Brief profile of Wasim Akram
by Ateeq Abdul Rauf

Player:Wasim Akram

DateLine: 21st February 2005


Wasim Akram is one of the few players to have achieved everything there was to achieve as a cricket player - numerous championships, a World Cup medal topped off with a man-of-the match in the final, hat-tricks, a double-hundred and much more.


At his prime, Wasim had the potential to destroy the opposition with both bat and ball. His hefty strikes of the ball made him an envious opponent during the death overs of a one-day game. In scoring a mammoth 257against Zimbabwe in Sheikhupura in 1998, he also showed that he had the temperament and the skill to play a long and patient innings.


Now retired from the game but still closely affiliated with it in his capacity as a commentator, Wasim Akram was perhaps the best left-arm bowler the world has ever seen. 916 international wickets (with over 500 in ODIs) in a career that spanned almost 20 years are a testament to this. Running in from a short run-up in his later years, he still had the pace to defeat batsmen by virtue of a brisk delivery action. His ability to bowl yorkers at will made him the ideal choice for the final overs of a one-day game.


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