ODI Matches played on Carisbrook, Dunedin (21)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
30th March 1974 Australia in New Zealand 1973/74 1st ODINew Zealand v Australiao10
8th March 1975 Marylebone Cricket Club in Australia and New Zealand 1974/75 1st ODINew Zealand v Englando17
17th February 1982 Rothmans Cup 1981/82 2nd ODINew Zealand v Australiao147
2nd March 1983 Rothmans Cup 1982/83 1st ODINew Zealand v Sri Lankao186
19th March 1986 Rothmans Cup 1985/86 1st ODINew Zealand v Australiao369
18th March 1987 Rothmans Cup 1986/87 1st ODINew Zealand v West Indieso435
9th March 1988 Rothmans Cup 1987/88 1st ODINew Zealand v Englando504
6th February 1989 Dunedin Test Replacement Match 1988/89  New Zealand v Pakistano554
1st March 1990 Rothmans Cup Triangular Series 1989/90  New Zealand v Indiao612
6th February 1991 Bank of New Zealand Trophy 1990/91 3rd ODINew Zealand v Sri Lankao667
12th February 1992 Bank of New Zealand Trophy 1991/92 2nd ODINew Zealand v Englando712
12th March 1992 Benson and Hedges World Cup 1991/92  New Zealand v Indiao740
19th March 1993 Bank of New Zealand Trophy 1992/93 1st ODINew Zealand v Australiao816
3rd March 1994 Bank of New Zealand Trophy 1993/94 1st ODINew Zealand v Pakistano889
22nd February 1995 Bank of New Zealand Centenary Series 1994/95  Australia v Indiao979
15th December 1995 Pakistan in Australia and New Zealand 1995/96 1st ODINew Zealand v Pakistano1020
14th February 1999 South Africa in New Zealand 1998/99 1st ODINew Zealand v South Africao1407
23rd February 2000 Bank of New Zealand Series 1999/00 3rd ODINew Zealand v Australiao1568
28th February 2001 Pakistan in New Zealand 2000/01 5th ODINew Zealand v Pakistano1693
26th February 2002 England in New Zealand 2001/02 5th ODINew Zealand v Englando1813
24th February 2004 South Africa in New Zealand 2003/04 4th ODI (replayed)New Zealand v South Africao2103a
25th February 2004 South Africa in New Zealand 2003/04 4th ODINew Zealand v South Africao2104





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