Teams Mandy Yachad played for

ODISouth Africa (1991/92)
Main FCTransvaal B (1978/79-1985/86)
 Transvaal (1981/82-1993/94)
 Northern Transvaal (1982/83-1991/92)
Main ListATransvaal B (1979/80)
 Northern Transvaal (1982/83-1991/92)
 Transvaal (1985/86-1993/94)
Other FCSouth Africa (1983/84)
 South African Board President's XI (1985/86-1986/87)
 South African Invitation XI (1992/93)
Other ListASouth Africa (1983/84-1991/92)
 South African Board President's XI (1986/87)
MiscellaneousNorthern Transvaal (1982/83-1991/92)
 Transvaal (1985/86-1992/93)
 RG Pollock's XI (1987/88)
 North of South Africa (1989/90)
 Rest of South Africa (1992/93)
 NF Oppenheimer's XI (1992/93-1995/96)
 United Cricket Board of South Africa Invitation XI (1993/94)
 Transvaal Invitation XI (1993/94)





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