Warwickshire Cricket League Premier Division 2004

 Points Table

01 May 2004  Kenilworth v Aston Manor Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc152853
01 May 2004  Old Edwardians v Bedworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22349
08 May 2004  Bedworth v Berkswell Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc287739a
08 May 2004  Bournville v Atherstone Town Bournville Cricket Ground, Bournville misc57542a
08 May 2004  Four Oaks Saints v Kenilworth Clarence Road, Four Oaks misc45848a
08 May 2004  Marston Green v Old Edwardians Bickenhill Road, Marston Green misc22350a
15 May 2004  Kenilworth v Marston Green Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc78810
15 May 2004  Old Edwardians v Four Oaks Saints The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22351
22 May 2004  Bedworth v Four Oaks Saints Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc287740
22 May 2004  Hampton-in-Arden v Atherstone Town Tippett's Field, Solihull misc68063
22 May 2004  North Warwickshire v Kenilworth Hermitage Hill, Polesworth misc152854
22 May 2004  Old Edwardians v Berkswell The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22352
29 May 2004  Atherstone Town v Old Edwardians Ratcliffe Road, Atherstone misc22353
29 May 2004  Bedworth v Bronze Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc287741
29 May 2004  Kenilworth v Hampton-in-Arden Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc57543
31 May 2004  Aston Manor v Bedworth Church Road, Birmingham misc287742
31 May 2004  Berkswell v Kenilworth Meeting House Lane, Balsall Common misc161835
31 May 2004  Old Edwardians v Hampton-in-Arden The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22354
05 Jun 2004  Bedworth v Marston Green Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc287743
05 Jun 2004  Kenilworth v Old Edwardians Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc22355
12 Jun 2004  Bedworth v North Warwickshire Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc287744
12 Jun 2004  Bournville v Old Edwardians Bournville Cricket Ground, Bournville misc22356
12 Jun 2004  Bronze v Kenilworth The Anson Ground, Great Barr misc152855
19 Jun 2004  Atherstone Town v Bedworth Ratcliffe Road, Atherstone misc287745
19 Jun 2004  Kenilworth v Bournville Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc152856
19 Jun 2004  Old Edwardians v Bronze The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22357
26 Jun 2004  Aston Manor v Old Edwardians Church Road, Birmingham misc22358
26 Jun 2004  Bedworth v Kenilworth Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc42119
03 Jul 2004  Bournville v Bedworth Bournville Cricket Ground, Bournville misc287746
03 Jul 2004  Kenilworth v Atherstone Town Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc152857
03 Jul 2004  Old Edwardians v North Warwickshire The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22359
10 Jul 2004  Aston Manor v Kenilworth Church Road, Birmingham misc152858
10 Jul 2004  Bedworth v Old Edwardians Miners Welfare Park, Bedworth misc22360
17 Jul 2004  Kenilworth v Four Oaks Saints Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc152859
17 Jul 2004  Old Edwardians v Marston Green The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22361
24 Jul 2004  Four Oaks Saints v Old Edwardians Clarence Road, Four Oaks misc22362
24 Jul 2004  Marston Green v Kenilworth Bickenhill Road, Marston Green misc152860
31 Jul 2004  Berkswell v Old Edwardians Meeting House Lane, Balsall Common misc22363
31 Jul 2004  Kenilworth v North Warwickshire Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc152861
07 Aug 2004  Bronze v Bedworth The Anson Ground, Great Barr misc45849
07 Aug 2004  Hampton-in-Arden v Kenilworth Tippett's Field, Solihull misc152862
07 Aug 2004  Old Edwardians v Atherstone Town The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22538
14 Aug 2004  Atherstone Town v North Warwickshire Ratcliffe Road, Atherstone misc57544
14 Aug 2004  Hampton-in-Arden v Old Edwardians Tippett's Field, Solihull misc22539
14 Aug 2004  Kenilworth v Berkswell Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc42120
21 Aug 2004  Marston Green v Bedworth Bickenhill Road, Marston Green misc45850
21 Aug 2004  Old Edwardians v Kenilworth The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22540
28 Aug 2004  Kenilworth v Bronze Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc152863
28 Aug 2004  North Warwickshire v Bedworth Hermitage Hill, Polesworth misc42121
28 Aug 2004  Old Edwardians v Bournville The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22541
30 Aug 2004  Bournville v Kenilworth Bournville Cricket Ground, Bournville misc57545
30 Aug 2004  Bronze v Old Edwardians The Anson Ground, Great Barr misc22542
04 Sep 2004  Atherstone Town v Marston Green Ratcliffe Road, Atherstone misc78811
04 Sep 2004  Kenilworth v Bedworth Warwick Road, Kenilworth misc152864
04 Sep 2004  Old Edwardians v Aston Manor The Memorial Ground, Solihull misc22543
11 Sep 2004  Atherstone Town v Kenilworth Ratcliffe Road, Atherstone misc152865
11 Sep 2004  North Warwickshire v Old Edwardians Hermitage Hill, Polesworth misc22544





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