Central Recreation Ground, Hastings - Most Wickets in a Match in first-class cricket

17-50CTB TurnerAustralians v England XI1888f3302
15-173DVP WrightKent v Sussex1947f17684
14-64JT HearneSouth v North1896f4584
14-82DL UnderwoodKent v Sussex1967f26897
14-132ADG MatthewsGlamorgan v Sussex1937f15897
14-134WC SmithSurrey v Sussex1913f8993
14-149AP FreemanKent v Sussex1933f14389
13-52DL UnderwoodKent v Sussex1973f29585
13-94ME ScottNorthamptonshire v Sussex1964f25354
13-97J LillywhiteSussex v Kent1865f1352
13-118W RhodesLancashire and Yorkshire v The Rest1903f6245
13-141T RichardsonPlayers v Gentlemen1897f4811
13-169NJ HollowaySussex v Warwickshire1914f9176
13-194MW TateSussex v Kent1929f12873
12-46AW MoldLancashire v Sussex1900f5452
12-106AE RelfSouth v North1908f7583
12-127H LarwoodNottinghamshire v Sussex1926f11718
12-140FH GuttridgeNottinghamshire v Sussex1897f4726
12-159W RhodesPlayers v Gentlemen1901f5724
12-181AP FreemanKent v Sussex1921f10062





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