One-Day International Matches played on County Ground, Bristol (16)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
13th June 1983 Prudential World Cup 1983 Group ANew Zealand v Sri Lankao207
16th May 1999 ICC World Cup 1999 Group BPakistan v West Indieso1447
23rd May 1999 ICC World Cup 1999 Group AIndia v Kenyao1458
6th July 2000 National Westminster Bank Series 2000  West Indies v Zimbabweo1605
10th June 2001 National Westminster Bank Series 2001  England v Australiao1721
11th July 2002 National Westminster Bank Series 2002  India v Sri Lankao1855
6th July 2003 National Westminster Bank Series 2003  England v Zimbabweo2034
4th July 2004 National Westminster Bank Series 2004  England v New Zealando2139
19th June 2005 National Westminster Bank Series 2005  England v Australiao2251
24th August 2007 India in British Isles 2007 2nd ODIEngland v Indiao2613
21st June 2008 New Zealand in England 2008 3rd ODIEngland v New Zealando2710
24th May 2009 West Indies in England 2009 2nd ODIEngland v West Indieso2850
10th July 2010 Bangladesh in British Isles 2010 2nd ODIEngland v Bangladesho3025
25th August 2014 India in England 2014 1st ODIEngland v Indiao3513a
26th June 2016 Sri Lanka in England and Ireland 2016 3rd ODIEngland v Sri Lankao3755
5th May 2017 Ireland in England 2017 1st ODIEngland v Irelando3864
24th September 2017 West Indies in England and Ireland 2017 3rd ODIEngland v West Indieso3915
14th May 2019 Pakistan in England 2019 3rd ODIEngland v Pakistano4118
1st June 2019 ICC World Cup 2019  Afghanistan v Australiao4129
7th June 2019 ICC World Cup 2019  Pakistan v Sri Lankao4137
11th June 2019 ICC World Cup 2019  Bangladesh v Sri Lankao4142





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