Most Appearances for Somerset

504BA Langford1953-1974
427HW Stephenson1948-1964
424E Robson1895-1923
409JC White1909-1937
391AW Wellard1927-1950
365WT Luckes1924-1949
353MF Tremlett1947-1960
352MJ Kitchen1960-1979
350WE Alley1957-1968
350HL Hazell1929-1952
329H Gimblett1935-1954
328FS Lee1929-1947
321PB Wight1953-1965
321RT Virgin1957-1972
310A Young1911-1933
309RA Ingle1923-1939
306PM Roebuck1974-1991
304HFT Buse1929-1953
302KE Palmer1955-1969
299SMJ Woods1891-1910
287J Daniell1898-1927
281LC Braund1899-1920
281J Lawrence1946-1955
280DJS Taylor1970-1982
275VJ Marks1975-1989
271G Atkinson1954-1966
269PW Denning1969-1984
266ME Trescothick1993-2016
255CCC Case1925-1935
252GI Burgess1966-1979
251BC Rose1969-1987
244GD Rose1987-2002
241JW Lee1925-1936
233RJ Harden1985-1998
233GE Hunt1921-1931
229PR Johnson1901-1927
226WHR Andrews1930-1947
222LCH Palairet1891-1909
219EF Longrigg1925-1947
214JJ Bridges1911-1929
211RJ Turner1991-2005
211JC Hildreth2003-2016
211JG Lomax1954-1962
208AE Lewis1899-1914
205HR Moseley1971-1982
205CHM Greetham1957-1966
197AE Newton1891-1914
194CH Dredge1976-1988
191AR Caddick1991-2009
191IVA Richards1974-1986
190PD Trego2000-2016
180PJ Robinson1965-1977
177EJ Tyler1891-1907
172IT Botham1974-1986
171HD Burrough1927-1947
165D Breakwell1973-1983
163CRM Atkinson1960-1967
160PD Bowler1995-2004
156JCW MacBryan1911-1931
153FE Rumsey1963-1968
152GF Earle1922-1931
150ND Burns1987-1993
142DB Close1971-1977
142MN Lathwell1991-2001
138CL McCool1956-1960
135PA Slocombe1975-1983
134M Burns1997-2005
134GB Nichols1891-1899
132FL Angell1947-1956
131B Roe1957-1966
130KA Parsons1992-2006
125B Cranfield1897-1908
123MD Lyon1920-1938
122AN Hayhurst1990-1996
121VT Hill1891-1912
120ID Blackwell2000-2008
119G Fowler1891-1903
118SS Rogers1948-1953
118AA Jones1970-1975
118NFM Popplewell1979-1985
118NA Mallender1987-1994
115JWJ McMahon1954-1957
115B Lobb1955-1969
115WT Greswell1908-1930
114PCL Holloway1994-2003
112T Gard1976-1989
109GM Bennett1928-1939
108NA Felton1982-1988
106HRJ Trump1988-1996
105C Kieswetter2007-2014
104A Clarkson1966-1971
102AES Rippon1914-1937
102ESM Poyntz1905-1919
102CJ Tavaré1989-1993
101TW Cartwright1970-1976
100JW Lloyds1979-1984
100AV Suppiah2002-2013





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