Ulster Cups Matches played on Woodvale Road, Eglinton (18)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
25th June 2000 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2000 FinalDonemana v Lisburnulcup66
9th May 2004 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2004 First RoundEglinton v Downpatrickulcup92
21st August 2005 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2005 FinalArdmore v Strabaneulcup130
20th May 2007 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2007 First RoundEglinton v Bangorulcup154
17th June 2007 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2007 Quarter-FinalEglinton v Lisburnulcup166
24th May 2009 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2009 First RoundEglinton v Lisburnulcup209
23rd May 2010 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2010 First RoundEglinton v Instoniansulcup241
20th June 2010 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2010 Quarter-FinalLimavady v North Downulcup254
8th August 2010 ClubTurf Ulster Cup 2010 FinalInstonians v Limavadyulcup265
3rd July 2011 Euris Europe Ulster Plate 2011 Second RoundEglinton Second XI v Glendermott Second XIulcup283
17th June 2012 Ulster Shield 2012 Quarter-FinalEglinton v Downpatrickulcup333
1st July 2012 Ulster Shield 2012 Semi-FinalEglinton v Cliftonvilleulcup344
5th August 2012 Ulster Cup 2012 FinalBrigade v Civil Service Northulcup349
12th May 2013 Clubturf Ulster Cup 2013 First RoundEglinton v Civil Service Northulcup353g
19th May 2013 Ulster Plate 2013 First RoundEglinton Second XI v Muckamore Second XIulcup357a
31st May 2014 Ulster Cup 2014 First RoundEglinton v Instoniansulcup387
23rd May 2015 Ulster Cup 2015 First RoundEglinton v Muckamoreulcup406
19th July 2015 Ulster Cup 2015 Quarter-FinalEglinton v Carrickfergusulcup436
16th August 2015 Ulster Cup 2015 Semi-FinalEglinton v Instoniansulcup444
11th June 2016 Ulster Cup 2016 First RoundEglinton v North Downulcup456





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