Police Park Ground, Colombo - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in first-class cricket

6CS FernandoBCCSL Club XI v Sri Lanka A2002/03f47215
6KDE HarshakaSri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club v Police Sports Club2011/12f53747
5MY KudagodageGalle Cricket Club v Police Sports Club1995/96f42176
5AGD WickremasinghePolice Sports Club v Nondescripts Cricket Club1995/96f42241
5EMI GalagodaPolice Sports Club v Burgher Recreation Club1996/97f42742
5S LiyanagePolice Sports Club v Singha Sports Club1998/99f44107
5TM DilshanPolice Sports Club v Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club1998/99f44194
5KCPK AnthonyPolice Sports Club v Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club2000/01f45794
5MY KudagodageSebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club v Police Sports Club2003/04f47728
5PHKS NirmalaSebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club v Police Sports Club2007/08f50606





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