Liverpool and District Cricket Competition 1894

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21 Apr 1894  Liverpool v Formby Aigburth, Liverpool misc582830
21 Apr 1894  Oxton v New Brighton Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582831
28 Apr 1894  Formby v Rock Ferry Cricket Path, Formby misc582832
28 Apr 1894  Huyton v Oxton Huyton Lane, Huyton misc582833
28 Apr 1894  Ormskirk v Liverpool Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582834
28 Apr 1894  Sefton v Bootle Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc582835
05 May 1894  Bootle v Formby Wadham Road, Bootle misc582836
05 May 1894  Northern v Sefton Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582837
05 May 1894  Ormskirk v Rock Ferry Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582838
12 May 1894  Birkenhead Park v Northern Park Drive, Birkenhead misc582839
12 May 1894  Formby v Huyton Cricket Path, Formby misc582840
12 May 1894  Oxton v Ormskirk Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582841
12 May 1894  Rock Ferry v New Brighton Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582842
14 May 1894  Liverpool v Bootle Aigburth, Liverpool misc582843
14 May 1894  Northern v Ormskirk Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582844
14 May 1894  Sefton v Rock Ferry Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc582845
16 May 1894  Oxton v Birkenhead Park Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582846a
19 May 1894  Birkenhead Park v Ormskirk Park Drive, Birkenhead misc582847
19 May 1894  Bootle v New Brighton Wadham Road, Bootle misc582848
19 May 1894  Oxton v Sefton Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582849
19 May 1894  Rock Ferry v Northern Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582850
23 May 1894  Huyton v Liverpool Huyton Lane, Huyton misc582851
26 May 1894  Huyton v Rock Ferry Huyton Lane, Huyton misc582852
26 May 1894  New Brighton v Formby Rake Lane, Wallasey misc582853
26 May 1894  Sefton v Birkenhead Park Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc582854
02 Jun 1894  Formby v Oxton Cricket Path, Formby misc582855
02 Jun 1894  Northern v Bootle Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582857a
02 Jun 1894  Rock Ferry v Ormskirk Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582858
03 Jun 1894  Sefton v New Brighton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc
09 Jun 1894  Birkenhead Park v Huyton Park Drive, Birkenhead misc582860
09 Jun 1894  Northern v Oxton Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582861
09 Jun 1894  Ormskirk v Formby Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582862
09 Jun 1894  Sefton v Liverpool Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc582863
11 Jun 1894  Birkenhead Park v Oxton Park Drive, Birkenhead misc582864
11 Jun 1894  Northern v New Brighton Moor Park, Great Crosby misc
13 Jun 1894  Huyton v Sefton Huyton Lane, Huyton misc582866
16 Jun 1894  Formby v Liverpool Cricket Path, Formby misc582867
16 Jun 1894  Huyton v Northern Huyton Lane, Huyton misc582868
16 Jun 1894  Rock Ferry v Birkenhead Park Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582869
18 Jun 1894  Bootle v Northern Wadham Road, Bootle misc582870
23 Jun 1894  Birkenhead Park v Sefton Park Drive, Birkenhead misc582871
23 Jun 1894  New Brighton v Oxton Rake Lane, Wallasey misc582872
23 Jun 1894  Northern v Liverpool Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582873
23 Jun 1894  Ormskirk v Bootle Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582874
23 Jun 1894  Rock Ferry v Formby Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582875
28 Jun 1894  Oxton v Rock Ferry Townfield Lane, Oxton misc
30 Jun 1894  Formby v Bootle Cricket Path, Formby misc582877
30 Jun 1894  Liverpool v Sefton Aigburth, Liverpool misc
30 Jun 1894  New Brighton v Rock Ferry Rake Lane, Wallasey misc582879
30 Jun 1894  Northern v Birkenhead Park Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582880
30 Jun 1894  Ormskirk v Oxton Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582881
02 Jul 1894  Liverpool v Northern Aigburth, Liverpool misc582882
07 Jul 1894  Bootle v Oxton Wadham Road, Bootle misc582883
07 Jul 1894  Formby v Birkenhead Park Cricket Path, Formby misc582884
07 Jul 1894  New Brighton v Northern Rake Lane, Wallasey misc582885
07 Jul 1894  Rock Ferry v Huyton Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582886
07 Jul 1894  Sefton v Ormskirk Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc582887
09 Jul 1894  New Brighton v Sefton Rake Lane, Wallasey misc582888
14 Jul 1894  Formby v Ormskirk Cricket Path, Formby misc582889
14 Jul 1894  Liverpool v Huyton Aigburth, Liverpool misc582890
14 Jul 1894  New Brighton v Bootle Rake Lane, Wallasey misc582891
19 Jul 1894  Sefton v Oxton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc
21 Jul 1894  Oxton v Formby Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582893
21 Jul 1894  Rock Ferry v Liverpool Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582894
23 Jul 1894  Oxton v Birkenhead Park Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582895
28 Jul 1894  Formby v Northern Cricket Path, Formby misc
28 Jul 1894  New Brighton v Ormskirk Rake Lane, Wallasey misc582898
28 Jul 1894  Rock Ferry v Sefton Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582899
30 Jul 1894  Sefton v Huyton Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc
04 Aug 1894  Birkenhead Park v Formby Park Drive, Birkenhead misc582901
04 Aug 1894  Bootle v Ormskirk Wadham Road, Bootle misc582902a
04 Aug 1894  Liverpool v New Brighton Aigburth, Liverpool misc582903
04 Aug 1894  Northern v Rock Ferry Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582904a
06 Aug 1894  #Birkenhead Park v Rock Ferry Park Drive, Birkenhead misc582905
06 Aug 1894  Northern v Ormskirk Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582906
11 Aug 1894  Northern v Huyton Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582907
11 Aug 1894  Ormskirk v Sefton Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582908
11 Aug 1894  Rock Ferry v Oxton Rock Park, Rock Ferry misc582909
18 Aug 1894  Liverpool v Rock Ferry Aigburth, Liverpool misc582910
18 Aug 1894  Ormskirk v Birkenhead Park Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582911
18 Aug 1894  Oxton v Huyton Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582912
25 Aug 1894  Sefton v Northern Croxteth Drive, Sefton Park misc582913
01 Sep 1894  #Northern v Formby Moor Park, Great Crosby misc582914
01 Sep 1894  Ormskirk v New Brighton Brook Lane, Ormskirk misc582915
01 Sep 1894  Oxton v Bootle Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582916
08 Sep 1894  Bootle v Sefton Wadham Road, Bootle misc582917
08 Sep 1894  Formby v New Brighton Cricket Path, Formby misc582918
08 Sep 1894  Huyton v Birkenhead Park Huyton Lane, Huyton misc582919
08 Sep 1894  Liverpool v Ormskirk Aigburth, Liverpool misc582920
08 Sep 1894  Oxton v Northern Townfield Lane, Oxton misc582921
15 Sep 1894  Huyton v Formby Huyton Lane, Huyton misc582922

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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