County Match 1876

15 May 1876  Nottinghamshire v Lancashire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f1934
25 May 1876  Middlesex v Yorkshire Prince's Cricket Ground, Chelsea f1939
01 Jun 1876  Lancashire v Derbyshire Old Trafford, Manchester f1943
05 Jun 1876  Derbyshire v Hampshire County Ground, Derby f1945
08 Jun 1876  Hampshire v Kent Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton f1947
08 Jun 1876  Surrey v Gloucestershire Kennington Oval, Kennington f1949
12 Jun 1876  Middlesex v Surrey Prince's Cricket Ground, Chelsea f1951
12 Jun 1876  Sussex v Gloucestershire County Ground, Hove f1952
15 Jun 1876  Lancashire v Kent Castleton Cricket Club Ground, Rochdale f1953
19 Jun 1876  Derbyshire v Kent County Ground, Derby f1956
19 Jun 1876  Yorkshire v Surrey Bramall Lane, Sheffield f1959
22 Jun 1876  Lancashire v Yorkshire Old Trafford, Manchester f1961
26 Jun 1876  Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f1963
03 Jul 1876  Derbyshire v Lancashire County Ground, Derby f1966
10 Jul 1876  Middlesex v Nottinghamshire Prince's Cricket Ground, Chelsea f1970
10 Jul 1876  Sussex v Kent County Ground, Hove f1971
10 Jul 1876  Yorkshire v Lancashire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f1972
13 Jul 1876  Lancashire v Nottinghamshire Old Trafford, Manchester f1973
17 Jul 1876  Kent v Sussex Higher Common Ground, Tunbridge Wells f1975
20 Jul 1876  Kent v Derbyshire Higher Common Ground, Tunbridge Wells f1977
24 Jul 1876  Hampshire v Derbyshire Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton f1979
24 Jul 1876  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f1980
27 Jul 1876  Kent v Surrey Mote Park, Maidstone f1981
27 Jul 1876  Nottinghamshire v Gloucestershire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f1982
31 Jul 1876  Surrey v Nottinghamshire Kennington Oval, Kennington f1983
03 Aug 1876  Lancashire v Sussex Old Trafford, Manchester f1984
07 Aug 1876  Surrey v Sussex Kennington Oval, Kennington f1987
10 Aug 1876  Surrey v Middlesex Kennington Oval, Kennington f1989
14 Aug 1876  Gloucestershire v Nottinghamshire Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f1990
14 Aug 1876  Sussex v Surrey County Ground, Hove f1991
14 Aug 1876  Yorkshire v Middlesex Bramall Lane, Sheffield f1992
17 Aug 1876  Gloucestershire v Yorkshire College Ground, Cheltenham f1993
17 Aug 1876  Kent v Hampshire Mount Field, Faversham f1994
17 Aug 1876  Nottinghamshire v Middlesex Trent Bridge, Nottingham f1995
17 Aug 1876  Sussex v Lancashire County Ground, Hove f1996
21 Aug 1876  Kent v Lancashire Bat and Ball Ground, Gravesend f1997
21 Aug 1876  Surrey v Yorkshire Kennington Oval, Kennington f1998
24 Aug 1876  Gloucestershire v Sussex Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f1999
24 Aug 1876  Surrey v Kent Kennington Oval, Kennington f2000
28 Aug 1876  Gloucestershire v Surrey Clifton College Close Ground, Clifton f2001
28 Aug 1876  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f2002
31 Aug 1876  Nottinghamshire v Surrey Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2003





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