Brief profile of Pat Brain
by Dr.A.K.Hignell

Player:JHP Brain

Pat Brain was the son of William Brain, Glamorgan`s wicket-keeper before the Great War, and the nephew of Joseph Brain, their influential captain, who had done much to establish the Welsh county as an effective force in Minor County cricket around the turn of the century.


He also worked in the family`s brewing business, based at The Old Brewery in Cardiff, and his wide number of business contacts proved invaluable when he served on the county`s committee in the 1920`s and assisted the club with their fund-raising activities.


Pat Brain was a useful wicket-keeper for Cardiff C.C. as well as for the South Wales Hunts, and he played in half a dozen first-class matches for Glamorgan in the 1920`s, in addition to four Minor County matches in 1920. Brain was also a keen huntsman and he owned several successful racehorses.


(December 2003)

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