Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain - Most Wicket-keeper Dismissals in Innings in ODI cricket

4SS KarimWest Indies v India1996/97o1201
4MV BoucherWest Indies v South Africa2000/01o1717
4PA PatelWest Indies v India2011o3160
4MS DhoniSri Lanka v India2013o3388
3PJL DujonNew Zealand v West Indies1984/85o327
3IA HealyWest Indies v Australia1990/91o672
3RD JacobsAustralia v West Indies1998/99o1439
3RD JacobsPakistan v West Indies1999/00o1595
3RD JacobsIndia v West Indies2001/02o1837
3AC GilchristWest Indies v Australia2002/03o2019
3KC SangakkaraBermuda v Sri Lanka2006/07o2534
3MS DhoniBangladesh v India2006/07o2538
3MS DhoniSri Lanka v India2006/07o2550
3D RamdinSouth Africa v West Indies2010o2987
3KD KarthikSri Lanka v India2013o3387
3KC SangakkaraIndia v Sri Lanka2013o3388
3MS DhoniWest Indies v India2017o3896





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