Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2015

 Points Table
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19 Apr 2015 Group 4Buckinghamshire v Staffordshire London Road, High Wycombe mint1099
19 Apr 2015 Group 1Dorset v Cornwall Dean Park, Bournemouth mint1100
19 Apr 2015 Group 4Herefordshire v Berkshire Stowe Lane, Colwall mint1101
19 Apr 2015 Group 3Lincolnshire v Cheshire Gorse Lane, Grantham mint1102
19 Apr 2015 Group 2Norfolk v Hertfordshire Manor Park, Horsford mint1103
19 Apr 2015 Group 3Shropshire v Cumberland London Road, Shrewsbury mint1104
19 Apr 2015 Group 1Wales Minor Counties v Wiltshire Spytty Park, Newport mint1105
26 Apr 2015 Group 4Berkshire v Buckinghamshire The Brakspear Ground, Remenham mint1106
26 Apr 2015 Group 3Cheshire v Shropshire Whitehouse Lane, Nantwich mint1107
26 Apr 2015 Group 1Devon v Wales Minor Counties Sandhills, Instow mint1108
26 Apr 2015 Group 2Hertfordshire v Bedfordshire Balls Park, Hertford mint1109
26 Apr 2015 Group 3Northumberland v Lincolnshire Derwenthaugh Park, Swalwell mint1110
26 Apr 2015 Group 4Oxfordshire v Herefordshire Sir Paul Getty's Ground, Wormsley mint1111
26 Apr 2015 Group 2Suffolk v Norfolk Ipswich School Ground, Ipswich mint1111a
26 Apr 2015 Group 1Wiltshire v Dorset Sambourne Road, Warminster mint1112
03 May 2015 Group 2Bedfordshire v Suffolk Lancot Park, Totternhoe mint1113
03 May 2015 Group 4Buckinghamshire v Oxfordshire Sir Paul Getty's Ground, Wormsley mint1114
03 May 2015 Group 2Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshire Clare College Sports Ground, Cambridge mint1115
03 May 2015 Group 1Cornwall v Wiltshire Wheal Eliza, Bethel, St Austell mint1116
03 May 2015 Group 3Cumberland v Cheshire Shap Road, Kendal mint1116a
03 May 2015 Group 1Dorset v Devon Dean Park, Bournemouth mint1117
03 May 2015 Group 3Shropshire v Northumberland Morda Road, Oswestry mint1118
03 May 2015 Group 4Staffordshire v Berkshire Lichfield Road, Stone mint1119
04 May 2015 Group 2Bedfordshire v Cambridgeshire Wardown Park, Luton mint1120
10 May 2015 Group 1Devon v Cornwall The Fortfield, Sidmouth mint1121
10 May 2015 Group 4Herefordshire v Buckinghamshire The Parks, Brockhampton mint1122
10 May 2015 Group 3Lincolnshire v Shropshire Cross O'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath mint1123
10 May 2015 Group 2Norfolk v Bedfordshire Manor Park, Horsford mint1124
10 May 2015 Group 3Northumberland v Cumberland Osborne Avenue, Jesmond mint1125
10 May 2015 Group 4Oxfordshire v Staffordshire Akeman Street, Chesterton mint1126
10 May 2015 Group 2Suffolk v Cambridgeshire The Victory Ground, Bury St Edmunds mint1127
10 May 2015 Group 1Wales Minor Counties v Dorset Sports Complex, Tan-y-Fron mint1127a
17 May 2015 Group 4Berkshire v Oxfordshire The Brakspear Ground, Remenham mint1128
17 May 2015 Group 2Cambridgeshire v Norfolk The Leys School Ground, Cambridge mint1129
17 May 2015 Group 3Cheshire v Northumberland Werneth Low, Hyde mint1130
17 May 2015 Group 1Cornwall v Wales Minor Counties Ladycross, Werrington mint1131
17 May 2015 Group 3Cumberland v Lincolnshire Sandair, Cockermouth mint1132
17 May 2015 Group 2Hertfordshire v Suffolk The Common, Harpenden mint1133
17 May 2015 Group 4Staffordshire v Herefordshire Stourbridge Road, Himley mint1134
17 May 2015 Group 1Wiltshire v Devon Sambourne Road, Warminster mint1135
14 Jun 2015 Quarter-FinalCornwall v Berkshire Boscawen Park, Truro mint1136
14 Jun 2015 Quarter-FinalHertfordshire v Wales Minor Counties The Common, Harpenden mint1137
14 Jun 2015 Quarter-FinalLincolnshire v Norfolk Gorse Lane, Grantham mint1138
14 Jun 2015 Quarter-FinalOxfordshire v Northumberland Akeman Street, Chesterton mint1139
26 Jul 2015 Semi-FinalHertfordshire v Cornwall The Common, Harpenden mint1139a
26 Jul 2015 Semi-FinalNorthumberland v Lincolnshire Denton Bank, Benwell Hill mint1140
09 Aug 2015 Semi-FinalHertfordshire v Cornwall The Common, Harpenden mint1141
26 Aug 2015 FinalCornwall v Northumberland Sir Paul Getty's Ground, Wormsley mint1142





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