West Indies Competition Matches played on Queen's Park (Old), St George's (16)

15th March 1967 Shell Shield 1966/67  Windward Islands v Guyanawid16
25th January 1969 Shell Shield 1968/69  Windward Islands v Jamaicawid24
20th February 1970 Shell Shield 1969/70  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid34
14th March 1975 Shell Shield 1974/75  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Guyanawid81
6th April 1979 Shell Shield 1978/79  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Jamaicawid124
7th February 1981 Shell Shield 1980/81  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Guyanawid147
27th March 1982 Shell Shield 1981/82  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid159
17th February 1984 Shell Shield 1983/84  Windward Islands v Jamaicawid191
4th February 1988 Red Stripe Cup 1987/88  Windward Islands v Barbadoswid233
25th February 1989 Red Stripe Cup 1988/89  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid258
11th January 1991 Red Stripe Cup 1990/91  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandswid274
14th February 1992 Red Stripe Cup 1991/92  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid297
12th February 1993 Red Stripe Cup 1992/93  Windward Islands v Barbadoswid307
14th January 1994 Red Stripe Cup 1993/94  Windward Islands v Guyanawid321
16th February 1996 Red Stripe Cup 1995/96  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid357
8th February 1997 Red Stripe Cup 1996/97  Windward Islands v Barbadoswid368





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