County Match 1888

 Points Table

14 May 1888  Nottinghamshire v Sussex Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3230
17 May 1888  Surrey v Gloucestershire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3234
21 May 1888  Lancashire v Kent Old Trafford, Manchester f3236
21 May 1888  Nottinghamshire v Surrey Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3237
21 May 1888  Sussex v Gloucestershire County Ground, Hove f3239
24 May 1888  Kent v Gloucestershire The Rectory Field, Blackheath f3241
24 May 1888  Middlesex v Yorkshire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3243
31 May 1888  Lancashire v Sussex Old Trafford, Manchester f3247
31 May 1888  Middlesex v Kent Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3248
04 Jun 1888  Middlesex v Lancashire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3250
04 Jun 1888  Yorkshire v Sussex Bramall Lane, Sheffield f3253
07 Jun 1888  Gloucestershire v Lancashire Spa Ground, Gloucester f3255
07 Jun 1888  Middlesex v Nottinghamshire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3256
07 Jun 1888  Surrey v Yorkshire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3257
11 Jun 1888  Middlesex v Gloucestershire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3258
11 Jun 1888  Surrey v Kent Kennington Oval, Kennington f3260
11 Jun 1888  Sussex v Nottinghamshire County Ground, Hove f3261
14 Jun 1888  Gloucestershire v Nottinghamshire East Gloucestershire Cricket Club Ground, Cheltenham f3262
18 Jun 1888  Middlesex v Surrey Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f3266
18 Jun 1888  Nottinghamshire v Lancashire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3267
25 Jun 1888  Nottinghamshire v Kent Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3272
28 Jun 1888  Yorkshire v Kent Fartown, Huddersfield f3277
02 Jul 1888  Yorkshire v Lancashire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f3280
05 Jul 1888  Lancashire v Middlesex Old Trafford, Manchester f3281
05 Jul 1888  Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3282
05 Jul 1888  Sussex v Kent County Ground, Hove f3283
19 Jul 1888  Gloucestershire v Kent Batsford Road, Moreton-in-Marsh f3288
19 Jul 1888  Lancashire v Yorkshire Old Trafford, Manchester f3289
19 Jul 1888  Surrey v Middlesex Kennington Oval, Kennington f3291
23 Jul 1888  Kent v Surrey Foxgrove Road, Beckenham f3294
23 Jul 1888  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f3295
26 Jul 1888  Kent v Nottinghamshire Mote Park, Maidstone f3296
26 Jul 1888  Lancashire v Gloucestershire Aigburth, Liverpool f3297
26 Jul 1888  Sussex v Surrey County Ground, Hove f3298
30 Jul 1888  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire Thrum Hall, Halifax f3301
02 Aug 1888  Kent v Sussex Angel Ground, Tonbridge f3303
02 Aug 1888  Lancashire v Surrey Old Trafford, Manchester f3304
02 Aug 1888  Nottinghamshire v Gloucestershire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3305
06 Aug 1888  Gloucestershire v Sussex Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f3306
06 Aug 1888  Surrey v Nottinghamshire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3308
06 Aug 1888  Yorkshire v Middlesex Bramall Lane, Sheffield f3309
09 Aug 1888  Kent v Lancashire St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury f3311
09 Aug 1888  Surrey v Sussex Kennington Oval, Kennington f3312
13 Aug 1888  Sussex v Lancashire County Ground, Hove f3314
16 Aug 1888  Gloucestershire v Yorkshire Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f3315
16 Aug 1888  Surrey v Lancashire Kennington Oval, Kennington f3317
20 Aug 1888  Kent v Middlesex Bat and Ball Ground, Gravesend f3319
20 Aug 1888  Yorkshire v Surrey Park Avenue Cricket Ground, Bradford f3320
23 Aug 1888  Gloucestershire v Middlesex College Ground, Cheltenham f3322
23 Aug 1888  Kent v Yorkshire Mote Park, Maidstone f3323
23 Aug 1888  Lancashire v Nottinghamshire Old Trafford, Manchester f3324
27 Aug 1888  Gloucestershire v Surrey Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f3325
27 Aug 1888  Nottinghamshire v Middlesex Trent Bridge, Nottingham f3326
27 Aug 1888  Sussex v Yorkshire County Ground, Hove f3328





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