Central Recreation Ground, Hastings - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

53England XI v Australians1888f3302
54Kent v Sussex1972f29223
54Sussex v Kent1973f29585
56Kent v Sussex1960f23335
56Sussex v Derbyshire1963f24891
59Gentlemen v Players1901f5724
60Gentlemen of the South v Players of the South1909f7857
62Sussex v Derbyshire1958f22283
63Australians v South1896f4582
64Australians v South1893f3966
66Kent v Sussex1955f20994
67Gentlemen v Players1897f4811
67Sussex v Kent1973f29585
68Gentlemen v Players1891f3684
68The Rest v AE Stoddart's XI1895f4368
69Cambridge University v Sussex1980f33109
71Sussex v Kent1988f37598
72Worcestershire v Sussex1923f10623
73Sussex v Lancashire1900f5452
75Kent v Sussex1905f6759
75Gloucestershire v Sussex1914f9182
75Sussex v Kent1966f26398
76Sussex v Nottinghamshire1908f7567
77North v South1896f4584
81South v North1889f3435
82North v South1896f4584
82Derbyshire v Sussex1963f24891
85South v North1887f3200
85Players v Gentlemen1894f4147
85Warwickshire v Sussex1912f8708
85Northamptonshire v Sussex1964f25354
88England XI v Australians1888f3302
88Leicestershire v Sussex1932f13833
89North v South1889f3435
90Kent v Sussex1966f26398
91Hampshire v Sussex1936f15513
91Glamorgan v Sussex1957f21888
92Leicestershire v Sussex1932f13833
92Sussex v Kent1967f26897
92Kent v Sussex1984f35265
95North v South1892f3812
95Surrey v Sussex1913f8993
95Sussex v Nottinghamshire1922f10307
96South v North1889f3435
96Surrey v Sussex1920f9745
97Sussex v Kent1925f11365
98Gloucestershire v Sussex1982f34067
99Northamptonshire v Sussex1932f14007
99Sussex v Northamptonshire1964f25354





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