Miscellaneous Matches played on British Rail Ground, Swindon (30)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
17th August 1866 Other matches in England 1866  Great Western Railway Club v Welsh Wanderersmisc115463
25th May 1868 United South of England Eleven matches 1868  Great Western Railway Club v United South of England Elevenmisc69540
26th August 1869 United South of England Eleven matches 1869  Great Western Railway Club v United South of England Elevenmisc69607
2nd June 1870 All England Eleven matches 1870  New Swindon v All England Elevenmisc69615
6th June 1934 Other matches in England 1934  Great Western Railway Club v Wiltshire Club and Groundmisc834879
10th June 1935 Other matches in England 1935  Swindon and District v Wiltshire Club and Groundmisc834847
16th August 1939 West Indies in England 1939  Wiltshire v West Indiansmisc11973
28th August 1946 Other matches in England 1946  Wiltshire v Lancashire Second XImisc490973a
13th September 1952 Other matches in England 1952  Wiltshire XI v Duke of Edinburgh's XImisc802371
24th August 1953 Other matches in England 1953  Wiltshire Under-19s v Berkshire Bantamsmisc808537
September 1956 Other matches in England 1956  Wiltshire Under-19s v Oxfordshire Coltsmisc808540
6th July 1959 Pakistan Eaglets in England and Ireland 1959  Swindon British Rail v Pakistan Eagletsmisc199621
19th August 1959 Other matches in England 1959  Wiltshire Under-19s v Suffolk Young Amateursmisc341603
27th July 1963 Church Times Cricket Cup 1963 Semi-FinalRochester Clergy v St Davids Clergymisc368108
16th August 1963 Other matches in England 1963  Wiltshire Under-19s v Lancashire Cricket Federationmisc539638
16th August 1965 Other matches in England 1965  Wiltshire Under-19s v Berkshire Bantamsmisc539659
21st August 1967 Other matches in England 1967  Wiltshire Under-19s v Berkshire Bantamsmisc539672
14th May 1969 DH Robins' Trophy 1969 Group 9 First RoundSwindon British Rail v Swindonmisc141405
4th August 1975 Hilda Overy Trophy 1975  Wiltshire Under-19s v Gloucestershire Young Cricketersmisc191826
2nd August 1976 Hilda Overy Trophy 1976  Wiltshire Under-19s v Berkshire Bantamsmisc191923
21st July 1977 Other matches in England 1977  Swindon British Rail v Midlands Club Cricket Conferencemisc78092
8th August 1977 Hilda Overy Trophy 1977  Wiltshire Under-19s v Gloucestershire Young Cricketersmisc192042
7th August 1978 Hilda Overy Trophy 1978  Wiltshire Under-19s v Berkshire Bantamsmisc192154
1st July 1979 Other matches in England 1979  Swindon British Rail v Wiltshire Under-19smisc539706
19th July 1979 Other matches in England 1979  Wiltshire Under-25s v Army Under-25smisc377915
17th July 1980 Other matches in England 1980  Wiltshire Under-25s v Army Under-25smisc377919
9th August 1982 Hilda Overy Trophy 1982  Wiltshire Under-19s v Berkshire Bantamsmisc192633
26th July 1983 Other matches in England 1983  Swindon British Rail v Club Cricket Conference President's XImisc381488
6th August 1986 Texaco Under-16s County Championship 1986 Group 6Wiltshire Under-16s v Gloucestershire Under-16smisc187347
30th July 1987 Hilda Overy Trophy 1987  Wiltshire Under-19s v Somerset Young Amateursmisc193292
26th July 1988 Hilda Overy Trophy 1988  Wiltshire Under-19s v Oxfordshire Coltsmisc193442





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