-le-Willows)
J French (Swarkestone Under-13s)
J French (Abbot Beyne School)
J French (The Googlies)
J French (Painswick)
JH French (Middlesex Colts)
JH French (St John's Wood Ramblers)
JR French (Kent Second XI)
JRG French (Cambridge University, Guildford)
JRL French (Marylebone Cricket Club)
JT French (Northumberland, Northumberland Club, Sunderland)
K French (Rawtenstall)
K French (Calmore Sports)
K French (Knowle and Dorridge)
K French (ME Hide's XI)
K French (Hammerwich Second XI)
L French (Fordhouses)
L French (Noak Hill Taverners)
L French (Normandy Women)
L French (St Lawrence and Highland Court)
L French (scorer)
LAP French (King's School, Canterbury)
LF French (Aliens)
LR French (Leamington)
LR French (The Oratory School)
LR French (The Aliens)
M French (scorer)
M French (Alsager, Nantwich)
M French (Uttoxeter Second XI)
M French (Wellingborough School)
M French (Congleton)
M French (Sherfield on Loddon)
M French (Oxford Women)
M French (Hurstbourne Priors)
M French (Lordswood)
M French (Old Honitonians)
M French (Firbeck Colliery Second XI)
M French (Redcar)
M French (Newton Aycliffe Second XI)
M French (scorer)
M French (Bedworth Third XI)
M French (Kent Under-14s, Kent Under-15s, Kent Under-17s)
M French (umpire)
M French (CE Wylam's XI)
M French (Charlbury Women)
M French (Sussex Under-15s)
MG French (umpire)
MJR French (Felsted School)
MM French (umpire)
MW French (umpire)
N French (Lincolnshire)
N French (Nottinghamshire Under-17s Women)
N French (Hylogeiton Club)
N French (Guildford)
N french (Congleton)
N French (Westcliff-on-Sea)
N French (Bognor Regis)
N French (umpire)
N French (Painswick)
N French (Cleethorpes)
N French (Old Honitonians)
N French (Leatherhead)
N French (City of London Freemen's School)
N French (Duke of Norfolk's XI)
N French (Midlands Club Cricket Conference)
N French (Clee Town Laportes)
NE French (Home Counties Public Schools, South of Thames Public Schools)
NJG French (Surrey Second XI)
P French (Knickerbockers)
P French (Penton Second XI)
P French (Sussex Women)
P French (Epping Foresters, Noak Hill Taverners)
P French (The Forty Club)
P French (Littleton)
P French (Essex Police Veterans)
P French (Bunnies)
P French (Isleham)
P French (The Forty Club Surrey and West Sussex)
P French (Harrow Town)
P French (Old Camdenians)
P French (Old Victorians)
P French (Tonbridge)
PA French (Cambridgeshire)
PA French (Camden)
PE French (The Forty Club)
PH French (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)
PM French (The Forty Club)
PN French (The Forty Club, The Forty Club President's XI)
PN French (The Forty Club, The Forty Club Cinque Ports)
R French (Essex Second XI, Westcliff-on-Sea)
R French (Welbeck, Welbeck Colliery)
R French (Deptford Unity, Kent Colts, Kent Colts North of Medway, Players of Kent)
R French (Durham Coast Cricket League)
R French (WS Blackshaw's XI)
R French (City of London School)
R French (Gravesend)
R French (Gravesend and Milton)
R French (The Oratory School)
R French (umpire)
R French (Cheddar)
R French (Thame Town)
R French (Clifton)
R French (Nonington Second XI)
R French (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
R French (ME Hide's XI)
R French (Gloucestershire Under-19s)
R French (Ilkeston Rutland)
R French (Gentlemen of North Kent)
R French (Messingham)
RD French (Alnwick)
RD French (Club Cricket Conference)
RD French (Young Amateurs)
RJ French (Royal Military College Sandhurst)
RP French (Malvern College)
RP French (Formby)
RV French (Burton-on-Trent)
S French (St Lawrence and Highland Court, Whitstable)
