First-Class Matches played on Botanical Gardens, Roseau (8)

7th April 1970 Glamorgan in West Indies and Bermuda 1969/70  Windward Islands v Glamorganf28165
3rd February 1971 Shell Shield 1970/71  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Guyanaf28567
8th April 1971 India in West Indies 1970/71  Windward Islands v Indiansf28630
27th January 2000 Busta Cup 1999/00  Windward Islands v Barbadosf44935
22nd February 2002 Busta Cup 2001/02  West Indies B v Jamaicaf46453
21st February 2003 Carib Beer Cup 2002/03  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandsf47161
7th March 2003 Carib Beer Cup 2002/03  Windward Islands v West Indies Bf47191
23rd January 2004 Carib Beer Cup 2003/04  Windward Islands v Guyanaf47751





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