Scotland Non-Cap Matches played on Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow (17)

21st September 1882 Australia in British Isles 1882  Scotland XI v Australiansscotnocap2
24th May 1890 A Shrewsbury's XI in Scotland 1890  Scotland XI v A Shrewsbury's XIscotnocap6
25th July 1891 England XI in Scotland 1891  Scotland XI v England XIscotnocap7
20th July 1907 South Africa in British Isles 1907  Scotland XI v South Africansscotnocap12
4th July 1919 Australian Imperial Forces in British Isles 1919  Scotland v Australian Imperial Forcesscotnocap13
19th July 1930 Australia in British Isles 1930  Scotland XI v Australiansscotnocap17
23rd June 1945 Other matches in Scotland 1945  Scotland XI v HB Rowan's Empire XIscotnocap20
28th July 1945 Royal Australian Air Force in British Isles 1945  Scotland XI v Royal Australian Air Forcescotnocap21
13th July 1961 South Africa Fezelas in British Isles 1961  Scotland v South Africa Fezelasscotnocap24
25th May 1969 International Cavaliers matches 1969  Scotland XI v International Cavaliersscotnocap28
23rd August 1982 Other matches in Scotland 1982  Scotland B v Scottish Cricket Union President's XIscotnocap53
30th July 1991 Lancashire Second XI in Scotland 1991  Scotland B v Lancashire Second XIscotnocap92
12th August 1992 Lancashire Second XI in Scotland 1992  Scotland B v Lancashire Second XIscotnocap100
19th May 1999 National Westminster Bank Trophy 1999 2nd RoundScotland v Dorsetscotnocap159
17th June 2004 Star Club of India in Scotland 2004  Scotland B v Star Club of Indiascotnocap198
23rd June 2005 Other matches in Scotland 2005  Scotland Under-23s v Scottish National Cricket League Select XIscotnocap207
5th July 2006 Other matches in Scotland 2006  Scotland Under-23s v Cavaliersscotnocap225





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