S French (Nelson)
S French (Coventry and North Warwickshire)
S French (Lyndhurst and Deanery Third XI)
S French (Farnworth Social Circle)
S French (Suffolk)
S French (Wellow and Plaitford Under-13s A)
S French (Middlesex Under-20s Women)
S French (Addiscombe Women, Riverside Women, Twickenham Riverside Women)
S French (New Longton Second XI)
S French (South Kelsey Second XI, South Kelsey Third XI)
S French (Little Hulton)
S French (Worcester City)
S French (Colwall)
S French (Barrington)
S French (Hull Church Institute)
S French (Wargrave)
S French (Nonington)
S French (Somerset Stragglers)
SHJ French (Repton Pilgrims)
SPC French (Millfield School)
ST French (Westminster School)
SW French (Chelmsford)
T French (Travellers)
T French (Gentlemen of Northumberland)
T French (Jockeys)
T French (Redoubtables Women)
T French (Bowden)
T French (umpire)
T French (Culford School)
T French (Buckfastleigh Youth Club)
T French (Haverigg)
T French (Cornwall Under-14s)
TH French (King's School, Canterbury)
TH French (Cygnets)
TJ French (Sheriff House, Rugby School)
TL French (Cambridge University)
TL French (Copdock)
TL French (South Essex)
U French (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
Viscount French (Esher)
W French (Richmond)
W French (Worcestershire Colts)
W French (Suburban Cricket Association)
W French (The Auberies)
W French (Shropshire Gentlemen)
W French (All Saints' School, Bloxham)
W French (Oxton)
W French (Shobrooke Park)
W French (The Oratory School)
W French (Henley)
WA French (Kincardineshire, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, Vice Regal Lodge)
WG French (Old Elizabethans)
WJ French (Aliens)
WK French (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
WK French (Knowle and Dorridge)
WT French (Devon, South Devon, Torquay)
WW French (EF Pickering-Clarke's XI)
WW French (Shrewsbury School)
WW French (Oakham)
WW French (Somerset Stragglers)
WW French (Taunton Deane)
Z French (Binfield Third XI)
Z French (Cheltenham College)
P Frencham (Benfleet)
French-Black (Eton Ramblers)
T French-Blake (Lord's Taverners)
T Frenchell (Bannister Park)
M Frenchman (Leeds Grammar School)
French-Mullen (Downside Wanderers)
G Frend (Southern Division)
M Frend (Dunstall)
M Frend (Alrewas)
VP Frend (Ealing)
WH Frend (Shillinglee Park)
W Frenin (Harlequins)
GF Frenkel (Gentlemen of Essex)
HL Frenkel (Essex Second XI, Romany)
HL Frenkel (Essex Young Amateurs)
P Frensham (Benfleet)
M Frenzel (umpire)
N Frenzel (Cutthorpe)
N Frenzel (Calow)
T Frenzel (Calow)
Frere (Gentlemen of Sussex)
H Frere (South Hants Club)
H Frere (Southampton)
H Frere (Gentlemen of South Hampshire)
H Frere (Brighton)
H Frere (Free Foresters)
HT Frere (Hampshire, Hampshire, Sussex)
J Frere (Gentlemen of the South, Hurstbourne Park)
J Frere (Hungerford Park)
J Frere (Eton College)
J Frere (Bramshill)
JC Frere (Captain Handley's Team, Hungerford Park)
JH Frere (Will-o'-the-Wisp)
K Frere (Prior Park College)
LRT Frere (Cambridge University)
LRT Frere (Oatlands Park)
LRT Frere (Marylebone Cricket Club)
WAJ Frere (Wellington College)
P Frere-Smith (Tonbridge)
R Frere-Smith (Free Foresters)
R Frere-Smith (Jesters)
GR Frerichs (Eastbourne College)
JT Frerichs (Harrow School)
D Frerk (Ickenham)
L Fresan (Huntingdonshire Development XI)
A Frese (Cambridge Granta Second XI)
L Fresen (Oundle Town)
I Freser (umpire)
RD Freshman (Radley College)
A Freshnes (Escrick Park Under-16s Invitation XI)
Freshwater (Utopians)
P Freshwater (Hartley Country Club Second XI)
P Freshwater (Tunbridge Wells Second XI)
Freston (St Ives and District)
