'Completely crazy' to perform at Lord's, says Sri Lankan dancer
by Bipin Dani

Ground:Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood
Scorecard:England v Sri Lanka
Event:Sri Lanka in England and Ireland 2016

DateLine: 18th June 2016


Mumbai, June 18 : It was a dream come true for Charitha De Silva, one of the dancers at Goodness Rhythm Dance Troupe, who could get an opportunity to perform at Lord's, the Mecca of cricket during the England-Sri lanka Test match last week.


Speaking exclusively from Colombo following her recent trip to Lord's, she says, "It was like a dream to be able to perform at Lord's,the home of cricket. As a dancer i was delighted but also as a cricket fan it seems completely crazy to actually feel the grass beneath our feet at this historic ground".


"I have never before performed in front of an audience of 26,000 people which is what were told was the turnout that day. I was nervous about performing in front of so many people but when we heard the cheering from everyone it gave us a new energy and I performed better than I ever had because of the spirit and atmosphere at the ground".


"Before this, the biggest performance that I was a part of was during a tour to France for a folk festival. But the biggest difference is at the dance performance, the people who are in the audience are already dance lovers. In this occasion we were able to perform in front of a very different group of cricket enthusiasts and introduce traditional Sri Lankan dance and culture to them", she added. .


As a dancer, this had been a huge achievement for me, and I can't forget to thank Mr. Kushil Gunasekera and the Foundation of Goodness for giving me this amazing opportunity.


Dilani Weerasuriya, the tour manager confirmed having received a good response at Lord's.


"We received a huge response from the audience, even while the troupe was still waiting to enter the field for the performance people were extremely enthusiastic to see them dance, and some did not even leave for lunch so as not to miss the performance", she says from Colombo.


"It was a once in a lifetime experience, even for the professional dancers and if not for the MCC connection we would never have got the chance. It was an opportunity to see these iconic grounds with our own eyes, with that atmosphere of packed crowds which was a different experience all together", she signed off.


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