A profile of Jimmy Binks
by Dave Liverman

Player:JG Binks

Jimmy Binks was a fine county ‘keeper who got only limited opportunity at Test level due to the presence of Godfrey Evans, and later Jim Parks in the England team. Unobtrusive, he rarely made a mistake, and was equally adept standing up to the spinners or back to pace. He was a useful lower order bat with a highest score of 95. He kept exceptionally fit, and played in every Yorkshire Championship match during his fourteen-year career. He missed just one Yorkshire match out of 492 played in those years. In 1960, he took 96 catches in the England season, a record that still stands. He played for England twice, being called into the team touring India as a late replacement for Murray in 1963/64. In his first Test he conceded just two byes, took three catches, and made 55 when asked to open the batting in the second innings - helping save the match. He continued as opener in the next Test, in addition taking five catches without conceding a bye in India's first innings. Parks took over for the next Test, and Binks returned to the county ranks for the rest of his career.

(Article: Copyright © 2003 Dave Liverman)


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