Warner Park, Basseterre - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in List A matches

3DJG SammyNew Zealand v West Indies2012a22036
3S BadreeLeeward Islands v Trinidad and Tobago2012/13a22453
3DJG SammyBangladesh v West Indies2014a23511
3DA CruickshankGuyana v Leeward Islands2015/16a24506
3KA HopeEngland XI v West Indies Board President's XI2016/17a25221
3DC ThomasBarbados v Leeward Islands2019/20a27757
3A JordanJamaica v Combined Campuses and Colleges2019/20a27805
3AB FudadinCombined Campuses and Colleges v Jamaica2019/20a27805
2TM DowlinSri Lanka A v West Indies A2006/07a17777
2DS SmithSri Lanka A v West Indies A2006/07a17777
2KS LokuarachchiWest Indies A v Sri Lanka A2006/07a17777
2J MubarakWest Indies A v Sri Lanka A2006/07a17783
2ACL RichardsSri Lanka A v West Indies A2006/07a17783
2HH GibbsAustralia v South Africa2006/07a18131
2DJ BravoAustralia v West Indies2008a19062
2DBL PowellAustralia v West Indies2008a19065
2JR HopesWest Indies v Australia2008a19065
2Mohammad AshrafulWest Indies v Bangladesh2009a19866
2CH GayleNew Zealand v West Indies2012a22031
2NL McCullumWest Indies v New Zealand2012a22031
2LRPL TaylorWest Indies v New Zealand2012a22036
2MJ GuptillWest Indies v New Zealand2012a22036
2BB McCullumWest Indies v New Zealand2012a22043
2RJ NicolWest Indies v New Zealand2012a22043
2MJ GuptillWest Indies v New Zealand2012a22043
2DJG SammyNew Zealand v West Indies2012a22043
2Nasir HossainWest Indies v Bangladesh2014a23511
2KAJ RoachBangladesh v West Indies2014a23511
2RO HindsLeeward Islands v Combined Campuses and Colleges2015/16a24501
2QH BoatswainWindward Islands v Leeward Islands2015/16a24523
2LAS SebastienGuyana v Windward Islands2015/16a24533
2J CharlesGuyana v Windward Islands2015/16a24533
2LAS SebastienCombined Campuses and Colleges v Windward Islands2015/16a24546
2HM AmlaAustralia v South Africa2016a24764
2F BehardienWest Indies v South Africa2016a24790
2MM AliWest Indies Board President's XI v England XI2016/17a25221
2SW BillingsWest Indies Board President's XI v England XI2016/17a25221
2KOA PowellBangladesh v West Indies2018a26539
2RRS CornwallCombined Campuses and Colleges v Leeward Islands2019/20a27739
2R PowellBarbados v Jamaica2019/20a27740
2JH MerchantBarbados v Jamaica2019/20a27740
2NR KumarLeeward Islands v Canada2019/20a27743
2TR WardCanada v Leeward Islands2019/20a27743
2A JordanBarbados v Combined Campuses and Colleges2019/20a27745
2CR BrathwaiteJamaica v Combined Campuses and Colleges2019/20a27756
2NE BonnerCombined Campuses and Colleges v Jamaica2019/20a27756
2NR KirtonLeeward Islands v Barbados2019/20a27757
2AR NurseCombined Campuses and Colleges v Barbados2019/20a27783
2KOA PowellCanada v Leeward Islands2019/20a27803
2LN JosephJamaica v Combined Campuses and Colleges2019/20a27805





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