Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

10-36DCS HindsAB St Hill's XI v Trinidad1900/01f5500
9-34SG SmithWest Indies v RA Bennett's XI1901/02f5762
9-95JM NoreigaWest Indies v India1970/71f28602
9-97BD JulienTrinidad and Tobago v Jamaica1981/82f34015
8-27AB CumberbatchTrinidad v Lord Brackley's XI1904/05f6540
8-29CEH CroftWest Indies v Pakistan1976/77f31498
8-31SG SmithTrinidad v AB St Hill's XI1900/01f5502
8-51R DhanrajTrinidad and Tobago v Barbados1993/94f40946
8-53ARC FraserEngland v West Indies1997/98f43534
8-58I AliTrinidad and Tobago v Duke of Norfolk's XI1969/70f28144
8-59JE TaylorJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago2002/03f47190
8-71RA AustinJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago1977/78f31943
8-86AW GreigEngland v West Indies1973/74f30058
8-88SG SmithTrinidad v RA Bennett's XI1901/02f5759
7-20I AliTrinidad and Tobago v Jamaica1973/74f30029
7-23DE BernardJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago2011/12f53926
7-30EM DowsonRA Bennett's XI v Trinidad1901/02f5761
7-36KK PetersWindward Islands v Trinidad and Tobago2013/14f55600
7-37M NtiniSouth Africa v West Indies2004/05f48607
7-38HC GriffithBarbados v Trinidad1921/22f10102
7-38CK SinghTrinidad v Barbados1960/61f23615
7-45ML CumminsBarbados v Trinidad and Tobago2012/13f54797
7-46J WoodsTrinidad v Lord Hawke's XI1896/97f4610
7-48V PermaulGuyana v Trinidad and Tobago2016/17f57817
7-49JA SmallTrinidad v Marylebone Cricket Club1912/13f8759
7-51SG SmithWest Indies v RA Bennett's XI1901/02f5762
7-54RA AustinJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago1979/80f33007
7-58PA GoodmanBarbados v British Guiana1905/06f6803
7-63D EligonTrinidad v British Guiana1936/37f15640
7-63BD JulienNorth Trinidad v South Trinidad1968/69f27666
7-63NO MillerJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago2014/15f55944
7-67Iqbal QasimPakistanis v Trinidad and Tobago1976/77f31496
7-68JW HearneMarylebone Cricket Club v Trinidad1910/11f8169
7-70W VoceEngland v West Indies1929/30f12992
7-73W FergusonTrinidad v Jamaica1949/50f18591
7-73JD CampbellJamaica v Trinidad and Tobago2015/16f56744
7-78OD GibsonBarbados v Trinidad and Tobago1991/92f39788
7-84NC McGarrellGuyana v Trinidad and Tobago1996/97f42959
7-90I KhanTrinidad and Tobago v Jamaica2015/16f56744
7-130RB RohomanBritish Guiana v Barbados1933/34f14485
7-162SP GupteIndia v West Indies1952/53f19893





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