First-Class Matches played on Formby Recreation Ground, Devonport (27)

4th March 1978 Sheffield Shield 1977/78  Tasmania v New South Walesf31994
27th January 1979 Sheffield Shield 1978/79  Tasmania v Western Australiaf32436
3rd November 1979 Sheffield Shield 1979/80  Tasmania v South Australiaf32782
23rd November 1979 West Indies in Australia and New Zealand 1979/80  Tasmania Invitation XI v West Indiansf32811
17th January 1981 Sheffield Shield 1980/81  Tasmania v Western Australiaf33420
19th February 1982 Sheffield Shield 1981/82  Tasmania v Queenslandf33982
20th November 1982 Sheffield Shield 1982/83  Tasmania v Western Australiaf34328
8th January 1983 Sheffield Shield 1982/83  Tasmania v Victoriaf34451
14th February 1983 Sri Lanka in Australia and New Zealand 1982/83  Tasmania v Sri Lankansf34515
9th December 1983 Sheffield Shield 1983/84  Tasmania v South Australiaf34944
13th January 1984 Sheffield Shield 1983/84  Tasmania v New South Walesf35036
14th December 1984 West Indies in Australia 1984/85  Tasmania v West Indiansf35509
22nd February 1985 Sheffield Shield 1984/85  Tasmania v Victoriaf35665
6th December 1985 Sheffield Shield 1985/86  Tasmania v Queenslandf36069
28th February 1986 Sheffield Shield 1985/86  Tasmania v Victoriaf36272
24th October 1986 Sheffield Shield 1986/87  Tasmania v Victoriaf36590
21st November 1986 Sheffield Shield 1986/87  Tasmania v Western Australiaf36618
4th December 1987 Sheffield Shield 1987/88  Tasmania v New South Walesf37245
18th December 1987 New Zealand in Australia 1987/88  Tasmania v New Zealandersf37273
15th January 1988 Sheffield Shield 1987/88  Tasmania v South Australiaf37330
25th November 1988 Sheffield Shield 1988/89  Tasmania v New South Walesf37768
6th January 1989 Sheffield Shield 1988/89  Tasmania v Queenslandf37868
6th January 1990 Sri Lanka in Australia 1989/90  Tasmania v Sri Lankansf38478
19th January 1990 Sheffield Shield 1989/90  Tasmania v South Australiaf38519
9th February 1992 Pakistan in Australia 1991/92  Tasmania v Pakistanisf39828
18th December 1994 Zimbabwe in Australia 1994/95  Tasmania v Zimbabweansf41421
13th December 1997 South Africa in Australia 1997/98  Tasmania v South Africansf43418





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