Minor Counties Trophy Matches played on Wendover Road, Aylesbury (7)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
17th June 1990 Holt Cup 1990 Second RoundBuckinghamshire v Bedfordshiremint143
31st May 1992 Holt Cup 1992 First RoundBuckinghamshire v Berkshiremint174
5th June 1994 MCC Trophy 1994 First RoundBuckinghamshire v Hertfordshiremint212
21st May 1995 MCC Trophy 1995 Preliminary RoundBuckinghamshire v Bedfordshiremint227
9th June 1996 MCC Trophy 1996 First RoundBuckinghamshire v Devonmint251
13th June 1999 ECB 38-County Cup 1999 Group 2Buckinghamshire v Kent Cricket Boardmint409
9th July 2000 ECB 38-County Cup 2000 Group 7Buckinghamshire v Surrey Cricket Boardmint500a
27th May 2001 ECB 38-County Cup 2001 Group 7Buckinghamshire v Kent Cricket Boardmint534





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