D Freston (Northampton Exiles)
W Freston (Huntingdonshire)
L Frett (Dean Close School)
N Frett (scorer)
Fretter (St Albans Second XI)
Fretter (St Albans Second XI)
J Fretter (Leicestershire)
J Fretter (Leicester Trinity)
JH Fretter (St Albans)
S Fretter (Ravenstone)
SJ Fretter (St Albans)
T Fretter (St Albans)
T Fretter (University of Hertfordshire)
A Frettingham (Farnsfield)
G Frettingham (Ipswich School)
M Frettingham (Farnsfield)
P Frettingham (Farnsfield)
Fretton (Bethany School)
N Fretwall (Swanwick Hall)
Fretwell (Derbyshire Grammar Schools)
Fretwell (Bristol Midland Railway)
Fretwell (Warwick School)
Fretwell (Baddesley Colliery)
A Fretwell (Nutbrook)
A Fretwell (Eagle Sports Club)
B Fretwell (Walton-on-Trent)
B Fretwell (Swadlincote and Cadley Hill)
D Fretwell (Kiveton Park Colliery Second XI)
D Fretwell (Municipal Officers' Guild, Burton)
G Fretwell (Baddesley Ensor)
H Fretwell (Baddesley Colliery)
J Fretwell (Bude)
J Fretwell (Baddesley Ensor)
J Fretwell (Baddesley Colliery)
J Fretwell (Shirebrook)
J Fretwell (Sefton Park)
J Fretwell (Eckington)
J Fretwell (Winshill)
JD Fretwell (Leeds Grammar School)
JH Fretwell (Baddesley Colliery)
JS Fretwell (Yorkshire Second XI)
K Fretwell (Nutbrook)
K Fretwell (Nutbrook Third XI)
M Fretwell (Baddesley Ensor)
N Fretwell (Nottinghamshire Under-19s)
N Fretwell (Ind Coope)
N Fretwell (Swanwick Hall)
N Fretwell (Washlands)
NR Fretwell (Blidworth, Brixworth, Caythorpe, Gidea Park and Romford, Metropolitan Police)
SN Fretwell (Old Rossallians, Rossall School)
W Fretwell (Baddesley Ensor)
W Fretwell (Eckington)
W Fretwell (umpire)
W Fretwell (umpire)
D Fretwell-Walker (Anston)
D Fretwell-Walker (Anston Fourth XI)
C Freud (Basingstoke and North Hants)
CR Freud (Cricket Writers Club, Lord's Taverners, Lord's Taverners President's XI, The Forty Club)
Freund (City of London School (3 and Low))
C Freund (Harrow, South Hampstead)
A Frew (Great Dalby)
A Frew (The Forty Club)
A Frew (The Forty Club)
A Frew (The Forty Club)
AL Frew (Dorset Women)
AT Frew (Ibis)
C Frew (Northumberland Women)
HD Frew (Kimbolton School)
J Frew (Buckingham Town)
J Frew (Stowe Templars)
JEE Frew (Cranleigh School)
K Frew (Friern Barnet Royal British Legion)
M Frew (Great Dalby)
T Frew (The Forty Club)
W Frew (Leicester Ivanhoe)
E Frewen (AB Norman's XI, Gentlemen of Sussex, Gentlemen of Warwickshire, Hastings)
L Frewen (Sherborne School)
W Frewen (umpire)
WF Frewen (Cryptics, Free Foresters, Teddington)
WF Frewen (Old Amplefordians)
D Frewer (Brentham Second XI)
E Frewer (Haileybury College)
F Frewer (Haileybury College)
F Frewer (Sussex Clergy)
F Frewer (St John's College, Oxford)
LO Frewer (Long Ashton)
M Frewer (Hoover)
Frewin (Solihull)
J Frewin (Solihull)
L Frewin (Green Jackets)
Martin Frewin (Broadstairs)
Matthew Frewin (Broadstairs)
O Frewin (Broadstairs)
S Frewin (Todmorden)
S Frewin (Collycroft)
T Frewin (Solihull)
W Frewin (Hertfordshire Young Amateurs)
W Frewin (Solihull)
S Frewing (Knowle Village)
S Frewins (Yorkshire Gentlemen)
DP Frey (Cotton College)
L Frey (Berkhamsted)
N Frey (Exiles)
T Freyberg (Ringmer)
T Freyburg (Ringmer)
M Freyer (umpire)
H Freyne (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
HA Freyne (Radley College)
T Freyne (Gloucestershire Gipsies)
T Freyne (The Gauchos)
TRS Freyne (Radley Rangers)
R Frezzato (umpire)
R Frezzato (Surrey Over-60s Third XI)
R Frezzato (umpire)
R Frggatt (umpire)
Friar (City of London School)
A Friar (Ainsdale)
AB Friar (St Helens)
BC Friar (Mount St Mary's College)
C Friar (The Forty Club)
J Friar (Dukesmead Women)
