Atal Bihari Vajpayee Stadium, Amtar - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

357-8Uttar Pradesh v Tripura2017/18a26164
304-5Himachal Pradesh v Delhi2017/18a26142
302Delhi v Himachal Pradesh2017/18a26142
296-9Tripura v Uttar Pradesh2017/18a26164
294-3Maharashtra v Bengal2017/18a26001
293-9Bengal v Maharashtra2017/18a26001
284-8Jammu and Kashmir v Haryana2014/15a23679
282-8Delhi v Bengal2017/18a26081
277-7Services v Himachal Pradesh2012/13a22383
276-8Himachal Pradesh v Services2012/13a22383
276Haryana v Jammu and Kashmir2014/15a23679
273-9Himachal Pradesh v Kerala2017/18a26060
271-7Kerala v Himachal Pradesh2017/18a26060
266-4Delhi v Himachal Pradesh2004/05a16353
253-7Haryana v Punjab2014/15a23609
252-8Punjab v Haryana2014/15a23609





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