Scotland Youth Matches played on Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow (10)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
4th August 1993 English Schools Cricket Association in Scotland 1993  Scotland Under-19s v English Schools Cricket Associationscotyouth22
23rd July 1996 Welsh Schools in Scotland 1996  Scotland Under-19s v Welsh Schoolsscotyouth42
3rd July 2007 European Under-23 Championship 2007  Scotland Under-23s v Netherlands Under-23sscotyouth255a
5th August 2008 European Under-19 Championship 2008  Scotland Under-19s v Denmark Under-19sscotyouth297
13th August 2008 LV Under-17 County Championship 2008 North Division ThreeScotland Under-17s v Lincolnshire Under-17sscotyouth299a
5th July 2009 Lloyds TSB Scotland National Cricket League Premier Division 2009  West of Scotland v Scotland Under-19sscotyouth317
12th August 2009 ECB Under-17 County Championship 2009 Play-offScotland Under-17s v Lincolnshire Under-17sscotyouth345
26th July 2011 ECB Under-15 County Cup 2011 Group 1BScotland Under-15s v Herefordshire Under-15sscotyouth434
7th July 2013 Yorkshire Bank Under-15 County Cup 2013 Group 1BScotland Under-15s v Cumbria Under-15sscotyouth505
20th July 2014 Royal London Under-15 County Cup 2014 Group 1BScotland Under-15s v Durham Under-15sscotyouth548
30th July 2014 Royal London Under-15 County Cup 2014 Group 1BScotland Under-15s v Cumbria Under-15sscotyouth554
12th July 2015 Durham Under-15s in Scotland 2015  Scotland Under-15s v Durham Under-15sscotyouth576





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