L Friar (scorer)
Friasier (Eton College)
J Friatt (Rolleston Under-13s)
D Frichley (South Normanton)
Frick (Bromsgrove)
AJ Frick (Bridgwater, Somerset, Somerset Second XI)
D Fricker (Teversal)
D Fricker (Trowbridge)
D Fricker (Teversal Second XI)
E Fricker (Leeds Grammar School, Leeds Grammar School Second XI)
FG Fricker (Enfield)
H Fricker (umpire)
HC Fricker (Leeds Grammar School)
JDS Fricker (Harrow School)
K Fricker (Trowbridge)
M Fricker (Little Baddow)
M Fricker (St Cross)
M Fricker (St John's School, Leatherhead)
M Fricker (The Forty Club)
M Fricker (Leigh-on-Sea)
RA Fricker (Sedbergh School)
TF Fricker (scorer)
E Frickler (Harvel)
D Frid (Raunds Town)
GM Friday (Prestatyn, Stockport Georgians)
R Friday (Banbury)
S Friday (Romiley Women, Werneth Women)
T Friday (Chobham)
T Friday (Finchampstead)
B Fridd (umpire)
B Fridd (The Mote)
B Fridd (umpire)
B Fridd (Aylesford Paper Mills)
B Friderichs (The Stoics)
BR Friderichs (Marylebone Cricket Club)
CJ Friderichs (Kew)
W Frides (Failsworth Co-op)
JB Fridey (Gentlemen of Leicestershire)
Fridge (Hoddesdon)
S Friebe (Manton Colliery)
Z Fried (Rolleston)
Frieda (Roehampton)
J Frieda (Lord's Taverners)
JAH Frieda (Heartaches)
SJM Friedenthal (Downside School)
HB Friedlaender (scorer)
Friedlander (West Bromwich Dartmouth)
M Friedlander (Free Foresters)
M Friedlander (Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Friedlander (Old Buckenham)
N Friedlander (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Friedman (City of London Freemen's School)
DJ Friedman (Bashley (Rydal), Berkshire)
JN Friedman (The Forty Club)
M Friedman (New Milton Second XI)
M Friedman (Royal Grammar School, Worcester Masters)
Friedrich (Sarisbury Athletic Sunday XI)
D Friedrich (Kings Heath)
D Friedrich (Redditch)
J Friedrich (Sarisbury Athletic Fifth XI)
P Friedrich (Sarisbury Athletic)
P Friedrich (Burridge)
P Friedrich (Sarisbury Athletic Third XI)
P Friedrich (Sarisbury Athletic Second XI)
P Friedrich (Sarisbury Athletic Fifth XI)
BR Friedrichs (Marylebone Cricket Club)
J Friedrickson (Simmons and Simmons)
D Friel (Oldswinford and Stourbridge Social)
J Friel (Manchester University)
R Friel (Rainham Second XI)
Friend (umpire)
Friend (Worcestershire)
Friend (Over)
Friend (Devon Colts)
Friend (4th Battalion Middlesex Regiment)
Friend (Bexley)
Friend (Kidderminster Early Rising)
Friend (Christ Church, Oxford)
Friend (Bancroft's School)
A Friend (Betteshanger)
A Friend (Syston Town)
A Friend (Ickwell)
AJ Friend (Dorset)
AP Friend (Cheltenham College)
B Friend (Petersfield)
BF Friend (All Saints' School, Bloxham Second XI)
C Friend (Harrow)
C Friend (Dorset Rangers)
C Friend (Barkisland Second XI)
C Friend (The Forty Club)
C Friend (Kent Under-15s)
C Friend (The Forty Club)
D Friend (Fareham and Crofton)
D Friend (Totton and Eling)
D Friend (Dean Close School)
D Friend (Wessex Stags)
D Friend (Burridge Second XI)
D Friend (Clifton Alliance)
EC Friend (Brighton College)
EC Friend (Bexley)
G Friend (Betteshanger)
G Friend (Market Bosworth)
G Friend (Sir Roger Manwood's School)
GEB Friend (Skipton)
GV Friend (Bexley)
GV Friend (Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester)
H Friend (Colchester and East Essex)
H Friend (Shropshire Under-13s Women)
H Friend (Royal Military Academy Woolwich)
H Friend (Wimborne)
H Friend (Royal Army Pay Corps 33rd Detachment)
H Friend (JHP Brain's XI)
HG Friend (Dorset Rangers)
HR Friend (Solihull School)
J Friend (Highway)
J Friend (Hartley Invicta Women, Leeds and Broomfield Women)
J Friend (Army)
J Friend (Leatherhead)
