Brief profile of Stephen Titchard
by Matthew Reed

Player:SP Titchard

DateLine: 22nd November 2005


Steve Titchard was the locally born artisan in Lancashire’s star studded, (but under performing) team of the 1990’s. Constantly moved up and down the order, his solidity and percentage play were a reassuring presence, although he was frequently overlooked for limited-overs matches. Titchard was rarely a first choice, but international calls meant that he was frequently needed to replace a more illustrious star. His junior status meant that no.5 was often where he batted, although having to score quick runs as the tail fell away was not a role which suited him. However, Mike Atherton’s tenure in the England team gave him opportunities as an opener. An average of 32 for Lancashire would have been higher had he been a regular, rather than a constant reserve, although Titchard’s patient accumulation allowed the more attacking batsmen to play their strokes in a stable partnership. A new generation of batsman squeezed Titchard through the Old Trafford exit at the end of 1998, and he joined Derbyshire shortly before the 1999 season. A full season in the First team brought a slightly disappointing average of 27.85, although the next season he set a county record by being one half of the first ever Derbyshire pair (along with Steve Stubbings) to bat through a whole day’s play, although all 11 Kent players bowled as the match dawdled to an inevitable draw. Although he wasn’t a world beater, it was a mystery as to why Derbyshire largely consigned Titchard to the second team for most of the 2001 season, as the first team were enduring a miserable season. A season earlier he had been respected enough to be given the captaincy of a very young Derbyshire side in a First-class friendly against Cambridge University. With his patient play, and ability to score without hitting boundaries, Titchard was in some ways a throwback to a more old fashioned version of the game, but he was no less a player for that.


(November 2005)

(Article: Copyright © 2005 Matthew Reed)


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