Central Recreation Ground, Hastings - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

9-28DL UnderwoodKent v Sussex1964f25344
9-37CTB TurnerAustralians v England XI1888f3302
9-55JA YoungEngland XI v Commonwealth XI1951f19377
9-83EJ TylerSomerset v Sussex1907f7239
9-87AP FreemanKent v Sussex1921f10062
9-122JA FlavellWorcestershire v Sussex1954f20555
8-9DL UnderwoodKent v Sussex1973f29585
8-13CTB TurnerAustralians v England XI1888f3302
8-35JT HearneSouth v North1896f4584
8-40GR CoxSussex v Warwickshire1912f8708
8-46SMJ WoodsGentlemen v Players1892f3813
8-49PR MayGentlemen of the South v Players of the South1907f7310
8-49DJ HalfyardKent v Sussex1958f22276
8-52T RichardsonSurrey and Sussex v The Rest1898f5018
8-52FE WoolleyKent v Sussex1910f8022
8-57AP FreemanKent v Sussex1933f14389
8-62WC SmithSurrey v Sussex1913f8993
8-66AE RelfSouth v North1908f7583
8-75GE TribeAER Gilligan's XI v New Zealanders1958f22450
8-99NJ HollowaySussex v Warwickshire1914f9176
8-119DVP WrightKent v Sussex1947f17684
7-19MW TateSussex v Hampshire1936f15513
7-20AE RelfSussex v Warwickshire1912f8708
7-21GH HirstNorth v South1904f6507
7-21S RamadhinCommonwealth XI v England XI1951f19377
7-30AE RelfSussex v Kent1905f6759
7-31AW MoldLancashire v Sussex1900f5452
7-31J VineSouth v Australians1902f5997
7-31NI ThomsonSussex v Derbyshire1963f24891
7-32ME ScottNorthamptonshire v Sussex1964f25354
7-38DL UnderwoodKent v Sussex1967f26897
7-43T RichardsonPlayers v Gentlemen1897f4811
7-44DL UnderwoodKent v Sussex1967f26897
7-46W RhodesLancashire and Yorkshire v The Rest1903f6245
7-46W EastNorthamptonshire v Sussex1912f8697
7-47J LillywhiteSussex v Kent1865f1352
7-47T RichardsonSouth v North1897f4810
7-51EG ArnoldEngland XI v Marylebone Cricket Club Australian Touring Team1908f7580
7-54DVP WrightKent v Sussex1947f17684
7-55H PiggGentlemen v Players1889f3436
7-55MW TateSussex v Surrey1930f13261
7-57WP HowellAustralians v South1899f5255
7-57ADG MatthewsGlamorgan v Sussex1937f15897
7-58MW TateSussex v Kent1929f12873
7-59J VineSussex v Lancashire1900f5452
7-61Mahmood HussainPakistanis v England XI1954f20670
7-65FA TarrantMiddlesex v Sussex1908f7563
7-67A FielderKent v Sussex1910f8022
7-67S RamadhinWest Indians v South1950f18935
7-67A BussSussex v Warwickshire1966f26408
7-75T RichardsonSouth v North1895f4366
7-75JWHT DouglasSouth v Australians1909f7859
7-75ADG MatthewsGlamorgan v Sussex1937f15897
7-76AF MorcomGentlemen of the South v Players of the South1907f7310
7-86T RichardsonSouth v Australians1893f3966
7-86EG DennettPlayers of the South v Gentlemen of the South1909f7857
7-86J BirkenshawLeicestershire v Sussex1967f26885
7-90AER GilliganThe Rest v Lord Cowdray's XI1924f11078
7-101E JonesAustralians v South1899f5255
7-105JN GrahamKent v Sussex1969f27880
7-113DVP WrightKent v Sussex1938f16299
7-133TJ MatthewsAustralians v South1912f8725





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