J Friend (London Schools Under-14s)
J Friend (Leatherhead and Cobham)
J Friend (Highgate School)
J Friend (The Forty Club)
JR Friend (St Edward's School, Oxford)
K Friend (May and Baker)
K Friend (Goresbrook)
K Friend (Old Basing)
K Friend (Goresbrook)
KG Friend (Waldron)
L Friend (Farnworth)
L Friend (Hampton and Solihull)
LB Friend (I Zingari, Kent, Marylebone Cricket Club)
M Friend (Addington Village)
M Friend (Ampthill Town)
M Friend (Brighton University)
M Friend (Goresbrook)
M Friend (Leyland)
M Friend (Brighton University Second XI)
M Friend (Dunstall)
M Friend (Dunstall Under-17s)
Michael Friend (Cherry Tree)
Mark Friend (Cherry Tree, Darwen, Lancashire Academy, Orrell Red Triangle)
N Friend (St Edward's Martyrs)
N Friend (Highgate School, Old Cholmeleians)
N Friend (North Middlesex)
O Friend (Highgate School)
P Friend (Stragglers of Asia)
R Friend (Lewes Priory)
R Friend (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University)
R Friend (Rugby)
R Friend (Isle of Wight Under-21s)
R Friend (Marlow, Parktimers)
R Friend (Marlow Second XI)
R Friend (Darwen C)
R Friend (Lords and Commons)
R Friend (Hampton and Solihull Second XI)
R Friend (Oakfield)
RG Friend (Dorset Rangers)
RSI Friend (The Buffs)
RV Friend (Felsted School)
RW Friend (Rugby)
RW Friend (Rugby and Coventry)
RW Friend (Royal Army Service Corps B Company)
RW Friend (Warwickshire Club and Ground)
RW Friend (Town House, Rugby School)
S Friend (Hawarden Park Women)
S Friend (Market Rasen Second XI)
SM Friend (Cherry Tree, Darwen, Harefield, Lancashire Academy, Lancashire Second XI, Orrell Red Triangle)
T Friend (Smethwick)
T Friend (Brewood)
T Friend (Old Basing)
T Friend (Bashley (Rydal))
T Friend (Ventnor)
T Friend (Isle of Wight Under-21s)
T Friend (Isle of Wight Cricket Board)
T Friend (Weybridge)
T Friend (University of Surrey)
T Friend (York)
TR Friend (Devon, Sidmouth)
TT Friend (Cardiff Marylebone Cricket Club University, Unicorns)
WB Friend (Incogniti)
WB Friend (Bexley)
WB Friend (West Kent)
WH Friend (Incogniti)
WR Friend (Bickley Park)
JW Friends (umpire)
GW Friendship (Lichfield)
J Friendship-Taylor (Horton House)
P Frienti (Old Tonbridgians)
Frier (The Forty Club)
IVC Frier (Cheshire Gentlemen)
R Frier (Lichfield)
S Frier (Doncaster and District Cricket League)
N Frierson (Concorde)
A Fries (Cambridge St Giles)
A Fries (Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing Excellence)
J Friesenbruch (Dorset Colts)
J Friesenbruch (Dorset Rangers)
F Friesiar (Headley)
M Frietag (Hampton Wick Royal Women)
J Friezenbruch (Dorset Rangers)
R Friffiths (scorer)
G Friggens (Riverside Women)
B Friggi (Nidderdale Amateur Cricket League Overseas XI)
Fright (Gravesend)
CJ Fright (Berkshire)
F Fright (Shorts Sports)
R Fright (Purley-on-Thames Second XI)
A Frill (Colston's School)
H Frind (Colchester and East Essex)
DM Frindall (scorer)
WH Frindall (Hampshire Second XI, Marylebone Cricket Club)
WH Frindall (International Cricket and Rugby XI)
CJ Frinnion (Taunton School)
Frinton (Webheath)
Fripp (Bristol Grammar School Past and Present)
Fripp (Willaston School)
AC Fripp (Merchant Taylors' School)
AE Fripp (Rossall School)
EF Fripp (Rossall School)
FM Fripp (Tunbridge Wells)
H fripp (Fareham and Crofton Fourth XI, Fareham and Crofton Third XI)
HCI Fripp (Chiswick Park)
HI Fripp (AW Rooper's XI)
J Fripp (umpire)
R Fripp (Bere Regis)
RC Fripp (Magdalene College, Cambridge)
W Fripp (Wimborne Second XI)
WD Fripp (Merchant Taylors' School)
Frisal (Illston Abey)





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