Is it Cricket?
by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Scorecard:Pakistan v England
Event:England in United Arab Emirates 2015/16

DateLine: 25th October 2015


Letter to Editor - 25th October 2015


Is It Cricket?


Cricket was called a gentlemen’s game. So much so anything improper was proverbially equated as not being “cricket”. In the days gone by I remember an Indian outfielder making an outstretched catch at the ropes and the umpire having had raised his finger, but the Indian player shook his head that one of his feet was touching the rope when he caught the ball and thus the Pakistani batsman was awarded a Sixer instead. Now that was cricket !!


And today at Dubai, Ian Bell kept standing, lingering rather craftily, till the third Umpire declared him out for having been caught behind off the ball touching his glove. Did Ian Bell not know that the ball HAD touched his glove? Why did he not himself make a graceful exit even before the wicket keeper made the appeal?


I know it would sound strange to the present generation cricket players and enthusiasts but can it be called cricket by any standards? !!


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