Test Matches played on Chittagong Divisional Stadium, Chittagong (20)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
28th February 2006 Sri Lanka in Bangladesh 2005/06 1st TestBangladesh v Sri Lankat1784
16th April 2006 Australia in Bangladesh 2005/06 2nd TestBangladesh v Australiat1799
18th May 2007 India in Bangladesh 2007 1st TestBangladesh v Indiat1832
29th February 2008 South Africa in Bangladesh 2007/08 2nd TestBangladesh v South Africat1865
17th October 2008 New Zealand in Bangladesh 2008/09 1st TestBangladesh v New Zealandt1888
3rd January 2009 Sri Lanka in Bangladesh 2008/09 2nd TestBangladesh v Sri Lankat1905
17th January 2010 India in Bangladesh 2009/10 1st TestBangladesh v Indiat1949
12th March 2010 England in Bangladesh 2009/10 1st TestBangladesh v Englandt1954
21st October 2011 West Indies in Bangladesh 2011/12 1st TestBangladesh v West Indiest2010
9th December 2011 Pakistan in Bangladesh 2011/12 1st TestBangladesh v Pakistant2022
9th October 2013 New Zealand in Bangladesh 2013/14 1st TestBangladesh v New Zealandt2097
4th February 2014 Sri Lanka in Bangladesh 2013/14 2nd TestBangladesh v Sri Lankat2117
12th November 2014 Zimbabwe in Bangladesh 2014/15 3rd TestBangladesh v Zimbabwet2145
21st July 2015 South Africa in Bangladesh 2015 1st TestBangladesh v South Africat2172
9th October 2015 Australia in Bangladesh 2015/16 1st TestBangladesh v Australiat2179a
20th October 2016 England in Bangladesh 2016/17 1st TestBangladesh v Englandt2225
4th September 2017 Australia in Bangladesh 2017 2nd TestBangladesh v Australiat2273
31st January 2018 Sri Lanka in Bangladesh 2017/18 1st TestBangladesh v Sri Lankat2295
22nd November 2018 West Indies in Bangladesh 2018/19 1st TestBangladesh v West Indiest2328
5th September 2019 Afghanistan in Bangladesh 2019/20 Only TestBangladesh v Afghanistant2361
11th June 2020 Australia in Bangladesh 2020 1st TestBangladesh v Australiat2387d
3rd February 2021 ICC World Test Championship 2019 to 2021 1st TestBangladesh v West Indiest2407
26th November 2021 ICC World Test Championship 2021 to 2023 1st TestBangladesh v Pakistant2435





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