Cheshire County Cricket League Premier Division 2020


18 Apr 2020  Alderley Edge v Hyde Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
18 Apr 2020  Cheadle v Neston Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
18 Apr 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Oxton Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
18 Apr 2020  Oulton Park v Timperley Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
18 Apr 2020  Toft v Didsbury Booth Park, Toft
18 Apr 2020  Widnes v Nantwich Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
25 Apr 2020  Didsbury v Cheadle Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
25 Apr 2020  Hyde v Oulton Park Werneth Low, Hyde
25 Apr 2020  Nantwich v Chester Boughton Hall Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
25 Apr 2020  Neston v Widnes Parkgate, Neston
25 Apr 2020  Oxton v Alderley Edge Townfield Lane, Oxton
25 Apr 2020  Timperley v Toft Stockport Road, Timperley
02 May 2020  Alderley Edge v Nantwich Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
02 May 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Neston Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
02 May 2020  Oulton Park v Oxton Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
02 May 2020  Timperley v Didsbury Stockport Road, Timperley
02 May 2020  Toft v Hyde Booth Park, Toft
02 May 2020  Widnes v Cheadle Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
09 May 2020  Cheadle v Chester Boughton Hall Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
09 May 2020  Didsbury v Widnes Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
09 May 2020  Hyde v Timperley Werneth Low, Hyde
09 May 2020  Nantwich v Oulton Park Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
09 May 2020  Neston v Alderley Edge Parkgate, Neston
09 May 2020  Oxton v Toft Townfield Lane, Oxton
12 May 2020  Alderley Edge v Timperley Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
12 May 2020  Cheadle v Nantwich Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
12 May 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Hyde Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
12 May 2020  Didsbury v Neston Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
12 May 2020  Oulton Park v Toft Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
12 May 2020  Widnes v Oxton Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
16 May 2020  Alderley Edge v Cheadle Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
16 May 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Widnes Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
16 May 2020  Hyde v Didsbury Werneth Low, Hyde
16 May 2020  Oulton Park v Neston Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
16 May 2020  Timperley v Oxton Stockport Road, Timperley
16 May 2020  Toft v Nantwich Booth Park, Toft
23 May 2020  Cheadle v Oulton Park Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
23 May 2020  Didsbury v Chester Boughton Hall Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
23 May 2020  Nantwich v Timperley Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
23 May 2020  Neston v Toft Parkgate, Neston
23 May 2020  Oxton v Hyde Townfield Lane, Oxton
23 May 2020  Widnes v Alderley Edge Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
30 May 2020  Alderley Edge v Chester Boughton Hall Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
30 May 2020  Hyde v Nantwich Werneth Low, Hyde
30 May 2020  Oulton Park v Widnes Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
30 May 2020  Oxton v Didsbury Townfield Lane, Oxton
30 May 2020  Timperley v Neston Stockport Road, Timperley
30 May 2020  Toft v Cheadle Booth Park, Toft
06 Jun 2020  Cheadle v Timperley Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
06 Jun 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Oulton Park Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
06 Jun 2020  Didsbury v Alderley Edge Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
06 Jun 2020  Nantwich v Oxton Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
06 Jun 2020  Neston v Hyde Parkgate, Neston
06 Jun 2020  Widnes v Toft Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
13 Jun 2020  Hyde v Cheadle Werneth Low, Hyde
13 Jun 2020  Nantwich v Didsbury Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
13 Jun 2020  Oulton Park v Alderley Edge Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
13 Jun 2020  Oxton v Neston Townfield Lane, Oxton
13 Jun 2020  Timperley v Widnes Stockport Road, Timperley
13 Jun 2020  Toft v Chester Boughton Hall Booth Park, Toft
20 Jun 2020  Alderley Edge v Toft Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
20 Jun 2020  Cheadle v Oxton Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
20 Jun 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Timperley Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
20 Jun 2020  Didsbury v Oulton Park Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
