Other matches played on Kampala Sports Club, Kampala (15)

Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
6th December 1952 Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1952/53 FinalBritish Asians v Goansmisc358363
26th July 1953 Lowis Cup 1953  Kampala Sports Club v Kampala Goan Institutemisc358365
3rd August 1953 Suleman Verjee Indian Gymkhana in Uganda 1953  Raojibhai's XI v Suleman Verjee Indian Gymkhanamisc358366
31st October 1953 Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1953/54 FinalEuropeans v Goansmisc358369
7th November 1953 Kenya Kongonis in Uganda 1953/54  Uganda Kobs v Kenya Kongonismisc358370
23rd October 1955 Other matches in Uganda 1955/56  Uganda XI v Sewell's XImisc358379
12th November 1955 Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1955/56 First RoundAfricans v Goansmisc358380
10th December 1955 Other matches in Uganda 1955/56  Buganda v Eastern Provincemisc358383
8th December 1956 Kenya in Uganda 1956/57  Uganda v Kenyamisc31951
28th September 1957 Tanganyika in Uganda 1957/58  Uganda v Tanganyikamisc42416
19th October 1957 Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1957/58 First RoundEuropeans v Goansmisc358389
26th October 1957 Uganda Quadrangular Tournament 1957/58 FinalBritish Asians v Goansmisc358390
1962 Kenya in Uganda 1962  Uganda v Kenyamisc32687
September 1969 London Schools Under-17s in East Africa 1969  Uganda Kobs v London Schools Under-17smisc195805
5th September 1970 East African Quadrangular Tournament 1970  Kenya v Tanzaniamisc42469





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