Brief profile of Joseph Potter
by Don Ambrose

Player:J Potter

POTTER, Joseph.
Born at Northampton, 13th January 1839.
Died at Northampton, 2nd June 1906.
He was first engaged as a professional cricketer at Northampton 1860-65 and by the officers of the Royal Engineers, at Clapham, 1866-72 and during that time was landlord of the Cricketers Inn, at New Brompton. In 1871 he got two first-class matches for Kent. In 1873 he was at the Prince’s Ground, London and in 1874-75 at Kennington Oval. He played in 35 first-class matches for Surrey 1875-81. He also played for Northamptonshire 1860-88 and Wiltshire in 1886. He was a first-class umpire 1891-97 and an iron founder by trade.
At the time of the 1881 Census he was living at 4 Fountain Street, Lambeth, Surrey, aged 42, an iron founder, with his wife Jane, aged 40, and seven children. Thomas aged 21 an iron founder, Joseph aged 14 a printers apprentice, Caroline aged 12, Alice aged 10, Jane aged 8 were all born at New Brompton. Ada aged 6 and Clare aged 3 were born at Lambeth.

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