20 Jun 2020  Neston v Nantwich Parkgate, Neston
20 Jun 2020  Widnes v Hyde Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
27 Jun 2020  Hyde v Chester Boughton Hall Werneth Low, Hyde
27 Jun 2020  Nantwich v Cheadle Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
27 Jun 2020  Neston v Didsbury Parkgate, Neston
27 Jun 2020  Oxton v Widnes Townfield Lane, Oxton
27 Jun 2020  Timperley v Alderley Edge Stockport Road, Timperley
27 Jun 2020  Toft v Oulton Park Booth Park, Toft
04 Jul 2020  Didsbury v Toft Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
04 Jul 2020  Hyde v Alderley Edge Werneth Low, Hyde
04 Jul 2020  Nantwich v Widnes Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
04 Jul 2020  Neston v Cheadle Parkgate, Neston
04 Jul 2020  Oxton v Chester Boughton Hall Townfield Lane, Oxton
04 Jul 2020  Timperley v Oulton Park Stockport Road, Timperley
11 Jul 2020  Alderley Edge v Oxton Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
11 Jul 2020  Cheadle v Didsbury Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
11 Jul 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Nantwich Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
11 Jul 2020  Oulton Park v Hyde Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
11 Jul 2020  Toft v Timperley Booth Park, Toft
11 Jul 2020  Widnes v Neston Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
18 Jul 2020  Cheadle v Widnes Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
18 Jul 2020  Didsbury v Timperley Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
18 Jul 2020  Hyde v Toft Werneth Low, Hyde
18 Jul 2020  Nantwich v Alderley Edge Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
18 Jul 2020  Neston v Chester Boughton Hall Parkgate, Neston
18 Jul 2020  Oxton v Oulton Park Townfield Lane, Oxton
25 Jul 2020  Alderley Edge v Neston Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
25 Jul 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Cheadle Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
25 Jul 2020  Oulton Park v Nantwich Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
25 Jul 2020  Timperley v Hyde Stockport Road, Timperley
25 Jul 2020  Toft v Oxton Booth Park, Toft
25 Jul 2020  Widnes v Didsbury Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
01 Aug 2020  Cheadle v Alderley Edge Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
01 Aug 2020  Didsbury v Hyde Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
01 Aug 2020  Nantwich v Toft Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
01 Aug 2020  Neston v Oulton Park Parkgate, Neston
01 Aug 2020  Oxton v Timperley Townfield Lane, Oxton
01 Aug 2020  Widnes v Chester Boughton Hall Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
08 Aug 2020  Alderley Edge v Widnes Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
08 Aug 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Didsbury Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
08 Aug 2020  Hyde v Oxton Werneth Low, Hyde
08 Aug 2020  Oulton Park v Cheadle Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
08 Aug 2020  Timperley v Nantwich Stockport Road, Timperley
08 Aug 2020  Toft v Neston Booth Park, Toft
15 Aug 2020  Cheadle v Toft Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
15 Aug 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Alderley Edge Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
15 Aug 2020  Didsbury v Oxton Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
15 Aug 2020  Nantwich v Hyde Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
15 Aug 2020  Neston v Timperley Parkgate, Neston
15 Aug 2020  Widnes v Oulton Park Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
22 Aug 2020  Alderley Edge v Didsbury Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
22 Aug 2020  Hyde v Neston Werneth Low, Hyde
22 Aug 2020  Oulton Park v Chester Boughton Hall Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
22 Aug 2020  Oxton v Nantwich Townfield Lane, Oxton
22 Aug 2020  Timperley v Cheadle Stockport Road, Timperley
22 Aug 2020  Toft v Widnes Booth Park, Toft
29 Aug 2020  Alderley Edge v Oulton Park Moss Lane, Alderley Edge
29 Aug 2020  Cheadle v Hyde Cheadle Sports Club, Cheadle
29 Aug 2020  Chester Boughton Hall v Toft Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester
29 Aug 2020  Didsbury v Nantwich Wilmslow Road, Didsbury
29 Aug 2020  Neston v Oxton Parkgate, Neston
29 Aug 2020  Widnes v Timperley Beaconsfield Road, Widnes
05 Sep 2020  Hyde v Widnes Werneth Low, Hyde
05 Sep 2020  Nantwich v Neston Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich
05 Sep 2020  Oulton Park v Didsbury Pinfold Lane, Little Budworth
05 Sep 2020  Oxton v Cheadle Townfield Lane, Oxton
05 Sep 2020  Timperley v Chester Boughton Hall Stockport Road, Timperley
05 Sep 2020  Toft v Alderley Edge Booth Park, Toft

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