Leinster League Premier Division 2018

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21 Apr 2018  Merrion v YMCA Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1721
28 Apr 2018  Clontarf v The Hills Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1722
28 Apr 2018  Leinster v Pembroke Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin lein1723
28 Apr 2018  Merrion v North County Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1724
28 Apr 2018  YMCA v Phoenix Claremont Road, Dublin lein1725
05 May 2018  North County v Clontarf The Inch, Dublin lein1726
05 May 2018  Pembroke v Merrion Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1727
05 May 2018  Phoenix v Leinster Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin lein1728
05 May 2018  The Hills v YMCA The Vineyard, Dublin lein1729
07 May 2018  Leinster v Merrion Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin lein1730
07 May 2018  Phoenix v Clontarf Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin lein1731
07 May 2018  The Hills v Pembroke The Vineyard, Dublin lein1732
07 May 2018  YMCA v North County Claremont Road, Dublin lein1733
16 May 2018  Clontarf v Leinster Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1734
16 May 2018  The Hills v North County The Vineyard, Dublin lein1735
23 May 2018  Phoenix v Pembroke Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin lein1736
26 May 2018  Clontarf v Merrion Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1737
26 May 2018  North County v Leinster The Inch, Dublin lein1738
26 May 2018  Pembroke v YMCA Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1739
26 May 2018  Phoenix v The Hills Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin lein1740
02 Jun 2018  Leinster v The Hills Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin lein1741
02 Jun 2018  Merrion v Phoenix Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1742
02 Jun 2018  #North County v Pembroke The Inch, Dublin lein1743
02 Jun 2018  YMCA v Clontarf Claremont Road, Dublin lein1744
09 Jun 2018  Leinster v Clontarf Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin lein1745
09 Jun 2018  North County v The Hills The Inch, Dublin lein1746
09 Jun 2018  Pembroke v Phoenix Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1747
09 Jun 2018  YMCA v Merrion Claremont Road, Dublin lein1748
14 Jul 2018  Clontarf v Pembroke Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1749
14 Jul 2018  Phoenix v North County Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin lein1750
14 Jul 2018  The Hills v Merrion The Vineyard, Dublin lein1751
14 Jul 2018  YMCA v Leinster Claremont Road, Dublin lein1752
21 Jul 2018  North County v Merrion The Inch, Dublin lein1753
21 Jul 2018  Pembroke v Leinster Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1754
21 Jul 2018  Phoenix v YMCA Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin lein1755
21 Jul 2018  The Hills v Clontarf The Vineyard, Dublin lein1756
06 Aug 2018  Clontarf v Phoenix Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1757
06 Aug 2018  Merrion v Leinster Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1758
06 Aug 2018  North County v YMCA The Inch, Dublin lein1759
06 Aug 2018  Pembroke v The Hills Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1760
14 Aug 2018  Leinster v Phoenix Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin lein1761
14 Aug 2018  Merrion v Pembroke Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1762
14 Aug 2018  YMCA v The Hills Claremont Road, Dublin lein1763
16 Aug 2018  Clontarf v North County Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1764
18 Aug 2018  Pembroke v North County Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1765
18 Aug 2018  Phoenix v Merrion Phoenix Cricket Club Ground, Phoenix Park, Dublin lein1766
18 Aug 2018  The Hills v Leinster The Vineyard, Dublin lein1767
26 Aug 2018  Leinster v YMCA Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin lein1768
26 Aug 2018  Merrion v The Hills Anglesea Road, Dublin lein1769
26 Aug 2018  Pembroke v Clontarf Sydney Parade, Dublin lein1770
28 Aug 2018  Clontarf v YMCA Castle Avenue, Dublin lein1771
28 Aug 2018  North County v Phoenix The Inch, Dublin lein1772
08 Sep 2018  Leinster v North County Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin LEIN
08 Sep 2018  Merrion v Clontarf Anglesea Road, Dublin LEIN
08 Sep 2018  The Hills v Phoenix The Vineyard, Dublin LEIN
08 Sep 2018  YMCA v Pembroke Claremont Road, Dublin LEIN

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